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Annual Review 2021

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| Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners We are committed to supporting Reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian people. In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, we respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands upon which we live and work, the Toorbul, Jagera, Gubbi Gubbi and Ningy Ningy peoples. We wish to pay respect to their Elders, past, present and future and acknowledge the important role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people play within the Bric community.

About Bric Bric Housing (Bric) provides much-needed social and affordable housing to people at risk of, or who have experienced homelessness. As well as housing, Bric works with partners to provide support and opportunities to tenants to improve their health, access their community and enhance their employability and wellbeing. Our Vision

Our Values

A home, a life, a future

• Respect • Excellence • Integrity • Diversity

Our Purpose

Our Culture

Supporting People and Communities

Improving the lives of those we support

Certificate 1 Construction Trainee Group

| 1

2021 – Bric’s Year in Review

Key Milestones

October/November Revised Constitution Adopted Tenant Support Partnerships with Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul and Mission Australia

June/July Human Rights Policy Reviews Covid-19 service delivery in place Bric / BHC Partnership with Communify “Sustaining Tenancies”

Business System Migration to the Cloud Staff WHS Committee Established New Covid Response headleasing (61 properties) Opening of refurbished Jordan Terrace

July 2020 August/September Jordan Terrace Refurbishment Commences (23 units)

December Recruitment of new Asset Executive

Appointment of New Chair to the Board

Opening of refurbished Boundary Street (40 units)

Feedback and Complaints Policy Review

Mission Australia housing / support partnership in place Harcourt Street Refurbishment Commences (12 units)

2 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

May/June Tenant Satisfaction Survey Staff Engagement Survey Reopening of Kent Street, New Farm for older women

Jan/February New headleased properties for Moreton Bay (20 properties)

June 2021 March/April Partnering for Growth Project Approved Risk Management Independent Review Opening of refurbished Harcourt Street

| 3

4 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

Brodie is a current tenant with Bric and has graduated from the Certificate 1 in the Construction Course run at our Boundary Street property.

I was homeless before I came to Bric a year ago – I was here and there, in-between places. When I first moved to Brisbane I lived in a motel in Boondall for a month or two then I was homeless. It’s pretty tough being homeless in a city you don’t really know. I was lucky to have a mate who looked after me pretty well though. I’ve been with Bric since March 2021, starting out at Boundary Street then into a tenancy.

After I finish my Cert 1, I’m looking to get an apprenticeship and finish within the four years to get a qualification in the trade. Maybe I can even own my business. I’d like to travel and maybe live in other Australian cities too. Home to me, is somewhere you can go to be yourself and where you don’t have to worry. There’s been several times in my life where I’ve had a place to go but I wouldn’t consider it a home. I don’t think I’d be able to do it without the support I’ve been getting from Bric, Communify and everybody. I appreciate it.

Having a tenancy with Bric means a lot – I was homeless and you guys stepped in. I wouldn’t be able to kick the goals I’m kicking now if I didn’t have Bric backing me. To me, it’s been the catalyst for a lot. I’m doing a lot better than I was a year ago!

Brodie Bric tenant | 5

Chair and CEO Report Welcome to the 2020-21 Annual Report. While the year provided many challenges – particularly with the impact of COVID-19 – and its ongoing influence across all aspects of our lives, Bric has continued to deliver on its strategic initiatives. Bric provided a high-level of service to tenants; delivered an operating surplus of $79k; and commenced a number of business improvement and growth initiatives. Equally important - the objectives of the Strategic Plan continue to be met – as evidenced by the organisation’s performance. Indeed - in each of the four strategic areas - we achieved the goals we set ourselves. We have implemented projects; empowered our tenants; improved our processes; and delivered much-needed secure, affordable and appropriate housing.

Customer and Community Impact Bric established several key new partnerships during 2020-21 to assist with the support of our tenants. These partners included Communify Qld, Mission Australia, The Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul. Each partnership brings significant experience, knowledge and a deep commitment to ensuring that our tenants are well supported and ultimately successful. A reflection of this collective effort was found in the results of the 2021 Tenant Satisfaction Survey – with 87% of our tenants satisfied with the services we provide. Other headline results include 88% of tenants satisfied with the condition of their home, and 80% satisfied with our repairs and maintenance service. These results represent significant improvements from the 2019 survey – and reflect the ongoing professionalism and commitment of our staff, partners, and contractors. Our tenant focus was further enhanced with the development of a revised Tenant Outcomes Framework - which is structured around the organisation’s mission to provide a home and to contribute to a tenant’s quality of life and future prospects. This remains a fundamental commitment for our organisation with a number of strategies to be introduced over the next 12 to 18 months. Key themes will include tenant opportunities and involvement; tenant outcomes; and building communities.

