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ou’ve set the date, now is the perfect time to consult with Cazale’s, the area’s premier event planner, to achieve your ideal wedding.


Whether your vision is for a small intimate gathering or a celebration extraordinaire, your wedding demands a spectacular venue, enchanting atmosphere, delectable menu, inspiring music, and exquisite flowers. Cazale’s breathtaking creative vision is balanced with a full knowledge of complete event planning, allowing you to relax and enjoy your significant day. Dennis and his staff at Cazale’s look forward to helping you create the wedding of your dreams – a celebration that you and your guests will fondly remember for a lifetime.

Your Day, Your Dream, Our Expertise!

Cazales’ Flower


De n n i s & Je n n i e Sp e c h t 4 4 5 N orth C a l i f o r n i a S t reet S t o c k t o n , California




FINE J EW ELRY E x ce p t i o nal Values fo r E x cept i o nal B ri des



BEHIND THE SCENES J anuary 27 th hosted to the valley ’ s most distinctive evening filled with food , fashion , & socialites . T he B ridal C outure M agazine launch brought hundreds to mix - n - mingle amongst champagne and H ors d ’ œuvres .


R unway fashion ::M ira B ridal C outure ; C hampagne & H ors d ’ œuvres ::G alletto R istorante ; M usic & L ighting ::S ounds in M otion ;S tage design provided by E vent E xtravagant G roup I nc .; R ed C arpet images provided by A tiza P hoto & D esign and A drian M endoza . A fter P arty ::S urla ’ s R estaurant

M 6




you go to become a

Bride Stylish T i m e l e ss Perfect



S o p h i s t i c at e d

elegance for the

modern bride.


all of

Northern California. 209.338.9333 f o r y o u r a pp o i n t m e n t .

1201 J Street Modesto, Ca. B r i d a l . A c c e ss o r i e s . L i n g e r i e . B r i d e s m a i d s . M o t h e r ’ s . F l o w e r G i r l s . T u x e d o & S u i t r e n ta l s


Engage your imagination.




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IN THIS ISSUE 14 Hemmed with History, Laced with Love. A story of 6 women, 1 gown, & priceless memories. 23 Noteworthily Engaged. 39 From the runway. 58 Venue Guide. 56 Unrefined Panache, a look into garden bridal showers. 78 Sweet Sensation. 89 La Vie en Lavender, our inspirational wedding set at the Valley’s newest venue. 99 FEATURED WEDDINGS 100 Lana & Rodney Cordova. 102 Erica & David Peterson. 104 Miranda & Jake Reader. 106 Ashley & Josh Roberts. 108 Meghan & Nick Bohr. 110 Lisa & Chris Vento. 112 Joyce & Jake Wheatley. 115 Quincy & Joey Schmit. 118 Danielle & James Norwood. 120 Caitlin & Nathan Severin. 123 Groom’s Guide. 129 Meet the experts, Platinum Vendors. 142 Bridal Guide




M 10











Fall/Winter 2011 A bout the cover :: O n L ocation :: P ageo lavender F arms , T urlock . M odels :: A ndrea D umlao , N athan B ray , S ara R ocha , A nna P eoples , & S ara B ollerud P hotography :: S tephanie B aker P hotography H air /M akeup :: A shley R ocha and T racy S aunders from B ella V agos S alon and O n location make up artist A mber C romwell G own D esigner :: A ria B ridal available at ariadress . com and M ira B ridal C outure . F lowers :: T wigs and S tems P rops :: V intage M arket

F rom M ira J antz , E ditor

B ridal C outure M agazine :: O ur vintage wedding design as seen on the cover and through out our stories , “U nrefined P anache ” & “L a V ie en L avender ” was inspired by my love for eclectic mixture , personal touches , the emotions I felt while visiting P ageo L avender F arm for the first time on M other ’ s D ay , and my yearning to inspire brides into a new revolution within the C entral V alley of wedding design . I adore the simplicity of the make - up and hair , the elegance of the chandeliers within the lush pine trees , and the mixtures of fine , vintage china , fabulous E tsy finds , and DIY touches . I set out to create a mixture of pastels , freshly picked lavender , dignified table settings , and personal touches of

that any bride and groom can find through their own family heirlooms to place in front of the back drop of a grassy plantation .

W ith

the assistance of many

E tsy

designers , some of our leading professionals within the wedding industry and the owners and team at

P ageo L avender F arm ,

we have designed an incredible inspiration

board for those looking to move into the simple , yet divine , ways of wedding design .


hope you can find inspiration from our creations .

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H emmed with history,

L aced with Love

W hen E lizabeth “B uffy ” C ampion accepted J ack G riffin ’ s marriage proposal Kate & Brando n Mello D in 1964, her mother did what most mothers do and scheduled a day devoted to ecember 2003 Gra 6, ce Cathe dress - shopping . A lso fairly traditional was that the dress - shopping day included dral S a n Francisc B uffy ’ s three sisters . Y et T ory , S is and A nne were not invited along merely to give o second , third and fourth opinions on a dress that B uffy would wear once and fold away to preserve for the future . T he four sisters accompanied their mother to I. M agnin in S an F rancisco to choose a dress that all four of them would eventually wear at each of their own wedding ceremonies .

Buffy & Jack Griffin Januar bruary 8, 19 Fe t et gg Ra y 30, n Jo 65 St. Vincen Tory & ch ur t de Paul Chu Ch si si As of s ci rch an Fr . 1969 St San Francisco San Francisco

A s


C ampion

May 9, 1981 k Crisan el Anne & Nic sion, Carm Carmel Mis

women browsed the dresses , and as

B uffy tried each one on , they found the dress that would A s B uffy modeled the dress , M rs . C ampion pointed to each girl in turn and said “D o you like it ? D o you like it ?” E ach answered in the affirmative , and the journey of the dress began .

become a family treasure . it ?

D o you like I n 1965, B uffy glided up the aisle of S t . V incent de P aul C hurch in S an F rancisco . A few years later , in 1969, T ory would walk up the aisle of S t . F rancis of A ssisi in S an F rancisco . S is brought it back to S t . V incent de P aul in 1970 while A nne wore it someplace new : the C armel M ission in 1981. E ach wedding imbedded into the fabric of the dress new stories , more memories , and extra love every time . A s A nne changed into her going away outfit after her ceremony , M rs . C ampion held the dress for the fourth time and turned to B uffy ’ s daughter M olly . “M imi said , ‘Y ou ’ re next .’ T hen she placed the dress in my lap ,” laughs M olly . “I was 15 at the time .” S omething in her grandmother ’ s wedding , the dress was brought out for

M olly , because as she prepared for her 1993 B ecause the G riffin family had lost B uffy in 1989, the wearing of the family dress took on so much more meaning and sentimental significance . M olly unveiled the dress and tried it on for her brother J ohn and her younger sister , K ate . T he dress required very little alterations ; merely a lowering of the neckline to fit a more modern taste . I t was an emotional experience for her and her siblings , and for their father , J ack . D espite the ache and longing the dress brought out in the hearts of the G riffins , it also brought great joy and reminiscences for everyone who watched M olly glide up the aisle of the C armel M ission ( the second trip there for the dress ).

M 14

words must have stayed with wedding number five .


A s K ate

finished college , her thoughts would occasionally turn to a possible wedding in her future , and she

would wonder about the dress .

S ince

five women in her family had already worn the gown , she began to think that

when the time came , she would find a brand - new dress that fit her style and fashion tastes more than the heirloom dress that had been in her family for over thirty years .

Y et


B randen M ello proposed to her , K ate explains , “I I knew then that I would wear the

had found the right person and we were getting married for the right reasons . gown .


never considered anything else .”

K ate

D ecember 6 th , 2003 in S an F rancisco at G race C athedral , wearing the gown her 40 years earlier . “F or our family , the dress brings out so many beautiful stories .” K ate explains , “F or me , though , the dress surrounding me that day felt like a hug from my mom . some way , she got to walk down the aisle with me .”


B randen


mother had worn for the first time nearly memories and


felt that , in

T he

dress has now been worn by six women over two generations .


third generation of beautiful little ladies

is in line , still too young to comprehend the story of the special dress that awaits their dreams of a perfect day .

T en - year old H ailey B rink , five - year old E lizabeth M ello ( named for her grandmother , B uffy ), and four - year olds C lara B rink and M ae R aggett will surely come to adore the story of the heirloom wedding gown that has been hemmed with history and laced with love . -B etty M antel L ee


nolly ick Con Sis & M er 7, 1970 ancisco Novemb urch, San Fr h C l de Pau Vincent

Molly & Matt Wilson May 22, 1993 Carmel Mission, Carmel

Kate & B randon M ell Decemb er 6, 20 o Grace C 0 3 athedra San Fra l Church ncisco

H ow

do six women manage to wear

the same wedding gown and feel special ?

W hat

alterations are

necessary to make it unique for each one ?

S urprisingly

simple changes give

each bride her very own dress .

, e, Tory n n A , n mpio Dr. Cha Buffy 1965 Sis &

Sis, To ry, Anne , Molly, a nd Kate 2003


K ate

had the dress hemmed in

length and shortened in the waist .

M olly lowered the neckline . A nne wore the dress without a train . S is hemmed the sleeves , and had no train , just a straight skirt . T ory wore no petticoat . B uffy wore a petticoat .

M 15





Brilliant Bands



& .42 ct . diamond Y onan ’ s J ewelers

white gold pearl

ring .

A vailable


M 19

Luxury must be Comfortable ,

Otherwise it is not

Luxury .”

Coco Chanel

D iamond E ngagement

M 20

and wedding rings compliments of

T he J ewelry V ault , M odesto








Since the 7th century, wedding bands have been worn on the fourth finger because people believed this finger contained a vein that ran directly towards the heart. Typically a small & simple band crafted from precious metals. But now, diamond encrusted rings have become more & more coveted, adding some sparkle to their wedding day. 1. 2. 3. 4.

T he J ewelry V ault Y onan ’ s J eweler ’ s T he J ewelry V ault Y onan ’ s J eweler ’ s


5. 6. 7. 8.

Y onan ’ s J eweler ’ s Y onan ’ s J eweler ’ s Y onan ’ s J eweler ’ s T he jewelry V ault

M 21

It’s your day to blow the world away.





P aving

your way to happily ever after starts with a day of documenting

your style through modern - day engagement photos .

M ore

and more

couples are seeking alternative roads to express their love through themed , innovative , and artistic means .

F rom

a themed photo shoot

inspired by your favorite rock star or flaunting your love for one another in an exaggerated display of your hobbies


passions ‌

engagement photos are becoming more art than obligation . BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM

M 23

She’s Gone Country K elly L ytle & M att K istler W edding 6-18-2011 E ngagement S hoot L ocation ::K istler R anch (F amily P roperty ) P hotographer ::

S tephanie B aker P hotography K elly & M att


when she was hired as an



M att ’ s

family ranch .

K elly recently moved S an L uis O bispo


and the couple will

& reside where M att proposed , at K istler R anch ,


where the two first met .

M 24


Love Rescue Me K aity W ilson & J ason F uzie W edding ::O ctober 13, 2011 L ocation ::D owntown M odesto P hotographer :: M oondog P hotography

“U ntil the ocean D oesn ’ t touch the J ason ’ s

sand .”

favorite quote

written in sand , engaged him into eternity with his best friend and lady love .




year anniversary ,

love will rescue him at an intimate ceremony and

S t . L ucia . T he couple will reside in R ipon after their wedding . reception in


M 25

A guy, a girl, & a pizza place G eorgia P erivoliotis & D emetri V G olfinopoulos S hoot location ::S t .P izza , S an F rancisco W edding date ::A ugust 25, 2012 P hotographer :: L auren S pigno P hotography G eorgia ’ s close family friend owned a pizza parlor she grew up close to . S he & D emetri thought it would be fun to tie in family favorites before tying the knot .

M 26


Step right up Jessica Dunfee & Joel Gardner Photographer:: Jacqueline Plaza Photography

Engagement session location:: Patterson, Ca. Wedding Date:: June 11, 2011 Jacqueline was so excited when the carnival came to town so Joel & Jessica gladly accepted to be a part of this styled shoot. They were a great fit for this look! With their wedding around the corner, they still needed engagement photos and I needed a reason to do what I love..... photography and styling!

Winter Moon

Angela Martinez & C had L umpkin Photographer:: Stephanie Baker Photography Engagement session location:: McConnell State Park Wedding Date:: September 23, 2011 After a delicious dinner at there favorite restaurant, Harvest Moon, Chad excused himself to the rest room. bouquet of

While gone, a Orchids,

(Angela’s favorite flower) arrived at the table. Taken back, she looked up to see Chad suited up and on one knee. To compliment the importance of this moment, Chad had changed into a suit when he dismissed himself. They not only share of love for the food at Harvest Moon, they share a memory. Engaged December 30,2010



T his season’s O bsessions 2


Of all the trends you can be most daring with, gems, color, and fabulous finds top our list for this season’s obsessions.


