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JAN/FEB 2015 - 05 - LOVE IS LOVE

Anytime. JAN/FEB 2015 - THE LGBTQ+ ISSUE


Austine Scarlett











Austine Scarlett







James Vincent



JAN/FEB 2015 - 05 - LOVE IS LOVE

JAN/FEB 2015 - 05 - LOVE IS LOVE


James Vincent




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CONTRIBUTORS Austin Scarlett is a hot fashion deisgner to watch. From his

start with two appearances on Project Runway to having his own show where he created couture fashion across the nation, Austin is no stranger to the spotlight. His current collection inspired by Gone with the Wind, is simply stunning! Check out the designer spotlight on pg. XX

Get to know him online: @AustinScarlett | Twitter

James Vincent If you are in any way interested in makeup James Vincent is some one you should know and follow! He has worked with

celebrities including Liv Tyler, Jordin Sparks, and the amazing Joan Jet, he is a staple at New york Fashion wee creating looks for many high end designers such as Christopher Deane, and he even created his own makeup line, Pretty Pretty. (Also, he has some bad-ass tattoos, and is generally a big cuddly teddy bear.)

Get to know him online: @jvincentmakeup | Instagram

Michael Dueñas Growing up surfing and spending

time at his friends salon, he realized a true passion and gift for hair. While his career has been anything but laid back, his charming personality and unique talent has been attracting top level clients from the beginning. Michael has been on the fast track, working with such celebrities as Lady Gaga, Connie Britton, Mariah Carey, Padma Lakshmi, Molly Sims, Morena Baccarin and Lea Michele.

Get to know him online: @michaelduenas | Instagram Or at the Salon hairroomservice.com

Hendrik Pohl is a men’s neckwear designer and founder of the

leading menswear accessories shop Bows-N-Ties. As a recently dapper groom himself, Hendrik likes to share inspiration for men’s style on the wedding day and beyond. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and golden retriever Lancelot.

Get to know him online: @hendrikpohl | Instagram @bows_n_ties | Instagram Or Check out his amazing store Bows-N-Ties.com

Mario Peralta Creative Director

Aliera Peterson Sr. Managing Editor

Amanda Laurence Editor-in-Chief

Julie Benedetti Sr. Art Director

Beverly Lawton Director of Beauty

Brooke Lee Smith Sr. Beauty Editor

Cameron Leseige Beauty Editor

Bee Harterson Beauty Editor

Kayle Shoals Beauty Editor

Jacqueline Persandi Sr. Fashion Editor

Graphic Designer Jillian Abrahams

Stephen Hybarger Staff Photographer

Alison Myers Fitness Editor

Emily Long Jr. Fashion Editor

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editor’s letter


oday, January 6, 2015, yet another state has lifted the ban on same-sex marriages. Florida is the 36th state to legalize samesex marriage in the US, and I for one am so happy to see the amazing individuals that make up the LGBTQ+ community have their love for one another officially recognized through matrimony. “Love is love” has been our mantra throughout the issue in tribute to our team’s firm belief that the decision of who you fall in love with shouldn’t be determined by other people’s prejudice. Whether you’re gay or straight, bi, trans, questioning or still somewhere on the journey of self discovery, you should feel free to fall in love with the person of your choosing based on the qualities and values that matter to you. All that should matter is that you do love another person, and that you love them with your whole heart. In this issue, we have had the distinct privilege to work with some amazing individuals from the LGBTQ+ community as well as those who share our beliefs, including internationally celebrated makeup artist, James Vincent; Project Runway Star and noted bridal and couture designer, Austin Scarlett; celebrity hair stylist and owner of Hair Room Service, Michael Dueñas; and Bows-N-Ties President and CEO, Henrik Pohl. For our “Celebrate Love” editorial, we invited real people from the LGBTQ+ community to model, striving hard to make sure that we were representative of the amazing community that has worked so hard on their journey for equality. We have made a lot of new friends through our work on an LGBTQ+ issue and have been blown away by the positive reception we’ve received from the people we’ve talked to about our vision. It’s been an honor to meet so many courageous individuals and we count ourselves very lucky to have share some special moments with them. Their positivity and inner beauty in the face of so many challenges is a force to be reckoned with, and we can’t wait to see them each celebrate their own happily ever afters.

Amanda Laurence XO,





s Director of Education and Artistry for The Makeup Show, The Powder Group and the WWD Beauty Inc Award winning Ardency Inn, James is fortunate enough to work with makeup lines and makeup artists at all levels of the industry. Over the years James Vincent’s passion for the art of makeup has included nearly every genre of makeup artistry. Film and theatre, elevision and celebrity work, editorial and runway work and includes training and product development positions for such companies as MAC, Stila, Armani, YSL and Make Up For Ever. James now focuses his career on working internationally in fashion, film, theater and editorial. His resume includes clients as diverse as designers Ashton Michael, Charlotte Ronson and Samantha Pleet. James work in the music industry spans genres and includes legendary musicians from

He has been featured on numerous television shows as a beauty expert such as NBC’s The Today Show. James has also worked in television as key artist for shows including American Idol and on stage for productions including Roundabout Theatre’s “The Philanthropist.” Nylon magazine, The New York Times and WWD have named James as a “Makeup Artist to Watch”.

Lady Gaga, Florence and the Machine, and Courtney Love to Joan Jett and the Foo Fighters. In fashion and film and television James resume includes leading ladies like Liv Tyler, Reese Witherspoon and Jane Fonda and has also been privileged enough to work with Barack Obama.

James is currently the Beauty Editor for On Makeup Magazine and Galore Magazine. He contributes to countless blogs and publications including his weekly series Double Dare for Refinery 29 and his weekly column for Beautylish on Building a Better Makeup Kit.


Having worked with photographers including Alexander Thompson, Mike Ruiz and David Lachapelle James work has been seen on the cover of Paper and Atomic and in magazines including ID, V, Index, Wonderland, and Surface.

celebrity editor


When did you first discover your love for the world of makeup and what was one of the challenges you had to overcome to get to where you are today?


I first discovered makeup while I was in school pursuing degrees in Theater and Social Work. I did not really know that makeup was a career. I remember falling in love with the album covers of Joan Jett and Debbie Harry and then realizing much later that Kevyn Aucoin was referencing Debbie Harry’s Rockbird cover with makeup by Linda Mason for an issue of Harper’s Bazaar. I knew at that moment I wanted to know more about the fashion and makeup industry. I was also pursuing a minor in Women’s Studies as part of my Social Work major, and I was intrigued by the Beauty Myth and how it could be harmful or hurtful to so many women. I wanted to explore makeup as a positive experience.