6 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

Growth and Innovation The 2020-21 year was in many respects a foundation year for Bric – with a number of growth initiatives underway. Our Partnering for Growth application was approved by the Queensland State Government - and once complete – will see delivery of 18 new social housing apartments within the Redcliffe Region. Indeed, the project confirms the organisation’s capacity, capability, and appetite as a growth provider. In June, the Queensland State Government released its 2021-22 budget (together with the Housing and Homelessness Action Plan 2021-2025) which incorporates a range of significant initiatives designed to increase housing supply. From Bric’s perspective - the Queensland State Government is to be applauded for its commitment to the sector – with many of these initiatives providing opportunity for future growth and much-needed new housing. Our private headleasing program grew significantly with additional funding secured from the Queensland State Government. In this regard, a total of 80 properties were added to the organisation’s headleased portfolio – sourced predominantly from the Brisbane and Moreton Bay Regions. The impact of COVID-19 necessitated an upgrade to several of Bric’s buildings including Jordan Terrace (Bowen Hills), Harcourt Street (New Farm), and Boundary Street (Spring Hill). The refurbished buildings now provide tenants with greater amenity and a COVID-safe environment.

Governance and Organsational Excellence During the past year, we have consistently looked for more efficient ways of doing business, to reduce costs and enable reinvestment into the services we provide. To this end, we have achieved efficiencies in processes, reporting, service delivery and information technologies. Our asset strategy has undergone a comprehensive review – with a new Strategic Asset Management Plan that will ensure that the assets we own, and those that we manage on behalf of the Queensland State Government, are maintained in an efficient, compliant and cost-effective way. The organisation’s Risk Management Framework was independently reviewed and found that our processes, risk assessment and mitigation methodologies were appropriate for an organisation of our size and risk profile. Nevertheless, risk continues to be a key focus for the Board and Management - with a number of recommendations implemented following the review – including a revised monthly reporting framework.

The Board continues a renewal process as we welcomed new Board member Jo Jessop, CEO of Multicap. Importantly we acknowledged and celebrated the significant contribution made by Eddie Chung over the last 12 years. Eddie’s commitment and enthusiasm over such a long period are recognised and celebrated. We thank you Eddie for the invaluable service you have made.

People and Culture The 2021 Staff Engagement Survey was undertaken externally using a survey tool designed for the community housing sector. The survey provided overall positive results – with 85% of staff seeing progress - representing an 14% increase of the previous 2019 survey and 13% higher than the sector average. Staff engagement was 79% which is 1% higher than the sector average. We recognise that a strategic and comprehensive approach to managing our people and workplace culture is necessary to support the current and ongoing transformation of the organisation. In this regard, a new Valuing People Framework has been developed that will enable employees to contribute effectively and productively to the accomplishment of Bric’s mission and objectives. The Framework and its strategies will be rolled-out over the next 12-month period.

Thank you This is an exciting time for our organisation. We have many initiatives and innovative projects underway that will materialise over the next 12 to 18 months. This will strengthen Bric’s position as one of Queensland’s leading community housing providers. Our success relies on strong and effective partnerships with our stakeholders - which we continue to value and grow. We thank the Board for their continued support and significant input. To our staff, you continue to deliver exceptional results that serve to enhance the lives of some of Queensland’s most vulnerable. Julie Saunders Chair

Craig Brennan Chief Executive Officer

“ We have implemented projects; empowered our tenants; improved our processes; and delivered much-needed secure, affordable and appropriate housing.”

| 7

Treasurer and CFO Report

The 2020-21 financial year was a challenging year with the global pandemic continuing to provide disruption and uncertainty. Despite these challenges, Bric had a very successful year in achieving our strategic and operational objectives, resulting in a high level of tenant satisfaction, business growth and a well-managed financial platform resulting in our annual external audit receiving an unqualified audit report. Key summary financials for the year were as follows: • T he total operating income for the year amounted to $11,360K (2020: $9,934K) which represented growth of $1,426K or equivalent to 14.35%. The growth was underpinned by a solid business partnering relationship with the Queensland Government, jointly brokering housing solutions for the increased demand directly resulting from COVID. • O perating expenses amounted to $11,305K (2020: $9,793K) which represented a net increase of $1,512K, largely reflective of the cost to operate the new programs, specifically property lease and maintenance costs along with staffing costs. • T he total comprehensive surplus amounted to $80K (2020: $141K), another positive outcome of a greater than break-even trading result. The Balance Sheet for Bric remains strong with: • C ash and cash equivalents of $6,250K (2020: $6,328K) • T rade and other receivables of $553K (2020: $312K) • N et assets /members funds of $2,391K (2020: $2,311K)

Financial Outlook for 2021-22 • B ric will continue its key focus for the 2021-22 financial year to partner with the Queensland Government and assist with increasing the supply of affordable and secure housing. evelopment of the 18-unit development located • D in Redcliffe; construction works anticipated to commence in Quarter 3, 2021-22; and • I n addition, there will be continued and ongoing focus on: • m aximising the occupancy rates within the existing property portfolio • t enancy sustainment and pathways for the future • e nhanced strategic asset management and operational procurement efficiencies • t he continued adoption of fit for purpose technology solutions to drive efficiencies and further enhance positive outcomes for Bric’s tenants.

Appreciation We would like to thank the members of the Audit, Finance and Risk Committee and the Bric Board for their continued support and professional advice and strategic direction throughout the year. Special mention and appreciation to Allison Evans, the former Treasurer who resigned from this role during March 2021. Allison has made an enormous contribution to Bric over the years as Treasurer and as a Director and we’re very delighted that she has nominated to continue as a Director and her journey with Bric. In addition, we would like to thank our external auditors, Crowe, for their professional audit services for the 2020-21 financial year. Tim Murphy BBus, CA, FINSIA, GAICD Treasurer

Eoin Quinlivan FCCA Chief Financial Officer

8 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

| 9

I love working here – it’s been great for me. I started 5 years ago in the Asset Team and I’ve worked my way to be the Senior Housing Officer in the headleasing team. Bric really value their staff and you feel like you matter. For me, the day to day is pretty busy. I’ll usually be out in the morning with tenants and then back in the office in the afternoon. Its very tenant focussed.

