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“Banks simply must focus on sales in today’s world, where customers have many choices, and where switching banks is as easy as a phone call or a mouse-click.” —Brian Townley, CFMP


It’s perhaps the most dreaded word in banking today. Managers and employees dread it because they have to step out of their comfortable “zone of service”; however, a typical day in a bank is often a day full of missed sales opportunities. Every customer coming in or calling with a problem could be a new sales opportunity. In most cases, the solution to a customer’s problem is in a service or product offered by the bank. So is a sales culture really any different than a polished service culture? Brian Townley, President of Motivational Management Group says, “No”. “Banks simply must focus on sales in today’s world, where customers have many choices, and where switching banks is as easy as a phone call, or in some cases a mouse-click,” says Townley. “Some estimates say that banks will yield 80 percent future growth from present customers. That means that now is the time for a sales culture to be in place.” Brian Townley has been teaching and inspiring bankers how to be sales leaders since 2005. Through various conferences and schools he conducts, he shares many of the same practices that have played a major role in his own banking success, as well as the countless banks that he has taught his winning sales strategies to.

COURSE CURRICULUM This sales workshop is for management-level bankers who are involved in developing, leading and enhancing a bank sales culture. This one- to two-day training workshop has been specifically tailored around the unique issues and challenges faced by bankers in today’s marketplace, and can be customized to fit your organization’s needs. Bankers will learn strategies on how to make their banks more competitive and aggressive through effective selling techniques and leadership skills. Students will return from this training with a ready-to-go outlined plan of what they would like to implement and develop at their banks. This training will teach bankers how to develop and how to cultivate an effective sales culture in their bank, which will allow them to be more competitive in their markets.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND This training is designed for management and supervisory professionals who are responsible for developing and leading their bank’s sales efforts and programs.

DEVELOPING A SALES PLAN OUTLINE Attendees will be asked to create a plan of action on items they would like to implement at their bank. We will work on this together, and will share ideas with one another in group discussions throughout the two-day training. Before leaving the school, bankers will share their plans with one another as an interactive activity.

All participants will receive an autographed copy of Brian Townley’s new book entitled Inspiring Leadership: Unleashing Motivation in the Workplace.

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COURSE OUTLINE Philosophy of Bank Selling: Sales vs. Service • Learn how we got to 2011 in banking and why sales are so important today • Learn how to step outside the comfort zone • Hear some valuable methods for getting “buy in” from your entire team Qualities of a Leader • Learn how to be a true leader in sales, and how to inspire your entire bank staff to follow • Discover ways you can inspire your staff to sell every day • Discover some best practices for coaching your employees and supervisors in converting sales tactics to sales success • See how behavior assessments can bring out the best sales qualities in your employees • Discover how to recruit the best employees with sales skills • Learn how to tap the full potential of your team and how to unleash motivation in the workplace through employee sales campaigns • Discover how to build a successful and effective selling team Developing and Growing a Sales Culture • Engage in group conversation on what a sales culture means to you • Learn how to build customer relationships • Discover the importance of product development and hear valuable tips • Learn the importance of pricing and profitability • Hear some innovative ideas on how to train your staff about bank products • Learn the importance of employee measurement Onboarding: Sales in the first 90 days • Learn why 25-35% of accounts that close do so within the first 90 days • Discover how cross-selling to existing customers is your most profitable plan • Share some successful retail and commercial best practices and tactics Employee Rewards through Motivational and Incentive Strategies • Discover how to create incentive practices that interest, inspire, improve and influence employees • Learn how to develop a successful incentive plan • Learn the difference between recognition vs. incentive programs • Learn about many non-money motivators • Discover how to make it fun Performance Accountability • Learn the importance of management commitment (accountability) • Discover how to turn everyone into a salesperson • Share sample job descriptions and how to make all positions sales-oriented • Learn how to manage and supervise your talent appropriately

