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March 2013

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Crime Rate Down Thanks to efforts of Neighborhood Watch! Although I have lived here since 1997, it wasn’t until last summer that the crime situation in the Briarwood area came to my attention. On that July night, as my husband and I stood out in the street, holding onto our neighbor’s three dogs (set loose by the burglar) for thirty-five minutes while waiting for the police to arrive, I was shocked, appalled and infuriated! Talking with more and more neighbors I realized that the situation was way worse than I could have imagined!

Crime Rate Down Entergy Security Lights City Drainage Improvement Briarwood Clean-Up Committee THANK YOU Nell Matthews, James Thomson, and Tom Gorzalski 3-1-1 BANA Business Members BANA Board

During July and August 2012 there were ELEVEN “Forced Entry Burglaries,” in addition to 8 larcenies and a stolen motorcycle. UNSATISFACTORY!

First and foremost if you see anything suspicious, CALL 911 immediately! According to Little Rock’s Chief of Police, Stuart Thomas, “If you see something that you think might be suspiSince then, we have been working closely with the cious, it is! Call 911. Our dispatchers are trained Little Rock Police Department to increase how to handle and prioritize calls so the safety and security of our neighbordon’t hesitate or bother calling the nonhood. In addition to an increased presence When strangers emergency number.” It just might hapby the LRPD, you may have also seen our pen that the police are currently lookstart acting like ing for the person or vehicle you see Neighborhood Watch Committee volunteers patrolling. Over the past few months acting suspiciously. neighbors... we have outfitted them with the reflective Second, keep all your doors and winmagnetic logo signs dows locked. That includes the door communities are for their car doors from your garage (if you have one) into and magnetic flashyour home. reinvigorated. ing yellow lights for Third, please keep your outdoor lights the roof of their ON at night. If you need a compact -Ralph Nader cars. We started florescent bulb (yellow or white, alpatrolling during the peak though I use white as I’ve not seen an appreciahours when crimes were occurring and have exble difference in keeping the bugs at bay using panded to as many days and times as possible with the yellow bulbs) for your outdoor lights, call, the number of volunteers available. More volunteers text, email or hail me down while I’m out walkmean a safer neighborhood for ALL of us! ing and I will be happy to provide one for you! Forth, call or email Officer Michele Howard. By taking personal responsibility for the safety and Officer Howard provides FREE home security security of our homes and OUR neighborhood we assessments and will help you increase the secuARE making those numbers go down…way down!! rity of your home. The more each of us contributes the better off ALL Fifth, get to know your neighbors and look out of us will be! for each other!

By Mary-Julia Hill

Entergy Security Lights

Your community >>>

Replacing Sewer Pipes The Problem

By Alice Stuff

You have been made aware of the need for a total sewer service line replacement by either your own investigation, or are notified as a result of smoke testing by Little Rock Wastewater.

Who To Call Little Rock Wastewater to request a Sewer Service Line Replacement Application.

Phone Number: (501) 376-2903 The Sewer Service Line Replacement Program is now in effect to aid eligible Little Rock domestic customers with the cost for total replacement of their sewer service line by reimbursing up to a maximum of $2,500.00.

What To Expect When LRW receives the application, LRW will visit your house to determine if your service line qualifies for this program. If it does, the next step is for you or a licensed Master Plumber to obtain a permit and then begin the work. Once work is complete, LRW must be called for a final inspection. If the complete work passes the LRW inspection, you will then submit all invoices, including plumber’s invoice, and LRW Permit Fees (if applicable) to LRW. LRW will then issue a reimbursement check to you for up to maximum of $2,500.00.

Neighborhood Clean-Up Committee A big THANK YOU goes to Roy Kaplan and his committee for their efforts to work with neighborhood residents and City Code Enforcement to help clean-up some problem sites around our area. Great job!

3-1-1: What is it for? Little Rock 3-1-1 is a simple, three-digit number that residents, businesses and visitors can call to reach the City to make inquiries regarding services, report problems, check the status of issues or obtain general information.

City Services For example (see more info on  Trees/branches/brush in Briarwood Rill/ drainage ditches  Missed Garbage Pick-Ups  Report High Grass and Weeds  Stray Animals  Bulky item pick-up (the trash pick-up employees will not call this in for you)  General city information

For more information, go to SSLRP.html

By Mary Parker

"For peace of mind, Light It Up!” Help deter intruders and protect your home, family and neighborhood. If you have an existing utility pole, Entergy will install and maintain a security light at your house for a small monthly fee on your electric bill. I have one that lights up my neighbor's and my backyard, and I love it!

