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Your wedding, this is your very minute of your “Once Upon A Time” wonder and magic. Just make a wish and imagine exchanging your vows in the perfect setting … a unique venue… a dream gown… amazing bouquets… expressive photography… magical decorations… ultimate entertainment and transportation… surprising favours and a romantic honeymoon, live your unforgettable moment. Celebrate this moment with family and friends. Be creative and inspirational about expressing your personality along with your family and cultural traditions. As always, if you have any questions regarding your wedding Have an inspired wedding! Gay Derk

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BELLE DE JOUR Your Wedding March With Fabulous Style You are a blithe spirit and this is your day! You have every reason to strut your stuff.



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It’s My Day I’m Doing it My Way

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Chic to Retro Your style is about putting your own personal stamp on your look.

Gown: Bridal Debut Wrap: Holt Renfrew Hair & Makeup: Pure Elements Salon & Spa




Gown: Wedding World Hair & Makeup: Pure Elements Salon & Spa

Charm Him in a gown that has a modern twist on the vintage look.

Gown: Brides International Hair & Makeup: Pure Elements Salon & Spa

Gown: Wedding World Hair & Makeup: Pure Elements Salon & Spa




Gown: Brides International Hair & Makeup: Pure Elements Salon & Spa Flowers: La Piazza Dasee

Gown: Wedding World Hair & Makeup: Pure Elements Salon & Spa Flowers: Marlow & Richards

Gown: Bridal Debut Hair & Makeup: Pure Elements Salon & Spa Flowers: Kuhlmann’s Floral Boutique

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding

Stationary Start with a theme - Be it a specific colour, flower or symbol. From invitations to thank you cards, try to incorporate a common motif with all of your stationery choices. Go with what you love - If you have seen an invitation on-line or in a magazine that you absolutely love, contact the company that supplies the invitations and see if they are available in your area. If you find the supplier is not within reasonable range (either geographically and/or monetarily) take your ideas, print-outs, and magazine tear-outs to you local stationer, they often have in-house designers that can create a similar replica.

Don’t be scared to take a chance - Some of the most memorable wedding invitations come with a childhood photo of the bride and groom, famous ‘quotes’ headlining the invitation, caricatures of the bridal couple or even retro shaped peek-a-boo cutouts that reveal the wedding date.

Shop around - While the Internet is a wonderful medium to find unique ideas and to view images of invitations, it still leaves a lot to be desired when questions arise. You will find yourself wondering: Does the invitation come in a different colour? Can I choose a different font? Can I add ribbon? Are envelopes included in the price? Once you’ve browsed the net and have a general idea of what you are looking for, your best bet is to meet with a professional. Make an appointment at a stationers and have all of your questions answered in a more personal setting.

Have fun - Choosing stationery is one of the elements to your wedding that should be exciting. Have fun and take your time. Your wedding will turn out to be just what you imagined! Kyla Knight, Owner The Scroll Shop Inc.




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Beautiful Invitations

on a Budget Your wedding should reflect who you are as a couple. The impression your guests will form of your special day starts with the invitation. These days, there is no need to settle for plain invitations. Either make them yourself or have them custom designed, but ensure to stay within your budget. To save money, design and print your invites yourself. Be sure to ask your paper vendor for tips on which papers work best for different applications. Discuss your design with the vendor, as they may be able to offer some helpful hints toward creating your design, and help you avoid costly printing mistakes.

PERFECT PAPERCUTS These contemporary card templates come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The bride and her bridesmaids can decorate and put them together, or can order them finished. Available at The Paper Tree

Would you prefer to leave the headaches of printing and cutting behind? Find a vendor that offers great custom design and you will be amazed at how many ideas they have to help bring your wishes to fruition. Custom design does not have to be expensive. Have someone else look after the printing, scoring and cutting, then assemble them yourself to save further. A great designer will create something amazing for you and still have the ability to save you time and money. continued on page 25




CulturalColor Chinese Wedding Traditions by Jasmine Lo

Dress by Emma Scotts

There are numerous traditions that need to be followed before, during and after a Chinese wedding. Preparations need to be done such as hanging a red cloth over the bride’s and groom’s front doors. The groom has to shower the brides family with gifts such as cakes, money and food. Placing 2 coconuts and sprinkling white nuts called “Lin Chi” over the couple’s new bed are older traditions which symbolizes good fortune that are not carried out as often now a days. The night before the wedding the bride must have her hair combed. The first comb symbolizes beginning till the end, second comb symbolizes harmony from now on, third comb symbolizes having many children and grandchildren and the fourth comb symbolizes wealth and a lasting marriage. Another definite must performed during the day of the wedding is the well known tea ceremony. During this ceremony the couple has to present a cup of tea to all their elders such as their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and older siblings. Before the tea ceremony can take place, one more custom needs to be accomplished, the groom has to be let in to the home of the bride by presenting money at the front door. The amount of money given will have to contain the number 9 for it means forever in Chinese. Things are not over after the wedding day. There are still some customs that need to be fulfilled. The groom will have to buy and deliver a whole roast pig to the bride’s family. While the groom is busy trying to fit the roast pig in his car, at the bride’s home many dishes are being prepared for family and friends. There needs to be 8 or 9 dishes presented for good luck.