How to Manage Employee Talents for Best Results • Learn tips for recruiting the right salesperson for the job • Discover why a sales position is more than a job, it’s a mission • Share tips and best practices for employee development and training strategies • Learn how to have that difficult conversation with employees that are under-performing • Discover how to identify your employees’ strengths/ weaknesses • Learn how your can develop all of your employees into top-sellers Managing a Winning Employee Sales Campaign • Hear how you can involve all of your employees (and make it fun!) • Learn tips for setting goals and objectives • Hear amazing results from real employee sales campaigns • Discover how to conduct productive sales meetings • Hear tips for tracking results • Learn how to keep your team focused • Discover how you can keep the fire burning all year long Negotiation Tactics to Become a More Competitive Bank • Learn how to gain the customer’s trust and commitment • Find out the best practice to keep up with ongoing prospect listings • Learn how to get that first appointment (and what to do next) • Learn how to sell over the phone, internet, and in the bank • Discover how to manage difficult customers and how to turn problems into solutions and sales opportunities Relationship Banking and Cross-Selling Tactics • Gain an understanding as to why it’s important to know your customer • Learn how to expand existing customer relationships • Learn tactics for bringing in new business • Discover the importance of teamwork within your bank • Discover how outstanding customer service is the heart of a sales culture • Learn how to listen for hidden clues from customers and how to determine their needs • Discover how to identify your best customers • Learn how to build and service long-lasting relationships • Find out how to retain the customer’s business and add to the relationship Presentation Skills • Discover how to determine the right target audience to sell to • Learn how to make a lasting first impression • Learn how to present product features and benefits effectively • Learn how many times it takes to make a sale • Learn how to “wow” the customer

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Course Facilitator Brian Townley, CFMP is a banker, educator and author. He is Senior VicePresident of The National Banks of Central Texas, where he currently serves as their Director of Sales/Marketing and Director of Human Resources and Employee Development. He is also President of Motivational Management Group—a bank consulting company owned by The National Banks of Central Texas specialing in educating bankers with motivational methods that work, including how to develop and enhance successful bank sales programs.


Brian is a renowned banking educator who has created some of the most successful sales campaigns and motivational strategies in banking today. He has been in the banking industry since 1987, where he has a rare blend of bank operations and bank marketing knowledge. In addition to working at the bank, he has also taught hundreds of other bankers at conferences and schools since 2005, including the American Bankers Association–School of Bank Marketing and Management, as well as bank sales management at the University of Texas Banking School. He shares many employee incentive and motivational strategies through his own experience. Brian enjoys teaching other bankers how to bridge the gap between employers and employees to get the most benefit for their organization. Brian has created many successful motivational programs that have been incorporated within employee incentive plans, talent management solutions, employee sales campaigns and bank marketing plans, just to name a few. His expertise is based on his real-world experience and education, where he has implemented strategies that create results, build morale and insist on accountability. He has played a major role in the success of his bank for close to 25 years. He is the author of INSPIRING LEADERSHIP: Unleashing Motivation in the Workplace.

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WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING “Brian Townley has been training Texas bankers for years through our schools and conferences. He understands how critical it is to cultivate the talent in your employees and motivate them to perform to their potential. He knows you can have all the finest systems and business plans in place, but without the ability to coach and inspire people, you will likely not succeed. This is what Brian does best. He trains the supervisor to lead their employees to the next level.” —Kathy Box, Texas Bankers “I hired Brian to speak at one of our events, and the engagement with the audience was amazing. The audience had fun, learned, and walked away with actionable steps to improve their bank. I have not seen another speaker captivate an audience like Brian does.” —Brett Jackson, Systemax Co “Multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, sharp, forward-thinking, and endless energy are the adjectives which come to mind for Brian. Impressive list of accomplishments; a list which would probably fill up most people’s list as they near retirement. Just finished reading Brian’s book as well and it is filled with straight-to-the-point, useful information that can be applied in any company. Good stuff!” —David Kreiman, Executive Vice President, Glenview State Bank “Brian Townley’s creative genius and infectious enthusiasm drive home his messages as a frequent speaker for the Texas Bankers Association conferences and schools. Brian takes routine topics (Dealing with Employee Generational Differences, as an example) and gives them new twists that are refreshing and thought-provoking. His ability to communicate equally effectively with both younger employees and their seasoned, more experienced counterparts enhances his credibility and establishes the honesty that any great speaker needs to be a success.” —Carolyn Box, Texas Bankers Association “Brian Townley delivers his presentations with so much energy and enthusiasm that the audience leaves motivated and ready to implement his ideas into their workplace. Our association has hired Brian to bring his strategic messages to human resource directors statewide on topics such as talent management, generational issues, incentive plans and interview techniques. He communicates well with the audience and inspires them to bring staff to their full potential. After hiring him the first time, they said “Bring him back,” so we did and will continue to do so!” —Donna Atkinson, West Virginia Bankers Association

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CONTACT INFORMATION To reserve your space for the Sales Leadership Strategies Workshop, or for questions or requests for information, please use the following information.

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Sales Leadership Strategies Workshop  
Sales Leadership Strategies Workshop  

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