You’ve worked with a lot of celebrity clientele. Can you talk about that “it” moment when you made the jump towards being a celebrity makeup artist?


It happened for me while I was still working behind the counter for MAC Cosmetics in Atlanta. MAC was brand-new and kind of taking the industry by storm. I started working with artists at La Face Music like TLC and assisting big name Makeup Artists like Billy B, and it all began to happen for me.


You do makeup on tons of celebrities every year for the red card. What do you think is the best way to adapt a red carpet look for a bride’s white carpet day?


The thought process for Red Carpet is very similar to Bridal makeup. The makeup needs to last all day. The client is being pho-

tographed and captured by cameras with flash as well as being filmed. It also needs to look good in person. The tricks to adapt into Bridal are to be sure the makeup looks like a better version of your own makeup and not like a completely different person. Celebrities understand they are a brand. Brides sometimes want to look so different on their wedding day they are unrecognizable.

Q: A:

What is your favorite beauty product?

Embryolisse Lait Crème is probably the product I have the longest relationship with and can use on every client. It is a true miracle cream that works to tone and moisturize the skin. It is affordable and works for any skin tone or type.

Q: A:

Do you have a secret weapon makeup tool?

I am in love with Modster Lip Balm & Primer by Ardency Inn. It conditions and protects the lips while helping lipstick last longer. It primes and protects with a little kick of mint which is very refreshing but does not require you to apply it again and again like a lot of other lip moisturizers.

Q: A:

What is the most overlooked feature on the face?

I think the eyebrow tends to be overlooked or overthought. There needs to be an in-between. Eyebrows need to be dimensional, and the goal of filling in a brow should be to make it look natural. In this age of Instagramcrazy makeup, many women tend to overdraw their brow or leave it alone completely. Eyebrows frame the eye and frame the face providing expression. A good brow is essential to great makeup.


How do you describe a typical



I think glowing makeup with a kiss of color for the lip and cheek and a classic brow is a look that is always timely and at the once timeless so that no matter how long you look at this photo the makeup never looks dated.

Q: A:

In terms of life, after a long day, where do you go to unwind? Do you have a favorite spa?

My favorite spa is The Ruby Room in Chicago’s Wicker Park Neighborhood. It is a spa for the spirit. I enjoy their amazing facials, massage and energy healing. It is a true sanctuary, and they have beautiful guest rooms that allow you to unplug and really regroup and reground yourself. Kate Leydon and her husband John really understand the need to pamper your entire self in a spa experience, and they offer everything from hair to makeup to massage to meditation. I live in LA and NYC, and I fly to Chicago just for their treatments.

Q: A: Q: A: Q: A:

What would be one unique thing about you that we may not know?

I am also a DJ. I love Rock ‘n’ Roll and have been DJing different parties in NYC for over 15 years.

How do you define beauty? Beauty is about being true to yourself.

What kind of makeup trends can we expect for the spring bride?

The Classic Red lip is back for spring and so beautiful! Pair it with a cat eye, kitten eye or an even more graphic look, and it is a completely iconic look that works for any woman. I love Ardency Inn Punker Eyeliner for the perfect winged eye. The short and stubby shape allows anyone to be a makeup master.

celebrity editor


From stunning editorials to < runway shows James has proven himself amoung the greats, But his true lova and the thing he is always talking about is teaching! The Make Show is an amazing place to see James in his element!


Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve done such beautiful work on so many celebrities. Who have you not worked on that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d kill to get into your chair?


I would love to work on Jill Scott. I think she is such a beautiful woman and an amazing actor and singer. Michelle Obama is an inspiration for me. I worked with President Obama when he was on the campaign trail, and I think people would be impressed to know how down to Earth and real they are.


Not all brides have the money for professional skin treatments. What are some tricks a bride can do at home to help her skin look her best on her big day?

A: All photos provided by James Vincent

Steaming the skin is a wonderful way to keep the pores clean. There is an old model trick where you steam for three minutes a few days a week to keep the skin glowing. There is an herbal laxative called Swiss Kris that is a few dollars at any drugstore. Add two teaspoons to a pot of boiling water and steam for three minutes. You will not believe the results. I also believe toning the skin is important. Rose water is an inexpensive toner that works well, and I love rose water for clearing negative energy and kick starting the day as well as hydrating and protecting the skin.

celebrity editor

celebrity editor

Bridal Beauties

Bridal Makeup should be about bringing the excitement and romance of the most special moment of a womanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life into reality with color, texture and glow. With so many themes for weddings happening so very often, I love to add a touch of glamour in my suggested bridal makeups. The following images were shot with the brilliant hairstylist Ruth Roche and Photographer Nico Iliev to reference the classic beauty of a vintage Barbie Doll. I love this nod to classic Hollywood. It will look and feel timely for a woman being married today and look timeless in your wedding photos forever.


Complexion is key once again as you cannot build a solid look without the perfect foundation. Here I used Ardency Inn Americana Custom Coverage Concentrate for a lighter coverage and paired it with Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher Luminizer under the eye for a little bit of lift and glow.


Brows are bold once again with a fifties feel, taking their lead from the hair color. Here Senna Cosmetics Eyebrow Powder and Brow Fix Eyebrow Gel give a great balance to a look that is at once both bold and naturally beautiful.


For this eye, I paired Ardency Inn Modster Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner in Grass with Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Acidic Green. Both of these products are waterproof and stand up to even the weepiest makeup wearer, but the depth of the pencil and the brightness of the cream create an eye that is unexpectedly beautiful and sure to be memorable. Pair it with brown or black mascara or with a set of luxurious faux lashes depending on your own comfort level.


Lips are bright and sheer with Ardency Modster Long Play Supercharged Lip Color in Twist pressed gently onto the lips for a stain of color that lasts all day. The blue undertone of this beautiful, vivid pink will whiten the teeth and eyes, making the whole complexion glow. To make a bright lip look less powerful, pop a little of the same color onto the apple of the cheek. Monochromatic looks always work and make bright bold shades easier to see yourself in if you are not used to bright color.

celebrity editor Classic elegance is the way I would describe this perfect pairing of creamy white shadow with a pale nude lip. Many woman think dark and smoky when they think of wedding makeup, but a lighter color will make an eye appear much more open and allow for a look that appears more regal.


To achieve this look, complexion is key. For the medium coverage with a matte finish I used Ardency Inn Americana Custom Coverage Concentrate with Embryolisse Hydra Matte moisturizer. Americana Custom Coverage Concentrate allows the makeup wearer to customize her own coverage by mixing it in to her own favorite moisturizer. The more Concentrate you add, the more coverage you achieve. It allows you to attain the most natural looking skin by using the same product as your tinted moisturizer, foundation and concealer all in one, and it will photograph beautifully.


