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How to Become a Beachbody Coach ------------------------------

How to Become a Beachbody Coach (The essentials of what you need to know to get started.)

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How to Become a Beachbody Coach ------------------------------

About Me and Why It Matters Hi, my name is Troy and I want you to know that I am passionate about health and fitness. My main goal now is to help others and be there for them so that together we live healthier, longer lives. Let me share with you my story (ongoing) and how Beachbody changed everything. First off let me share with you a dirty little secret? I love snacks! Yes it’s true! I love snacks, pop, chips, chocolate bars you name it and I probably have a sweet tooth for it. So I know and understand what it’s like to be on and off the fitness bandwagon and to be addicted to snacking.

Why is this important? Well as the years crept by the weight slowly almost unnoticeably started to pack on. Starting to sound familiar? I bet it does so I know how many of you feel, I’ve been there got the T-shirt as the old saying goes. Don’t take my word for it check it out!

This is me (fatman) as I like to affectionately call him, Summer 2012 Copyright 2013 –

How to Become a Beachbody Coach -----------------------------I am not proud of that picture, but it was a huge wake up call for me. To add to that, by then (2012) I hit my heaviest, 215lbs and 28% body fat. It was then that I promised myself, enough was enough and I would lose the weight and I did. I lost the weight, lost close to 30lbs too. But Murphy’s Law has a way of throwing a wrench into your plans and my old demons of lack of focus reared their ugly head. Between life, sickness and then ear surgery, before I knew it, I was back to eating pop and chips and the weight returned. Then I found Beachbody and their coaching opportunity. What a change it made in my life! Finally, I found a program and an opportunity that keeps me focused, healthy, with a renewed vitality for life and family. It’s my goal now to help others, since I know what it’s like to be on again, off again, and I found a passion that is so much bigger then myself. Helping others achieve their dreams too. So let’s get on with it shall we and discover what it is you need to know to become a Beachbody Coach. Don’t worry though, if by the end of this you still have some questions and really are interested in seeing what Beachbody can do for you I’d love to hear from you, let’s talk. So if you do have any questions or comments, here’s how to get in touch. • • •

Add me as a friend on Facebook Email Me – troyn123@gmail Call Me – 519-802-1566 Google+


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How to Become a Beachbody Coach ------------------------------

Introduction If you’re reading this it is likely because you filled out a form inquiring and wanting to know just what it means to be an Independent Beachbody Coach. Not only that, but what it takes to be a successful one. Here’s what you need to know before you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Who Is Beachbody? Beachbody is the company that has created top workout programs like P90X, Insanity, Body Beast, Turbofire, Brazil Butt Lift and many others. What separates this company from other “fitness” companies is this is a company with true integrity. They really are genuinely interested in changing lives and helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. Beachbody also generates approx. $400+ million dollars in sales annually and has been given a rating of A+ in the Better Business Bureau hall of fame. Instead of selling their programs through big box stores, they decided to sell their programs through distributors or as we like to call them coaches.

Do I Already Have to Be in Great Shape? The answer to that question is of course not! In fact in some cases having a story and an ongoing transformation helps you, as you’ll be seen as having more credibility. What this does is it gathers interest, as people love stories and love to follow along with other people’s journeys. So having an ongoing story to tell is often better. Once people start seeing your results they’ll naturally ask you how you did it and you’ll be able to introduce them to one of Beachbody's workout programs and then invite them to try it out as well.

What Does a Beachbody Coach Do? This is where at least for me, all the fun is and where some people get confused. You aren’t there to be someone’s personal trainer, help them spot all their sets etc. A Beachbody coach instead provides help and motivational support. Think of it this way – how many exercise DVD’s in past have you bought and are now sitting on the shelf collecting dust? If you are like me, probably a fair bit right?

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How to Become a Beachbody Coach -----------------------------So let me ask you then, why is that? Probably because you are a lot like myself, you start off with great intentions and sometimes make a great start but then soon after the commitment dies, the next thing you know that wonderful fitness routine well…it starts gathering dust. That’s what’s so great about being a Beachbody coach. It avoids the problem and helps eliminate most of what causes us to fail in achieving our fitness goals in the first place. By being there for motivation and support, you’ll help not ONLY keep yourself motivated but you’ll also help others along the way. Now that’s a great system. The best part of all of this is, and you get paid to do so.