1. W hile trend shopping in NY this season , we came across this stunning J udith L eiber satin clutch featuring embroidered crystal trim , kiss lock closure and shoulder strap option . C omes lined in an blue satin . A vailable at J udith L eiber . com 2. T he date is set , you have the perfect gown , now you can let M egan H amilton capture the moment with her one - of - a - kind hand drawn illustration . W e absolutely love the bride & groom drawing . L ooking for a unique gift ? H ave M egan draw out paired bride & bridesmaid , flower girl or M other ’ s dress F ind her at M egan H amilton on E tsy . com 3. I nstead

of the traditional bridal

party bouquet and

B outonniere ,


these colorful custom pinwheels

R ule 42 5

4. O ur


E tsy . com / shop /R ule 42

favorite look from the trend

W atters gown due F all . W atters showed

of color is this in stores this

their version of sherbet in this tulle draped ball gown .

C ould be an R eese W itherspoon ’ s M onique L huillier wedding

inspiration of blush gown .


M 28

5. C ontinuing with blush , sherbet , and peaches and cream , now add red , blue , and green from these stunning C hristian L ouboutin P ink S atin crystal stamped sling back . A vailable at christianlouboutin . com .




S omething old, something new! 1. G razia

peep toe pump with horse hair

ribbon and rhinestone .

A t G razia F ootwear .

com .

2. I vory floral O rganza T rumpet bridal gown , strapless S ilk C hiffon draped bodice , sweetheart neckline , natural waist accented with I vory wide ribbon and horse hair bow with crystal detail , chapel train . A vailable at J im H jelm . com .



The loosely woven nylon braid of horsehair ribbon is not just for hems anymore. What use to be known as rigid & stiff is now being used by designers in creative ways, from avant garde hair accessories to the classic look of a belt.



3. P each H orsehair R ibbon hair accessory . S hown with W atters gown . 4. W atters


dress in ivory with black horsehair ribbon belt .

A vailable W atters . com .

M 30





S tately S plendor 1 1. 8 k

white gold

075 ct


crisscross dangle earrings .

Y onansjewelers . com 2. S apphire ring - 14 k white gold with 75.14 ct . oval sapphire surrounded by 0.79 ct diamonds . Y onansjewelers . com 3. A ndrea

& jacket by P riscilla of B oston . P riscillaof B oston . com . R ight . B ridesmaid

bridal gown

dress in chiffon by

M elissa S weet . A vailable at M elissa S weet . com

2 W hat



S ure she was marrying a prince , in W estminster A bby , and Y es , she had the world watching and got to wave from the balcony of B uckingham P alace . Y et for romantics , and those who really paid attention to the ceremony , what made it so special were the personal and simple touches that the D uke and D uchess of C ambridge incorporated into their day . F rom the S weet W illiam in her bouquet , to the intimate photo of the pair in their wedding program , to the adorable drive the newlyweds took ( just the pair of them !) F rom B uckingham P alace to C larence H ouse in the tricked - out A ston M artin , W ills and K ate made it THEIR day . H ow will you make your ceremony sweet , simple , and YOURS? B ridal C outure M agazine has a few ideas . made

C atherine M iddleton ’ s

wedding so spectacular ?

receiving a fancy title at the culmination of the ceremony .

5. W e

are gleaming with

excitement over this limited


edition , triple tiered wedding cake minaudière with enamel bow accents .

A vailable 6. T iara



J udith L eiber . com

M other - of - pearl


cabochons on a filigree band adorned with set rhinestone flowers available at

E rica K oelser . com 7. LOVE bridal heels by E nzoani . T he O rchid heel wraps lace above 4” of height . A vailable at L oveby E nzoani . com


8. G room C lassic W edding C uff links . S imple black and white collection featuring the classic


S onia S pencer

wedding illustrations .

A vailable


S onia S pancer .


M 32





“ Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

M 34


ADVICE FROM ONE BRIDE TO ANOTHER J oyce W heatley , M arried M ay 7, 2011 E mbrace

and incorporate traditions and design elements from your respective

cultures if you can


it was fun for us and our vendors to plan around them .

you ’ re doing a lot of

the wedding .

Y ou ’ ll


try to finish most of it at least two weeks before

eliminate a lot of stress the week of the wedding .

A sk

your venue to save some of the appetizers from your cocktail hour for


our day of coordinator did and we were able to snack on the apps in

between takes of pictures !

R emember

to bring a pair of flip flops if you end up taking pictures on a golf

course and they are strict about not allowing heels on the green .

O ffering


C igar

bar was an awesome way to entertain our male guests when

their dates / wives / girlfriends abandoned them for the dance floor and fornia


G irls ”


you ’ re doing a lot of

the wedding .

“C ali -

K aty P erry .

Y ou ’ ll


try to finish most of it at least two weeks before

eliminate a lot of stress the week of the wedding .






Under $500!

wars !

F abulous

M organ is wearing S orella by W atters . com . S ilky taffeta S trapless tiered ruffled skirt , bolero sold separately . L ooking for something similar , but

Under $900

empire ,

P erfect

one shoulder

you like this look are searching for a more

M artina L iana . com

is wearing the

middle )

Around $1800

Around $1300

D anbury

E nzoani B lue at E nzoani . com . T ea - length tulle & lace with detachable jeweled ribbon belt . L ooking for the same style on a smaller budget ? gown by

for the

garden wedding , but if

ruffle by

J enna


lace appliqués .


draped trumpet with

( bottom

E nglish

skirt with cascading

S ilk D upioni

C onvertible


flower and ivory

more for silk ? the

T iffany is N oella from W atters . com R e - embroidered lace v - neck gown with lace

Under $900

grosgrain ribbon at

happy to spend a little

T ry

looks for less !

glamorous feel , try this

J im H jelm

silk satin trumpet gown with

A lencon

lace at

the midriff and satin ribbon belt .

A ll

dress provided

M ira B ridal C outure at

Around $2400


T ry K yra by W too at W atters . com . T ulle knee length sweet heart neck w / side flowers .

S hopmirabridal . com

B R I D A L C O U T U R E M a g .com

Just engaged? Start here.




Real Weddings Fashion Trends Central Valley Vendors Wedding Inspiration

New! The Groom’s Guide.

What’s Haute Now!

The Valley’s Latest in Confection Trends

Inspirational Bridal Showers

Distinctive Weddings from Valley Couples

M 38

Go to for the latest in Aisle Style, Featured Weddings, inspiration and more.



From the Runway

April 2011 hosts New York’s Bridal Fashion Week for the 2011 Fall Collections. From flowers & feathers, classic to avant-garde, silk & satin. From the runway to the showrooms, our team was there to catch the first glance at what’s hot! BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM

M 39




M 40






M 41




M 42






M 43




M 44





M 45

AISLE STYLE Making a decision on your gown without losing your dignity We

have all seen it on


and heard the scary stories about

forces this first appearance by a harried bride - to - be ? so easy to tell a fiancé ,


“Y es , I

O ften

“B ridezillas .” S ome

have witnessed it first - hand .

W hat W hy is it the gown ?

it ’ s the challenge of saying yes to the dress .

will spend the rest of my life with you !”

Y et

so difficult to commit to

common first mistake brides make is to put too much pressure on the bridal appointment .

B ridal

appointments are

designed to be unique , thrilling , and stress - free shopping experiences , until it becomes more about trying to deduce which dress out of twenty is more flattering and within budget .

W ant

another tip from the bridal gown experts ?

D on ’ t

forget to do your homework !

S ave

pictures from

bridal magazines , review designer websites for styles that appeal to you and set a realistic budget with clearly defined limits .

F ind

designers who have collections within your budget range , and discuss that range with those who

will be shopping with you so that they can offer sound advice in and help you find

‘ the

one .’

O nce

you have done

your homework , call the boutique and make an appointment .

S ome other important tips : L imit the amount of friends and family you ask to come along . T wo guests is realistic . M ore then two is too much . Y ou ’ ll be faced with too many opinions , too much chatter , and too much frustration . O nce you make your gown purchase you can bring friends in to see the dress or opt to keep it for the big day and surprise them all when you walk down the aisle . Y ou ’ ve put this much effort into planning your appoint ment to shop for you gown , now invest in a baby sitter for children . T he majority of brides that try to shop while a younger child is present cannot make a decision and soon find that the focus is on the toddler in hysterics on the floor instead of on her and the gown selections .

L eave

cameras for the

of the collection .

K eep

B ig D ay . M ost

designers have strict policies about not allowing photos to be taken

in mind that the goal is not to try on twenty dresses and take pictures in them all .

T he

ob -

jective should be to try on styles and designers you have been yearning to get your hands on and to make a decision .

A bove

everything else , choose a shop that employs a staff with a reputation of being experts in bridal fash -

ion and pros at keeping brides pampered and peaceful .


M 29



Beauty School

Whether your the bride, the bridesmaid or a guest, prepping your hair for the big day can be simple. H air & M ake - up


A shley R ocha from B ella V agos S alon , S ara R ocha is wearing the D essy floor length I sabella A vailable at www . dessy . com ; F lowers compliments of Y onan ’ s F lowers in T urlock

print chiffon dress .

M 48




S ara


B ella V agos S alon

for a lesson on modern up - do ’ s .

T wist hair W e prefer

S tart

with a deep set part curl

sections back away from your face .

to one side .

T ease

the crown

area for subtle volume .

C ontinue

to twist to -


above ear and secure

ward our bangs !

with bobby pins .

M ake 3


with the remaining hair .

L oop

and pin

each section back into the twist .

V oila ! T his

G ently loosen a few & pieces around

for attending an

the face to soften the look .

M ist

up do

is always a favorite


event , or even just


hairspray .

on a hot summer day .

B est

thing is ;

its simple , gorgeous and will keep your hair out of your way all night long !


M 49


story of one brides drive to slim down before her big day . (Before image)

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. We all have a certain body image and glow that we want to have. How we are seen in our wedding pictures and to our

gain it right back.

friends and family on our wedding day actually begins from

restrict your caloric intake to lose

the inside out.

As much as we all want a quick fix to achieve those results it really come down to ample hydration, proper nutrition, and exercise. Amber decided to begin her bridal preparations 6 months before her wedding day. This way she

more than

could give her body time to adjust to a new way of eating

just when resting burns

and actually getting into a routine of exercising.

Below are

Ambers tips. Hydration I started drinking 85 ounces of water a day. Now this was my magic number. Everyone has their own number. To find out how much water you should be drinking a day you will want to take your weight (in pounds) and divide in half. bodies are approximately


70% water. When we give our

bodies optimal levels of water we are able to metabolize body fat, transport much needed nutrients, flush out toxins, and help our digestive system keep moving.


water will help hydrate your skin and help brighten your complexion so that you have a beautiful glow for your wedding day.

I wasn’t used to drinking that much water in a day, so I went to the store and found a large 30 oz. water bottle, this way I knew that I needed to drink 3 full bottles before I went to bed. I could fit the bottle in my purse so I could take my water with me wherever I went. When you start drinking your water earlier in the day it makes it easier to drink the needed water. To add a little flavor once and awhile I would also mix in a flavored Stevia (natural sweetener that doesn’t affect glucose levels) with fiber. The results are amazing; within the first week I could tell that my skin started to become hydrated. My fiancé would comment on how soft my skin felt.


After doing

I realized that often when

we do crash diets (diets where you

2 pounds a week) you will

actually slow down your metabolism because along with fat you are also losing precious muscle tissue which

3 times more I decided to limit the foods with high levels of fat and sugar that I was consuming the first 4 months. I added more fruits and vegetables into my diet. With only 2 months until my wedding I decided to do the “Hill Diet” which is calories than fat(adipose) tissue.

a medically supervised diet plan that focuses on maintaining muscle tissue while eating healthy foods of lean protein, fruit, vegetables, and breads.

The diet utilized a hormone called HCG (human

chorionic gonadotropin) with other vitamins and nutrients combined in a small injection that

I would give myself daily. Real HCG requires

a prescription, so you can only obtain it from a licensed physician.

The diet was really easy to follow. I couldn’t believe that I was able to lose 12 pounds in my first week. I was eating every couple of hours which kept my metabolism up and also kept me from ever getting hungry.

The extra pounds I had been holding onto for years I decided to increase my water consumption and

seemed to melt away.

have a vitamin intravenous infusion before and after my bachelorette party.

Drinking alcohol will remove vitamins and water from our

bodies which can result in nausea, headaches, dizziness, diarrhea, and sensitivity to light and noise.

Many girls often make the mistake of not wanting to drink water because they feel that it will make them feel bloated or make them weigh more, in fact being dehydrated promotes an increase of body fat.

Without water extra amounts of

glucose remain in our bloodstream until it reaches the liver, where it is then stored as fat.

When we are dehydrated our

bodies will then take water from inside of our cells, including our fat cells to get the needed water.

When we have less

water in our fat cells we are not able to mobilize the fat for energy, so it just sits there and doesn’t get used up.

So to

help keep the fat flushing we need to be drinking water.

Nutrition I wanted to lose about 30 pounds before my wedding. With cake tastings, bridal showers and the bachelorette party I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. I had lost weight in the past for special events and it just seemed like I would

M 50


To avoid getting a hangover (After image)

double up on your multivitamins the day of and the day after your

disease, reduces your risk of heart disease, improves stamina,

bachelorette party, drink water in between alcoholic beverages,

increases your metabolism, boosts your immune system, and is a

and get plenty of rest the day before and after.