Eyebrows were the next part of this look and take center stage. Eyebrows frame the eyes and face, and provide expression. Here I created a classic eyebrow shape and brought it to the same color as the hair. Anastasia Dipbrow eyebrow pomade is ideal for sculpting and shaping. I also paired it with Anastasia Brow Pen to draw in individual hairs and set it all in place with a golden eyebrow gel to give light and texture.


Eyes are easy with Ardency Inn Modster Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner in Cream doing double duty as both shadow and liner. This creamy, waterproof pencil stays put through dancing, drinking and even tears, and leaves the eyes looking gorgeous. Forget about primers and multiple shadows. This cream color works on every skin tone for a classic Hollywood eye. Pair it with a liquid liner in black for a classic cat or kitten eye look that will leave your guests oohing and ahhing. Add a black mascara to complete the lookâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; I used Make Up For Ever Aqua Lash for its deep, dark color and waterproof properties.


Lips are nearly nude with Ardency Inn Americana Natural Lip Color Pencil in Delancey delivering the most beautiful nude shade. Everyone loves a blushing bride so tone down the lip to show your flush of color on the cheek more easily. Add a touch of your favorite clear gloss or a soft pink like Armour Beauty Lip Gloss in Gypsy onto the center of the lip for a more kissable lip look.


Finish off the look with cream blush and soft bronzer. I paired Stila Convertible Color in Lilium with Nars The Multiple Orgasm for a beautiful bashful flush that gives every bride the coveted glow. The trick is to use a pink or red shade on the apple of the cheek and a peach, coral or orange shade on the higher point of the cheekbone for a makeup look that could have just stepped off the red carpet.

celebrity editor

celebrity editor Embryolise Lait Crème: To create a complexion that looks healthy and glowing. Stila Convertible Color: I love this for blush on any skin tone—creamy and gorgeous! Rose Water: To bring the skin to a healthy pH and prepare the face for moisturizer.

YSL Beaute – Touche Eclat, Luminize: Give light and lift to the skin.

Velour Lashes: A touch of mink makes any woman feel special.



EVERY BRIDE Ardency Inn Americana Custom Coverage Concentrate: One product that acts as tinted moisturizer, foundation and concealer all in one. It gives the skin the most natural finish and covers evenly no matter how you apply it for flawless skin. Ardency Inn Modster Eyeliner: Waterproof for Long Wear in beautiful colors and a matte finish. Elegant or edgy, they stay in place and give the perfect depth and dimension to every eye.

Collryre Bleu Eye Drops: Brighten and

whiten—the makeup artist secret. NARS The Multiple: Add light and warmth to any makeup. Senna Eyebrow Gel:

Finish the brow and help it stay set in place.

Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler: An easy way to open up the eye and give a soft finish to any makeup.






Prep the lip:

Finishing touches:

Exfoliate, conceal and neutralize if needed. We prepped our models lips using Stilaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s perfecting concealer. ($23 Sephora.com)

Line the lips:

We chose to use a brown eye liner people from CAO Cosmetics ($8 caocosmeticsusa.com). After lining the lips, using your favorite lip brush pull the product down onto the lips.

Using a concealer, outline the lips. This allows from cleaning up any mistakes and highlights the lips.

Apply lip color:

From the top lip line to the bottom, apply the lip color. We chose our favorite Desire from CAO Cosmetics (caocosmeticsusa.com).

Add more contrast:

If needed, line the lips again. And proceed to blend by pulling the product down once again.



Skin care is one of the most important components of natural beauty, no matter what your age, skin tone, or skin type, or sex. Taking care of your skin is an important part of your overall health, and can delay the body’s natural aging process as well as prevent various skin problems. Following a skin care regimen is not as hard as you think. Just follow the four steps below for fabulous skin!



Step #1: Clean Up Your Act Cleansing the skin removes makeup, dirt, oils dead skin, and pollution from the surface of your skin. However, it’s important to avoid over washing, which can dry out skin.

Lab Series Skincare - Multi-Action Face Wash - $21.00 ulta.com

Tatcha - One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil - $48 tatcha.com

Kiehl’s – Ultra Facial Oil Free Toner - $16 kiehls.com

Fresh - Rose Floral Toner-$38 sephora.com

Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20 - $17.00 getjackblack.com

Philosophy - Hope in a Jar SPF 25 - $15 philosophy.com

Origins – Ginzing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser - $19 origins.com

Clinique – Exfoliating Scrub $20 clinique.com

Step #2: Set the Tone

Toners balance the pH within the skin, gently removing residue, dirt and oil without stripping skin of vital moisture, making it feel fresh and soft.

Step #3: Soak it In

Moisturizers with SPF offer sun protection, defending skin from a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB radiation, nourishing skin with antioxidants that fight wrinkles and neutralize the effects of pollution. A good moisturizer not only replenishes moisture that is removed from the skin during the cleansing process but also protects the skin.

Step #4: Out with the Old, In with the New Exfoliation is a step you’ll need to complete at least once a week for healthy skin. (If you have oily skin, you may want to do this twice a week.) Exfoliation removes dead skin, excess oils, and unclogs pores, allowing younger, fresher skin to shine through.


Serenity & Nature


Photography by: Mario Perlta Hair and Makeup by: Bee Harterson, and Beverly Lawton Models: Dahlton Elezabeth, and Kiley Carter

LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. This initialism replaced the term gay in the late 1980â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Gilbert Baker designed the Pride flag for the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade in 1978. Each of the Pride Flag colors have an individual meaning. The colors also reflect the diversity of the LGBT community, and make a statement that sexual orientation, like the rainbow, is both beautiful and natural.

PURPLE Spirit & Gratitude


Life & Sexuality


Harmony & Artistry

ORANGE Healing & Friendship

YELLOW Vitality & Energy

Loand Jasmine Photographer: Mario Perlta Photography Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Richard& Steve

Private Residence, Colorado Photography by: Mathew Irving Photography - www.irvingphotographydenver.com

This dashing couple fit right in at Denverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cheesman Park. Richard and Steve seized this rare opportunity in their busy schedules to take a romantic stroll in the park. Steve and Richard have been a steadfast couple for many years, and got engaged in Hawaii only recently. Both had been secretly planning to propose to each other at a particularly special dinner, not knowing the other was planning the same. Great minds certainly think alike.