You go out for a routine inspection, and you end of having a chat about an issue or unblocking their kitchen sink! I love it. I’ve seen some amazing changes in the live of tenants over the time I have worked for Bric. Quite a few of my tenants have come to us from living in their cars, including some with children. We make such a difference to their life – and it makes me feel lucky to be able to work in this industry and help people. Julie Brown, Senior Housing Services Officer

Julie Bric staff member 10 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

My role as a Tenant Services Officer is frontline and end to end. This means that I work with a person from the pre­allocation/ interview stage, then I manage the person’s day to day tenancy needs, as well as help identify and link them in with any supports that may be required. Then right through to assisting them to transition onto more permanent housing solutions – be that within our long-term housing programs, or out into the private rental market.

Giving our tenants a home gives them a secure base to start rebuilding their lives, often after periods of stress and uncertainty. The two best things about working for Bric - number one is knowing that you are helping people who are, or have gone through, some really tough times. Given that many of our tenants have high and complex needs, this can often be a very challenging role. The second best thing about working at Bric is the team we are a part of; we are all there to support each other with sage advice, a shoulder to cry on, another brain to help problem solve, or best of all, someone to have a good old fashioned laugh with! The Bric team really are like family. Teresa Bargo, Tenant Services Officer

I personally manage 86 tenancies so that means I have a connection with 86 households, I know who the household consists of, what each household is going through, what their needs are and what I can do from a tenancy management perspective to best help them sustain their tenancies.

Teresa Bric staff member | 11

Governance and Board

Bric Board Members pictured with Kate Raymond (2021 Board of Directors Nominee, second from left)

Bric is governed by a highly skilled and committed Board of Directors who provide expertise drawn from the private, not for profit and public sectors. The organisation has a comprehensive system of corporate governance and probity designed to provide appropriate levels of disclosure and accountability. In this regard, Bric has a number of guiding standards and policies embedded within the following documents and systems: • Bric Constitution • Bric’s Board Charter • Risk Management Plan • Fraud Control Policy Bric’s Committees continue to review, and where necessary, modify or amend these documents to ensure coherent and robust strategic, operational, financial and risk planning. The organisation also operates a rigorous system of risk oversight, management and internal control. Recently ratified and enhanced by an independent review of the framework, Bric’s approach is to identify, assess and manage risks that affect (or have the potential to) affect its business. This approach to risk management incorporates risk principles into the decision-making process at all levels, and overlays Bric’s management structure to engender a culture of personal responsibility to recognise and appropriately treat risk. 12 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

Key initiatives throughout 2020-21: Adoption of a new Constitution At the 2020 Annual General Meeting, Members considered and approved a special resolution to adopt a new Constitution. The Constitution had not been amended since 2014 and as such, a number of alterations were required to bring the Constitution in-line with current legislative provisions, corporate governance best practice and also current practices of Bric. Bric’s Constitution reflects its current activities; aligns with its current governance practices and maintains conformity with the preferences of the charities’ regulator, the Australian Charities & Notfor-profits Commission (ACNC); conformity with the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act); compliance with the Australian Charities and Not-forprofits Commission Act 2012 (Cth) (ACNC Act); and the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth) (Tax Act).

I ndependent review of the Risk Management Framework An independent review of Bric’s Risk Management Framework found that Bric’s processes, risk assessment and mitigation methodologies were appropriate for an organisation of our size and risk profile. A number of recommendations have been implemented following the review reflecting the key focus of the Board on risk.

The Board has established a Board Committee structure comprising:


Julie Saunders (Chair)

David Black (Deputy Chair)

Gillian Brown

*People Committee To assist the Board in Director and CEO recruitment, oversight of Board governance policies and practices and advising the Board on strategic human resource policies and matters of CEO recruitment, performance and remuneration. Gillian Brown (Chair) David Black

Tim Murphy (Treasurer)

Allison Evans

Hiro Kawamata

Joanne Jessop

Audit Finance and Risk Committee

Tenancy and Innovation Committee

To assist the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities for oversight of the quality, adequacy and integrity of the company finance, audit (internal and external), risk management practices assets and WHS practices.

To assist the Board in the governance and support of the Bric business strategy by focusing on key issues of growth/ innovation and pathway opportunities for tenants.

Tim Murphy (Chair)

Hiro Kawamata (Chair)

Allison Evans

Graham Billinghurst (non-Director)

David Black

Julie Saunders-(ex officio)

* People Committee renamed from Nomination, Remuneration and Governance Committee reflecting its broader remit including strategic human resources.

| 13

Board Julie Saunders

Allison Evans

BAppSc (Distinction) (Planning)


Board Chair

Board member since 2014. Allison brings over 17 years of experience in both the for profit and not for profit sectors. She has extensive experience in budgeting and forecasting as well as having worked in tax and advisory positions (preparation and lodgement of financial accounts and taxation returns). Allison has also been responsible for instigating business efficiencies through the implementation of contemporary accounting policies and procedures across finance departments and organisations.