This way you can party with your girls all night and still feel great the next day. After adjusting my diet and taking my vitamins daily I went from a size 12 to a size 6 and feel fantastic. My skin hasn’t broken out and I have more energy then I ever had before. My fiancé has seen my results which encouraged him to change his eating habits. Now we cook healthy meals together for lunch and dinner. It gives us

great way to reduce stress.

more time to spend with one another now that we shop and cook

is looking which makes me feel beautiful and strengthens our


relationship because

Exercise I am the type of person that signs up at a gym when they are

Massage One last aspect of bridal preparations that should not go overlooked is relaxation. A wedding is a joyous occasion but

having a special only to show up for a few weeks and then end

planning one can come with sleepless nights and added stress

I now have the slender body I had hoped I would for my wedding day and honeymoon.

up paying for a membership

I don’t use. Every time I would walk

I would just go hangout at the elliptical machines because that was the only piece of equipment I felt comfortable using. I decided to sign up with a personal trainer to exercise 3 days a week. The cost for a personal trainer in our area will run you around $40-60 per session. I decided to go for a half hour into a gym

I will be wearing a strapless dress My body is now bikini ready. I feel more confident then I ever have. I don’t feel intimidated when walking into a gym anymore because I know how to use all of the equipment. My fiancé used to compliment me before I started getting ready for the wedding but now he sees which shows off my toned shoulders and arms.

the difference and tells me all the time about how sexy my body

I know he is attracted to me.

from friends, family, financial budgets, legal documentation, and the list continues. and function.

Stress levels affect how our bodies feel It is extremely important to take the time to relax.

doing an exercise so that

Massage therapy allows for me to relive tension and maintain clarity. I have chosen a certified massage therapist that allows me to do 20 minute sessions which makes it easy to squeeze into my busy schedule. The soft lighting, relaxing music, subtle aroma of the massage oil, and the therapist’s healing touch wipes away all anxiety. Massage therapy is an effective way to relax muscles, increase oxygen flow, improve circulation, and help

muscle definition in

the body purge itself of toxins that accumulate to do stress and

session which gave me time with my trainer but kept it affordable for me.

The first week was all about showing me how to use the

equipment properly and to focus on how to position myself when

I get the most out of it. I started seeing 3 weeks. My trainer worked with me so that I would lean up and not bulk up. Weight resistant exercised along with building cardiovascular endurance improves more than just your physical appearance, it actually helps prevent


I have an hour massage scheduled for myself and my This will help us rejuvenate ourselves before our big day. I can’t wait!Congratulations Amber! fiancé for the week of the wedding.


Y ou ’ ve

seen the pictures , heard

about it on

T. V., B ut

what is

“P ole D ancing fitness ” really about ? W e asked D iane F lores , owner of the M odesto & T urlock V enus P ole F itness . “P ole D ancing

Fit, Sexy, Strong Bachelorette Parties . Bridal Showers . Private Parties

is more than just

shaking your booty around the pole .


involves teaching women

coordination , building upper body strength , endurance and flexibility .

M ost

often the women

who come consistently will notice a great increase in their upper body strength and their arms begin to take a sexy , svelte new shape .

C ore

is also a major component

in upper level pole moves .

M ost

women come for the fun , stay for the work out and continue for the amazing journey .


can honestly say

that pole dancing has changed my being as a woman .”

V enus P ole F itness

is seeing a

sexy increase on bridal shower ,

B achelorette and private party bookings . G rab the girls and one of their fabulous pole instructors will teach your private party how to pole dance , lap dance or both !!

T heir

intimate boutique with dim

Pole Fitness, Sensual Dance Striptease Zumba Fitness Boot Camps Chair Dance Abs N Ass Confidence boosting Lap Dance Workshops Private one-on-one Fitness Training Stretching and Flexibility and so much more. Pole Fitness Instructors are AFAA Certified Fitness Trainers.

lighting , sensual and feminine atmosphere is welcoming and makes you want to stay and play !


Modesto 529.POLE (7653) Turlock 485.5045

M 52



J essica D enegri , O wner of C ore F itness BCM: W hat are your top 3 “ must do ’ s ” while planning a wedding ? JD: F irst , try to exercise 5 days a week for a minimum of 15 minutes . T his will reduce the wedding stress and release those feel good endorphins . S econd , eat every 3 hours ! A handful of almonds , G reek yogurt , apple and peanut butter . K eeping your blood sugar stable is crucial to your weight loss goal . I t also helps you keep a clear head when making stressful decisions , and will reduce the risk of your bridesmaids plotting your death ;) we all get cranky when we don ’ t eat . L astly , water water water !!! K ick the soda , limit your caffeine consumption and increase your water intake . C hances are , you don ’ t get enough so aim for at minimum 64 oz . and remember the harder you exercise the more water you need ! 15 oz before exercise , 15 oz during and 15 oz after . BCM: W hat is all the rage around TRX? JD: TRX is a total body training system that uses gravity and your body weight to tone , lose weight , and build strength . O ne of the best workouts around ! BCM: W e find that many people do not know what the “ reformer ” is or what it does for their body . JD: F rom regular participation you can expect to improve your strength , tone and build long lean muscles without adding bulk , strengthen the deep core or “ power house ” muscles ( low back , abdominal area ), improve circulation , reduce back pain , enhance mobility , agility , and stamina increase flexibility , and maintain better posture BCM: W hat is your favorite move in fitness ? JD: M y favorite move to tone your entire upper body is the trusty push up . D oing push ups is a multi joint movement , meaning it targets more than one muscle group . Y ou work the shoulders , chest , triceps , and if done properly , the abs . T he push up is so versatile and convenient . S tart on your knees until you built strength then , move up to your feet . D o as many as you can - this is called “ going to failure .” keep your abs engaged and exhale as you push the body up ! tips and interview with

Core Fitness

mat Pilates reformer yoga 1209 J Street





Jessica Denegri

M 53

AISLE STYLE P olish Y our W edding D ay L ook B rides

are always questioning their look for the wedding day and so much

of this comes down to the choice in make - up .

A mber C romwell T he


3 “MUST D o ’ s ”

importance of brows :

H aving


asked make - up artist ,

for brides .

a great shaped brow can make all the

difference in the world ...H aving your brows professionally shaped not only frames your eyes and makes them stand out more , but is the icing on the cake in pulling your entire look together .


if your brows are in need of

some repair , as soon ( if not before ) as that ring is slipped on your finger , toss your tweezers and seek out a brow professional to help you get your brows going in the right direction before your walk down the aisle .

F inding


M ake - up A rtist : I f you are thinking about having I always recommend having a trial run

professionally done ,

your make - up first .

T his


you both know exactly what you are trying to achieve and it helps you to find out if this make - up artist is right for you and the vision that have .

T ry

to take into consideration your make - up may not look exactly like the that picture you tore out of a magazine , but sometimes asking the artist for their take on the look may result in something you like even more . your look :


make - up trends or day .


C hoosing

biggest piece of advice is not to lean towards the current

“ what ’ s

hot now ” when considering your look for the big

for more of a timeless , classic look ...R emember you are going to

S ome of this season ’ s favorites B order those stunning eyelashes with L uella L iquid E yeliner . P erfect for adding shine to you skin L uella with a glow . C amera R eady B ase is the perfect ingredient to begin your make - up application . A ll products available at B ella V agos S alon

have these pictures forever ! I t is the biggest misconception that you need to match your make - up to your wedding colors ...J ust because you chose lime green and purple as your colors doesn ’ t mean that you need to be wearing them on your eyes , leave them for your linens . I nstead go with something that is going to bring out your eyes and make them sparkle .

Amber Cromwell Special Events Make-Up Artist

(209) 602-5708

BRID Photos courtesy  of  Stephanie  Baker  Photography  


M 45

M 44




P anache

says a bridal shower has

to be a stuffy , overly sophisticated affair ?

T here

is no rule book that

mandates primness , so have fun with a day designed to celebrate you and your best girls !

P romote

a relaxed environment

outside by using quilts and linens to create seating areas for guests .

S erve

goodies on

eclectic mixes of china and tablecloths .

F ind

a vendor who

will help you create a snack bar worthy of

W illy W onka . M ix

flower arrangements to create pops of color and create texture on the tables and surround ing areas .


H ave

drinks ready in



a cute tub of ice , or serve lemonade in glasses with whimsy rims of chocolate and sprinkles .

S low


for a day , take a break from the details of planning a wedding , and let go in laughter with the women who want to celebrate and share your joy .

Shabby Chic Party Banner::Starlit Nest Gifts & Photo Props at; Silver Candelabra’s, Vintage tub, and burlap pillows available at Vintage Market, Turlock; Candy Apple and Rock Candy compliments of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory of Manteca; Floral Decor::Twigs and Stems at; Beverage Dispenser at; Apothecary Jar of Candies::Valerie Elizabeth Confections at ValerieElizabethConfections. com: Polka Dot and Striped Paper straws available at Isa Kay Boutique on Etsy,; Custom “Poppy Ever After” beer labels from Papel Linda, find her at Brides Shower dress::Aria silk organza Confetti at Garden Party cocktail dresses:: Mira Bridal Couture


AISLE STYLE Choosing the right venue & caterer. T here W e ’ ve

are several key elements that go into selecting the right location and food for your wedding reception . pulled together the

C entral

valley ’ s leading venues and catering companies , whether your looking for

your bridal shower , party or wedding .

1. H ow

B efore

many guests do you plan on attending ?

could be a determining factor for you .

T he

starting , consider these questions .

C onsidering

some venues do not seat more then


guests , this

only way to work that venue into your wedding is to cut the guest list

back . I f your looking into a caterer , can they provide adequate staff to meet the amount of guests ?

2. I s

there a private area for the wedding party ?

3. I s

the space comfortable ?

B efore

and during the reception , you and your wedding party will

want some privacy to freshen up or just relax in between pictures , dancing , and entertaining .

to mix

3. A re


mingle ?

O nce

you bring in your florist , rentals , d . j ., and guests , will you have enough room

you required to rent the table and chairs , and if so did you add this in your budget ?

4. D oes

the venue charge for an outside caterer and baker if you prefer to bring your own in ?

5. D oes

their menu offer the variety you need or are they willing to be flexible ?

6. M ost

importantly , can you afford it ?

B are R anch N estled


R anch


M ichael D avid W inery ,

in the heart of

L odi

B are R anch



wine country , lies the

M ichael -D avid W inery . B are

is the answer to your search for an elegant venue that

provides you with quiet beauty in a picturesque setting .

T he

walking tour begins with an arching wooden railroad - tie bridge which crosses over a small pond and a beautiful wrought - iron gate .

T he

grounds boast an expansive lawn that is the perfect

venue for your event and is surrounded by a stunning stonewall with grapevines peaking above .

S ee



B rookside C ountry C lub Our venue will set the perfect stage for your wedding vision, complemented by vaulted ceilings, panoramic golf course views and adaptable décor to suit the diverse tastes of any bride and groom. W e offer on site catering , complete event coordination , and indoor / outdoor ceremony / reception . E njoy your rehearsal dinner in the F ireside grille next to our warm B elgian fireplace , B ridal S howers out doors on the G rille patio , and exceptional service . S ee



D iablo G rande G olf & C ountry C lub O ur

distinctive property offers beautiful venues to

accommodate both small and large parties .

G rande

P atterson experience .

enjoy the most beautiful setting in providing an incredible dining

S ee

M 58


S electing D iablo

for your wedding will allow you and your guests to




Planning your reception can easily become out of control if you do not stay organized. Most reception locations offer an on site coordinator, if they don’t, then hire one. The minimal cost you can save with a coordinator or event planner by your side is priceless. F our S eason ’ s F arms / G reen ’ s M arket C atering We

are looking forward to working with you to create a

menu for your event that is pleasing to every palate .

R eview

our menu , rental and venue offerings and then call us to schedule an appointment to discuss your ideas .


will be

our pleasure to bring our kitchen to yours .

S ee



G alletto R istorante C elebrate

your wedding in a picturesque

T uscan - style M odesto . E njoy

setting located in the heart of downtown

engagement parties , rehearsal dinners . I ntimate ceremonies , wedding receptions , bridal showers , and luncheons in an elegant style .

S ee



Photos courtesy of: Ellie Grover Photography

Lodi’s most charming & romantic vineyard event and wedding destination

19877 North Davis Rd. • Lodi • (209) 482-8725 • BRIDALCOUTU REMAG.COM property shown by appointment

A simple checklist to build your bridal path; food and cake, decorations and flowers, and entertainment. On a smaller scale you’ll needed to decide if you want escort cards, favors, printed menus, and additional entertainment such as a photo booth or caricature artist.

P ageo L avender F arm , T urlock P ageo L avender F arm is nestled in the heart of C alifornia ’ s S an J oaquin V alley between M odesto and M erced . T he grounds have a sophisticated rustic atmosphere that is inviting with the smell of lavender and the lush green landscape .