Anna & Janette

Culture Fix, New York Wedding Date: Mar 11, 2014 Photography by: Justin Brownell Photography - www.justinbrownell.com

Anna and Janette’s wedding was a celebration of their love with close friends and loved ones. On March 11th, 2014, the couple’s ceremony took place including subtle touches of personal detail to their day, such as Janette’s converse shoes and the hand sewn details in Anna’s wedding dress. The ceremony and reception were held at CultureFix in the Upper East Side with Janette’s brother-in-law, Wylie, performed the marriage, making it a uniquely special and intimate event.

The Wedding Pros: Photographer: Culinary: Bakery: Location:

Justin Brownell Photography www.justinbrownell.com Culture Fix Man Bakes Cake New York Marriott Marquis

Sarah & Amber East Fork Country Estate, Oregon Wedding Date: Sep 15, 2013 Photography by: Amber Hempen Photography - amberhempen.com

The Wedding Pros: Ambers and Sarah celebrated their love on September 15th, 2013 with an outdoor ceremony and reception at East Fork Country Estate in Oregon. The day included friends, family and some very special guests—Sarah’s beautiful children. The couple enjoyed a fairytale wedding complete with horse and carriage ride, a beautiful floor-length bridal gown and accents of purple and lavender. The couple’s love of butterflies was on full display during the romantic day.

Photographer: Cake Designer: Event Venue: Transportation:

Amber Hempen Photography www.amberhempen.com Cookies Cupcakes & More East Fork Country Estate www.eastforkcountryestate.com Special T Carriage www.specialtcarriage.com

Dawn & Gena City of Panama City Beach, Florida Wedding Date: Jun 21, 2014 Photography by: Bobbi Brinkman Photography - www.BobbiBrinkmanPhotography.com

On June 21st, 2014, Dawn and Gena married in front of more than 70 of their closest friends and family! Their son, Kole, was the guest of honor as they gathered on the white sands of Panama City Beach, FL. With the ocean as the backdrop and the sun setting, these two ladies exchanged vows and made the commitment to continue to love one another. The couple wore white with accents of beach blue to match their wedding party. After the ceremony, the evening continued with the cooling sea breeze and the sounds of the waves hitting the shore and toes in the sand dancing under the stars.

The Wedding Pros: Photographer: Location:

Bobbi Brinkman Photography www.BobbiBrinkmanPhotography.com City of Panama City Beach

Katie & Christine Twin Oaks Garden Estate, California Photography by: ABM Wedding Photography - www.abmweddingphotos.com

On June 9th, 2013, Katie and Christine celebrated their wedding day on the Twin Oaks Garden Estate in California. The venue is in a secluded area featuring artistic and poetic gardens inspired by love, imagination and tranquility. A stroll through the gates leads you to twinkling rose arbors, soothing waterfalls with lush established landscape that take you back to a time of the elegant English garden.

Wedding Date: Jun 09, 2013

This intimate affair was all about the details. From the floral arrangements that showcased purple, pink and white roses to the lilac napkins on the table, every detail was carefully planned and executed immaturely. The brides looked like a fairytale in their princess gowns. They took photos beneath a bed of flower petals and shared their love with family and friends alike as they danced the night away.

The Wedding Pros: Photographer:

Dress Store: Makeup Artist: Reception Venue: Dress Store: Jewelry: Floral Designer:

Hazy Lane Studios www.hazylanestudios.com Allure Bridals Bellezza Cristali www.oneatlanticevents.com Hotel Vitale San Francisco www.hotelvitale.com Joannaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bridal and Tailoring www.joannasbridalandtailoring.com Juicy Couture Leeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Florist & Nursery www.leesfloristnursery.com

HAIR “HOW-TO” Long Waves 1. To make your hair beautiful & prior to your wedding day, try conditioning with Alterna Caviar CC Cream Leave in Conditioner to make hair more shiny and manageable.

2. Take your hands and finger comb lightly to release the curls and create volume at the root.

3. Use Aloxxi Flexible Hold Hairspray to protect hair from

damage and provide humidity protection and shine.

4. Brush hair with a Mason Pearson brush to smooth, and then create a ponytail at the top of the head.

5. Use your fingers to gently loosen the curl and finger comb to your desired wave pattern.

MAKE UP “HOW-TO” Natural Tones 1.

Give your skin a glowy, natural finish. Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation- Fair 1.1 $42 // ulta.com


Fill and define those brows. Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brow Powder Duo $23 // anastasia.net


Add a perfect smoky eye. Kat Von D - Monarch Eyeshadow Palette $46 // sephora.com

4. Apply lashes for added drama.

Urban Decay False Lashes - Perversion $15 // urbandecay.com


Line those lids. Stila-Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner - Black $20 // stilacosmetics.com


Enhance those cheeks. Senna- Sheer Face Color – Charisma $18 // sennacosmetics.com


Luxuriate those lips. Buxom Full-On Lip Tarnish - Candy Pink $19 // sephora.com



Romper with cashmere jersey t-shirt top and silk pencil pants, HOUGHTON


From the more formal wide-leg options (just like this Naeem Khan pair!), which can easily be worn down the aisle, to the modern skinny-leg numbers for a city hall ceremony and playful lace sweats for the after party, who said brides are limited to dresses?

Two-piece silk satin ensemble with long sleeve jacket and tailored pants, VICTORIA KYRIAKIDES

"Naomi" Chantilly lace jumpsuit with off-theshoulder lamb wrap, THEIA

Sabia" metallic lace sweatshirt over cigarette pants, RIVINI

V-neck wide-leg silk romper with short sleeves and pockets, HOUGHTON

Embroidered gold silk pants and blazer, ANTONIO GUAL for TULLE NEW YORK “Graceland”, short sleeve lace jumpsuit with a v-neckline, IVY & ASTER

"Cortina" sleeveless beaded silk georgette top and pants, NAEEM KHAN

“Carey” sleeveless silk satin blouse with an illusion high neckline, with “Cleo” silk charmeuse wide leg trouser, DELLA GIOVANNA

Cap sleeve satin jumpsuit with a deep v-neckline and beaded belt, JOHANNA JOHNSON


“Deanie” white leather motorcycle jacket lined in rabbit fur, over a camisole top and a long sheath skirt — both in layers of laser-cut petal pink silk organza, HOUGHTON 2015

OUTERWEAR From cropped coats to full-on winter jackets, many designers like Theia topped off their dresses with actual pieces of outerwear. Cool girls will approve of the number of ivory motorcycle jackets, while Jackie O. fans will love the retro swinging trapeze coats reminiscent of the early ‘60s.