Italian Wedding Cake Earrings Started in Venice, this custom has beautiful earrings made entirely of handmade Italian glass beads and brass filigree. The larger wedding cake beads use adventurine glass which contains copper filings to produce a sparking effect. Little flowers and icing swirls duplicate the appearance of the bride’s wedding cake.




An East Indian Wedding Tradition East Indian brides must have henna on their hands before tying the knot. The henna signifies a girl leaving her youth behind and advancing to womanhood. The grooms name is worked into the intricate designs of the henna on the bride’s hands. On the wedding night the groom must find his name in the pattern. Monica Dhamrait, Wedding Planner Suhaag Weddings

cont’d from page 23 Don’t forget that stamp and envelope costs can add up. This should be considered early when choosing the style of your invitations to avoid unexpected costs in the later stages of planning. Be sure to tell your designer that you only want to use standard size envelopes to avoid extra postage. As well, some vendors may have alternatives to envelopes that could keep costs down. Have fun with your wedding plans but never compromise your dreams. Everything you want and need is available in your budget. Remember, the first thing your guests see is your invitation. Make it beautiful, stick to your budget, and hopefully you can go on that honeymoon you’ve always wanted! Tiffany Stevenson, Owner




Tech-Vites For all of those couples that love their computers as much as each other, why not invite your guests to the wedding with a DVD invitation. A new and unique way to communicate with your VIP list. Available from Eco Ventures, contact

Monograms Traditional monograms have adorned invitations for a long time. A classic and clean look in which the monogram looks more like a stamp or a logo than a historic family seal will keep your invitations looking chic and contemporary, but keep that formal feeling. Monograms can be anything from the couple’s initials to their interlocking names.

Available at Evergreen Stationers,





Custom designed invites unique to you.


Invitations inspired by exotic places.


Monograms: a logo to brand your big day!


Make use of your invite to identify and emphasize your wedding theme.


Save-the-date cards to excite your guests for the big day far in advance.


Quotes: add a phrase with special meaning from your favorite song, poem or movie.


Add a wax seal to your envelope as a classy finishing touch.


Chiyogami paper: the latest asian-influenced embellishment.


Modernize a traditional design.


10 Invite Trends

The Top

courtesy Evergreen Stationers

Foldover pockets: great to hold all of your wedding information (like a map or directions to the venue, or bridal registry information). BRIDALFANTASY



BF Planning

ECO-FRIENDLY WEDDING TIPS Here are some great tips for having an eco-friendly event:

hyacinths, and miniature roses, which are all replantable

• Use recycled paper for your wedding invitations (and save on paper by setting up a website for your save-the-date notices)

• Use shells, pretty rocks, and naturally made candles to create gorgeous table centerpieces or to line your aisle

• If you’re having a gown made, choose a natural fiber, like cotton

• Take any food leftover from the reception to a local soup kitchen or shelter

• Grooms can wear a natural linen suit

• Get to and from your wedding on environmentfriendly, non-fuel burning bikes (and if your guests must travel farther than walking distance from ceremony to reception site, arrange for carpools to save energy)

• Make sure your wedding-day cosmetics are made by cruelty-free companies, such as The Body Shop, and Clinique • Grow your own wedding flowers — try potted asters, impatiens, mums, dahlias, daisies, tulips,




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PERSONALIZE Your Wedding You hear it all the time – personalizing your wedding is the way to really set your day apart. Here are some creative ways to make your wedding unique and make it feel like it is really your wedding with that personal touch. One of the greatest and easiest ways to personalize your wedding is to write your own wedding vows. The promises you make to your loved one are the whole reason the wedding is happening. Make sure the place you are getting married allows you to do this, not all do. If you are unable to pen your own promises, think about doing something in the wedding programs. You could write something together, like a favourite poem or quote, and have your words printed onto the programs. While limousines still remain the tradition for transportation for your wedding, you can add another level of personalization by using transportation that says more about you as a couple. Hop aboard decorated tandem bikes, take a ride in a vintage city cab or vintage car, zoom away on a super




sleek vespa scooter. You are only limited by your imagination! Your first dance – make it count! Take the time to really think about your song choice and make sure it means something to the both of you. But don’t stop there! Put a little tango into that two-step. Take some dance lessons and have an instructor help you choreograph a completely unique first dance that will be a real show stopper. Many couples these days are using candies and cocktails (jars of M&M’s and anything ending in “-tini” usually sounds and tastes good) to incorporate their colours into their menu. You could also serve solely local cuisine or specialty dishes. As a lasting impression, pass around personalized treats at the end of the night. Midnight snacks are becoming very popular and keep the dance floor packed by having your waiters pass around your mom’s famous chocolatechip cookies or some other treat. A sugar-high note is one of the sweetest ways to close out the night.

“Hop aboard decorated tandem bikes, take a ride in a vintage city cab or vintage car, zoom away on a super sleek vespa scooter. You are only limited by your imagination!”