S ee



T he R eata , O akdale We

invite you to create the perfect wedding , reception or

personal celebration .

S tart

your special day by enjoying

our intimate bridal lounge for your comfort and privacy in preparation for an exceptional experience during your cus tomized event .


offer unique details to make your wedding

day truly memorable .

S ee




M 62

S tockton G olf & C ountry C lub S urla ’ s offers full service catering for parties up to 500. T he staff at S urla ’ s has specialized in fine dining for over 5 years and strive to be the best at what they do . S urla ’ s has catered at various events such as the U.S. O pen in P ebble B each and elegant weddings through out the C entral V alley . S ee I nside C over

S urla ’ s R estaurant , M odesto S urla ’ s offers full service catering for parties up to 500. T he staff at S urla ’ s has specialized in fine din ing for over 5 years and strive to be the best at what they do . S urla ’ s has catered at various events such as the U.S. O pen in P ebble B each and elegant wed dings through out the C entral V alley . S ee



T urlock G olf & C ountry C lub , T urlock O ne of the oldest country clubs in the C entral C alifornia V alley , we maintain a reputation of a well respected family country club that offers some of the finest events .

C ountry C lub

T urlock G olf & features an incomparable golf course ,

friendly and attentive staff , a full range of social events and informal get togethers ideal for bridal showers , parties , S ee page 66


weddings .

209.523.8061 1660 California Ave. Modesto CA. 95358 BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM

T he V enu


CSUS, T urlock

The stunning natural beauty of the University’s 228 – acre campus is the perfect backdrop for outdoor

Ceremonies and/or receptions. The University also offers a variety of indoor venues that can accommodate up to

400 guests for your event.

See page 62

T he W hitmore M ansion , C eres

T he W hitmore M ansion sits in the heart of the C entral V alley and offers a unique and beautiful facility for all types of private events . S pecializing in weddings , we offer full service catering for both on or off premise events .

S ee




EVENTS AT CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY STANISLAUS Whether the plans for your next event call for a small, informal gathering, an offsite business meeting, or the wedding of your dreams, the grounds and facilities of California State University, Stanislaus offer everything you need to make your event memorable.

• Convenient location

• Indoor & outdoor venues • Professional catering

• Park-like setting

• Experienced staff

Catering by Chartwells ~ Featuring superior cuisine and impeccable service, Chartwells offers catering packages for both formal and casual dining.


Events at California State University Stanislaus (209) 667-3808

CSU Stanislaus alumni receive a 5% discount on rental fees, and a 5%discount on catering!


get married

at Brookside Country Club

Award Winning Cuisine Exceptional Service Full Event Planning

3603 St. Andrews Drive Stockton, Ca 95219 209.956.6200


Country Club Weddings Del Rio Country Club Modesto

At Modesto’s finest club your guests will enjoy the same comforts and services our members enjoy throughout the year with our ballroom and wedding facilities.

You’ll be amazed at how we transform our ballroom from elegant to quaint, low key to spectacular.


the occasion we’ll do our best to make your function all you envision.

No mess, no

fuss and best of all no clean-up!

Amber Allen | Catering Director 341-2416 | amber@

Brookside Country Club Stockton

Our venue will set the perfect stage for your wedding vision, complemented by vaulted ceilings, panoramic golf course views and adaptable décor to suit the diverse tastes of any bride and groom.

We are proud to boast an innovative

Executive Chef whose talents will provide you with an incredible menu selection, custom culinary creations, outstanding presentation and an exceptionally delectable journey on your special day.

Becky Weeden | Director of Catering 209.444.4717 | bweeden@


S tockton G olf & C ountry C lub S tockton



S tockton G olf & C ountry C lub ,

we strive

to make your special event both joyous and memo rable .

F rom

weddings to birthday parties to charity

and business functions , our staff seeks to give a spectacular presentation and superior service .

O ur

E vent C oordinators , S helby G acer as well as our E xecutive C hef N icholas S anchez understand that each event is unique and will dedicate themselves to ensuring that your particular event reflects the elegance and quality you intended .

Shelby Gacer | Event Director 209.466.4313 x 25 |


T urlock G olf & C ountry C lub T urlock

M aking

your special day memorable and hassle free .


can accommodate weddings , rehearsal dinners and even

B achelor


B achelorette


of the arrangements for you . to both members




O ur members .


easily handling all

facilities are available

offers a friendly , fun , relaxed setting for you

and your guests to enjoy whatever festivities are on the agenda for your special occasion .

O ur

elegant outdoor wedding locations , either pool side

or with sweeping views of the golf course , combined with indoor reception areas in our classically designed clubhouse provide the perfect back drop for your perfect day ...

K ellie C orkery | M embership & B anquet S ales 209-634-5471 | turlockcountryclub . com

M 66


Diablo Grande Golf & Country Club Patterson

I magine

the perfect event ...T his is

one of the most treasured times in your life .

L et the professionals D iablo G rande create a


successful and memorable event .

T he

moment that you arrive , it is

clear that this is the ideal setting for a simply magical day ; the most romantic day of your life : your wedding day .

W hether

you are

planning an intimate wedding reception with your family and clos est friends , or prefer to dance the night away like never before , our rustic inspired

C anyon R oom

and panoramic views

are the ideal stage for creating t he ideal wedding experience .

T he

warmth of your loved ones

will envelop you at every moment . your sacred vows at

A s you say S unset T errace or G arden

P ool P atio , or toss the bridal bouquet in C anyon R oom , you and your guests will


experience an unforgettable affair filled with joy and love forever in this breathtaking

P atterson wedding location . L et us be the first to say congratulations to the bride and groom !

Tami Slayton | Banquets & Catering Manager 209-892-4653 |


AISLE STYLE From bridal showers and rehearsal dinners to your wedding day feast, our local chef’s design taste to tempt your palette.

Wit ought to be a glorious treat like caviar, never spread it about like marmalade. -Noel Crawford

T op left :: P an -S eared D ay B oat S callops , F oie G ras T orchon , S weet 100’ s T omatoes , P ort W ine R eduction by S urla ’ s R estaurant ; A bove : M ascarpone A maretto C annoli W ith A marena cher ries and pistachios by T resetti ’ s ; B ottom left :: D ouble R T enderloin is pan seared with B russels sprouts and house - smoked bacon , then served with an herb risotto by G alletto R istorante . N ext page :: 1. K albi P ork R ibs , B aby B ok C hoy , H oisin -P lum S auce by S urla ’ s 2. G rilled H erb B rined P ork P rime R ib T opped with B randy -G reen P eppercorn C rème S auce , served with a B acon -S hallot S avory B read P udding with G rilled A sparagus created by T resetti ’ s W orld C affe ’ 3. A ntipasti F reddi is a cold appetizer presentation that includes imported salami and local F iscalini cheeses by G alletto R istorante . 4. W armed T yson H ill F arms apricots stuffed with B rie and prosciutto drizzled with balsamic reduction B y C oncetta

M 68



1 2



AISLE STYLE Rehearsal Dinner Guide R ehearsal

dinners can vary from comfortable and casual to chic and formal .

W hat

is important is

that the two families are coming together for a traditional pre - wedding celebration . I nvite your close family members and those that have helped you create the day which everyone has been anticipating and take this opportunity to thank them for all they have done .

( or

A ctivities

generally include toasting

roasting ) and the presentation of small gifts for those who have helped plan the wedding .

T raditionally the cost of the rehearsal dinner is covered by T raditions allow for either side of the family to incur these

Whitmore Mansion

S itting in the heart of C entral V alley we

the groom ’ s parents , but modern costs .



offer a unique and beautiful facility for all types of private events .


N ew A merican

offer full

service catering for both on

and seasonal ingredients ,

or off premise events .

W hitmore M ansion


with a focus on local featuring a daily menu and


small plates format .

off - site catering and private dinners for showers or rehearsal dinners .

C ustom

menu ’ s available .

209.537.5400 • • 2732 5th Street Ceres, CA 95307

(209) 529.3282 • 1205 J Street Modesto, CA 95354

Jax on H

T resetti ’ s T resetti ’ s W orld C affé

I ntroducing J ax on H R estaurant and B ar . A F unky , F amily , C asual , C omfort F ood restaurant …S pecializing in the foods of our P arents and G randparents , with a definite C alifornia feel . I ndulge your


J ax ,

location of you choosing .

O ur motto is : T hink G lobally – E at and D rink L ocally . T resetti ’ s your D owntown O riginal .

you ’ re

always home . • 209.522.4259 • 1016 H St Modesto, CA 95354 • 209.572.2990 • 927 11th Street Modesto, CA 95354

Galletto Ristorante

Surla’s Restaurant

G alletto R istorante

is the

located in the heart of

Modesto’s unique and

M odesto ’ s downtown . O ffering a rustic N orthern I talian menu ,

diverse food experience,

a variety of private dining settings , and an unparalleled

using only the finest and freshest ingredients.


wine selection ,

G alletto R istorante is a truly unique experience . C onvenient for

local friendly service and relaxed atmosphere

private and professional events . • 209.550.5555 • 431 12th St Modesto, CA 95354

M 70


private banquet room or at a

our off site catering services . you ’ re at

D owntown O riginal . L et

cater to your needs in our

guests at our restaurant or with

W hen

would like

to invite you to experience • 209.505.0874 •1101 J Street Modesto, Ca. 95354



M 71


R eception & C eremony D ecor

Cazale’s Flower Shop, Stockton

M 72


EXPERT ADVICE D ennis S pecht , E vent P lanner


an event planner , what is the most common mistake you

see the engaged couple make as they enter into the plan ning aisle ?

BCM:: A s

an event planer , what is the most common mis -

take you see newly engaged couples make ?

DS:: T he most common mistake is making commitments to vendor ( s ) before their budget is complete . Y ou have to complete your budget to know what direction you can re ally afford to go in .

BCM:: D o

“ must do ’ s ” when couples are looking for a florist , caterer , venue , and photographer ? DS:: Y ou MUST compare apples to apples . A rose isn ’ t the same as a carnation and chicken isn ’ t the same as beef . I n comparing costs , you must compare equivalent products and services . you have any

BCM::W hat trends do you see as we move into the end the 2011 and beginning of the 2012 year ? DS::S implicity with value and quality . “M ore is not N ecessarily better .” S ee more about D ennis on page 2-3

A Floral Boutique


209.216.3383 1801 Colorado Avenue, Turlock, CA 95382


M 73

The flower is the poetry of reproduction. It is the example of the -Jean Giraudoux eternal seductiveness of life.





Can’t figure out which type of flower you’d like based on the changing of season’s? The good news is that many flowers have a longer or even year-round season these days. This is due to imports from warmer climates, and commercial growers cultivating the flowers under glass, out of season. No matter what the weather or climate change, you can always count on the following: Roses, Anthuriums, Orchids, Tropical flowers Lilies, Gerberas (gerber daisies)

Opposite page; Blush toned clutch bouquet with hot pink mini calla lilies, soft pink sweet peas, white delphinium and ivory garden roses accented with white hydrangeas and soft velvety greenery and dusty miller would make any bride blush.

Hot pink calla lilies tied bear grass and touch of

ivy makes a simple yet elegant boutonniere.

Red anthurium with yellow orchids make a striking arm-bouquet. A matching boutonniere with yellow orchids makes a beautiful accompaniment for the modern bride and groom.

Burgundy peonies, tropical orchids and green hydrangeas accent the poppy pods and variegated cabbage making this bouquet seem as though it was just picked from the garden.

Lavender lilac, ivory roses, green hydrangeas and hyacinth tied along with poppy pods and dusty miller make this bouquet as lovely as the bride.

A stunning boutonniere is added to compliment the bride bouquet. All creations by Janet’s Flowers, Modesto.


& stems 209-521-TWIG (8944) 429 McB H ,Ca. R I enry D A L C OA Uvenue TUREMM A Godesto .COM

yonan’s floral Free Wedding Consultations!

Unique centerpieces bridal bouquet ceremony decor

reception decor Linen rentals chivari chairs

2425 Geer Rd Turlock CA 95382 209-664-9325 BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM


M 35


Sweet Sensation

The wedding cake has a little competition in the sugar territory. Couples are shifting towards the creativity of today’s finest bakers and pastry chefs for the

creme’ de la creme’.

M 32


A compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everyone believes he has the biggest piece. -Ludwig Erhard

Pictured at the top are Tiger Butter Apples, Caramel-covered apples in white confection and peanut butter mix drizzled with milk chocolate and rich

Cafe Au Lait Truffles compliments of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Shown below are vanilla apricot mousse cups and chocolate mousse desserts. Both of these consisted of a graham cracker crust in the bottom and either a layer of chocolate or vanilla mousse in the middle. The vanilla mousse had softened, diced apricots sprinkled on top and they both were topped with whipped cream. The chocolate mousse had a great chocolate design in the whipped cream that gave it a very modern look and feel. Compliments of Valerie Elizabeth Confections. BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM

M 79

M 72


B ottom . 5

T iers

tiered vanilla cream with black trim fondant


T wo . T op R ight . R ed



D esigned

cream cheese whoopie pies

and white and dark chocolate petits fours compliments of

B aking C ompany & C afe ; B ottom


right .