“Yel Ana” embroidered hand-woven tweed coat with a duchess satin shawl collar, THEIA

Sheath wedding dress with long-sleeve lace motorcycle jacket, VICTORIA KYRIAKIDES

“Opal” sleeveless beaded sheath wedding dress with a scoop neckline and short-sleeve jacket, MODERN TROUSSEAU

“Malo” short silk faille bustier and “Yves” fifties skirt with wool tweed cape, DELPHINE MANIVET

“Sammie” mohair cropped cardigan with swarovski button with silk, full, long button from skirt “Sasha” HOUGHTON 2015

“Ak Ana” winter white Mongolian lamb poncho over a Venice lace mermaid wedding dress, THEIA Silk and cotton velvet 20’s jacket with fox shawl collar and cuffs worn with quilted jersey jogger pants, DELPHINE MANIVET


skirt with “M IVY & ASTE idnight Rider Card igan.” R FALL 201 5



“Charlotte” sleeveless two-piece white-and-nude re-embroiderd lace A-line wedding dress with a tea-length ballerina skirt and criss-cross back top, MONIQUE LHUILLIER

We’ve seen a steady stream of crop tops for the past few runway rounds, but this season, there infiltrated the bridal world even more (hello Reem Acra). We spotted everything from a twinkling, belly-bearing sweater to layered separates with no skin showing at all.

“Leia” two-piece ball gown wedding dress with a silver metallic Chantilly lace crop top and a glacier blue silk fil couple ball skirt, THEIA 2015

“Astrid” sleeveless two-piece silk faille A-line wedding dress with a crop top and maxi skirt, Honor STONE FOX BRIDE 2015

Two-piece lace and silk sheath wedding dress with an elbow-length crop top, REEM ACRA FALL 2015

“Monica” silk top with A-line “Mae” silk skirt LAKUM 2015

Two-piece A-line wedding dress with a sleeveless crop top and layered skirt, TARA LATOUR

“Faye” embroidered cashmere crop top over a silk chiffon A-line skirt, THEIA 2015

Style BR-15-10, two-piece crepe sheath wedding dress with an embroidered lace top and crystal details, INBAL DROR

Two-piece silk

sheath wed

ding dress

with a sho rt REEM ACR sleeve crop top and A 2015 floral


ed details,



Long-sleeve lace trumpet wedding dress with a scalloped v-neckline, MORI LEE

Long sleeves have been a bridal staple thanks to one certain Duchess, but this go ‘round designers opted for sheer, wide, and ruffled arms — from Claire Pettibone’s ethereal, sheer styles to Delphine Manivet’s ‘70s-inspired puffed sleeves. “Natasha” open-back silk cady A-line wedding dress with sheer flounce long-sleeves, Honor for STONE FOX BRIDE

Off the shoulder sheath silk dress with long ruffled bell sleeves, HOUGHTON

“Angelica” French lace and tulle wedding dress with a peplum overskirt, sheer long sleeves and an illusion high neckline, CLAIRE PETTIBONE

Aliocha” V-neck High Waisted Chiffon Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves, DELPHINE MANIVET “Tobias” high waisted bateau neckline wedding dress in silk chiffon with a frilled bottom; worn with silk chiffon and nude satin underdress, DELPHINE MANIVET

“Ariel” silver and gold sequined lace A-line wedding dress with tulle long sleeves and an illusion high-neckline, CLAIRE PETTIBONE



Cropped mohair turtleneck with soft rolled collar and three quarter sleeves over metallic plaid tulle skirt, HOUGHTON

Some of our favorite bridal designers offered chic ways for fall and winter brides to stay warm. And while there were plenty of warm-weather separates like this chunky high-rising Houghton turtleneck paired with a frothy sheer skirt, there were also a number of more traditional wedding gowns with high necks that mirrored the winter style staple.

"Arianna" sleeveless crepe sheath wedding dress with a crystal encrusted turtleneck, THEIA

"Sheena" sleeveless metallic lace tunic top with a turtleneck, shown over a chiffon sheath wedding dress, RIVINI

an wedding dress with Sleeveless ball gownck and flowing overskirt, ne embroidered turtle EG CASSINI OL


rand yet delicate, romantic yet unexpected, the Austin Scarlett collection takes a thoroughly modern approach to vintage Paris couture. Creativity and classical elegance combine with time honored techniques to create a glamorous collection that enchants the senses and redefines romance.

How did you end up in your profession? Designing is something I was born doing, I can’t even remember the first design I created because it is always what I did. I guess you could say design is my life, my destiny.


What is the best part of your job? The fulfillment that comes from creating something from nothing, form taking a vision in ones mind and making it a reality. And the Joy in sharing in someone’s most special beloved moments.


Where do you find the inspiration for your designs?


Nature, History, Music, Women I meet, and my subconscious. What was the inspiration behind the fall 2015 collection? My fall 2015 collection was a tribute to one of my eternal muses, one of the most gloriously gowned figures of the popular imagination: Scarlett O’Hara of Gone With The Wind. Her strength, passion and beauty has always inspired my designs, but this collection was especially influenced by her iconic glamour.


What pieces or trends do

you think are key for fall / winter brides? I don’t like following trends, especially when


ries falling into place around the dress. Some of my favorite bridal ensembles however have involved pairing an heirloom veil, or other vintage accessory, paired with dress of simple refinement. What was different about this collection and seasons past? While all my collections always celebrate femininity, romance, and elegance, this emphasized back detailing, as well as a more clean lined esthetic, with much of the dresses effect created with just the silhouette and sculpted flourishes of fabric making the style statement.


it comes to bridal. On your wedding day one wants to be timelessly beautiful, yet dressed in a way that reflects oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s true personality.

You first came on the scenes on Project Runway but you have definitely become one of the most accomplished designer from Fall and winter brides can the show, what do you think has and should have fun with helped you to grow most as a elegant cold weather acdesigner? cessories like caplets and I think being stubwraps. A white fur muff is born and never giving a very chic and glamorous up or growing lazy. Havtouch to a winter bridal look. ing a unique point of view Rich fabrics like heavy duchand staying true to that is, esses satin, velvet, faille and of course, essential for any peau de soi are best suited success in the fashion world. to winter weddings. Also never resting on past accomplishments. There will What is the most important piece always be so much more I or pieces to create a signature want to do! bridal style? In most instances the Is there a piece of advice you give wedding gown takes to brides when looking for a wedcenter stage, with accesso-



ding dress? Its distressing when I see brides on this sort of relentless quest for the holy grail, going from store to store over and over for months, torturing themselves and their friends and family in the process. Don’t over think it too much. The important thing is to love your dress, to love wearing it, and to love yourself in it. When a bride loves her dress she glows with happiness from within, and becomes truly beautiful.


