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Hello! My name is Brian Tien and I am from Richmond Hill, Canada. I am currently a secondyear student at the University of Waterloo’s School of Architecture. Here are some of my selected works. Enjoy! +1 647-921-7763 16 Luba Avenue, Richmond Hill, ON, L4S 1G4, Canada





Curriculum Vitae Canditate for Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Honours Co-op University of Waterloo School of Architecture, Cambridge, Ontario September 2015- Exoected Graduation May 2020 Ontario Secondary School Diploma, International Baccalaureate Diploma Bayview Secondary School, Richmond Hill, Ontario September 2011- June 2015 Digital:



Rhino 3D Modelling, AutoCad Grasshopper Maxwell Render, Vray Render Adobe Creative Suite (Ps, Ai, Id) Microsoft (Word, Excel, Ppt) Laser cutting

Hand Drafting Sketching Model Makinng Power and Hand tools trained

English French Mandarin Chinese

Volunteer English Teacher AID (Assisting Individuals with Disabilities) Ruifang, Taiwan, July 2016 • Taught English to a class of eighth-grade students at Ruifang Junior High School through interactive activities, field trips and games. • Designed lesson plans, worksheets and tests prior and during teaching period to cater to student’s abilities. Activity Co-ordinator Best Buddies Canada Bayview Chapter Richmond Hill, Canada, September 2014- June 2015 • Organized activities such as “Hoop it Up!” for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. • Led and participated in social interaction and activities once per week. Excellent Academic Standing, University of Waterloo Faculty Engineering, Cambridge Ontario, January 2016-April 2016 Recipient of the President’s Scholarship, University of Waterloo, Septermber 2015 Gold Key and Silver Key, Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, February 2014


Parkdale Graphic Novel Library Project: Studio 2nd Term Final Type: Library Location: 1303 Queen St W, Toronto

The Parkdale Graphic Novel Library offers a wide variety of comics and visual-based literature. To reach out to the community and encourage interaction with the books, the library’s floor to ceiling shelves provide a new adventure at each corner. In addition to a variety of public and private reading areas, a computer room and a meeting room, the library offers a comic book studio where people of all ages from the community can come to draw and design their own comics. The design of this building was based on three principles inspired by the criteria of a successful graphic novel: visibility, layers and approachability. 1. visibility

visibility 1. visibility 1. visibility

wall= shelf outer walls lined with display wall= shelf shelves outer walls wall= shelf wall= shelf lined with display shelves outer walls lined with display shelves

outer walls lined with display shelves

layers 2. layers

exterior interior exterior vs vsinterior 2. layers inner programs provide a more 2. layers exterior vs interior intimate experience innerinner programs provide programs provide a more exterior vs interior intimate experience innerintimate programs provide a more a more intimate experience experience

approachability 3. approachability circulation + public circulation + public reading 3. approachability reading accessibility accessibility and interaction is 3. approachability circulation + public reading optimized circulation + and public reading is and accessibility interaction isinteraction optimized accessibility and interaction is optimized optimized


First Floor






Second Floor

Site Plan

Third Floor

Fourth Floor


Section 9

Studio Render


Section Fragment 10

Structure / Circulation / Envelope Axonometric 11


Section Perspective 13


[B]ridge Project: SSEF Competition 2016 Type: Bridge Location: Along the Scarborough Bluffs, Toronto, Canada Collaborators: Nicole Yip

In order to showcase the scenic views of Toronto as well promote the use of cycling as a form of transportation, the concept of (B)ridge was devised. (B)ridge derived its name from the idea of having a bridge on the ridge of the Scarborough Bluffs. While there were various trails that showcased the nature of the Scarborough Bluffs as well as its neighboring lake Ontario, there were none that seemed to captivate both simultaneously. By connecting two preexisting bike paths located on the edge of the Scarborough Bluffs Park, (B)ridge not only provides a unique cycling experience over the Lake Ontario, but also a beautiful scenery for its users. To ensure that the bike pathway is as immersive as possible, the bridge is suspended through a minimalist use of steel connections and braces. The glass railings create a sensation of floating above the lake. The idea of creating a dynamic relationship with the surrounding environment is emphasized through the bridge’s gradual increase in rise and its curving alongside the cliff, creating a constantly changing promenade amongst the bluffs.