It’s Your

Day Your Individuality & Style Counts

Gown: Denilore Tux: Derks Make up & Hair: Pure Elements Salon & Spa Flowers: Kuhlmann’s Floral Boutique

BF Planning


COLORS The hottest thing happening at wedding receptions isn’t just on the dance floor anymore – it’s on the cake, the invitations, the centerpieces, even the bride’s dress! Big, bold colour. Years ago, brides only used colour to accent their white wedding day décor, but now they use colour in every aspect of the wedding. Here are some guidelines to help you with your fantasy wedding day. Choosing your colour – you have to

work with your location. If you have chosen a country club that has navy and red carpets, using a colour scheme of hot pink and bright green will not work. Find colour combinations that you like and narrow down your choices to about half a dozen. Visit paint shops or fabric stores to help find the exact shades you want for your wedding. And don’t worry if you can’t decide on just one or two colours. Many wedding features a variety of colours that all work together. It’s your day, put it together how you want.

The 5 elements of style Attire: the bride’s gown doesn’t have to be solid white, especially with colour accents becoming more and more available. You can choose a colour for accent in your dress and still be very bridal. The groom and all the guys can have colour to match in their ties, cufflinks, or other accessories. The most prominent display of colour will be in the bridesmaids’ dresses. Some people like to match the dresses to everything – invitations, favour tags, bouquets – but this is not the only way! Mixing and matching dresses in varying shades can make quite a statement as well.

Invitations: remember that mood you want to evoke? Your invitations set the stage for the whole event and this is your time to show it off! To coordinate your invitations with the colours you have chosen for the big day can be as easy as choosing a colour font, ribbon or monogram. For something more elaborate, try layering colourful cards.

Where and How to use your colour

– this really depends on the mood you are looking to create. Start by figuring out what emotions you want the celebration to say. Regal? Highenergy? Peaceful? A chocolate brown with a bright summer yellow (think sunflowers) is a wonderful palette for a country wedding, but if you add gold to the mix, it becomes more reminiscent of Northern Italy. If your wedding takes place in multiple spaces, you can do each room with its own colour scheme. Flowers by La Piazza Dasee




Flowers & Décor: chances are very good that no matter what colours you have picked, you will be able to find flowers in that shade. However, this does not mean they will be available or affordable. Make sure to check with your florist about what is in season for blooms at the date of your wedding. If your dream flowers aren’t available, use neutral white flowers and decorate the centerpiece containers and/or other elements in your décor with the chosen colours. Wedding Cake: this is one of the easiest places to add colour – just add the right mix! The colour should reflect the other style elements in your wedding but your options are the most flexible when it comes to the cake. White icing makes a marvellous background for sugar-flowers or other beautiful effects, and fondant can be created in any number of shades.

Favours: ultimately, it is more important to give something meaningful rather than something that matches but it is a really nice touch to have your favours fit into your colour scheme. Using gift tags and/or ribbons is an easy and elegant way to do this. If you are going to leave favours at each place setting, don’t forget to consider how they will look with your linens and table décor. New ways to use colour – it is possible to overdo it with a “matchy-match” look (you don’t want your guests thinking “um…pink…we get it”). Begin with the five essential elements and see where you can add (or subtract!) colour. From there you can consider other details such as napkins, candles, a signature drink, the ring pillow or a guest book made from the same fabric and colour as the bridesmaids’ dresses.




WRITING YOUR VOWS HOW DO YOU SAY “I DO”? Writing your own vows can be a loving and beautiful expression of how you feel for each other and help personalize your wedding ceremony. If you’re feeling a case of writer’s block however, you are not alone. Check our guidelines to help make your wedding words perfect.

sources! Read poetry, love stories, even great romantic movies. Jot down anything that you think captures your feelings and use them! Go back and take a look at some of your favourite authors, including childhood favourites, or grab a bowl of popcorn and watch The Notebook.

First things first, talk to your officiant. Make sure it is okay for you to write your own vows. Some religions do not allow any variation on traditional wedding vows. Once you have gotten the go-ahead, keep in touch with them and let them in on your progress. Your officiant may raise questions or objections to your wording, or have some great contributions you wouldn’t have thought of.

You and your honey may think of yourselves as non-traditional and unconventional, but keep in mind that traditional wedding vows have endured for a reason. These words are not just moving reflections on the meaning of commitment and love; they are emblems of the ceremony’s public nature and a way of link married folks. Read over the standard vows for your religion(s) or faith(s) and see if anything strikes a chord with you.

Decide if you will work alone or together on your vows. If you do choose to go at it alone, run them by each other before the big day, or a trusted loved one if you want to keep them a total surprise. Keep them to the same length; you don’t want one of you with ten words and the other rambling for ten minutes. If you choose to do it together, try putting in a mutual vow that you both take.



Eventually, you will have to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Gather everything you have collected and get to work. Words that should come to mind and appear in your vows are words like respect, love, cherish, commit, support and promise. Your vows should be serious about the marriage commitment, but they can be funny and warm.

