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Landscape Architecture Portfolio Brice Tegeler

Brice Tegeler 4508 49th St. Des Moines, IA 50310 515.421.2968


Motivated, recent graduate, seeking to use and grow my skills in an entry level position in community and urban landscape design.


Iowa State University – Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, 2018

Minor in Urban Studies, 2018 Rome Study Abroad Program, Spring Semester 2017 Student Society of Landscape Architects, 2015 – 2018 Friley Dorm, Noble House Vice President, 2014 - 2015

Johnston High School – High School Diploma, 2009 - 2013

ACE Mentorship Program, 2013 Technology Student Association, 2010 - 2013 Disaster relief service trips to Joplin, MO and Oklahoma City

Work Experience

Iowa Outdoor Products, Urbandale, Iowa - May 2015 – Present

Landscape Design Intern – drafting base maps, creating/ assisting in the creation of designs, creating cost

estimates, setting up appointments, meeting with and presenting designs to clients.

Iowa State University Parks Library, Ames, Iowa, - September 2015 – May 20018

Stacks Management – responsible for shelf reading and pickup, shifting books in the library and library storage building, moving books from temporary selves to their location in the library.

ACE Hardware, Des Moines/ Ames, Iowa - May 2014 – May 2015

Sales Associate – assisting customers in finding products for their projects, running the register, basic maintenance and clean up.




Drawing Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator Adobe Lightroom AutoCAD Revit ArcGIS SketchUp Microsoft Office

Jacob Eddy – Iowa State University Library, Stacks Operations Manager 103 Parks Library 701 Morrill Rd. 50011Ames, Iowa p: 515-294-0444 e: Julie Stevens – Iowa State University, Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture Department 158 College of Design Ames, IA 50011 p: 515.294.6927 e:

David Rowe – Iowa Outdoor Products, Head Designer 3200 86th St. Urbandale, IA 50322 p: 515.277.6242 e:

Projects Des Moines Federal Courthouse


Mitchell Elementary


Osmosis Park

Outdoor Classroom Design Build

Iowa Outdoor Products







Des Moines Federal Courthouse Des Moines, IA

This was a multi-disciplinary project where I worked with two Architecture students and one Interior design student to create a project that would me both the city and feds needs for the site. The city wants a private development with commercial and residential for the site, which is in a prime location in downtown Des Moines along the river. The feds want a courthouse on the site because of the visibility of its location but they also need it to meet security requirements. Our challenge was to incorporate both into the site, while creating a cohesive design through all three disciplines.

Site Plan

Courthouse Entrance Raised Seating Area

+ Raised Planter Terraced Seating Outdoor Bar/ Cafe Seating Raised Seating Area Fountain Raised Planter


The concept for the plaza design is influenced by two main ideas. The first is respecting Des Moines identity. We achieved this by aligning our landscape plan and building forms along the 15°difference in the two Des Moines grids. The second is allowing pedestrians to move through the site to the riverfront without obstruction. We addressed this by leaving an opening between our courthouse tower and our south mix use building, which are connected by a bridge that frames the city hall on the other side of the river. The form of the mix use buildings also leads people into the site at 2nd and locust by terracing down and forming a gap.


Des Moines Federal Courthouse Des Moines, IA View From 2nd + Locust

View From Grand Ave. Bridge


The plaza design incorporates raised seating areas that provide space for people to sit and for commercial tenants to have outdoor seating or sale space. This includes outdoor seating for a ground level bar and cafĂŠ along the Riverwalk. The design also utilizes raised planters and walls to guide people through the plaza and break up the space. Last we incorporated terraced seating that leads up to a commercial space on the second level of the west mix use building.

View toward entrance

View toward city hall


Mitchell Elementary - Concept Philadelphia, PA

This project is a community based design for Mitchell Elementary schoolyard. Mitchell is located in Southwest Philadelphia in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the city. It is also one of the lowest preforming schools in the state, although they are beginning to see improvements. The schoolyard currently has a playground structure and an outdoor amphitheater, however the site is still very exposed with little shade and a lot of hardscape. This has led to the community perceiving the space as not safe and they have little sense of ownership for it. Our goal for the project was to build that sense of own-

ership and pride through community involvement in a 3 phased approach. This was a group project with 3 other students. We all worked on initial research, analysis, and designs. For the final product I was responsible for creating illustrative sections for each phase of the design and touching up renderings. I was also responsible for creating a narrative booklet that was given to stakeholders and goes into detail on our analysis, research, features of each phase of the design, and schematic design documents.

Temporary play structures that would be designed and built by students and community members.


Mitchell Elementary - Community Input Philadelphia, PA

The programs that our group determined were of the highest need for Mitchell were based on written and photo surveys we gave to the students, teachers, and community members to fill out. We included these programs into various phases of the design based on their cost and ease of implementation.


Mitchell Elementary - Phases Philadelphia, PA

Student Painted Murals Student Built Garden Beds

Programed Event Space Games Painted Onto Pavem

Site Section

The focus of this phase was to build a sense of ownership of the space. Students and commu tures for play and learning. The design also provides space for programed events that could a such as a summer movie night.

Temporary Shade Structure Stormwater Management

Expanded Ampthiter Stage Lighting

Planters W


Site Section

This phase focused on transitioning some features of the school yard into a more permanen durable. This will be done with the help of grants, such as the Philadelphia Storm water Gran Public Workshop, and local community members. Some temporary structures and programm phase as the school sees fit.