Always be yourself on your wedding day, too much makeup on someone who usually does not wear it normally always look artificial and sometimes odd. However, don’t dumb down your look either, if you are a glamour girl or have a unique style, stay true and go all out. An extra polished, classic quintessential YOU is what looks best.

What are your Top Three Tips for brides on their Big Day? This issue is all about being yourRemember to take the self and finding a way to express time to enjoy every who you are, what do you feel is moment, try not to get too a great way to do that on you big obsessed with everything day? going according to a very It can be difficult to strict plan. Keep the focus ignore all the different on the celebration of love advice fro friends, family, between you and your beand the media. I think if trothed; sharing with your you have a dream or a viother loved ones. It should sion for that day, stick to that be a real wedding with dream as much as you can. real human beings, not a I love weddings at home, magazine photo shoot of a at the home of a relative or wedding. close friend, or ones family’s place of worship, any way Do you ever design with a certain to bring the real daily lives, type of woman in mind? tastes and interests of the Oh yes, I try to design couple into the day. for different personalities in every collection, In terms of beauty looks, do you young and demure, glamhave dos and don’ts? orous and confident, chic Wedding day beauty and sophisticated, bubbly should be an enhance- and fun loving, dreamy ment, not a transformation. and romantic.





â&#x20AC;&#x153;I love that when I am designing for a bride it is like embarking on a brand new adventure each time. The possibilities are end less, so it gets more and more exciting.â&#x20AC;?


U.S. flagship salon 6 2 5 M A D I S O N AV E N U E , N E W Y O R K BY APPOINTMENT 212-583-1700 AMSALE.COM

Lafonn Heart and Pearl Necklace

Tacori Sonoma Mist Necklace

What happens when you take two classic looks and marry them? A super chic masterpiece. This ageless piece takes the standard heart necklace and adds a dropped pearl for a time-honored style that’s great for brides of any age. www.lafonn.com

Dewdrop necklaces aren’t hard to find, and there’s a reason for that—they go great with formal or casual wear. If you don’t want to go bare neck, but also don’t want to detract from your dress, try a dewdrop necklace for just a touch of elegance. www.tacori.com

Pear-shaped Halo Drop Earrings If you’re looking for a touch of shimmer without too much bling, try pear-shaped drop earring. This style adds more bling than studs, without compromising your classic look. Paired perfectly with a strapless dress, drop earrings draw the eye to the neck for an effortlessly romantic feel. www.ritani.com


IN A CHANGING WORLD When I hear classic I think of timeless black and white photos that last generations. Although trends are always changing, style is forever. Adding classic pieces to your wedding look will let you forever cherish your bridal photos and not regret dated tends like those poufy bangs (we’re looking at you, Mom). We’ve put together classic jewelry pieces to help you find your perfect style. These aren’t only great for your wedding day, but they are something you’ll wear year round. Even if you’re looking for something more modern, keep in mind these basics can be added as accent pieces to your bold jewels. Classics have something to please everyone.

Naledi Bracelet A great way to dress up any gown is with a classic tennis bracelet. Take this look one step further by adding round diamonds (instead of square) for a unique look that is both simple and endless. www.naledicollection.com

Christopher Designs Round Crisscut Earrings For a vintage look that will endure forever, try round-cut diamond earrings. With sparkle from every angle, this delicate look gives just enough flash while proving the bride has plenty of class. You’ll wear these classics time and time again. www.christopherdesigns.com

Honora Pearl Necklace You can’t go wrong with a string of pearls. Great for formal and everyday wear, this necklace is an understated version of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s look. Pair it with matching earrings, or go more modern with a diamond headpiece. Not matter what else you wear; your string of pearls will stand out. www.honora.com

Sara Necklace & Earring Set This classic set is perfect for the bride looking for just the right touch of elegance. This simple pearl look is both classic and polished—wear it alone, or add a studded bracelet for a mix and match look. Finish with a retro up-do and a satin gown for the ultimate in chic, timeless bridal beauty. www.amysbridalaccessories.com

Blue Lotus adjustable cuff bracelet Vintage style brass


A hand-painted cuff adds dimension to your look. Not only are these cuffs one of a kind (just like your wedding), but also they are can show your adventurous style. If you’re ordering one, have them paint the wedding date into the cuff so you always have it as a keepsake. www.etsy.com

With an uncommon square shape, this ring is sure to stand out. Go out of the box by adding a square statement ring to accompany your new diamond. With a bold gem and two-tone yellow and white gold, you can wear this with almost any other jewelry. www.markschneiderdesign.com

Honora Sterling Silver 4-7.5MM White and Gray Freshwater Cultured Pearl, Moonstone and Onyx 15.5-18.5” Necklace

Galatea DavinChi Cut Necklace Ditch the ordinary in lieu of a square-shaped pendant. This intricate necklace has both square and round patterns, which make it easy to pair with other styles. Careful, if you stare too long it can be mesmerizing. www.galateausa.com

A thick, multi-stone necklace is the ideal look for a contemporary muse. We love the overlap twist of this funky, yet chic style. Make this look even more daring with a pants suit (instead of a traditional wedding dress) and a sleek ponytail. www.honora.com

Day’s Amethyst Earrings E.M. Smith Imaya Earrings Go for a daring look with chunky earrings. These statement earrings have a geometric aspect that is modern with a touch of feminine sparkle. These unique studs are perfect for an eye-catching look. www.emsmithjewelers.com

Bohemian Gypsy-Handmade- Silver & Black Statement Necklace -Unique - Bead Embroidery -Boho Gypsy Style

Shine on your big day with gem-tone jewels. Try bold colors like these Amethyst earrings, whose Greek name means, “intoxicated,” and are believed to protect the owner from drunkenness. If you’re wearing white, colored earrings will stand out even more and hopefully they will protect you from drunkenly spilling wine on your gown. www.daysjewelers.com

A beaded necklace with extensive detail will stand out not only in person but in photos as well. Go black against a white dress for a high contrast look. Or, add a pop of color that compliments your bridesmaid dresses, so you can fit in while standing out. www.etsy.com

Modern Muse A modern muse isn’t afraid to be bold, and knows what she wants. From daring statement pieces to a contemporary take on classic styles, we’re mixing it up to make you the muse to all of those attending your big day. We’ve added the latest pieces with a stylish twist, and totally rewritten the rules on jewelry for all our modern muse brides.


Whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the sweet smell of pine, or a winter wonderland, outdoor weddings are some of the most picturesque celebrations. Connect with nature on your big day with our perfect outdoor weddings styles.