Board Member and Chair since 2020. Julie is an urban planner and property specialist with over 25 years of experience working in diverse roles around the country. She is currently a Director at Urbis and has very wide experience across various levels of government, the not-forprofit sector as well as in the private sector.

David Black MBA, BInfTech, GAICD Board Deputy Chair Board member since 2018; and previously from May 2012 to November 2015. David is an experienced executive and information technology professional. David has significant expertise in business planning, portfolio management and effecting digital transformation across industries including construction, healthcare, utilities, mining, defence, and justice.

Gillian Brown LLB, Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Finance (FINSIA), MAICD Chair - People Committee Board member since 2020. Gillian, through a series of longstanding board appointments has a proven track record of delivering excellence in strategic thinking, financial management and legal knowledge with commercial acumen. Gillian was a Partner at a leading Australian law firm for over 20 years, including three years as the first female Chair of the firm. Gillian’s legal experience included advising across the entire lifecycle of financing projects and corporate transactions.

Tim Murphy BBus, CA, Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investment (FINSIA), GAICD

Hiro Kawamata BSc, MBA, Grad Dip Econometrics, AAPI, MAICD Chair – Tenant and Innovation Committee Board member since 2018. Hiro brings over 25 years of experience in property market analysis and strategic asset management in the private, government and notfor-profit sectors. He has extensive experience in social housing management including eight years as Executive Director responsible for the management of the 60,000 Queensland state owned social housing dwellings in the Department of Housing and Public Works and acting Deputy Director-General in the Department of Communities managing social housing as well as disability services, child safety and other social service-based properties.

Joanne Jessop MBA, FAICD Board Member since 2021. Joanne is a skilled and experienced director, having held roles across a broad range of NFP organisations for over 10 years. Jo has leadership skills and expertise across primary health care and human services sectors including commercial and NFPs. Jo has been CEO of Multicap Limited, a high needs disability service provider, since 2006.

Treasurer & Chair – AFRC Board member since 2020. Tim is a Chartered Accountant with more than 25 years’ experience as a finance professional, spanning industries including Government, manufacturing, and financial services. Tim’s most recent role was that of CFO for Sunwater, prior to that Tim was CFO for the Queensland Building and Construction Commission and spent five years as an Executive Director and CFO for The Public Trustee of Queensland.

14 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

A special thanks to Graham Billinghurst (a Member of the Tenancy and Innovation Committee), Laura Coroneous (a Member of the Audit Finance and Risk Committee until August 2021) for their contribution and assistance to the Board.

Executive Management Team Craig Brennan

Clare Phythian

MBA, B.Comm.

Manager, Governance, Compliance and Business Improvement & Company Secretary

Chief Executive Officer Craig was appointed as CEO of Bric in July 2019. Prior to that, Craig was the CEO of Pacific Link Housing – a Tier 1 registered community housing provider in NSW. Craig brings a wealth of housing sector experience and an impressive track record of success as a results-focussed and energetic leader.

Eoin Quinlivan

Clare has experience working in the housing sector in Australia, New Zealand and the UK in organisations varying from small and large NFPs, a peak-body representative training organisation and Government. Clare’s experience includes executive management, operational management and business improvement.


Ben Bransgrove

GM Corporate Services & CFO

Executive Manager Asset Services

Eoin is an internationally experienced executive with a strong finance and commercial background and extensive experience working in the private, public and not for profit sectors in Ireland, United Kingdom, United States of America and here in Australia.

Ben is an experienced asset, construction, and property development professional having successfully led highly functioning teams and delivered high-value projects in the private, not for profit, and government sectors across Australia and New Zealand. Over the last 16 years, he has pursued his passion for the community housing sector, working with Tier 1 and 2 community housing providers, and government overseeing asset management, property refurbishment and development projects.

Jane West Chief Operating Officer and Executive Manager Housing Services Jane is an experienced housing professional with policy, regulatory and project experience from senior management roles within government and housing providers in Queensland and UK.

| 15

16 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

Michelle is a migrant from Papua New Guinea. She has twins who are 6 years old.

It means a lot to me to be a tenant with Bric. I will forever be grateful to Bric. It has changed my life and my kids’ lives entirely. The little place that was given to us was not to my expectations. I never thought I would live in a place like that, especially with the kids having their own room and their own space and just us living as a family. For us to move in there the first time, it was unbelievable, and the services that have been provided by Bric are above and beyond.

What I like most about where I’m living now is the convenience. It is so close to everything; the shops, the bus station, the train station. Especially the school where my children go, its just 5 or 10 minutes’ walk up to the school and back home. It’s suitable and very convenient. Having a home to me means a lot. It means I can spend time with my kids. It means I have a safe place to live. Whether I eat or don’t eat it doesn’t matter, as long as I have a safe place for my kids. As long as my kids are safe and they have somewhere to call home. It means a lot to us.

In the future, I really want to work. I am doing a course right now. After completing my course, I will definitely be looking for a job and giving the best to my two kids. The course I am doing is Health Services. It is to do with community services and helping with disability. I took on the course because I myself have a disabled daughter and she inspires me every day. So she is one of the reasons I am taking the course so whatever I learn I can practice with her at home.