V illage

Whimsical four tiered fon-

dant wedding cake with embossed lattice bands and swarming butterfly flock in flight.

Created by Creative Cakes by Deb Spigno

M 81


Ti e rs fo

Village Baking Company &Cafe

V illage B aking C ompany . com 209.522.9057 1700 M c H enry A ve , S uite 18 M odesto , CA 95350

M 34




T h e r e i s n o c om b i nat i on of w o r d s I c ould put on t he b ack of a p os t c a r d, No song t hat I c ou l d s i ng, b ut I c an t ry f o r y ou r h e a rt O ur dream s, and t h e y a r e m a d e out of re al t hi ngs L i ke a , s h o eb ox of phot ographs W i t h s epi at one lovi ng Love i s t he answer

Writing the way to happily ever after can be as easy as looking towards your favorite rock ballad for inspiration.

(jack Johnson)

“Whenever I’m alone with you You make me feel like I am home again. Whenever I’m alone with you You make me feel like I am whole again ” (The Cure)

Hitting the right note E very

“So close no matter how far Couldn’t be much more from the heart. Forever trust in who we are and nothing else matters”


wedding needs the perfect song to lead the next step .

W e ’ ve leaned towards some of our favorite D. J’ s S ounds in M otion what he is seeing for C eremony M usic . H ere is what he shared ; C eremony music trends have changed from classical pieces to lyrical songs . C anon I n D use to be the brides choice for the processional , but brides are now choosing this as their grand entrance . for some advice .



G eorge G onzalez ,

S ome other songs recently requested : S omewhere over the R ainbow -I srael K ama B etter T ogether -J ack J ohnson I’ m Y ours -J ason M’ raz M arry M e -T rain D ivine R omance -P hil W ickham “W ith

owner of

ka wiwole ’

F irst dances are now including : T hen -B rad P aisley O nly you can love me this way -K eith U rban M arry M e -T rain L ucky -J ason M’ raz & C olbie C aillat T o M ake Y ou F eel M y L ove -A dele

all the music available now , brides want different at their receptions . I ndie artist especially guitar players

are the new norm . I nstrumental versions of indie songs are also very popular .”

“I t ’ s more common these days G room to have more than one

G eorge G onzalez for a

B ride &

song played for

their first dance because each song has a special meaning , so songs .”

I often create D. F erreira

a unique mix with their

D.J. D. F erreira also shared his top 5 D o N ot P lay list from his recent clients . C hicken D ance , T he M acarena , YMCA, “E lectric S lide and C elebration . A ll those songs seemed to have been replaced with more recent participation songs .

M 84




edding Paw-rty

These days, even our favorite furry friends will don a tux or gown, bow tie or veil to celebrate the walk down the aisle. We’ve picked some of our favorites to share with you.

M 86



M 87


L a V ie en L avender Our vision of a wedding designed for simpler times . We present you with a our creations of a storybook romance. As

the soles of your shoes walk the gravel path and you take in the atmosphere on your way towards

P ageo L avender F arms , you can almost hear the opening notes of J immy D urante ’ s “T he G lory of L ove ” from the 1930’ s begin to play . W hen

you enter the property through the

arbors , the feeling is that you ’ ve been transported back several decades into a time that is remembered as being simpler .


was a time when the

G reat D epression

had rolled through the country , affecting everyone , and most people were learning that simplicity was the secret to getting to the spirit of what mattered .


you begin your tour of the

F arms ,


distinct sensation is there that perhaps now , in modern times , we are taking a cue from that long - ago era to get back to the heart and soul of what connects us to those we love .

G rab

the hand of your loved one and

listen to the train whistle blow from its tracks in a far off field .

W alk


grounds that are relaxed and silent amid the butterflies and bees that frolic amid the foliage .

H ave

a seat in the shade on

benches along the pathways and ponder

D odge 8

what road trips the vintage blue

and ancient red milk truck could have embarked upon , though they both sit soundless now .

W hile

you are taking in the earth tones

of the property and inhaling the sooth ing scents of lavender , watch as the sun begins to set and the twinkling lights in the evergreens begin to sparkle .

S teal

softly into the ivy - laden nooks and cran nies of the property and sway together as the song swells

“A s

the long as there ’ s the two of us ,

we ’ ve got the world and all its charms .

A nd

when the world is through with us , we ’ ve got each other ’ s arms …

T hat ’ s

the story of , that ’ s the glory of , love .”


M 89

L egend

of the

L avender

W hen P atty and G eorge K apor acquired the land on G olf R oad , they brought her father to see it . H e looked around astounded that they could have bought property on which he had once lived without their realizing it . E ven more astounding was that it was from this property that a cow had once escaped , taking P atty ’ s dad to the neighbor ’ s property to retrieve it . I t was there that he met the lovely young lady he would one day marry . T he cow was frequently allowed to escape following that first meeting . S o ,

if when you are at

P ageo

you feel as though you are on a family homestead steeped in

stories of , and connections to , the past , that ’ s perfectly normal .

B ecause ,

in a way , you are .

M ira J antz ::”W e


motivated to set up the ceremony location with a mixture of

P ageo ’ s

vast variety of chairs set throughout the property .

F rom

the accommodations

of the vine love seat , to the rustic yellow dining chair , we imagined guest having the opportunity to sit comfortably while they observe the soon to be

M r . & M rs . profess their love . W ith the tranquil ity in accommodations , guests can embrace the feeling that they just may be in their ancestors back yard .”

M 90


G uests

can enter history you ’ ve created as they type

their name and a message for the bride


groom on a


1920’ s

typewriter , in place of the traditional guest book .

V intage

inspired luggage tags pinned to the burlap lined frame will ensure your guest arrive

safely at their tables and welcome sign handwritten by the bride and groom in chalk add to the

D esign I t Y ourself experience with personal touches . I nspired by all of our handwritten we used K eller ’ s celadon mirrored plantation shutter piece to list guest tables .


touches ,

M 91

T owering

pine trees filled with vintage chandeliers and jar lanterns shielded the burlap draped

farm tables .

W aterford L ismore stem ware , vintage S t . L ouis wine glasses , L imoge dessert plates and B lack K night C hina by H ohenberg B avaria dinner plates set the theme for this eclectic reception table . C omplimenting the lavender fields behind , T wigs and S tems designed the floral arrangements with wonderful garden elements such as H ydrangea , C rystal B lanca L ilies , L isianthus , L upin , S weet P eas , S ucculents , D usty M iller and L avender picked from P ageo ’ s L avender fields the day before . T antalizing the taste buds ,C hef J ohn designed the scrumptious C roquembouche made with profiteroles , vanilla pastry cream , and caramelized sugar .


Marriage is a dinner that begins with dessert .

~ Toulouse Lautrec

T he

centerpiece of this candied confection buffet is a vanilla cream filled cake , draped in pink fondant

and dotted with unrefined sugar crystals and edible pearls .

A pothecary

jars filled with variations of pink

and white pretzels , jelly beans and cream colored grapefruit gummies sit opposite of the push pop cake shooters , a unique dessert and a fun way to eat cake .

E mbracing

the pink theme , the cake shooters were

vanilla bean cake with raspberry butter cream and sprinkled with edible pearls .

T he

cupcakes were layered

with fondant , had a vintage embroidery design imprinted on the fondant and were topped with a simple pink flower , a shimmer dust was added for sparkle .



your guest love fun and silliness as much as you do , consider setting up a custom photo booth

for them to get creative with .

C olorful

pattens and playful masks will make your event memorable

and give you photos from your wedding that truly capture the love from those who surround you .


Bocce Ball,

Croquet and oversized balloons carry on the amusement not only for the adult, but the children too.

M 50

a fun game of



special thank you to everyone that assisted in the production set up for this inspirational shoot ;

O ur creative copy B etty M antel L ee , D ayna A utry & K elly B levins from T wenty 20 E vent D esign , R eg , B ecky , & A lex of T wigs & S tems F loral , R oxanne C atti from K eller ’ s G ifts , V alerie A guiar of V alerie E lizabeth C onfections , D eb S pigno of C reative C akes , D awn & A lexis of M ira B ridal C outure , L oni S ilverira of P apel L indo for creating so many wonderful products , V intage M arket for the props , C hef J ohn S urla of S urla ’ s R estaurant , D ennis B lakesley , owner of the 1964 A irstream S afari , our beautiful & stunning models , A ndrea D umlao , S ara R ocha , A nna P eoples , S ara B ollerud , N oelle M athews , N athan B ray , R eyna C arranza , L awson L ee , & we can ’ t forget our love able M arshmallow & C ocoa P uff . O ur photographers B randon A guiar , V anessa L una , S tephanie B aker , & A nthony L una on video . M y wonderful husband M ike , who helps with all of the dirty work through out these crazy events , and L ast but not least , G eorge & P atty K apor , owners of P ageo L avender F arm . T hank you for creating such a unique and unforgettable location and allowing us to build an inspirational wedding theme for future brides . S incerely , editor ,

P age 86. P uppy bow - ties :: P oochi C outure ; P age 91. F loral D esign ::T wigs & S tems at T wigsand S tems . com ; M r . & M rs . B locks ::W aste N ot R ecycled A rt at wastenotrecycledart . com ; E scort C ard W all F rame ::V intage M arket ; E scort C ards ::P apel L indo at P apel L indo . com ; M irrored S hutter W indow ::K eller ’ s G ifts at K ellers G ifts . com . P age 92-93. T able S etting by R oxanne C atti at K eller ’ s G ifts ; chandeliers and jar lanterns from V intage M arket , C roquembouche prepared by S urla ’ s R estaurant ;C ake ::C reative C akes by D eb S pigno ; C ake P ops , C upcakes & A pothecary J ars filled with C andies V alerie E lizabeth C onfections ; R ock C andy S ticks ::R ocky M ountain C hocolate F actory . P age 94-95 :: Q uilts and retro bistro table & chairs ::V intage M arket at V intage M arket 210. com ; C olorful P ersonalities P hoto P rop ::F unny S ide of L ife atfunnysideoflife . etsy . com ; S ave the D ate & T rue L ove B alloons ::D andy Y ou at D andy Y ou . com ; Seersucker Suit, including hat, vest, and shorts::Fine Hand-Made Clothing at etsy. com/shop/finehandmadeclothing; Flower girl dress::Dessy at Mira Bridal Couture; Balloons::My Little Balloon Company

M 96


Your Traditions , Your Memories ...Your Day

dayna autry â– twenty 20 event design 209.988.2188 BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM

Vintage Market

Reuse, Remake, Rest yle.. Inspire

Nestled on the tree lined block of Main Street in downtown Turlock, is a market. But not just any market, one in which 19 women have created inspiring looks for home decor with

everything from a variety of home made creations and burlap table runners to vintage china, chandeliers, silver trays and scented soaps.

Ideal for adding

accessories to your wedding decor’ and creating a vintage feel.

Take a sneak peak at their website. 209-669-7800 210 East Main Street Turlock, Ca. 95380


F eatured W eddings

A picture is worth a thousand words and all it takes is the perfect picture to tell a story. We invite you to share yours. E-mail your wedding pictures to



Lana & Rodney Cordova March 11, 2011

O n M arch 3, 2011, L ana C oleman and R odney C ordova tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at the S an F rancisco C ivic C enter . T he decision to have the wedding at SF’ s C ity H all A ctually came from a recommendation from M ira J antz of M ira B ridal C outure where the bride purchased her dress . T he couple said their “I do ’ s ” in front of their family with their children by their sides as their wedding party . A fter the ceremony , the party moved to a pri vate wine room at S cala ’ s restaurant where the tables were adorned by flower arrangements done by the bride herself . T he two tier cake was done by a friend of the groom ’ s sister who made the custom cake tailored just right to the bride ’ s taste . A

special aspect to the wedding for the bride was the role her sister played in the preparation

and overall production of the day .

L ana ’ s

sister came from out of town to help with the fa -

vors which included crème and white ribbon wrapped boxes filled with chocolate kisses as well as tulle wrapped butterscotch candies with customized ribbons that said

M 100


“W e

tied the knot .”

T he

bride also wanted to highlight the talents of both her photographer ,


M ira J antz

the call of

M ira ’ s B ridal C outure . W ith both of their help that duty , L ana felt her special day was as perfect as could be . of

M ark V erschelden ,

went above and beyond

T he newlyweds flew to F lorida and enjoyed a 7 night P rincess cruise through the C aribbean (S t M arteen , S t T homas and G rand T urk ) before spending a few extra days on the sunny beaches of F lorida . T hey now reside in M odesto with their 4 children . Photography:: Location:: San Francisco City Hall Wedding Gown:: Rings:: David Glaister of G laister J ewelers


M 101

Erica and David Peterson Married June 11, 2011

E rica

$.99 M argarita ’ s after work with friends would lead to a 4 year ro met D evin while out with friends and immediately connected . 3 years later she laid in bed playing on her phone , as she grew tired , D evin turned out the lights . A s she put her phone away , she sat back to read , “W ill you marry me ?” written with glow in the dark markers . S hocked , she looked over and D evin was on one knee next to her bedside . T he couple decided for a year long engagement and E rica would finalize most of the planning while on summer break from nursing school . E rica and D evin chose P ageo L avender F arms in T urlock for it ’ s charming and romantic setting and J une 11, 2011 was set . “W e opted out of a traditional wedding cake because neither of us really enjoy cake , but we love cupcakes ,” never imaged that

mance .