The best self-written vows are highly personal with some vivid and heartfelt details. When was the first time you used the word love? Think about your most tender memories of each other. List the qualities you most admire and the wonderful things they bring out in you. Incorporate that into your vows.

Don’t make your vows so personal that no one but the two of you can understand them. You want the emotions and experiences you touch on to be universal. You have invited guests witness your bond, and you don’t want them thinking they need subtitles to understand the ceremony.

Don’t be afraid to borrow from other

Just because your wedding vows are


“You want your chosen words to pack a punch and they should reflect how you feel.” the most important part of the ceremony, doesn’t mean they should be long-winded. You want your chosen words to pack a punch and they should reflect how you feel. Your vows are for you and your honey but make sure to practice them out loud so you identify any problem areas like tongue twisters and sentences that run on (you don’t want to run out of breath!). These words will be heard by the entire wedding, and you want them to be perfect. If you think you can memorize your vows, go for it! However, don’t be afraid to cheat if you think you will draw a blank (as most nervous couples do). Have a copy ready to read from or have your officiant read them for you to repeat. You won’t want to be pulling a sheet of paper from your gown or jacket pocket, so this is another duty you can assign to the maid/matron of honour and the best man. Have them hold on to your copy until the moment arrives.

PETAL POWER Scope it Out

Color Cues

Look around you and think about the size of the shop and the number of people on staff. Who will work on your wedding? Make sure the floral designer you’re interviewing will actually create the arrangements. What kind of vibe do you get from them? A disorganized shop may scare you off but consider that the florist’s creativity may trump her cleaning skills – and she probably knows where everything is! Work the Room – Be sure to inquire if your florist has done weddings at your ceremony and/or your reception venue before. If so, they may have pictures of arrangements and will be knowledgeable about what sizes, shapes and colours work best. If not, they should be willing to check out the space. At the very least, bring some sort of photo in case they have never worked there before so that there is an idea of the space.

Arrangements of cool contrasting colours (think mint green and cherry red) are definitely gorgeous. But when picking a palette, make sure the colours will suit your wedding colours and style. Bring some fabrics swatches of your colours so you and your florist have some great starting points.

Season’s Best Timing is everything, especially when it comes to flowers. Marrying around Valentine’s Day? Expect a significant increase in the price of red roses. Marrying in a humid climate or in summer? Go for strong flowers that won’t wilt, such as sunflowers, lilies and dahlias. Try to avoid gardenias, tulips and wildflowers. Simplify your Centerpieces – Labour costs can make your florist bills bloom. Trim them by opting for less labourintensive arrangements like simple centerpieces. Think about nixing (or trimming down) any elaborate blooming structures – gateways, railings, etc. – that will take a long time to set up.

Size it Up! Be sure your bouquets aren’t too heavy or too hard to carry. You don’t want that burden. Try to choose sizes with regard to the style of dresses you have picked and body shape. A delicate nosegay will be lost when put with an elaborately ruffled dress and a small bride would be overshadowed by a massive cascading arrangement. Stop and Smell – Be sure your bouquet isn’t too fragrant – you don’t want to be sneezing your way down the aisle! Some of the most fragrant flowers are lilacs, lilies, freesia and lilies of the valley. Try to go lightly on these types of blooms.

Prepare for the Petals Don’t assume your florist will have access to your ceremony and reception site early on your big day. Make all the necessary arrangements – get written permission and a key if you need to – to ensure that everything is in place before you walk down the aisle.

Photography Be sure to coordinate the delivery time of your flowers (including corsages and boutonniers) with your photographer’s arrival. You will want them for all of your formal pictures.

Flowers by Kuhlmann’s Floral Boutique




Fresh & Direct Try to get your flowers boxed with cellophane and misted when delivered. That way they will look fresh throughout the ceremony and reception. Make sure to check each bouquet and remove and damaged blossoms. Don’t leave them in direct sunlight as this will speed up the wilting process. If you’re keeping the flowers in water to help maintain their freshness, don’t forget to dry the stems thoroughly before handing them out. The last thing anyone wants is big water stains on dresses and tuxes moments before they walk down the aisle.

Tossing Tradition You don’t have to toss your actual bridal bouquet! Many brides have their florists create a small tossing bouquet for this traditional ritual. It is an extra fee, so pick a low maintenance arrangement. There’s no need to break you budget for this arrangement.

Streamline your Vendors These days, a lot of florists are more like event designers. You may be able to get a lot of different decorations from them, like balloons, streamers and lanterns. Dealing with one vendor instead of four or five can alleviate a lot of stress! Flowers by Marlow & Richards

Flowers by La Piazza Daisee




THE ART of Creation

Today’s bouquet handles are an art form in their own right. Wrapping bouquet ends keeps the flowers in place. With the coordination of colours and themes between the wedding gown and décor, these elements will help to present “the big picture” of your overall wedding theme. Pearls, rhinestones, satin ribbon, raffia – any or all of these can add the finishing touches to your wedding design.