Michelle Bric tenant | 17

Our Strategy

Mission Bric provides affordable and secure housing solutions for those in the Bric assists its tenants to sustain tenancies and where possible, achieve

Our Vision

Our Purpose

A home, a life, a future

Supporting People and Communities

Strategic Pillars Customer & Community Impact

Drive Growth & Innovation

Engage with tenants, partners and our community to deliver positive outcomes for tenants & the community.

Achieve growth & innovation to build sustainability & tenant outcomes.

Strategic Initiatives Engage with tenants and stakeholders to ensure Bric services are aligned with and fulfilling their needs. Collaborate with partner organisations to improve and enhance tenant outcomes and Bric service capabilities. Influence community expectations and sector development positively by sharing Bric successes and research findings.

18 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

Engage and innovate with stakeholders to maintain sustainable programs. Grow support services & pathway programs in response to market & sector changes & opportunities. Develop new & additional sustainable business activities with or without partner organisations to complement existing capabilities & capacity.

community who are disadvantaged. independence within the mainstream housing market.

Our Values

Our Culture

• Respect • Excellence • Integrity • Diversity

Improving the lives of those we support

Strategic Pillars Governance & Operational Excellence

People & Culture

Ensure the robust governance framework delivers sustainable & efficient Housing, Asset and Community Services.

Nurture a professional & committed culture where our people are enriched by the positive social outcomes delivered to tenants.

Strategic Initiatives Drive and deliver market leading and customer focused Housing Services that are commercially efficient and sustainable.

Provide a framework for an engaged team that supports a high level of performance & organisational capability.

Manage our assets effectively and provide appropriate housing through professional asset maintenance and supplier management.

Ensure the safety and health of the workplace for staff, stakeholders, and the community.

Ensure we have robust governance, quality assurance, and compliance systems and practices that are compliant with service contracts, regulatory requirements and community expectations.

| 19

Our Services and Programs

Bric provides crisis, transitional and long term social housing under a range of programs in partnership with the Queensland Government.

Long term housing: Bric owns or manages around 300 dwellings to provide long term stable accommodation. The majority are one bedroom and two-bedroom units, many in the Moreton Bay region.

The housing options vary:

Private headleasing properties: Bric provides around 200 units of accommodation for families and single households through headleasing individual units and houses from private owners, in the Brisbane and Moreton Bay regions. This program increased significantly during the year from approximately 120 to 200 dwellings.

• M ost of our accommodation (approx 70%) is a ‘transitional’ step to longer term social or private market housing. • S ome accommodation is ‘long term’, where people have a need for long term social housing. • T here are also some more specialist programs, for example our Supported Accommodation complex in Redcliffe, where tenant support is provided onsite by Open Minds. • B ric, in partnership with Mission Australia, offers crisis accommodation at Boundary Street, Spring Hill.

“ My Rental Home Now are very happy to have Bric Housing as one of our Tenants, with Julie Brown in charge of managing the tenancies it is a smooth process for us and our owners, she makes sure that the properties are being looked after through all stages of the tenancy and we will always highly recommend Bric to our Landlords.” Katie Organ, Head of Property Management, My Rental Home Now 20 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

Studios and Boarding Rooms: Bric manages nearly 340 units of transitional accommodation. Most of these are studio units and many are located in the inner suburbs of Brisbane.

Crisis Accommodation in partnership with Mission Australia: Provides 24/7 supported housing for 40 tenants who each have their own bedroom/ living room kitchenette. 21 properties for refugees and asylum seekers were also provided to assist during the pandemic. Supported Housing: Delivers accommodation to 16 tenancies in Redcliffe. Bric provide property and tenancy management, with Open Minds providing onsite support to tenants with mental health or other support needs.

“ Bric just doesn’t give you a place and then ignore you, if you have a problem they will send in help very quickly, our workers treat us with respect, at Glenn Road you, Valerie, were always advocating for us to be housed. Bric is awesome, Johanna is lovely and very supportive. They act fast and put supports around you, once you walk through the first support ‘door’ then there are more supports available. Love our homes.” Jade, Lavina and Michelle

Services to tenants Services to tenants are delivered both through the Housing Services and Asset Services teams, which manage tenancy and property portfolios based on a combination of place, program and specialisation. The key drivers for service delivery to tenants include providing secure housing at affordable rents for tenants and their families, and ensuring assets are well maintained and efficiently utilised. Bric strives to engage tenants to form positive and effective relationships and works with partner agencies to support tenants to maintain their tenancy, improve their lives and participate in their community of choice.

Number of Tenancies



Brisbane Moreton

| 21

I work on vacant properties, planned maintenance, inspections and lots more!

It’s really interesting to see things from the inside after working with Bric for so long. The team deal so compassionately and patiently with tenants – always going above and beyond.

I’ve been in the building industry for over 30 years. I’ve previously been involved with QBuild and Department of Housing so I have a good sense of this sector and housing homelessness issues. I think everyone has a right to live somewhere safe and secure. Bric is a big provider of this.

Just the other day, we had a tenant leave their unit, despite all our efforts to prevent this. One of the team went and found him in a park, checked if he was OK and asked him if he needed anything while trying to get him to return to his tenancy. That’s just amazing!