M 102

B ut

it did .

E rica


E rica

explains as described the raspberry

filled lemon flavoring .

F or

favors , they se -

lected cake pops dipped in chocolate with a personal message for all of their guests .

A fter

a fun - filled evening of dancing the

P laya del C armen , M exico . T hey still work at E manuel M edical C enter in and live in T urlock . couple to a relaxing honeymoon to

Photography:: Moondog Photography Location:: Pageo Lavender Farms, Turlock Flowers:: Allen Flower Shop; Cupcakes:: Frost Bakery Cake Pops:: Cake A Licious; Bridal Fashion:: Watters from Mira Bridal Couture; Catering:: Mustard Seed Catering Men’s Attire:: Camara’s Clothier; Bridal Party Attire:: Beautiful Beginnings; Entertainment:: Nick Bentley Hair:: Estella Alvarado of Bliss Salon & Spa Make-up:: Adriana Perez; Custom Hair Accessory:: Melissa Ato, Bliss Salon & Spa 103 BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM


Miranda & Jake Reader Married October 2, 2010

Nestled in the hills of San Luis Obispo, Miranda & Jake tied the knot at a little venue. This ranch was the perfect backdrop for a whimsical DIY wedding with all of it’s antique charm and bursts of color. The wedding was planned by the bride and her mother who used to be a wedding coordinator at the San Luis Obispo Mission. Linens were provided by the bride’s mom and were topped with flower arrangements in assorted mason jars done by a local flower shop. The couple opted out of a traditional wedding cake and instead had a cheesecake for a cake cutting (cake topper made by Miranda) and gelato for the guests. The Etsy feel went from the big to the littlest details. The bride’s sister custom made the bridal hair piece for Miranda as well as custom clips for the bridesmaids all coordinating yellow and silver grey with vintage materials.

As a gift, Miranda also bought each bridesmaid a one of Make Pie Not War. BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM

a kind vintage necklace from

Photography:: Lauren Spigno Photography Location:: Private Property, San Luis Obispo Flowers:: April Flowers, San Luis Obispo Wedding Party Attire::

The homemade ring bearer pillows were made by the grandmothers and were topped with Ring Pops for the ring bearers to treat themselves to after walking down the isle. Overall, the intention the couple had for their wedding day was to have a great time and be surrounded by love, family, and friends which is exactly what they were able to achieve. BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM

M 105

Ashley and Josh Roberts Married September 25, 2010

Ashley and Josh met while working at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, Ca. After a year long courtship, they were engaged while vacationing. Ashley preferred a September wedding, so the couple decided on a year and a half engagement. Hoping for a smooth planning process because of the time they allowed to plan was clear, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, the couple had to change their venue with only 3 months left. From re-printing the invitations, searching for a new caterer, changing their linen and china and more, they were not sure how they would ever find the time to re-design the day they had planned. With the assistance of their Event Planner, Dennis Specht of Cazale’s Flower Shop, they were able to create the perfect day.

We danced this night while memories hung above in little paper lanterns illuminating the sky

M 106


As guests arrived, they were escorted through a pathway, draped with lanterns in shades of pink and the women were given parasols to shade themselves during the ceremony which took place in front of the Bare Ranch Mansion. After exchanging vows, guests enjoyed cocktail hour with an assortment of Michael David Wines and hors d ’ œuvres. The reception took place under the grand tent accented with the bride’s color choice of pink lighting. Silver candelabras, beaded lamp shades, and pink floral arrangements filled the tent as centerpieces above the couples newly chosen china and linens. As a personal touch the couple decided to name their tables after popular medications, such as Vicodin & Prozac since they both work as pharmacists. Through the remainder of the evening the couple danced the night away with their friends, family, and guests to the sounds of Love Train. Guests of the wedding still comment to the newly weds how romantic it felt driving down the long pink and white paper lantern driveway at Bare Ranch. After all was said and done, the event was exactly the way they had envisioned. Ashley and Josh left for their honeymoon in Greece and now reside in Sacramento, Ca.

Location:: Bare Ranch by Michael David Winery Event Planner:: Dennis Specht Flowers & Decor:: Cazale’s Flower Shop Catering:: Alder Market Cake:: Specialty Cakes Bridal Fashion:: Bliss Bridal Entertainment:: Love Train BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM

Meghan and Nick Bohr Married September 25, 2010

L ittle did M eghan know that an accidental touch would lead to finding the love of her life . I n 2009 M eghan thought she was reaching for another when she accidentally caught N ick by surprise . W ith in a month the couple knew they had found love . W hile driving one day , M eghan casually said , “S o I want to get married in S eptember ( it was S eptember 2009) do you want to get married this next S eptember or S ep tember 2011?” N ick replied , “I can ’ t wait 2 years to marry you .” S o the planning began . W ith in no time , the gown was ordered , the venue selected the music booked , but the ring was still missing . T hey had picked one out but no formal proposal had occurred . U ntil one romantic night in S an F rancisco . A fter seeing C irque de S oleil , N ick surprised M eghan on their hotel balcony , bent on one knee . J ust as she had she had dreamed about . M eghan

B ecause of her I talian heri O rchids have always been M eghan ’ s favorite flower and had envisioned them as her wedding flower since she was a little girl . H er N onno L eonard , ( great grandpa ) grew O rchids in his garden in M enlo P ark while growing up so M eghan decided on orchids and looked to the P atterson H igh S chool A dvanced F loral C lass to pull together her and

N ick

incorporated many personal touches in their wedding design .

tage and the intimate scenery , they chose

M 108

G alletto ’ s R istorante

as their venue .


M artha S tewart inspired potted orchids with N ick and M eghan ’ s initial tied to the stems . O n the day of their wedding , M eghan ’ s N oni , ( grandmother ), presented her with her grandfather ’ s O lympic gold ring he received in the 1992 B arcelona games . H er grandfather was the C oordinator for the USA O lympic soccer team before passing years later . M eghan wore the ring pinned to the top of her gown signifying the close relationship she had with him . F or her bridal bouquet , M eghan clutched

a rosary that was given to her as a child from her

A unt . A s a symbol of good luck and remembering M eghan ’ s favorite animal , her M aid - of -H onor gave her an elephant charm to pin to her garter . In

their efforts to continue the personal touches ,

the couple chose

D evenda B anhart ’ s “B aby ”

for the

wedding party to shuffle down the aisle to and

M eghan

walked to the sounds of

S ugur R os . A f -

ter the ceremony , guests mingled before dinner and signed fabric squares for a family quilt in place of a guest book .

T he

as center pieces amongst the tables named after I talian cities .

felt like the luckiest woman in the


world that day ,” she explains as she re - caps the touching memories . reached for someone else but touched

potted orchids filled the room

A ll

of this , because she mistakenly

N ick .

Photographer:: Stephanie Baker Photography Location:: Galletto Ristorante Bridal Attire:: Lazaro from Mira Bridal Couture Mens Attire:: Men’s Wearhouse Bridal Party Attire:: Jim Hjelm from Mira Bridal Couture

Entertainment:: Johnny and Kelly Wedding Bands:: Devon’s Jewelers Invitations:: Natalie Wilson Hair and Make-up:: Jeanine Hall


M 109

Lisa and Chris Vento Married May 21, 2011

Chris and Lisa Vento selected Zephyr Cove in South Lake Tahoe to be surrounded by friends and family for their May 21st nuptials. For a less formal setting, they chose a 3 story home for the site of their reception. As guests mingled on the balcony’s over looking Lake Tahoe’s clear blue, Lisa admired the touches that she and some close family members made specifically their big day. Lisa sat up all night the day before making the floral bouquets with her sister Valerie and mother Lorraine. Lisa remembers, “it was not easy at first, but we eventually got the hang of it. But the giggles from our mishaps and the prickles from the rose thorns left me with many memories that I love.” The food at the reception was all homemade. Lisa and Chris asked his father, Eloy to make his “famous” garlic fries. The fries were placed in mini cups to match the decor. Keeping the “mini” theme the couple chose to have mini-sliders, cob on a stick, fruit kabobs, and mini jars filled with baked beans. As a personal touch, the baked bean jar included a note from the bride & groom. ”My husband and I are very into the “country life” because I grew up in the country and he has always been a big fan of the country. We felt we had to find ways to incorporate this these into our destination wedding. The food matched both of us so well because we are so laid back and casual.”

M 110


Photography:: Brandon Aguiar

Photography Dessert & Cake:: Valerie Elizabeth


Bridal Gown:: Essense of Australia from

Mira Bridal Couture

Bridal party Attire: Bianca’s Bridal and Prom Tuxedos:: Mira Bridal Couture Location:: Zephyr Cover, South Lake Tahoe Flowers:: Homemade BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM

M 111

Joyce and Jake Wheatley A love story only a bride could describe . Married May 7, 2011

I (J oyce )

remember hearing my dad coach me right before walking and reminding me to breathe

and that nothing could go wrong from here . couldn ’ t wait to get up to the aisle . to see


T he

O nce I


J ake

at the altar after


walked out ,


walk was about two minutes long and it felt so surreal

of our closest friends and family supporting us .

started to unwind throughout the ceremony but


O nce I

got up to the altar , my nerves

had never felt safer in front of a large group

of people .

J ake



decided that we would try to infuse as much of our

C uban

our ceremony and reception as possible .


C hinese

cultures into

O ne of the traditions we wanted to incorporate was the C hinese T ea C eremony . T ypically , this T ea C eremony is done the morning of the wedding at the bride ’ s house . T ea is a symbolic drink in C hinese culture and the purpose of this ceremony is to

M 112


pay respects to both the bride and groom ’ s parents .

T he

bride and groom will typically

wear traditional

C hinese

attire and kneel on

the ground in front of their parents .

T he


and groom will offer a cup of tea to each par ent .


the couple offers the tea , they thank

both their parents for raising them and taking care of them .

T his

is a very symbolic gesture

as this is one of the last moments before a bride leaves her family .

S ince

our ceremony

was outdoors and since we didn ’ t want to see each other before the ceremony , we decided to share this tradition with our guests . I nstead of kneeling , we bowed to our parents and had our best man help us pour the tea .

O ur vision was M odern C oastal “C ubanese ” C hic . T he “C ubanese ” came from the infusion of our C uban and C hinese cultures . W e wanted to incorporate meaningful elements of our respective cultures , our love for natural , modern design ( think W est E lm ), our wine background and our love for the coast . T hat being said , we wanted to make sure that all of our décor matched the natural beauty of our reception without clutter and fuss . O ur food was inspired by both C hi nese /A sian and C uban cuisine . W e served seafood and roasted pork that were inspired by C uban flavors . W e even served mini C uban S andwiches and Y ucca fries at the end of the evening as our late night snack . T ypically , one would find lots of red at C hinese weddings however , we chose aubergine , champagne and ivory as our main color palette for the wedding . W e felt they incor porated enough color to complement the natural lighting from the coastline while still feeling rich and elegant .



didn ’ t want wild pops of color that would interfere with the natural beauty 113


of the venue .Â

T he walls of our reception were decorated with art that was pained by my mother . M y mom teaches C hinese B rush P ainting and as a wedding present , she painted a large D ouble H appiness sign and several P ink /P urple P eonies for us and framed them . H er paintings matched our color theme and the one paining above the fireplace above our heads has two little birds sitting in the peonies ( symbolizing

J ake


I). J ake

planned a two and a half week I talian honeymoon for us .

J ake

loves planning surprises so

he kept the destinations within I taly a secret over the next five months and sent me clues each month as to where we might be visiting .


ended up going to

ence ,

Ceremony Location:: Half Moon Bay Golf Links Photographer:: Alison Yin Photography Bridal Attire:: La Sposa from Mira Bridal Couture Bridal Party Attire:: J Crew Mens Attire:: Mira Bridal Couture Cake:: Frost Bakery Florist:: Infinite Creations Entertainment:: Sounds in Motion

M 114

R ome , F lor -

T uscany (P ievescola and S iena ), O rbitello , P ositano , F iuggi and then back to R ome . A s we left each city , J ake would reveal the next destination . I t was great to keep the surprises coming !


Quincy and Joey Schmit June 4, 2011

At 19 years old, Quincy knew that her first date with Joey in 2002 would lead to something big. 8 years later they married in a touching ceremony celebrating the union of two families. Through the excitement and joy that Joey’s parent’s shared, they surprised Quincy during the wedding ceremony with a third band. This band would be the symbol of the families commitment to supporting the marriage. After the ceremony the bride & groom were escorted into the reception for a preview of the decor, along with another surprise. Standing next to the 6 tiered red velvet and Bavaria cream cake was a life size image of Joey’s grandparents wedding picture. Joey was touched as his Grandfather had passed a few years before. Surrounded by an assortment of mosaic vessels and hurricanes, jeweled candles, mixtures of flowers and colorful paper lanterns set by well-renowned event planner, Dennis Specht, Quincy and Joey mingled before their reception entertainment arrived. Minutes later, their band Wonderbread 5 entered the room wearing gold lame suits and over-sized Afro wigs,bringing everyone to their feet. Guests were BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM

M 115


astounded and sang along with the band as the couple began their first dance to

Adam Sandler’s “Grow Old With you”.