Photograph courtesy of Donna Tam Photography




Floral Wedding

Trends By Deborah De La Flor, AIFD Deborah De La Flor is a world renowned floral designer and the Director of Grower Direct’s Design Team. She plays a similar role for other major floral companies such as FTD and Syndicate Sales (leading supplier of floral supplies in North America). Deborah has reached the podium at numerous floral design competitions and, in 2004, represented the United States at the Interflora World Cup of Floral Design. Needless to say, she knows her stuff! Here are a few wedding trends from Deborah De La Flor, AIFD.

Brides are looking for “bling” in their bouquets – diamond gems, coloured stones, pearls – tucked in the flowers. Though some brides are asking for trailing or cascade bouquets, hand-tied clusters are still the most popular. Hypericum berries are very popular in bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. They come in a variety of colours to match any wedding décor. Hydrangeas are also very popular in wedding bouquets – sprigs can be used as

boutonnieres to match. Roses, as always, are the classic wedding flower and continue to maintain their popularity. Glass has become very popular as a container for wedding centerpieces. Single or multiple containers in a variety of shapes, cylinders, squares, rectangles or bubble bowls filled with stones, coloured marbles, glass and cluster style florals, make a definite statement.

Gown: Bridal Debut Hair: Elysium Make up: Dior Flowers by Kuhlmann’s Floral Boutique




Flowers by Kuhlmann’s Floral Boutique

Flowers by Petals on the Trail

Flowers by La Piazza Dasee Flowers courtesy of Kuhlmann’s Floral Boutique

Bride & Blooms Bridal Bouquets Dazzling displays in your bridal bouquet is one of the most important and beautiful elements of your bridal attire. Make sure your bouquet complements your outfit without overpowering it. It comes as no surprise to your florist that you may have preferences like a flower you associate with romance or your first meeting or a favorite color. Overload your floral consultant with info to help with your decision. Bring pictures… tear out ideas from magazine articles…look at websites.

credit: Grant Olsen

From minimalist modern to traditional elegance or exotic and bright, the flowers you choose for your wedding day reveal a lot about your personality and style.

Flower Fashion Trend A current trend in floral design is to decorate bouquets with design elements such as elegant ribbon, pearls, stones, fabric butterflies, rhinestones, etc. These can complement your dress, hair, jewelry, accessories, or our bouquet. A special touch! Summery, Seasonal Colours A vibrant mix of colour and classical elegance. Artistic Touches Personal accents such as satin ribbons and beaded stick pins offer brides a chance to put their unique stamp on their floral look. Freestyle Bouquets Inspired by the colour and textures of nature create a traditional look overall, but with a modern slant.

Flower To Do’s




• Do think of your dress style and how your bouquet will complement it. • Do think simple as flowers should never detract from your gown, they should complement. • Do think about your overall wedding theme. • Do remember colour co-ordination with your bridesmaids, your hair and complexion, and the overall look you want to achieve. • Do consider photography and how everyone will look together. • Do make sure to keep your bouquet fresh. • Do remember to consider allergies, smell and pollen. • Do remember the time of year you are getting married and the selection of flowers available then. • Do work within your budget but remember this is a critical element Flowers by Marlow and Richards to your look.

Classic Bridal Beauty The boundaries of time are transcended by classic beauty. Many brides borrow from times gone by while holding onto modern twists as novel ways to put their personal stamp on their wedding look. Many brides are looking for a trace colour, some gold or silver embroidery or beads, or some coloured hems or waist sashes to create a look that is unique to them. Brides are becoming bolder when they create their own personal wedding style.

Hair by Elysium

Four to Six Months…

Beauty Time Line It’s the Bridal Countdown… Tick, tock, tick, tock… How time flies when you are getting married. For the big day you need to look your best. Plan a general timeline to help you get organized and on the right track.

Assess your skincare regime, as all your wedding photography demands great skin. Make any hair colour changes, this is something that needs to be finalized before the big day. Schedule any regular manicures and pedicures, find your perfect colour… start using cuticle oil.

Two Months… Work on your tan, eliminate any tan lines. Have a trial run on your hair and make up. Get your eyebrows shaped and tinted (this will help make your eyes stand out in photos).

One Month… Have your final facial. Stage a dress rehearsal.

One Week… Have final cut & colour. Tweeze brows. Wax unwanted body hair

The Day Before… Pack an emergency kit: Lipstick, cover up, tissues, hairspray, safety pins, needle & thread, bandaids, eye repair make up (in the event of tears) and spare set of pantyhose. Pamper yourself, have a massage and relax. Most importantly – GO TO BED EARLY!

The Day: Three to Five Hours Before… Take bra off and wear a button up top (strap lines are a no no). Get hair done.

Two Hours… Put on make up. One Hour… Put on dress, veil and shoes. Get someone to help with jewelry. Remember to place engagement ring on the other hand.

30 Minutes… Touch up lipstick, blush. Apply perfume. Product courtesy of Dior, The Bay Southgate and Solace Medical Clinic

15 Minutes… Look amazing and have a beautiful time. BRIDALFANTASY



A bride’s makeup should be fresh and natural. Your wedding day is not a day to have big surprises. Our favourite look right now is soft, romantic loose curls. You need to start working with your stylist early on.