The project to help people through a Cert 1 in Construction is great – there’s such a shortage of contractors in the building industry.

Rowena Tevlin, Asset Services Coordinator

Rowena Bric staff member 22 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

I work in the Finance team – I started as a temp but have now been here for almost 5 years.”

We help out tenants find a safe place to live and that is one of the most important things in a person’s daily life. When people don’t have a safe place to live, they lose their focus on the future.

There’s two main reasons I enjoy working for Bric. Firstly, the team that I’m working with are very nice people and we support each other.

In my role we don’t often have direct contact with tenants, but we do our best to help the other teams to support our tenants by providing accurate information and helping them see where their tenants are at with financial balances. We can work together to help our tenants in many different ways.

Also, I’m not from Australia originally and when I first came here, things were difficult and I got a lot of help from the locals. I’ve thought about how to repay that and help other people as well. I did work for some commercial companies, but you feel like you are just there for money. To be able to work for a not-for-profit is great as I know what I do is supporting the community.

Eric Huang, Finance Officer

Eric Bric staff member | 23

Our Tenants

Number of households assisted during 2020/21 =


Number of individuals assisted during 2020/21 =


Tenant Age Profile

Tenant Household Composition

Tenant Gender Profile


8% 10%


26% 3%










13% 19% <18 18-23 24-34

35-44 45-54

55-64 >=65

Single Couples

Single with 1+ child Family with 1+ child

Households who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander as Percentage of Tenancies Number of Households Assisted by Program 450


400 350




250 200 150 100


50 0 Long term

Studios+boarding rooms

24 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

Private headleases

Supported housing

69* Crisis accommodation

*Figure is for part year (December to June).


Listening to our tenants The 2021 Tenant survey looked at five main areas: • Housing Services

“Bric Housing has been a fantastic support for me over the years” Bric sees a home as key to improving people’s lives, so we were very happy to see 83% of tenants stating that their life has improved since living in a Bric property. “Bric has given myself and my 2 children the most incredible lifeline by helping us”

• Repairs and Maintenance • Complaints • Communication and Engagement • Neighbourhood and Quality of Life Nearly a third of all tenants responded to the survey. We were delighted that 87% of tenants indicated they were satisfied with the services provided by Bric - a significant increase from 2018 (77%). Surveys are a valuable tool to indicate areas for improvement. While we are pleased that 3 out of 4 tenants (75%) say they are satisfied with the way Bric involves tenants, we would like to see that number even higher in the future. Bric is committed to involving tenants in decisions that affect them as well as their local community and tenant groups.

“Having stable accommodation and support from Bric Housing has been a huge part of me trying to get my life back on track” 88% of tenants are satisfied with the condition of their home. And a similar number (85%) are satisfied with the quality of the repairs carried out. “Bric housing were there for me at the lowest point of my life and gave me and my daughter a place to call home. Bric housing have been really good with communication and repairs. I’m very thankful I found Bric housing”. Furthermore it’s important to us to put things right when required. Over half of those who made a complaint told us they were satisfied with the way it was handled. “We are very satisfied by the help we have received from Bric with a couple of issues this year that were promptly dealt with”





Overall satisfaction

of tenants think their life has improved since living in a Bric property

of tenants are happy with the information and communication they receive from Bric

of tenants are satisfied with how Bric involves tenants





of tenants are satisfied with the condition of their home

of tenants are satisfied with the quality of the repairs carried out

of tenants like their neighbourhood as a place to live

of tenants are satisfied that their rent is value for money | 25

26 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

Kim has recently moved on from a tenancy with Bric to live in her own house bought privately.

I started my tenancy with Bric in 2017. Before that I was homeless and couch surfing with friends. Having a tenancy with Bric meant having a home, a place to live, somewhere I could feel safe.

My goal was to buy a new car, but I thought about it and instead put it towards a deposit for a house. Without having an affordable place to live that Bric had offered I would not have been able to achieve this. My home means the world to me, to have a safe and secure place to live.

There was a notice on the community wall at the local shopping centre, for a course in individual support – I signed up pretty much that day. I was caring for my Aunt when she was ill, so I knew this was something I wanted to do. When I completed my study, I got a job straight away. I was happy. I started saving.

Kim Bric tenant | 27

Working in Partnership

Communify Sustaining Tenancies Team A valuable support service for Bric inner city tenants – the Communify Sustaining Tenancies Team continue to work with tenants where their tenancies are at risk – providing a range of supports including mental health, alcohol and other drugs, domestic cleaning and property care, and access to community based health and social inclusion activities. There is also an employment training service as part of the team – which has seen 60 Bric tenants benefit from access to advice, employment opportunities, and training courses over the past 18 months. We are grateful to Brisbane City Council who fund the team under the ‘Pathways out of Homelessness Grant Program’ and we value the partnership with Communify Qld and Brisbane Housing Company Ltd.

Bric is working closely with The Salvation Army on an innovative model of housing and support - for families experiencing domestic and family violence. Bric headleases a property from the private market, and the Salvation Army provide support to the tenant. We work together to address any tenancies issues early on, and to provide safe and secure accommodation to vulnerable families. We acknowledge the support of the Queensland Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy for this program.