Turf Field Permanent Shade Structure

Permanent Plante Permanent Seating

Site Section


The final phase focuses on implementing remaining permanent design features. These would them. The various features address most of the programing that the students, teachers, and c space.


Movie Night Temporary Planters W/ Seating

unity members will build temporary strucactivate the space outside of school hours,

Outdoor Classroom Nook

W/ New Trees

nt implementation that will be more nt, as well as local non-profits, such as ming would be carried through to this

World Magnetic Field Entrance

ers Relocated Garden Boxes

be built as the school gets funding for community members wanted for the


Mitchell Elementary - Phase III Philadelphia, PA

1. Turf Field 2. Expanded Stage 3. Shade Structure

4. Stormwater Management System 5. Hard Surface Games 6. Basketball Courts

7. Movie Screen 8. Painted Schuylkil 9. Outdoor Classro

9. 7.





2. 4. 3.



ll River Diagram oom Nook

10. World Magnetic Field Diagram 11. Planters With Seating 12. Existing Playground Structure

13. Swing Structure 14. Garden Boxes

14. 11. 12. 13.



Osmosis Park Ames, IA

This was a group project done for Iowa State Research Park and Story County Conservation. The goal was to design a new County Park in-between an old and new phase of the Research Park. The County wanted to use the new park as a demonstration ground for best management practices that could be used for education purposes by groups of all ages. The Managers of the Research Park also wanted to use the area for passive recreation and create outdoor meeting places for workers. Our master plan called for creek restoration features, reintroducing native ecological landscapes, and creating connections to the city and regional trail systems. My part of the design focused on creating bioswales between buildings and parking lots that will be constructed in the new phase of the research park.

Workiva Offices Regional Bike Trail Head Food Truck Terraced Water Feature Wetland Prairie Bioswales

Core Facility

Master Plan

Bioswales Plan

Retention Basin

Bioswales Trails Buildings Parking Lots


Osmosis Park - Bioswales Ames, IA

A Planting Plan

A - Building Section B

B - Parking Lot Section


Osmosis Park - Bioswale Technical Drawings Ames, IA




BAT Designs



1" = 30'-0"

Future Phases

Future Phases

Walking Path

Building 2


Future Phases

Pedestrian Bridge


Road Bridge

Plaza Basin

Building 1


BAT Designs


Layout Plan

ISU Research Park Bioswales Ames IA

Parking lot

L 0.02

5 L7.01

2 1/2" 2 1/2"

Metal Plate

Bolt Attachment



3 1/4"




6 L7.01

3 1/4"

7 1/4"


2 3/4" 2 1/2"

Bolt Attachment Bolt Attachment


Bridge Railing Joint 4:1

2'-4 1/4"

1 1/4"

1 1/4" 3

Pedestrian Bridge Section 2 1'-0"=1'-0"

8 1/2"

4'-4 3/4" 5'

1 1/4"

8 3/4"


7 3/4"



31'-8 1/2" 33' 2 1/2"


1 1/4"

Pedestrian Bridge Plan View 6"=1'-0"






7 L7.01


4 L7.01



7' 12'-9 1/4"

28'-10 3/4"


2'-4 3/4"

Disrupted Soil







7 3/4"

1 1/4"




Soil 4


Pedestrian Bridge Enlargement 1'-0"=1'-0"


6' 1

Pedestrian Bridge Section 1 6"=1'-0"

L 7.01

Bridge Details

Bridge Truss Joint

ISU Research Park Bioswales Ames IA


Bridge Truss Joint

Outdoor Classroom Design Build - Nebinger Elementary Philadelphia, PA


Seating Area

Stairs & Classroom

This project was a design build in my 5th year studio class. It is located at Nebinger Elementary in Central Philadelphia. The school was in need of outdoor classrooms that enhanced the learning of their curriculum and created access into a storm water management area within the school yard. The design is made primarily from large and small tree logs. It was designed to be tactile to encourage interaction. It was also designed to be movable so that it can be changed by the teachers and students in case of areas becoming wet or the needs of the school change. It was built over the course of two days with our studio class leading students in teams to trim and clear areas of plant material, move larger logs into position, and build log steps down into the bed. This is the first phase of the build, with more elements being added by other groups later in the semester and the next year.


Iowa Outdoor Products - Design Build Urbandale, IA

During the summers of 2015 - 2017 I interned for Iowa Outdoor Products, a design- build company located in Urbandale Iowa. While working for them I created many hand drawn design proposals for residences under the guidance of David Rowe, the head designer for IOP. This first design was created for a client who is an amature meteorologist. His main request was to incoporate a path from his house to weather instruments located on a terrace in the backyard. This design is primarily shade plants and incoporates naturalistic design throughout the front and backyard as well as a more contemporary design surrounding the steps leading up to the home from the drive way.


Iowa Outdoor Products - Mycka Residence Des Moines, IA

This hand drawn design has been fully constructed as shown. It was created for a small home with a steep topographical change from the front to backyard and replaced existing overgown plantings in the front. It is mostly shade plants as there are large over story trees. The design is naturalistic and incoporates rebuilt boulder walls, as well as a stone path that connects the front stoop directly to the sidewalk.


Photography Various Locations


2018 Landscape Architecture Portfolio  

Undergraduate Portfolio

2018 Landscape Architecture Portfolio  

Undergraduate Portfolio