MAKEUP MAGIC High Shine Lip Gloss

Arden h t e b a Eliz

Sheer, shimmery, high gloss colour with emollients and lip soothers. Conditioning emollients soothe and smooth the lips in a single swipe. A quick way to glossy, shiny lips. Can be worn alone or layered over a favourite lip colour.

Lash Optimizer – Primer with Conditioners Mascara Optimizes the look of lashes and enhances the effect of your mascara so lashes look thicker and longer. Smudge proof, stays fresher longer and resists drying.

Eye Pencil Eye pencils are a smooth, easy to apply creamy texture that have good staying power. Self sharpen for a fine point.

Cheekcolour This cheekcolour is long wearing, provides natural looking colour to your face and glides on easily and evenly for smooth application. Available in eight shades such as Peach Sorbet, Sunblush, Tearose, Pink Star and Pink Glow.


Scents sy Fanta au De Parfum

E Spears Britney

Britney Spears has the power of an enchantress whose life is a modern fairy tale … complete with a happy ending. Fantasy is about love’s ability to overwhelm you when you least expect it. Fantasy is for the woman who is seductive, charming and elusive.

ve… o L h t Wi m e Parfu

d uff Eau Hilary D

Exotic fruits add an intriguing sparkle to the rich woods and sultry ambers of this effervescent oriental fragrance.

Eyeshadow Quad Intrigue Eyeshadows are rich and true in colour; silky smooth and vitamin-enriched. These shadows glide on easily and evenly for smooth application. Crease resistant, colours do not fade, long wearing and lasts all day.

box Smash

For more information on where to buy go to Available in department stores and select drug stores throughout Canada.

lle Danie le

e ielle Ste By Dan

Studio Seamless Liquid Foundation

This foundation is made to capture the appearance of flawless studio lighting, with adjustable medium-to-full coverage and satin finish, this water based formula has a golden-hued tone to give skin warmth while neutralizing redness.

Photo Finish Foundation Primer Create the perfect canvas for foundation application with this bestselling Photo Finish Foundation Primer, perfect for traveling light. Grapeseed extract soothes and protects skin. This colorless formula fills in fine lines and pores to help skin appear visibly softer with a smooth velvet finish.

Opening with a fresh burst of lush green notes combined with Mediterranean Mandarin, the fragrance’s top note signifies Danielle Steel’s universal message of hope and optimism.




BF Beauty 46


Dior Skin Airflash Spray on foundation

Dior Homme Sophisticated, urban scent

Dior Addict Ultra-gloss

Higher Energy Fresh, spicy, woody fragrance

Dior Skinflash Radiance booster pen

J’adore The ultimate feminine fragrance

Dior Show Extreme volume boosting mascara

Pure Poison Intriguing floral as pure as it is mysterious



Magic IN MOTION STYLE GROUP The Salon & Spa that Comes to You!

We Specialize in Making Brides Beautiful! Photo courtesy of Artistic Touch Nail & Esthetic Studio. To book a bridal manicure for you and your

There is nothing like gorgeous nails to make a strong fashion statement. Bouquet colour and nail colour creates a strong

Relax and enjoy yourself while we pamper you in the comfort of your own home by our awardwinning hair and makeup artists

fashion statement. Keep your nails short with the deep, rich shades. For longer lengths, try silver, sheer or white. Time your manicure to keep your nails


at their best before the big day. BRIDALFANTASY



• Waxing • Facials • Manicures • Pedicures • Perms • Color • Foils • Highlights • Make up application • Gel & Acrylic Nails • Microdermabrasion

226-7000 Country Hills Towne Centre

208-8180 241-6900 Hampton’s Co-op Centre

Rock Ridge Co-op Centre

281-9111 249-9444 Oakridge Co-op Centre

West Springs Co-op Centre




All Natural

Beauty Important to any bride’s beauty regime, sunblock! UVA/UVB Chemfree Superblock is a chemical and fragrance free sunblock. Perfect for sensitive skin and leaves skin looking matte, not shiny. Glominerals is a make-up line that helps protect skin from UV radiation & free radical damage. With daily use, Glominerals make-up can improve the health and condition of the skin. Vitamins C, A, K and E, and green tea extract are used in this makeup to ensure overall skin health. These products are available from Solace Medical Clinic. For more information visit










Slimmer you … • Tumescent Liposculpture Removes stubborn areas of fat when diet and exercise is not enough. • Accent Radio Frequency melts away your fat For those who want to contour their figure, Accent radio frequency waves dissolve the fat painlessly. • Mesotherapy using simple medicines to dissolve fat, sculpt the body and reduce cellulite.

Relaxed and Sexy … • Botox eliminates frown and smile lines for that fresh, youthful and relaxed look.

Luscious Lips • Restylane to increase lip volume for those luscious and kissable lips.

Beautiful Legs… • Sclerotherapy to eliminate spider veins.

Silky smooth body… • Laser hair removal for long-term hair removal results.

Accredited Non-hospital Surgical Facility Since 1985

3rd Floor, 1504-15 Ave., S.W.