Keeping people housed and safe after COVID – headleasing with mobile support

Liz, Wendy and Bonnie from the Sustaining Tenancies Team with Jane (Bric)

Mission Australia – Boundary Street Bric and Mission Australia are breaking new ground through a partnership to provide crisis accommodation in the inner city.

Salvation Army – support for families experiencing domestic and family violence

“ We have safe accommodation because of the wonderful support workers and security.”

The newly refurbished boarding house at Matty Boundary St, Spring Hill provides tenants with their own bedroom and living room/kitchenette, and onsite 24-hour support from Mission Australia. Bric works closely with tenants to manage their tenancies and provide opportunities to transition to longer term accommodation. Thanks to the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy for funding the refurbishment and running costs. 28 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

Bric provided a quick and agile response – providing headleased properties for those in emergency accommodation during COVID response. Funded by the Department of Housing, Bric leased 60 properties, and worked with The Salvation Army, Mission Australia and St Vincent de Paul, to provide supported accommodation to vulnerable tenants. Staff worked collaboratively, supported by a ‘Community of Practice’, to develop a ‘person centred’ approach to support the new tenants many of whom had a history of homelessness.

Our thanks to the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy We greatly value the work of many colleagues and partners in the Department of Housing over the last 12 months. We acknowledge the spirit of partnership fostered with the sector. We thank the Department for their strong support to Bric to develop innovative models of housing for some of Queensland’s most vulnerable households.

Communify – Certificate 1 in Construction Bric has partnered with Communify Qld to deliver a paid traineeship in construction skills for twelve tenants, with each of the twelve trainees having good prospects for employment in a booming construction industry. The group have undertaken building projects at Bric properties, including fencing, landscaping and minor refurbishment works. Thanks to Skilling Queenslanders for Work (SQW) for their support and also to Bunnings and Big River Group who have extensively supported the work with free materials for projects at Bric properties.

“ This course has been amazing, it has helped with many areas of my life. I have purpose now, I have strong friendships from this course, we had to learn how to get along, that is a skill in itself, I want to come back for the next course and be the 2IC and motivate others to do it.” Lavina

“ This course has given me opportunities that I never had before.” Khin

Mission Australia – Older Women Project Bric has reached out to an ‘invisible’ cohort – older women at risk of homelessness – many of whom have not needed help in the past, but now find themselves now homeless or at risk of homelessness. The Mission Australia Older Women Project has worked alongside Bric to support older women into safe and secure housing with shared facilities – a boarding house in New Farm. We acknowledge the support of the Queensland Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy for this program.

Moreton Bay Place Based Response Team Bric is an active participant in the Moreton Bay Place Based Response Team (PBRT), which meets monthly to support and coordinate housing and homelessness services across the region. This provides a valuable opportunity to provide regional leadership across government and non-government agencies, and to promote place-based initiatives and service integration.

New Farm Patrons Group Thank you to the Patrons Group who funded furniture and other items at Kent Street, and also welcome packs at Harcourt Street.

This is just a selection of our many partnerships that help support Bric tenants. We want to thank every organisation and individual who has worked with us over the year. We couldn’t do it without you!

| 29

Participants in the Certificate 1 in Construction Course

Bric wishes to thank all its partners for their support.

• B unnings • B ig River Group • C ommunify Qld

Program funders

• O z Harvest

• D epartment of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy

• S econd Bite

Donors • M cCullough Robertson • A ll Districts Plumbing • B ric Members • C orporate Momentum • T enant Families • S MPR • N ew Farm Patrons Group

30 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

Formal Support Partnerships • C ommunify Qld • B risbane Housing Company • M ission Australia • O pen Minds • T he Salvation Army • S t Vincent De Paul

Close working relationships and partnerships

• Q ueensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma Inc (QPASTT)

• 3 rd Space

• U nder 1 Roof

• A ccess Street Vans

• U nitingCare

• A ftercare

• W esley Mission

• A nglicare Southern Queensland

• Y FS Ltd

• A ustralian Community Support Organisation (ACSO)

Support from government

• A ustralian Red Cross

State Government

• T he Brekky Club

• D epartment of Communities, Housing and Digital Economies

• Brisbane Housing Company Ltd • B risbane Youth Service

• Q ueensland Police Service

• C hurches of Christ Care in Queensland

• D epartment of Seniors, Disability Services, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships

• E ncircle • F lourish Australia

• D epartment of Children, Youth Justice, and Multicultural Affairs

• F ootprints

• Q ueensland Health

• H art 4000

• P ublic Trustee of Queensland

• I nala Youth Service

• O ffice of the Adult Guardian

• I nstitute of Urban Indigenous Health

• Q ueensland Corrective Services


• Q ueensland Fire and Emergency Services

• L ives Lived Well

• R esidential Tenancies Authority

• M icah Projects

Local Government

• N eami National

• B risbane City Council

• N ew Hope Church

• M oreton Bay Regional Council

• N orth West Youth Accommodation Service • O zCare • Q ueensland Aids Council • Q ueensland Corrective Services (Probation & Parole Services) • Q ueensland Injectors Health Network (QuIHN). • Q ueensland Positive People

Sector leadership We acknowledge the work of CHIA, CHIA Qld, Q Shelter, CSIA and QCOSS in providing industry support and leadership to the community housing and homelessness sectors in Queensland.