Michael Kors Trim Fit Wool Tuxedo www.shop.nordstrom.com


Calvin Klein Silk Slim Tie $60.00 www.dillards.com

Ted Baker London Silk Bow Tie Was: $49.50 www.tedbaker.com

ASOS Skinny Fit Suit Jacket in Burgundy www.asos.com

Sophia Tolli ia Y11552 - Prin lli.com to ia ph so w. ww

Noritamy Cro Earrings $144 www.wolfandbadger.com

CC SKYE Roma Cuff 18kt Gold plated open cuff $175.00 www.bluefly.com

Alexander McQueen Bridge Embellished Metallic Leather Sandals $1,359 www.alexandermcqueen.com

J. Crew Eyelash Lace Jumpsuit www.jcrew.com


Nothing says classic and chic quite like a loft wedding. With high ceilings and grand decorations, you can transform an everyday space into something extraordinary.

Harrods - Brioni Brunico Suit www.harrods.com

Calvin Klein White Label X Fit Extreme Slim Ribbed Tie $65.00 www.calvinklein.com

Alfred Dunhill Avorities Carbon Fiber Tie Bar $250 www.neimanmarcus.com

Stacy Adams Prescott Shoes $85.00 www.1.macys.com

Dsquared2 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Milanoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Stretch Wool Blend Suit www.shop.nordstrom.com

Victoria Kyriakides Pant Suit Wedding Dress www.victoriakyriakides.co.uk

Colette Malouf Embroidered Silk Feather Flex Clip $158 www.ahalife.com Sapphire and MicropavĂŠ Diamond Earrings in 18k White Gold (5mm) $1,950 www.bluenile.com

Maggie Sottero Audrianna www.maggiesottero.com

Leslie Danzis Gold And Crystal Link Bracelet $195.00 www.polyvore.com

Badgley Mischka Giana $225.00 www.badgleymischka.com


What better time for a getaway than the happiest day of your life? Enjoy your destination wedding in style with breezy looks that transition from ceremony to reception seamlessly.

Brooks Brothers Black Pinstripe suit www.brooksbrothers.com

Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Belt $320.00 www.shop.nordstrom.com BOSS by Hugo Boss 'Cereto' Belt $135.00 www.hugoboss.com

Perry Ellis Linen Cotton White Herringbone Suit www.perryellis.com

David Donahue Sterling, Onyx & Mother-of-Pearl Cuff Links $185.00 www.daviddonahue.com

Elie Saab Long-Sleeve Lace-Embellished Jumpsuit, Jasmine White www.neimanmarcus.com

Amanda Wakeley “Cleopatra Wedding Dress” www.amandawakeley.com

Feelin’ Jazzed Hair Pin Set $7.99 www.modcloth.com

Oblik Atelier The Brass Band Earrings $277.00 www.luisaviaroma.com

Christian Louboutin Mea Culpa Metallic Leather High-Back Collar Pumps $895.oo www.saks.com

Rebecca Minkoff Set Of Three Gold Chevron Stackable Cuffs $198.00 www.rebeccaminkoff.com



We all know that a pair of shoes can change your life (just look at Cinderella). But, you don’t have to rock that classic high heel to have a fairytale wedding—from spats to flats, we’re breaking down all the hottest non-traditional wedding shoes.


BORDELLO Womens Teeze-20 shiekhshoes.com $74.95





Womens Leather Loafers jcpenney.com $75.00


2” Heel Button Spat Ankle Boot in White and Black exotichighheels.com $54.95


shoesforcrews.com $47.98



Eastland® Classic II

Women’s Malenita Loafers 1.macys.com $89.00


41/2 Heel Button Knee Spats Costume Boot in White/Black exotichighheels.com $52.26

Formal weddings call for Black Tie Attire means you’re literally staying black and white from head to toe. That means this is your chance to put your inner James Bond and don a black tuxedo paired with a dress shirt, black bow tie, white pocket square, cufflinks and black patent leather shoes. You’re going all the way, baby!


THE GUYS’ GUIDE: WHAT TO WEAR TO A WEDDING To master the art of dressing for a wedding, we asked for some words of advice from Hendrik Pohl, who runs the menswear neckware shop Bows-N-Ties and has been both a wedding guest and a stylish groom. Here are his tips and best guys’ looks for your inspiration as you prepare for that next wedding invitation. The paramount principle of dressing for a wedding is all about knowing the level of formality of the event and understanding what that means for you. So before you start going through your closet or shopping for a new suit, find out if the wedding you’re going to is Formal, Semi-Formal or Casual.

Tuxedo, Michael Kors Trim Fit Wool Tuxedo; shop.nordstrom.com | White Shirt, Michelsons of London Slim Chevron Textured French Cuff Tuxedo Shirt; macys.com Black Bow Tie, Bows-N-Ties Mens Bow Tie in Solid Black; bows-n-ties.com | Cufflinks, Mont Pellier Elegant Silver Cufflinks Oval Shaped; bows-n-ties.com Pocket Square, Bows-N-Ties Solid White Handkerchief; bows-n-ties.com | Tuxedo Shoe, H&M Tuxedo Pumps; hm.com

emi-Formal Weddings call for a suit and can be paired with an assortment of Semi-Formal Weddings foryou a suit andout canand be paired an assortment of ylish menswear accessories that willcall help stand stylishlywith coordinate stylish menswear accessories that will help you stand out and stylishly coordinate th your date’s attire. Mix and match your ties, bow ties and pocket squares yoursuits date’s and match your ties,look bowthat ties is and th your best with tailored to attire. createMix a uniquely handsome all pocket yours. squares with your best tailored suits to create a uniquely handsome look that is all yours. Semi-Formal Weddings call for a suit and can be paired with an assortment of stylish menswear accessories that will help you stand out and stylishly coordinate with your date’s attire. Mix and match your ties, bow ties and pocket squares with your best tailored suits to create a uniquely handsome look that is all yours.