Look Your Best on That Special Day Today’s bride is busy juggling work, home, often kids while planning a wedding and all the details surrounding it. She wants to look her best and is interested in having something done but does not have the long recovery time that was associated with cosmetic procedures in the past. “Safe, minimally invasive with little or no down time procedures is what is in demand today,” says Dr. Louis Grondin, medical director of the Cosmetic Laser & Vein Centre. “Unfortunately, there is no one solution that magically reverses the signs of aging. It requires combining technology, product and experience in evaluating the individual’s needs to be able to offer options that will address their concerns, meet their time and budget constraints and deliver the best possible result.” The face is the area most of us are concerned with, he adds. “Fortunately, this area has the most treatment options available. Obtaining the best result is often dependent upon a ‘layering’ of procedures,” Dr. Grondin says. What distinguishes a youthful complexion from an aging one? A youthful complexion is clear, fresh and rested in appearance. A face showing the signs of aging has wrinkles, fine lines, dropping eyelids, hollows under the eye, broken capillaries, sun damage and continually looks tired. Combining Botox with Restylane gives the biggest ‘wow’ result. Botox is used to relax facial muscles to release dynamic wrinkles – frown lines, smile lines (crow’s feet) and now effectively help in the rejuvenation of the lower face. Frown lines often make the individual appear angry. By relaxing these lines the individual appears happy and more approachable. “We have had great results in rejuvenating the lower face. When the marionette lines (from the mouth to jaw) are softened, you lose that sad look. By relaxing the bands in the neck, the jowls often disappear and the neck becomes rejuvenated,” explains Dr. Grondin. Restylane, a crystal-clear gel, is very effective in creating and restoring volume. It is best known for creating luscious ‘kissable’ lips. It is used to add fullness to lips or to improve lip border volume for better definition or to create symmetry. In the eye area it can give an eyebrow lift and by filling the hollows under the eye, eliminates those dark shadows. Restylane can be used to minimize nasolabial folds, level out the bump on the nose, enhance the chin area, and soften the appearance of the jowl line. “It is great to use fillers and Botox but you also need to look after your skin. Calgary is very dry and most complexions are dehydrated. A therapeutic facial combined with microdermabrasion offers a great start to rejuvenating the complexion,” says Dr. Grondin. “Using skin care products that specifically address your skin’s individual needs will maximize your treatment results and keep your skin looking it best.”

Dr. Louis Grondin-Medical Director email:

Procedures such as Micro Laser Peels, for deep exfoliation; Accent to tighten skin; lasers to remove broken capillaries, moles, skin tags; Photo Rejuvenation (IPL) and Levulan for sun damage, offer excellent results and help achieve younger looking skin. “For acne sufferers there are numerous solutions from laser, IPL, Levulan, custom skin care program, and keep in mind that prescription medication still may be an important option,” says he. “You need to be seen by a physician who after examining your skin, will put together a plan, often multi-step, that will give you the best results.” A bride wants to look her very best in that special wedding dress. So the body can benefit from rejuvenating procedures as well. Accent, through radio frequency, is an excellent treatment for reducing unwanted ‘pockets of fat’. “To obtain a more proportionate figure and an attractive shape, tumescent Liposculpture with local anesthetic is still your best option,” Dr. Grondin explains. “For legs, there are procedures that will improve their health and rejuvenate their appearance. With over 20 years of experience in the treatment of spider and varicose veins, our team can put together a treatment plan that will eliminate those unsightly veins and give you confidence to show off your legs again,” says Dr. Grondin. For shaping legs (slimming those saddle bags or inside thighs) Liposculpture is still the first choice. For cellulite, Accent is excellent. For unwanted hair, laser hair removal gives long-term freedom. “We favor the least invasive procedures, and the most effective,” Dr. Grondin says. “By addressing the problem early, allows for creating a treatment plan that will give the best possible results so that your special day will be as problem free as possible and leave you with happy memories.” The Cosmetic Laser & Vein Centre offer numerous options, talk with us to see which one is best suited for you.










1919 Sirocco Dr. SW, Suite 100

12445 Lake Fraser Dr. SE , Suite 107

4 all



Bride and WEDDING For theGroom: 20% OFF PACKAGES 25% OFF For the Wedding Party & Mothers of the Bride and Groom:

On regularly priced services

On regularly priced services *excluding medical services*

For the Bride: Wedding Make-Up; Manicure and Pedicure


Start now to get your best wedding glow - for him or her!



*excluding medical services*

For the Groom: 1hr Massage; Manicure and Facial





Tailored for happily e Suit packages includes suit, shirt and tie

ever after. starting at $395.

Roles for Little Ones: • • • • • • •

Flower girls Ringbearers Junior bridesmaid Junior groomsman Handing out programs Watching the gift table Having guests sign your wedding guest book • Setting up place cards and/or favours • Special readings or prayers • Carrying candles

Success Tips: • Dress them at the last possible minute • Make sure they have access to videos, snacks and toys • Little ones need big, big bibs • Make sure kids have back-up shoes for the reception • Make arrangements for a location near the reception for kids to sleep, nap or rest with baby-sitters that are handy • Feed children a small meal before the event Small tuxes available at Derks. Dresses from Denilore Bridal.




