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CulturalColor Chinese Wedding Traditions by Jasmine Lo

Dress by Emma Scotts

There are numerous traditions that need to be followed before, during and after a Chinese wedding. Preparations need to be done such as hanging a red cloth over the bride’s and groom’s front doors. The groom has to shower the brides family with gifts such as cakes, money and food. Placing 2 coconuts and sprinkling white nuts called “Lin Chi” over the couple’s new bed are older traditions which symbolizes good fortune that are not carried out as often now a days. The night before the wedding the bride must have her hair combed. The first comb symbolizes beginning till the end, second comb symbolizes harmony from now on, third comb symbolizes having many children and grandchildren and the fourth comb symbolizes wealth and a lasting marriage. Another definite must performed during the day of the wedding is the well known tea ceremony. During this ceremony the couple has to present a cup of tea to all their elders such as their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and older siblings. Before the tea ceremony can take place, one more custom needs to be accomplished, the groom has to be let in to the home of the bride by presenting money at the front door. The amount of money given will have to contain the number 9 for it means forever in Chinese. Things are not over after the wedding day. There are still some customs that need to be fulfilled. The groom will have to buy and deliver a whole roast pig to the bride’s family. While the groom is busy trying to fit the roast pig in his car, at the bride’s home many dishes are being prepared for family and friends. There needs to be 8 or 9 dishes presented for good luck.

Italian Wedding Cake Earrings Started in Venice, this custom has beautiful earrings made entirely of handmade Italian glass beads and brass filigree. The larger wedding cake beads use adventurine glass which contains copper filings to produce a sparking effect. Little flowers and icing swirls duplicate the appearance of the bride’s wedding cake.




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