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An East Indian Wedding Tradition East Indian brides must have henna on their hands before tying the knot. The henna signifies a girl leaving her youth behind and advancing to womanhood. The grooms name is worked into the intricate designs of the henna on the bride’s hands. On the wedding night the groom must find his name in the pattern. Monica Dhamrait, Wedding Planner Suhaag Weddings

cont’d from page 23 Don’t forget that stamp and envelope costs can add up. This should be considered early when choosing the style of your invitations to avoid unexpected costs in the later stages of planning. Be sure to tell your designer that you only want to use standard size envelopes to avoid extra postage. As well, some vendors may have alternatives to envelopes that could keep costs down. Have fun with your wedding plans but never compromise your dreams. Everything you want and need is available in your budget. Remember, the first thing your guests see is your invitation. Make it beautiful, stick to your budget, and hopefully you can go on that honeymoon you’ve always wanted! Tiffany Stevenson, Owner




Bridal Fantasy Magazine 2007- Part 1  

Now Western Canada’s largest one-day bridal show has an amazing bridal magazine to go with it! Bridal Fantasy Magazine is a leading Alberta-...