Who To Contact Entergy Arkansas Security Lighting Service

Phone number: 1-866-603-0192 Website: outdoorlighting/security_lighting.aspx

Neighborhood Safety>>>

Block Captains By Mary-Julia Hill

The duty of helping one's self in the highest sense involves the helping of one's neighbors. -Samuel Smiles

Why do we need Block Captains? They only way you’re going to be able to look out for each other is if you know each other! It’s got to start somewhere. Why not with YOU?

What do Block Captains do? As a Block Captain you introduce yourself to each of the neighbors on your street and compile a list of contact information. You provide a valuable link between the neighborhood association and your neighbors, especially to those residents who do not have internet access. They need someone willing to keep them informed. The Briarwood Area is nothing if not diverse! We’re doing our best to find effective ways to communicate with the 800+ households. We NEED Block Captains…we need YOU!

How do I sign up? Contact Mary-Julia Hill, BANA President at 658-1473.

BANA Spring Meeting Thursday, April 4th 6:00 pm Please join us for a whole new experience at the Spring meeting of your neighborhood association. We will meet at a new date and time, but same location: Christ Lutheran Church on Hughes Drive. Agenda: Home Safety and Neighborhood Watch Speaker: Officer Michelle Howard Ofc. Howard’s Phone: 371-4634 Email:

BANA Board President Mary-Julia Hill, 658-1473 President-Elect Rex Easter Vice-President Noel Hall ListServ/Facebook Coordinator Michele Easter Neighborhood Watch Co-Coordinators Parish Pollard Andrew Dorsey

Directors Mary Parker Alice Stuff Linda Joyce Maxine Ellington

“Welcome” to our New:

We owe a big “Thank You” to Nell Matthews, James Thomson, and Tom Gorzalski! Please take the opportunity to say thanks to Nell, James, and Tom for their service and dedication to our neighborhood association. All three served with dedication on the BANA Board for many years.

Website Coordinator Paul Wylie Interim Treasurer Terry Hill Please see the BANA Website for more contact information:

Needed: New Association Secretary and BriarPatch Editor

ask the experts >>>

Q: What do my dues pay for? Neighborhood A: Improved Watch; BANA Website; BriarPatch Newsletter; and more! Have you seen the new Neighborhood Watch reflective car magnets and flashing lights? These items have greatly improved the visibility and safety of your neighbors on patrol. Next purchase: reflective vests for the walking patrols!

Are you good at taking and then typing up minutes from a meeting? Are you a regular email user? Then we need YOU for our next Secretary! Are you a whiz at setting up a newsletter? Good at badgering people to turn in their articles? Then you are “type-set” for our new BriarPatch editor! Contact Rex Easter at or 240-8215 for more information.

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Finding An Agent Right For You Join your neighbors on our That’s Yahoo Group email listserv and (if you are on Facebook) in our private group on Facebook. News of lost and found pets, meetings, break-ins, Neighborhood Watch shifts, and much more are shared on a daily basis. Plug in today!

Who Are BANA Members? If you live within the boundaries of the red lines of the map on the front page, then you are a member of the Briarwood Area Neighborhood Association! Everyone is invited to attend all meetings of your neighborhood association.

If you live (rent or own) in the following areas, then you ARE a member of BANA:        

Briarwood Brook Park Cardinal Heights Fair Hills Markham Manor Plaza Terrace Sunnymeade Tyndall

Yes, I would like to be a dues paying member of BANA! Name(s):_______________________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________________________ Phone #:_______________________________________________________ Email: ________________________________________________________ I would like to be invited to join the BANA Yahoo Email Group listserv: ____ (Y or N)

Annual Residential Membership (per household): $25 Annual Business (Commercial) Membership: $100

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___I would like to participate with the Neighborhood Watch. Please contact me. Cut out and mail this form with your check (made out to BANA) to: Mary-Julia Hill, BANA President, 6907 Carrilon Dr, Little Rock, AR 72205

Support Your Neighborhood Association Your neighborhood association needs your support. Support can be in the form of patrolling the neighborhood one hour a week or month. Support can be in the form of welcoming a new neighbor, or checking on one having difficult times. Another type of support is through your financial support of being a dues paying member. Annual Dues: Residential Member Dues: $25 Business Member Dues: $100 Business Members have the right to include ads in the BriarPatch newsletter, which reaches over 800 households. Questions? Contact Noel Hall at 303-6635. To become a dues supporting member, please fill out the form to the left and mail it in to the address listed, or go online to register and pay. Brand New: You can now register AND pay your annual dues ONLINE! Visit our website and click on Pay Dues Online.

BriarPatch March 2013  

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