How Much Can I Make As a Beachbody Coach? Ah, the million dollar question. First off you have to remember, that this business is about helping people first. If you focus on that being your primary focus then guess what? The money will follow. Just how much money you ask? That all depends on YOU. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme and it does take work. Too often people will blame their upline coach or the company but let’s look at it in another way. Everyone in the company has the same opportunity, the same products and the same compensation plan. The top coach last year made over 1 Million dollars. So the income potential here really is the “sky’s the limit.” Well, you might say yes, but he just got lucky… Let me ask you a few questions, (but as I ask them think to yourself what kind of income would it take for you?)

1. Approximately how many hours could you commit each week to develop that kind of income? 2. How many months would you work those kinds of hours in order to develop that kind of income? 3. If I could show you how to develop that kind of income would you be ready to get started? Of course you would. So as you can see the only thing stopping you, is yourself. So why not decide today is the day that I will finally achieve – and then make a commitment to yourself to do it.

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How to Become a Beachbody Coach ------------------------------

Beachbody Compensation Plan This is the fun part because you truly can make money so many different ways by being Beachbody coach. But this isn’t by any means everything, but here are the basics..(as of 2012) Retail Sales As a Beachbody coach you make 25% commission from any retail sale you make and 15% commission to Beachbody club members. For example…P90X retails for $119 x .25% comm = $29, and $17 to club members. As you can see – it’s not that hard to generate a decent commission check just by promoting very popular Beachbody workouts.

Another popular product is Shakeology, so let’s breakdown the math. Shakeology HD (Home Delivery) sells for $ 129.95 x 25% = $ 32.49 commissions

And the best part about Shakeology is this is residual income. So for as long as your customer takes advantage of the home delivery you’ll make that every single month, month in and month out Make Money Off BeachBody Club Memberships You earn 50% on every Club Membership/Renewal you signup. Since the club memberships renew every quarterly, that’s another great way to add even more residual income.

Example Club Membership $ 38.87 x 50% = $19.44

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How to Become a Beachbody Coach -----------------------------So you earn $19 now and an additional residual $19 each quarter or $ 77.76 potential a year, starting to see how all this can really add up? But it Gets Even Better Combine all this with a challenge pack and now you have the best of both worlds. Not only do you get your customer on a fantastic workout program that they will enjoy, they’ll also automatically get Shakeology home delivery every month. Combine all this..PLUS, benefits to coaches, team bonus points, rankings and the chance to win prizes and dream vacations and it’s very easy to see how this can be a great business opportunity. The only real question is, are you ready to make a change? How do Beachbody Coach Rankings Work? The following chart should help explain exactly how it works;

Active Coach: To remain an active coach is easy within Beachbody. Simply have enough PV (Personal Volume). The easiest way this is done is by maintaining your Shakeology Home Direct order active. Which you should be doing anyways, because it truly is the healthiest meal of the day and a great way to stay energized and healthy. Emerald Coach: Simply sponsor 2 new coaches who themselves stay as active coaches. This should be your immediate goal, and by having a great team (me as your coach…sorry couldn’t help inserting that

)this is easily done.

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How to Become a Beachbody Coach -----------------------------Ruby Coach: Having 2 of the coaches you sponsor under you move and promote themselves to emerald status and having 2 more active coaches. Because of the nature of duplication, excitement and passion most Beachbody coaches skip right over ruby and go right to diamond. Diamond Coach: This is where you Beachbody business truly begins to take off. Above diamond we start getting into star diamond coaches all the way up to the top level which is a 15 star diamond coach. By looking at the chart you can see reaching diamond isn’t that hard to do really we are only talking about having a team of 8 coaches. I know for me it made all the difference in the world. What I found inside Beachbody was not only a great way to stay committed and focused to helping achieve my own health fitness goals. But, I also found a way to help others do the same and get paid for it. That’s amazing, and so exciting. So let me share with you one final thought – one of my favorite quotations “The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity” — Ayn Rand The opportunity is before you; the time to make that decision is today. The perfect timing in life well…it never really exists. They are just barriers we put up inside our minds, but for those willing to dream big and achieve big, those dreams are truly possible.

Conclusion I hope the information that I’ve provided has helped you. I know for me, becoming a Beachbody coach made all the difference in the world. You can find more information at my blog,, which is updated daily. If you still have questions, feel free to contact me either through email at, or give me a call at 519-802-1566, I’d love to hear from you.

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I hope the information that I’ve provided has helped you.