The couple expresses their gratitude from those involved in the planning, “The wedding was breathtaking. With out the help of my Mother-in-Law Paula and Dennis Specht, we could not have come up with such an incredible reception. I knew I wanted the peacock blue bridal party dresses, but Paula developed the color palette and Dennis created the spectacular decor.” From the bands props of hot pink feather boas and blow up guitars to the photo booth, the music and the sentimental moments, the wedding was perfect. 9 years of love by romance to grow old with.

C eremony


R eception L ocation ::

S tockton G olf & C ountry C lub P hotographer :: L ori M akabe P hotography F lorist :: C azale ’ s F lower S hop E vent P lanner :: D ennis S pecht

B ridal A ttire :: J ustin A lexander from P aris C onnection B ridal P arty A ttire :: I mpressions from B ella ’ s B ridal M en ’ s A ttire :: M ens W earhouse

I nvitations :: I n G ood C ompany C ake :: H earts D esire C eremony M usic :: N ouveaux A rts S treams Q uartet R eception E ntertainment :: W onderbread 5, SF P hoto B ooth R ental :: R ocket B ooth , S acramento W edding bands :: E dward ’ s J ewelers . 117 BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM


Danielle & James Norwood September 18, 2010


a chilly spring evening ,


J ames


J ames

were driving home from a day of snowboarding

made an unexpected turn off of the freeway .

road and asked


D anielle

D anielle

if he could blindfold her .

S he

S uspiciously , J ames said yes .

they drove further and reached their destination ,

pulled off of the

J ames escorted D anielle through a path D anielle found that a warm bath was waiting . J ames asked her to relax and he would see her afterwards . W hen she walked out of the bathroom there was a path of white rose peddles leading to the fireplace . A s she followed them , she found J ames , on one knee . S he said yes . and up some stairs .

M 118

W hen

he removed the blindfold ,


W ith Location:: Edgewood Golf Course, Lake Tahoe Photographer:: Judy House Photography Men’s Attire:: Men’s Wearhouse Bridal Attire:: Charolette’s Bridal Boutique, Oregon Florist:: Thrans in South Lake Tahoe Invitations:: Paper Habit



and a half months of planning the

S outh J ames ’ s mother ,

couple chose a destination wedding to

L ake T ahoe . W ith

help from

T he couple chose the E dgewood T ahoe G olf C ourse . W ith the spectacular view over looking the water , the couple wed in front of their immediate closes friends and family . T he couple now resides in P ortland , O regon


M 119

Caitlin & Nathan Severin June 26, 2011

M 120

A love, Out of Africa


On a three and a half week mission visit to Africa 4 years ago, Caitlin met Nathan and the love letters began. In the early months of 2011 Caitlin walked into Nathan’s room and found herself standing under a ceiling of hanging paper. Draped above her was every letter she had written to Nathan since they began exchanging notes. He handed Cailtin a final note that he hoped would begin a new chapter in their life. The note read, “I have one question for you.” She looked over and Nathan was on one knee. After she said yes, Nathan poured champagne and handed her a cup of strawberries, (replicating the cup of strawberries she gave him the day they met) and they watched a slideshow of pictures Nathan had put together reflecting on their past four years together. The planning was simple. They decided on a short engagement giving them 3 months to create a magical event. Some of the most enjoyable time planning together was deciding how they would entertain their guests. The couple chose to incorporate music through out. One of her favorite musical moments was when Nathan and Cailtin placed personalized rocks they had purchased on on each table through out the beginning of the reception signifying which table could go to the buffet. Caitlin had decided to use the programs os fans in lieu of the season’s warmer weather and the couple opted out of the traditional favor, instead asking guests for donations for the Crossroads Children’s Orphanage in which they supported while on their mission.

Location:: Viaggio Winery Photographer:: Lori Makabe Bridal Attire:: Pronovias dress, La Solle Salon Wedding Party Fashion:: Wedding Warehouse

Florist:: Embellish Floral Design Bakery:: Specialty Cakes Entertainment:: Elite Entertainment BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM



Confused about your duties as a Groom? We’ve pulled in some ideas that both your Groomsmen and your fiance’ will appreciate.

Christian Dior Quartz Chronograph Compliments of The Jewelry Vault of Modesto


M 123

make sure your outfit ,

S etting : S emiformal or C ocktail . L ighter - colored suits

whether it ’ s funky or

tend to be less dressy

S eason : L ate S pring - early F all . L ocation : O utdoor C eremony & R eception , including barn , personal property or beach . S etting : I nformal to C ocktail . A cotton or linen khaki suit or tuxedo . W ith

( and

this look you can opt out

PICKING YOUR STYLE T he groom ’ s getup is no longer one - style - fits all — now you have fine assortment of garments to select from .

J ust

formal , works with the

S eason : M arch through O ctober . L ocation : C hurch C eremony , indoor or outdoor reception .

are good for

time and setting of your

daytime events );

wedding .

is the latest trend in

and just stock with a tie .

colors .

the weather is hot or your

D arker

G rey suits

are more formal . vest included .

K en neth’s

of the vest if you would like

T ie



wedding is ultra casual , you can forgo the tie .

S eason : Y ear round L ocation : C hurch or other indoor ceremony , indoor reception

S etting : F ormal . I f it ’ s after 6 p . m . and the dress is black - tie , choose a tuxedo . I nstead of a bow tie , some guys opt for a regular tie , known as a four - in - hand tie . W hite dinner jacket along with the classic self - tie bow are this years trend .


to decide if you should rent

or buy your wedding wardrobe ?

1. T he

rule of thumb : I f you attend

more than three black - tie events a year , it will cost you less to buy a tux than to rent .

2. T o avoid looking dated in years to come , you should purchase a classic style . 3. I f

you planning to lose a few

pounds for the big day , you should wait on buying until your closer to your goal weight .

4. E ven if you opt to go with a rental tux , you may feel more comfortable in his own shirt , tie , or shoes .

Ke nnet hs C o u t u r e . c o m - SUIT BR8 I D0A0 L- 9C3O0U TUREMAG.COM 3 500 S is k R o a d M o d e s t o , Ca . 9 5 3 5 6

W ant

to amaze your fiance ’ by

taking a few tasks off of her list ?

H ere 1. S et

R ssini

are some ideas .

up a date and time for both of


you to file for your marriage license .

P lan

ahead and print up the

Since 1965

M arriage

license application , have a list of what is needed before she asks , and plan on


taking her to lunch afterwards .



2. S urprise her with your choice of a G room ’ s C ake , before she spends


hours trying to figure out what to do .

3. C reate

your wedding registry online

3224 McHenry Ave. Modesto, CA

at her favorite shop and surprise her with a date to meet with your registry


expert to select the gifts .

4. L eave

her speechless and create the

reception music list .

5. T ake

her breath away by writing your own vows , with out her asking you to .



Mi ra


S pecializing in out of town groomsmen BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM 1201 J S treet , M odesto S hopmirabridal . com 209.338.9333


took a step into man ’ s forbidden world

to check out the latest in bachelor trends .

S mokey ,

soulful croon of a

1920 s

T he S cene

lounge singer , crossed with the ceiling pipes , as the bachelor

and his confidants sat anxiously awaiting what could come next .

B randy

W hen R obert W hitmore

in one hand , cigar in the other .

decided to use his basement as a workshop over


years ago , he never

imagined it would slowly convert into a wine cellar , and most likely never visioned it as a man cave .

B ut the current owners , N ancy and C ary P ope sure did . W ith the assistance of the C ommu nity H ospice fund - raiser in 2007, T he W hitmore M ansion went through a transformation and with that the M an C ave was born .

M 126


T he M enu H omemade C rab

guacamole and salsa .

dip seasoned with fresh herbs from our

garden ,

S ciabica ’ s

lemon olive oil and sesame oil .

T he “ make your own sandwiches ” were fresh grilled red , yellow , orange bell peppers , pasilla peppers , garlic , onions sauteed with linguicia and andouille sausage . H omemade

potato chips and sweet potato fries .

T he favorite of the men .....T he M an C ave P epper D og . T his consisted of polish sausage stuffed into an A naheim pepper with A siago cheese , wrapped in bacon , batter dipped and deep fried .


M 127

C onsidering the details of that T ime - honored tradition of the B achelor G et - a - way ? H ow about a weekend getaway with golf , skiing , gambling or a guided fly fishing trip ? O r


evening out with the boys in a rented limo making pit stops at some of the local cigar lounges and bars ?

W ith

venues , rentals and services all around us ,

you just need a little creativity in putting the long awaited event into play .

H ere

is what some of our

local hot spots have to offer ;

“I f you are a member at any one of our area ’ s finest private country clubs , such as B rookside C ountry C lub , T urlock , G olf & C ountry C lub , S tockton G olf & C ountry C lub , D iablo G rande G olf & C ountry C lub , or D el R io C ountry C lub , a day on the green could be the perfect start to the “ bachelor ’ s ” weekend . W e asked B ecky W eeden , D irector of C atering at B rookside C ountry C lub what type of day she would recommend . “B ringing your groomsmen for a day of golf , drinks and good times at B rookside is a great escape before the wedding day . A fter checking in with the golf shop , drop your clubs off with P layer S ervices and warm up on the tiered driving range , putting and chipping greens . B y the time you ’ re ready to tee off those golf bags will be settled on a cart and full of clean clubs . F rom anywhere on the course , a cold beer or a grilled panini is just a phone call away and can be delivered right to your cart . A fter a big finish on 18, come enjoy the private M en ’ s C ardroom , it ’ s 2 large screen TV’ s , direct access to the F ireside G rille B ar with a full beer , wine and cocktail selection , then top it all off with your choice of cigar on the G rille patio .” L ooking

for an upscale lounge with

a little nightlife and entertainment , head to the mile ,

S tockton ’ s M iracle M ile . T he AVE on the mile is stock ton ’ s premier bar & bistro providing first class hospitality and bar service .

A lternatively is C heroot C igar B ar in downtown M odesto , comedy at the F at C at , or the M an C ave at T he W hitmore M ansion . L ove

the outdoors ?

G rab a few coolers , a few friends , and head to the water . T he D elta runs through out the entire V alley . T he most ac cessible is the S tockton D elta . I f you don ’ t know your way around the D elta , hire a guide and let him lead the way . S ome of our area lakes , such as D on P edro , M c C lure , or M c S wain have easy access whether your looking for day trips , guided trips , or overnight get - a - ways .

F ishing

license required ;

for more information visit

B ass B rigade . com . BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM

INTRODUCING OUR PLATINUM BRIDAL GUIDE Our team searches for the most innovative and reputable companies to help you create the event of your life. We look for integrity, class, and variety, including value and creativity. With this we find local companies that are diligent, dependable and devoted. It is with pleasure we introduce you to our experts.


M 129

PLATINUM VENDORS George Gonzalez Sounds in Motion D.J. George Gonzalez owns and operates Sounds In Motion disc jockey service. With over 20 years of experience, you will always be treated with professional, quality and respectful service. Sounds In Motion holds a very reputable name in the wedding industry as the most demanded D.J./MCs in the Central Valley. The success of Sounds In Motion is embraced in the astounding number of weddings where expectations were exceeded. Over 250 weddings per year are entertained by the team at Sounds In Motion.

Joe Rykert Photography Joe and Tammy operate Joe Rykert Photography. Joe was an art major in college. He studied his craft under master photographers from all over the country. Joe and Tammy have a life long devotion to excellence, professionalism, and fun in owning their Studio. Joe’s love of his art is reflected in the timeless beauty of his work.

Voted Modesto Bee’s Favorite Photographer/Studio in the Modesto Be reader’s Choice Awards for many years.

209.522.5999 •

209.578.4959 •

Dayna Autry Twenty 20 Event Design

Roxanne Catti Gift Registry Consultant at Keller’s Gifts

I was in your excited shoes once. Planning

Our experienced staff provides you with

one of the most memorable days of your

expert guidance as we help you create a

life has a ‘to-do’ list a mile long.

registry tailored to your personal styles

Your wedding day will go by in a blur. Will you remember every moment and detail? Trusting your photographer to capture those moments is important. Let’s meet soon to chat about how I can help you shorten your ‘to-do’ list. 209.988.2188 • John Surla Owner & Executive Chef Surla’s Restaurant Entrepreneur and owner of Surla’s Restaurant, has been cooking since third grade. A graduate of the Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California, John studied and mastered Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry, and Restaurant Management. With over 17 years of experience in the food industry and has cooked for world renowned companies

Lucas Film, Robert Mondavi, and Galletto Ristorante. In 2009 he opened his own restaurant which showcases his talents in California cuisine. There, everyone is able to taste his passion for food and wine! such as

of entertaining and decor.

Trusting in our

knowledgeable and well established staff will give you the peace of mind you need during your wedding planning.

