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Bridal Ball Luxury Bridal & Honeymoon Expo

Meet hundreds of Brides and Grooms - Face to Face in just 1 day!

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Wedding One brings together the best wedding professionals in order to assist brides and grooms in planning their Big Day! We produce bridal shows that cater to the affluent bride and groom seeking luxury, superior service and quality. Our events are hosted at the BEST venues, with the BEST staff, and attract the BEST customers; customers who can appreciate quality and service.

Why is this Expo Different? Our team works individually with each vendor to make them successful. Your success is our success. We will guide you from booth display to offering promotions to follow-up after the show. We remain in constant communication with the vendor from the moment they register to be part of Bridal Ball. We are proud of our Extensive Advertising Program. Bridal Ball is constantly featured in the most elite bridal magazines, as well as on their websites and social media outlets. We have partnered with upscale bridal publications in an effort to brand Bridal Ball as the most elite bridal expo in Atlanta. Our advertising campaign also includes: social media, radio, in-store promotions, and email blasts.

Advertising Return on Investment (ROI)

Advertising Method Bridal Expo Referrals Direct Mail Bridal Magazine TV/Radio Online Advertisement Newspaper & Print Outdoor Advertisement Yellow Pages & Directories

Score Rank 9.5


8.9 7.5 7.1 6.2 5.6 3.2 1.5 1


Media Sponsors For each Bridal Ball we invest thousands in advertising. Bridal Ball has numerous media sponsors and you can find us in print, as well as on the magazine's website, social media pages, and in their email blasts. We work hard to brand Bridal Ball as a luxury expo and attract the right type of clientele for our vendors.

Luxury Bridal Publications - Sponsors

Beautiful Bride

Weddings Unveiled

Modern Luxury Brides


The Northside Bride

Perfect Wedding Guide


Hosted by Wedding One | 404-635-6862 |

Bridal Ball participation starting at $595 Booth Options

Single Booth – $595 - Approx 10x8 space - One (1) 6ft skirted table - Two (2) chairs

Double Booth – $995 - Approx 20x8 space - Customized booth display

Basic expo participation includes the following media advertising package:

An interactive experience: We strive to make our expo a completely interactive experience for the bride. We offer all our vendors an option to forgo the standard booth and instead create an interactive bridal experience. This type of participation is completely customized for your business. Some examples of this include: •

• •

Photographers taking photos at the expo. Why not take photos of the couples so they can see the quality of your work? We post all the expo photos, with the photographer’s stamp, to our social media outlets within 48 hours after the expo. Hair & make-up artists providing brides mini trial runs for hair & make-up. Set up a makeup station and show the brides how they can look on their wedding day. Spas setting up massage stations throughout the expo floor and providing brides and grooms with chair massages. We encourage vendors to sell gift certificates and merchandise at our expo. DJs and musicians performing live at the expo. We are happy to set-up a space for you to perform.

Please call one of our event designers to customize the expo experience for your business. We work individually with each business and create a solution that is most effective for your particular type of business.

Each registered vendor is highlighted on Facebook/twitter and all our social media outlets, including a link to their website.

Free ticket codes to email to your brides.

Bridal lead list containing contact information for all registered brides.

High resolution pictures taken at Bridal Ball. We have professional photographers taking photos at the expo, including shots of each individual vendor and their space. We share our photos with all our vendors for easy download. We want to help you build your portfolio.

We provide our vendors with flyers and videos for Bridal Ball to help promote your business participation. This material can be posted to your website, as well as all social media networks. Market yourself as a true professional and be associated with the most selective and luxury bridal expo in Atlanta.

Special discounts/promotions from our media partners to all Bridal Ball vendors. We negotiated special terms with our magazine and media sponsors and are passing along the savings to our vendors.

Bridal Ball Sponsorship Bridal Ball is always looking to partner with top wedding vendors. Sponsors are highlighted at Bridal Ball and receive inclusion in our extensive marketing campaign. Bridal Ball is featured in numerous upscale publications throughout Atlanta and we strive to partner with the best vendors in the wedding industry. Sponsorship is a very selective process; we want to be associated with the best wedding professionals Atlanta has to offer in an effort to make Bridal Ball a true luxury experience.

Draping & Decor

Live Performances

Draping & Decor adds to the ambiance at Bridal Ball. Tablescapes provide brides with a vision of what their wedding decor could look like. We are always looking to partner with draping & decor sponsors.

Performing live is a great opportunity to show brides your skills. Let brides see first-hand how well you perform so they can envision your performance at their wedding.

Print & Media

Photo & Video

Help us spread the word about Bridal Ball.

We work with top photographers and videographers to help capture the moments at Bridal Ball. After each Bridal Ball, we share our photos and videos with all our vendors and brides.

Welcome Bags

Door Prizes

At each Bridal Ball we distribute welcome bags to the first 100 brides and the first 100 grooms. These bags are typically re-usable totes. We are seeking vendors to provide the welcome bags or to provide a gift to put in each welcome bag.

Brides typically begin lining up more than 2 hours before the expo doors open. We work hard to give the brides a reason to line up! That is why we are always seeking vendors to participate in our door busters. If your company can offer a door prize for the first 100 brides or grooms, we want to hear from you.

Sponsorship Benefits • • • •

• •

Everything that is included in “Bridal Ball Participation”. Recognition on official expo website with company logo and hyperlink to your company’s site. Recognition on all social media outlets including Facebook/twitter with hyperlink to your company’s site. Company name/logo included in all expo advertising campaigns. The expo location, in addition to Wedding One, will be heavily advertising this event. Your company will be a central part of all advertising campaigns. This includes: - Print (All magazine advertisements) - Email Blasts (over 5,000 brides-to-be in the metro Atlanta area will receive the email blast) - Social Media Marketing - Radio Advertisements Company banners displayed in expo registration area (company to provide banners). Stage time to address all the brides and tell them about your services.

Customization for each sponsor: Each sponsor offers a different service and that is why we want to work individually with each sponsor to make this partnership a success. Please call Wedding One to discuss your business needs and we will create an event sponsorship package just for you and your business. We want you to be successful and customization based on business needs is essential. The above sponsorship details are just the beginning; we want to customize the entire experience for your business.

Bridal Ball Media Kit