Blue Suit, Suitsupply Sienna Blue Plain; us.suitsupply.com | Blue Shirt, BOSS HUGO BOSS “Gorman” Regular Fit Easy Iron Check Dress Shirt; shop.nordstrom.com Plaid Tie, Bows-N-Ties Cotton Madras Tie in Green and Cream; bows-n-ties.com | Patterned Linen Pocket Square, Bows-N-Ties White Linen Pocket Square with Blue Dot Print; bows-n-ties.com Wingtips, Cole Haan Cambridge Wing Oxford; colehaan.com Blue Suit, Suitsupply Sienna Blue Plain; us.suitsupply.com | Blue Shirt, BOSS HUGO BOSS “Gorman” Regular Fit Easy Iron Check Dress Shirt; shop.nordstrom.com

Blue Suit, Plaid Suitsupply Sienna Blue Plain; us.suitsupply.com | Blue Shirt, BOSS HUGO BOSS “Gorman” Regular Fit Easy Iron Check Dress Shirt; shop.nordstrom.com Tie, Bows-N-Ties Cotton Madras Tie in Green and Cream; bows-n-ties.com | Patterned Linen Pocket Square, Bows-N-Ties White Linen Pocket Square with Blue Dot Print; bows-n-ties.com Plaid Tie, Bows-N-Ties Cotton Madras Tie in Green and Cream; bows-n-ties.com | ,Patterned LinenCambridge Pocket SquareWing , Bows-N-Ties White Linen Pocket Square with Blue Dot Print; bows-n-ties.com Wingtips Cole Haan Oxford; colehaan.com Wingtips, Cole Haan Cambridge Wing Oxford; colehaan.com

Don’t be fooled by the word “Casual” on a wedding invitation – that is a rookie mistake. This is not a cue to put on t-shirt and flip-flops (unless, of course, the wedding is on a tropical beach far from civilization and the couple specifically requested everyone wears flip-flops and t-shirts. Which is unlikely.) “Casual” means you still have to dress up for the occasion, but rather than wearing a tuxedo or a suit, you can mix and match a blazer with jeans or khakis. We recommend opting for a skinny tie with a tie bar to give it that extra bit of polish.

Blazer, Tombolini; yoox.com | White Shirt, Izod Solid Twill Button-Down Collar Dress Shirt; kohls.com | Chinos, Dockers Alpha Khaki Pant; zappos.com Saddle Shoes, J&M 1850 “Decatur”; shop.nordstrom.com | Gun Metal Tie Bar, Bows-N-Ties Gunmetal Gray Tie Bar in 1.5” Width; bows-n-ties.com Artisan Polka Dot Tie, Bows-N-Ties Sand Polka Dot Tie with Copper; bows-n-ties.com


Cory & Randy

Oviatt Penthouse, California Photography by: Derek Chad Photography - www.derekchad.com Cory and Randy celebrated their love with a ceremony on the rooftop of The Oviatt Penthouse surrounded by the buildings of Downtown Los Angeles. On October 10th, 2014 the men started their big day by helping each other get ready for the ceremony. Dressed to the nine’s in matching black bow ties, they prepared for one of the best days of their lives. Their urban wedding was held outdoors with a gorgeous view of the city. They shared their love and laughter in a flawless ceremony decorated with a bold black carpet

Wedding Date: Oct 10, 2014

leading down the isle that contrasted the beautiful white bouquets at the end of the rows of chairs. They exchanged matching wedding bands and said, “I do” in front of family and friends. A giant neon LOVE sign made for memorable photos not only for the couple, but all the guests as well. The men spent the evening on the dance floor with the DJ spinning their favorite tracks as they danced into happily ever after.

The Wedding Pros: Photographer:

Dress Store: Makeup Artist: Reception Venue: Dress Store: Jewelry: Floral Designer:

Derek Chad Photography www.derekchad.com Allure Bridals Bellezza Cristali www.oneatlanticevents.com Hotel Vitale San Francisco www.hotelvitale.com Joannaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bridal and Tailoring www.joannasbridalandtailoring.com Juicy Couture Leeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Florist & Nursery www.leesfloristnursery.com

The W Hotel South Beach, Florida Wedding Date: Jan 11, 2014 Photography by: LuvRox Photography - www.luvroxphotography.com

Chrissy and Jake’s idea of the perfect wedding took the form of an intimate backyard ceremony and reception for friends and family. With fun personal flourishes like beach cruisers, lawn games and antlers, this DIY wedding was the perfect reflection of their casual, fun-loving personalities. With details like cowboy boots, hand-painted signs, homemade blackberry pie and the time-honored tradition of carving each other’s initials into the bark of a tree, Chrissy and Jake’s big day felt like coming home.

The Wedding Pros:LuvRox Photography Photographer:


From the Bride: As childhood sweethearts, it was important for us to go back to the country setting in which we fell in love at 12 years old. We chose Crossed Keys Inn which is the picture perfect country setting, consisting of a huge, white billowy tent, a fire pit overlooking a valley, and acres of 18th century charm with farm houses, cottages, wild flower gardens, corn fields, and romance at every turn. We worked incredibly hard to ensure our personality and person touches were on every single aspect of the wedding. There were personalized welcome bags, a humorous church program, a “faux- first look” to allow us a few special moments before the wedding without losing the surprise of seeing me walking down the aisle, 100 days of love notes, personally designed invitations by the bride, the deacon officiating the ceremony knew the bride since she was a newborn, pictures of us throughout the years were spotted around each part of the wedding, an international beer bar highlighted the two years of traveling we did with each other, personalized signs for the bride’s grandfather by the fire pit and special dance with him after dessert since he was like a second father growing up. There was not an aspect of our day that did not go untouched.

The Wedding Pros: Photographer: Church: Reception: Dress: Shoes: Hair & Makeup: Professional:

Carla Ten Eyck Photography www.carlateneyck.com St. Mary’s Church Crossed Keys Inn Watters Wtoo www.watters.com Badgley Mischka www.badgleymischka.com Blush Couture – Stacey Palancia blushcouturedesign.com Dave Noonan of Carla Ten Eyck Photography - www.carlateneyck.com

Johanna & Scott tied the knot at an incredibly picturesque venue, The Westlake Village Inn, in Westlake Village, California. With a magnificent backdrop (wrought iron gazebo in the heart of a lush garden landscape), this couple said â&#x20AC;&#x153;I doâ&#x20AC;? surrounded by an intimate group of friends and family. The natural beauty of their surroundings coupled with their impeccable taste (Johanna rocked a gorgeous gown by Vera Wang) made this a grand affair for all involved. And with fun-to-photograph details like a vintage car and candy bar, this is a wedding the guests will be talking about for years to come!

The Wedding Pros: Photographer: Dress Designer: Floral Designer: Event Venue:

Sun-Dance Photography www.sun-dancephotography.com Vera Wang www.verawang.com Unique Floral Designs www.uniquefloraldesigns.com Westlake Village Inn* www.westlakevillageinn.com

U.S. flagship salon 6 2 5 M A D I S O N AV E N U E , N E W Y O R K BY APPOINTMENT 212-583-1700 AMSALE.COM

Profile for Bridal Beauty Magazine

Issue 5 - LOVE IS LOVE Jan/Feb 2015  

Bridal Beauty Magazine's first ever LGBTQ +issue.

Issue 5 - LOVE IS LOVE Jan/Feb 2015  

Bridal Beauty Magazine's first ever LGBTQ +issue.