Your guests

can shop for your gifts with ease knowing

Keller’s Gifts. 209.577.2590 • they are visiting

Calvin Lee, MD Surgeon, Acupuncturist & Botox Artist Surgical Artistry / Tammy Wu, MD “I give individualized injections of Botox based on difference in anatomy, age, and goals. Each repeat visit is also different. I prefer a natural result using the smallest amount of Botox possible. Dr. Tammy Wu (my wife), plastic surgeon) and I consider cosmetic injections to be an extension of our surgical skills. I also perform vein sclerotherapy acupuncture: if you like needles, you’ll like me.”

209-550-5555 •

209.551.1888 •

Diane Flores. Owner and Fitness Instructor Venus Pole Fitness of Modesto

The VenU at CSU Stanislaus Monica Doll, Special Events Coordinator

Warm, giving, sexy and confident. Diane founded Venus Pole Fitness with a vision as big as her heart. Her goal, to provide a safe effective sanctuary for women to exercise and discover their inner and outer strength and beauty in profound new ways.

209-529-POLE (7653) •

M 130

The stunning natural beauty of the University’s 228 – acre campus is the perfect backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and/or receptions. The University also offers a variety of indoor venues that can accommodate up to 400 guests for your event. A Central Valley native, Monica has more than five years of event management experience. Whether your event is large or small you are in good hands. Our goal is to make you and your guests feel at home, and to ensure that every detail is taken care of to your specifications.

209.667.3808 •


PLATINUM VENDORS Anthony & Vanessa Luna Moondog Photo

Meagan Burns and Arica Carranza Bella Vagos Salon

Anthony and Vanessa Luna, otherwise known as Moondog Photo, are a husband and wife photography duo

Co-owners of Bella Vagos Salon, have a passion for beauty. Bella Vagos is a full service salon and spa. They offer special-

specializing in weddings and

ized bridal consultations for hair and



Moondog Photo

offers modern couples the opportunity

“Relive the Moment” through wedding “Fresh. Modern. Priceless”. 209.495.0340 • to

photographs that are

Brandon Aguiar Brandon Aguiar Photography Weddings are a passion of mine. I love the diversity each wedding brings and the connections and relationships I am able to be a part of with the bride, groom and their family and friends. I believe photography

Bella Vagos also caters inti-

mate weddings, spa bachelorette parties, bridal showers and engagement parties.

Bella Vagos offers more than just a service, but creates an experience. 209.573.8605 •

Mark Verschelden Photography Blending photojournalism and traditional photography, Mark brings a fun, personal and well-balanced approach to your day. Capturing the subtle details, powerful emotions and intimate

is one of them most important aspects of

moments that will make your wedding

your wedding day.

uniquely yours.

I would love to connect and meet with you to find the best combination for what you are looking for. 209.495.1406 •

Erin Doran-Gonzalez The Platinum Photo Booth Erin owns and operates three exuberant companies in the wedding industry. The Platinum Photo Booth, a modern photo lounge, provides exquisite photo booth rentals for weddings and special events.

Platinum Bridal Kits are stylish

bridal emergency kits which assist brides and her bridal party from any potential mishaps on her wedding day.

Aqua Bliss offers glamorous All

spray tanning, body wraps and swimwear.

Let us tell your story

through beautiful images and creative moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.

209.404.3900 •

Special Event and Catering Directors Galleto Ristorante Nicole Smith & Cheryl Colt Let us help you celebrate your wedding in a picturesque Tuscan inspired setting, located in the heart of downtown Modesto. We will help you coordinate your engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, intimate ceremonies, wedding receptions, and bridal showers with an elegant style.

three companies are located in one convenient and lavish location in downtown


209.648.0490 •

Stephanie Baker Photography An Eye for elegance and Beauty Stephanie creates images of romance, beauty, and grace through her artistic vision. Stephanie’s style is to see things and make them beautiful. Her goal is to create images that reflect the essence of inner beauty and grace.

209.523.3165 •

Loni Silveira Owner & Creative Designer Papel Lindo Owning Papel Lindo has been a dream come true for graphic designer Loni Silveira. Within weeks of opening it’s doors, Papel Lindo experienced double honors with designs featured in world-wide and local wedding publications.

Loni’s casual and creative personality makes the design process fun and relaxed for the bride and groom.

She sees each wedding as a

new adventure to create a personalized design that sets the tone for your wedding day!

209.648.4844 •

209.505.0874 •


M 131


Sarah and Emma Grover Portico Home & Garden “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”-When Harry Met Sally Portico is here to get your life together started. As owner and Interior Designer, I invite you to take advantage of all we offer. From gift registry, floral design, Interior Design, unique ideas for your wedding and home, we are here to make every day beautiful and unforgettable.

209.544.2354 •

Dennis Specht Cazale’s Flower Shop Dennis is one of today’s most Sought-after wedding and event designers. His imagination and inspiration helps in his creating wonderful, fantasy, dream like celebrations.

Dennis has owned Cazale’s Flower Shop for over 35 years and maintains a reputation of excellence.

(209) 466-7971 •

Mira Bridal Couture For the modern bride & groom. Visit the talented and tenured staff at our new location for Mira Bridal Couture. We offer the latest trends and styles to fit everyone’s desire. We specialize in bridal attire gift registry.

Bridal Couture Magazine is always looking for experienced and talented vendors to join our elite list.

Have you been working with a wedding vendor that you believe belongs in our

Platinum Vendor Guide?

Scan this QR Code to automatically call for your appointment.

If so, forward their business information to

209.338.9333 •

Ritzy Ragz & Thingz Designer Consignments

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Sewing & More Alterations by Arte

Found your gown but not the perfect fit yet?

Shop online at Trust in the best. Arte. Two Locations 903 West Roseburg Avenue 3440 Mchenry Ave, Modesto Modesto, CA 95350 (209) 523-7189 DALCOUTUREMAG.COM 126 West Main StreetB, RTIurlock









Gift registry redefined 1

2 4 6

3 5


W ho

says you can ’ t ask for what you

really want ?

O ur

shopping team along

K eller ’ s & G arden

with the professionals at

G ifts

P ortico H ome bring you what ’ s hot in registry gift registry tips . and

1. R egister

early .



recommend you tackle this

shortly after you announce your engagement , and please do it together .

B elieve

it or not

there are lots of fun finds for the groom too .

2. C onsider

your lifestyle .

D on ’ t feel you have to register for cliche items . W hat do you need ? W hat will you use day to day ? W ill you have dinner parties ? I f so , put lots of thought into the type of dinner ware and dining decor that fits your style .

3. B e

considerate to your guests by selecting

a range of price points and don ’ t forget to send thank you cards .

N otes

for gifts received

before the wedding should be sent with in two weeks of receiving them .

F or

gifts received at

the wedding or after , notes should be sent with in a month after you return from your honeymoon .”

O pposite P age 1. A merican L eather S leeper S ofa . S hamiana B edding and P illows . L otus tea light candle holders . P ortico H ome & G arden . 2. B ambu low cork bowl , K eller ’ s G ifts . 3. N omniware T ea P ot from K eller ’ s G ifts 4. S cented lingerie travel bag by L ady P rimrose . T wo zipper compartments , one for clean and one for worn items . 5. L e C reuset C aribbean P itcher with matching utensils . A vailable at K eller ’ s G ifts . 6. K uhn R ikon W isk . K eller ’ s G ifts BRIDALCOUTUREMAG.COM

M 135


Beach Bums

Feeling ultra tan and sexy? This is the suit for you. The

This bandeau bikini top in a funky 60’s

ruffle triangle top is a great

inspired striped design features soft cups and boning for uplift and support.

option for the smaller busted

Gripper tape lined on the seams


The lining of the cups

helps avoid slippage and it

and ruffle trim helps the bust

includes an optional halter

appear fuller.


This top is

also reversible…two bikini’s in

This top is very versatile….it’s great for cup sizes A-D. It’s hard to


One side is a solid matte hot pink, while the The Brazilian cut tie-side bottoms with ruffle fringe are a great way to show off the “buns” you have been training all winter for. It’s an extremely sexy cut that shows a lot of skin. By Vitamin A collection out of Laguna Beach. other side is striped with satin accents.

find a strapless style for the larger busted women, The mini hipster low-rise briefs feature a flirty striped waistband and ruffle trim. By Seafolly. Available at but this one fits very well.

The Bel Air Retro Maillot is a great option for the modest woman who wants Hollywood Glamour. It conceals your mid-section and accentuates the curves of a voluptuous silhouette. The ruche detailing at the torso whittles the waistline. An internal power mesh panel acts like an invisible tummy tuck, while Vitamin A’s patented lingerie molded pad lifts and sculpts up top. A full coverage one-piece never looked so sexy! Available at


Have you ever wanted to be on the cover of a magazine? Now is your chance. Bridal Couture Magazine is looking for one lucky Central Valley Bride. Visit and download the entry form or e-mail us at


E TUR COU e in z L a g A Ma RID

For more information on

Bridal Couture Magazine, dowload the QR Code app & scan.

Andrea Dumlao, our Fall/Winter 2011 cover model was born and raised in

Tracy, Ca. Andrea will

marry the love of her life,

Rob Alexander June 30, 2012.

M 136

istory, ed in H ness Hemm er n, Tend me ith w 6 , Tied dding gown wo One we memories s priceles

ation mes A Destin to Simplewer stTi dingat the Valley’s ne Wedati on On locati venue wedding

ornennr ing ’s Cing pla room wedd TheIntGrod ucing e. ave. New! Man-C from the




Spring/ TUR



E Magazin



M 87


Š 2011 bellaboudoir

The Gift


M 139

W hile


P ageo


F arms ,

in the

rustic yet charming room that was once

E gg H ouse of the old farm , we with V anessa L una , the C entral V alley ’ s leading boudoir photographer the


to dig into some of the unanswered questions of the growing popularity of intimate art in the bedroom .

BCM ::W hat

encouraged you to take

the next step in moving the art of photography into the bedroom ?

BCM ::D o

VL ::

you use any special effects

to smooth out those little imperfections so many of us have ?

P hotoshop

VL ::I

definitely use

when needed , such as for

covering stretch marks or blemishes .

H owever ,

the real key to hiding flaws

or problem areas is posing and lighting .

I ’m your present

W rapped

in white satin and bows .

M y cheeks flush . A choice you made ; I chose the same . Y ou gave me diamonds , and your name . G entle urgency your lips are warm . M y fingers tremble just a little . T omorrow we will wake together . T onight , I’ ll follow you trusting , open ,

ready to be your wife.


-A manda Q uraishi

always ask my clients which part of

their body they are least comfortable with and then try not to accentuate that feature .

BCM ::D o

you have

many mother ’ s or women that are not

W hat do you for clothing ? VL ::Y es , clients are mother ’ s that

your typical size recommend many of my



want to create something intimate for their husband or just remind them selves how beautiful they are .

M any

of my clients are not a size


they are just your everyday woman .


usually recommend lingerie , but you can wear whatever makes you feel sexy or whatever your significant other will find sexy . I t may be a revealing dress , a men ’ s dress shirt , a costume or even jeans .

W hatever I can

a pair of heels and


it is , just add make it work !

general rule for all body types is

to avoid clothing / lingerie that is too

M 140

tight . I t will create bulges where you


otherwise would have none .

C orsets

are also a

great option for creating a more defined waistline and they also provide great support . I f there is a particular part of your body that you are self - conscious about , an easy fix is to conceal those parts in shadows or with creative posing .

BCM ::D o

you guide your clients through poses

and positions ?


am sure many may get nervous

and not feel as though their poses are sexy or intimate ? that first


VL ::I

definitely have a variety of poses

incorporate into each shoot .


A fter


minutes or so , my clients are usually no longer shy and begin

creating their own poses .


always tell my clients to keep moving , even if U sually , the images of the client in motion are some of my personal favorites . BCM ::D o you bring a “ crew ” or support that may be in the room while your shooting ? VL ::D uring the shoot , it ’ s just me . S ometimes , hairstylist / makeup artist / stylist will stick around for touch - ups if I need him or her to . Y ou are also welcome to bring someone along with you for support . BCM ::D o you shoot in a studio or on location ? VL ::I started out doing studio boudoir , but I began to feel very limited and uninspired . B ecause of that , I’ ve completely done away with studio boudoir . A ll shoots are done on location , whether it be in a fancy hotel room , a client ’ s home , a beach or an open country field . I also do a lot of sessions at a local mansion . I will shoot anywhere you are comfortable . I believe shooting on location really makes each client ’ s boudoir experience unique . BCM ::A re you willing to travel outside the C entral valley ? VL::A bsolutely ! T ravel fees and / or expenses will apply and will vary depending on the location . BCM ::H ow far in advance should clients contact you for a session ? VL::C ertain times of the year are much busier than others ; however , I recommend that clients contact me at least 4 weeks prior to your desired session date . the movements are subtle .

P hotography ::B ella B oudoir S tudio B ella B oudoir S tudio . com . M odel ::M elissa S oria L ocation ::T he old egg house at P ageo L avender F arm , T urlock . F ashion ::M ira B ridal C outure




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