BF Formalwear

Men’s Style

Unleashed It goes without saying that the groom should look just as amazing as the bride on the wedding day. One of the many joys of your wedding day is that you can revel in just how glorious dressing up can be, when you see the latest in formal wear to create the finer details of today’s modern wedding.

Remember the old proverb: It is the clothes that maketh the man.

Derks Crystal Vest Collection




Colour, jacket silhouettes and accessories are all getting influenced from the Brits and the trendy menswear designers that have put a formalwear touch into all their menswear. Derks Dante Vest Collection


Your Guys


FACTS Look for: • Tuxedos for try on. • Service you can rely on. • Well-trained professional staff • Attention to detail and quality • Local warehousing with a large selection of new tuxedos and accessories • On-site tailoring for any unforeseen problems Wedding Day Remembrances like purchasing cufflinks like your own vest & tie are popular with today’s grooms,

Ralph Lauren Tux

Ceremonial Tux Look for European influence in tuxes




Fit To Be Wed

The Bikini Bride A Bride’s Guide To Shaping Up! Wing night. Wine tasting. And other assorted enemies of the waist are tricky companions as you start planning for your wedding day. All those extra calories add up, sneaking on extra weight. Dropping a few pounds may not have seemed urgent before you got engaged, but now that the date has been set, it’s time to get serious. Most brides are understandably concerned about how they will look on their big day. Fortunately, a few minor changes in both exercise routine and diet can really pack a one-two punch, pun intended. When it comes to exercise, shaping up requires two key ingredients: resistance training and cardio workouts. Resistance training is used to increase your lean muscle mass and speed up your metabolism while cardio workouts burn off the calories. It’s important to make exercise a part of your weekly routine by scheduling at least three workouts a week. A great suggestion is to get involved in a group exercise class, having others to cheer you on will motivate you to work harder and inspire you. Some exercise can slip easily into your regular daily routine. For example, taking the stairs at the office – as few as four flights a day – will burn 17,680 more calories a year. That’s enough to drop five pounds. Other easy calorie burners include walking or biking to places that are less than five blocks away, or doing something active while watching TV, like stretching or sit-ups. A caution to brides, do not focus exclusively on exercise. A third important ingredient in your recipe to shaping up and losing weight is diet. A simple tip to help cut calories with out feeling deprived is to drink lots of water through out the day, which will keep you feeling a little full and therefore minimize snacks cravings. As well, try to minimize your consumption of juice and soft drinks, which are often loaded with calories and sugar. Keep in mind that soft drinks means, all soft drinks, even diet. The aspartame in diet drinks is hard for your body to process. In fact, choosing food your body knows how to handle is critical to achieving weight loss goals. Avoiding processed foods is always the best plan, but if that’s not possible, you can still make better choices. Reading labels is important. If something has more

than seven ingredients and you cannot pronounce half of them leave it on the grocery shelf. Finally, you can make some major gains in caloriereduction by cutting out half the ‘extras’ you put in your coffee or tea. For example, if you normally use a tablespoon of sugar and two tablespoons of cream, try using a half-tablespoon of sugar and only one tablespoon of cream. You’ll save 8,705 calories per year, or two and half pounds. Combine this with taking the stairs and you could loose seven and half pounds without trying that hard. It isn’t difficult to increase the calories you burn, if you commit to a few simple changes. Also, passing the information along to other members of your wedding party means they’ll have the stamina and good health to support you on the big day. Shaping up together is a great way to relieve the stress of planning, and if everyone feels at his or her best, your wedding memories will be even better. Dr. Lindsay Dalziel, chiropractor and certified personal trainer, and business partner Dawn Lane, inspire women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels to shape up. Their Bikini Boot Camps, group exercise classes developed by women for women, focus on improving women’s’ core strength, agility, flexibility and balance. These ladies pride themselves on celebrating the benefits of getting active and staying active. For more fitness tips or to register yourself, your mom, and your bridesmaids for Bikini Boot Camp, visit

Lotus Soul Yoga Loft lululemon yoga gear




Eat Right

Be wise when shaping up and ensure you focus on improving your diet, not just exercising. Replace a chocolate bar by indulging in a One Bite chocolate raspberry chew designed to satisfy your cravings, control your appetite and sustain your energy. Body Wise has a variety of other products like breakfast shakes that will put you well on your way to weight loss success. For a healthy guide that will help you shape up before the big day visit

Tips to Minimize Stress on the Wedding Day




• Hire a catering company to bring a ready made breakfast for the family and bridal party • Prepare a few lunch snacks the day before • Put together a box of toys and a few movies to entertain the flower girl and ring bearer

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Bridal Fantasy Magazine 2007- Part 1  

Now Western Canada’s largest one-day bridal show has an amazing bridal magazine to go with it! Bridal Fantasy Magazine is a leading Alberta-...

Bridal Fantasy Magazine 2007- Part 1  

Now Western Canada’s largest one-day bridal show has an amazing bridal magazine to go with it! Bridal Fantasy Magazine is a leading Alberta-...