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COLORS The hottest thing happening at wedding receptions isn’t just on the dance floor anymore – it’s on the cake, the invitations, the centerpieces, even the bride’s dress! Big, bold colour. Years ago, brides only used colour to accent their white wedding day décor, but now they use colour in every aspect of the wedding. Here are some guidelines to help you with your fantasy wedding day. Choosing your colour – you have to

work with your location. If you have chosen a country club that has navy and red carpets, using a colour scheme of hot pink and bright green will not work. Find colour combinations that you like and narrow down your choices to about half a dozen. Visit paint shops or fabric stores to help find the exact shades you want for your wedding. And don’t worry if you can’t decide on just one or two colours. Many wedding features a variety of colours that all work together. It’s your day, put it together how you want.

The 5 elements of style Attire: the bride’s gown doesn’t have to be solid white, especially with colour accents becoming more and more available. You can choose a colour for accent in your dress and still be very bridal. The groom and all the guys can have colour to match in their ties, cufflinks, or other accessories. The most prominent display of colour will be in the bridesmaids’ dresses. Some people like to match the dresses to everything – invitations, favour tags, bouquets – but this is not the only way! Mixing and matching dresses in varying shades can make quite a statement as well.

Invitations: remember that mood you want to evoke? Your invitations set the stage for the whole event and this is your time to show it off! To coordinate your invitations with the colours you have chosen for the big day can be as easy as choosing a colour font, ribbon or monogram. For something more elaborate, try layering colourful cards.

Where and How to use your colour

– this really depends on the mood you are looking to create. Start by figuring out what emotions you want the celebration to say. Regal? Highenergy? Peaceful? A chocolate brown with a bright summer yellow (think sunflowers) is a wonderful palette for a country wedding, but if you add gold to the mix, it becomes more reminiscent of Northern Italy. If your wedding takes place in multiple spaces, you can do each room with its own colour scheme. Flowers by La Piazza Dasee




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