Service providers/corporate partners We appreciate the support of our corporate partners, who include: • B ank of Queensland • C ommercial & General Insurance • C omputer One • K O & Co Architects • D istinct Voice Communications • C rowe • M cCullough Robertson Lawyers

Community of Practice | 31

Our People Providing social and affordable housing is complex and challenging, and we recognise that our people are key to the success of Bric. We are working hard to embed a culture which maximises staff engagement, facilitates learning and development, and attracts new team members to work with Bric.

What our staff tell us Our 2021 staff survey provided an encouraging snapshot of the views of Bric staff, as well as helping guide future priorities.


of survey respondents indicated they were satisfied with the organisation’s progress and success in delivering outcomes.

This is up 14% on the 2019 survey.


feel a sense of loyalty and commitment to Bric

are passionate and engaged in their work with Bric


agreed with “I understand how my job contributes to the overall success of Bric Housing”


agreed that “My team members and I work well together”

32 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021



agreed with “The way Bric Housing is run has improved over the last year”

My role is to support a team of Tenant Service Officers who provide the front-line services to our tenants. My aim is to always be fair and equitable; to achieve the best outcome possible for our tenants; and to treat all people with compassion, dignity, and respect.

Secure housing is the first (and most) essential piece of the puzzle for people to improve their lives. Having stable and affordable accommodation is one less thing to worry about and people can plan for their future, including seeking employment opportunities, further education, developing friendships, and becoming a part of their local community. Steven Dunbar, Housing Services Manager

I love that every day is different; that we are truly making a difference to people’s lives; and the dedication and compassion shown by all Bric Housing staff is always inspiring to me.

Steven Bric staff member | 33

34 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021

Phillip was housed in one of newly funded headleasing units with the support of the Salvation Army, having come from homelessness.

I’ve been a tenant for around a year after a period living rough, in and around Milton. I was diagnosed with leukemia, and I fell out with my family. I was coming to and from the hospital and then rough sleeping. The opportunity that Bric has given me is really important and I’ve needed that support with chemotherapy.

We’ve had some ups and downs – when I get too stressed about things. Having a tenancy gives stability it’s solidifies things. The housing market is out-of-control. I’m retraining and that can’t be rushed, I couldn’t afford to stay in housing. In the future, I want to live in Caloundra and study. That’s an achievable goal and that’s what Bric has done for me. You’ve given me self-worth.

This journey is for me. I’m not working to prove myself to anybody but myself. That’s what Bric has helped me to achieve. Now I’m swimming most days – it’s good for my back.

Phillip Bric tenant | 35

Asset Management

Asset Services are responsible for all aspects of the maintenance of Bric assets – both owned and under management.

Bric values its close working relationship with the Department of Housing as we continue to ensure that Department-owned assets are maintained and refurbished. Bric’s housing portfolio requires a substantial investment in planned maintenance and 2020/21 has seen a significant investment in planned, upgrade and refurbishment work as outlined below:

The team takes a strategic approach to asset management and the delivery of effective maintenance services by;

Upgrades by Bric/ Dept. of Housing Smoke detector

• Routine quality and property condition surveys; • Making sure buildings remain compliant, secure, and comfortable; • Ensuring value for money through tendering, quotes and understanding market value; • Managing effective procurement outcomes from contractors; and • Delivering viable outcomes so housing remains sustainable into the future. We strive for continuous improvement in maintaining homes and delivering asset services. The 2021 tenant survey outlines that we are meeting and exceeding sector benchmarks with at least 70% of respondents having a repair completed in the last 12 months. These results are detailed below: Property Condition: Repair Service Delivery: Repair Quality:

88% 85% 90%

Ceiling Fans


Internal Painting






• Kitchen Upgrade


• Hot Water System


• Air-Conditioner


• Fire Panel


• Bathroom Upgrade


• Roofs, gutters, and downpipe


• Fencing


• Stairs and Balconies


• Paving


• External Painting


• CCTV System


36 | Bric Housing Annual Review 2021


Property Type as at 30 June 2021

Completed Maintenance Requests 2021 Responsive





Monthly Average

360 Cyclical



Total Monthly Average

154 Planned

Boarding Rooms:



Total Monthly Average

126 11

Increasing Supply Bric’s is working to increase the supply of social housing and is pursuing several development opportunities in partnership with the Queensland Government. Redcliffe Development Bric has secured a parcel of land in located in Redcliffe and in partnership with the Queensland Government will construct 18 fully self-contained 1-bedroom apartments.

On completion tenants will enjoy amenities such as: • fully landscaped property • secure lobby and lift access • modern design and finishes • quality fixtures and fittings • private balconies • cross ventilation capturing prevailing breezes • car parking

The site is ideally located within a short walking distance of a supermarket, medical facilities, Queensland TAFE, and provides easy connection to public transportation. The building has contemporary architectural design, blending positively into the community and meets current liveability and adaptability standards as outlined by the Liveable Housing Design Guidelines.

| 37

Bric Housing 07 3230 5555 | PO Box 688, Spring Hill, Qld 4004 First Floor, 56 Little Edward Street, Spring Hill, Qld 4000 ACN 128 191 882 | ABN 60 128 191 882

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