Steel Bracing Wood Decking

Glass Steel Railing

Connection Point

10m 20m

Proposed Bike Path

Existing Bike Path


Site Plan 16

cliff brace with pin connection


railing with LED lighting

concrete filling ribs following deck radius

pin and cable connection

bottom plate bridge brace


cliff brace


Section 17

1. Rock anchors drilled into key points of the bluffs.

A steel plate rock anchor T - channel steel cap hex bolt pin connection

2. Bridge segments are pre-fabricated and assembled off-site. glass panel railing wood decking


3. Segments shipped to bluffs and installed with the help of temporary foundations and a crane ship steel plate

ribs with concrete filling

4. Segments and rock anchors are welded together C


Construction diagram 18

B nut T - channel hex bolt

C - channel

C spiral strand steel cable pin connection ring cables frame girder hex bolt ring beam

D rock anchor


steel plate T- channel nut steel cap C - channel

Exploded Axonometric with Steel Details 19


S House Project: First Term Studio Final Artist’s Residence Location: Riverbluffs Park, Galt, Cambridge, Ontario

The S House was designed with the intention of providing a space of focus and concentration closed off from its distracting environment. The combination of bare concrete walls and framing of light inspired by Tadao Ando’s Koshino House is offers an atmospheric sensation to the building. The studio itself is the embodiment of this idea, with a skylight providing a gentle diffused light, appropriate for either an artist hard at work or a small gallery exhibition. Between the studio and the living areas exists a small courtyard with its own unique microclimate, which doubles as a transitional space.






Site Plan

Site Elevation


Floor Plan



Section 24

Studio/Exhibition Room



Courtyard in the winter 27


The Igloo Project: Sustainable Design Awards 2016 Type: Extreme Climate Shelter Location: Inuvik, North-Western Territories, Canada Collaborators: Nilojan Jegatheswaran

The Igloo is designed for the cold excavated into the ground with a green space for botanists studying the relationship between cold climate and vegetation. It anticipates the inevitable issue of mastering the cold climate to increase agricultural potential in Canada through energy efficient and sustainable methods. Using advanced technological resources that are both energy efficient and affordable, the Igloo offers shelter for scientists living on-site for longer periods of time, while allowing them to study the surrounding environment’s vegetation in a controllable and comfortable room.








Floor Plan


A: Wall Detail • 1.5” metal sheathing • air space • polystyrene insulating sheathing • 2x8” douglas fir wood studs @ 16” o.c. with closed-cell polyurathene spray foam • vapour barrier • gypsum board

B: Floor Detail • wood strips • radiantec solarwell™ 7/8 nominal pex 60 • psi @ 180°f engineered radiant heating tubing • concrete slab • welded wire mesh • vapour barrier • 2x8” douglas fir wood joists @ 16” o.c. with closed-cell polyurathene spray foam • gravel

C: Foundation Detail • non-woven polyester drainage board • foamular® high-r cw plus rigid insulation • bitumenous damp roofing • concrete foundation wall







South-Facing Wall Section 32

Clear triple argon pane low-E glass Super-insulated metal frame Photovoltaic cells Concrete slab with closed cell polyurathene foam spray

Washroom Storage for solar generator and water pump Clear triple argon pane low-E glass

Kitchen area Greenhouse shelving Workstation with computer and sink Beds Concrete slab heated floor Stairway entrance Ground source heat pump 5m

Axonometric Plan 33


Section Perspective


Greenhaus Project: Bee Breeders Architecture Competition Cannabis Bank 2016 Type: Cannabis Dispensary Location: 4 Boswell Ave, Toronto, Canada Collaborators: Brandon Lim, Nicole Yip, Ruth Lee

With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pushing for legalization and Toronto becoming the weed capital of Canada, legalization of recreational cannabis seems to be inevitable. However, a significant amount of resistance against this topic is still present, and legalization must undergo a series of social and political obstacles. Thus, a dispensary designed to counter the stigmatization of marijuana in Canada, and other countries around the world, should cater to its transitional time period prior to legalization. This building serves as a space that can be used in any country no matter the political stance on cannabis.


First Floor




Second Floor

Retail Area

Section 39







Site Axonometric 40

Consulting Room Hallway 41

educational space

exhibition space

cooking class

group counselling space

Education Room- Axonometric Study

Transitional Space The legal status of marijuana of Canada is unpredictable, thus the spaces of the dispensary are designed to reflect the evolving politics concerning legalization. The education room’s distinct feature is its kitchen area. In American states where recreational cannabis is legal, restaurants have demonstrated that using weed-infused cuisine to reach out to different members of the community have been extremely successful. The kitchen area seeks to achieve this, but is also part of the education room which can be divided to one’s desire with a moveable partition wall. The education room is an open space for a variety of activities, adaptable to whatever the future of legalizing cannabis brings us.


A: planter detail • soil • filter fabric • reservoir layer • moisture retention layer • aeration layer • thermal insulation • drainage layer • root barrier • waterproof membrane • concrete slab

B: wall-section detail • triple glazed fiberglass window • wood stud • sill • air space • tie • waterproof membrane • sheathing • rigid insulation • batt insulation • interior finish


C: ground detail • concrete slab with mesh • rigid insulation • coarse sand • crushed hardcore

D: footing detail • rebar • sill plate • filter sheet • waterproof membrane • rigid insulation • masonry wall • drainage pipe


C D 1m


Detailed Wall Section 43


Greenhouse Area 45


Additional Works The following are a series of analog and digital works I have done in the past two years.

Untitled Watercolour 2014 47

“We can build a beautiful city Not a city of angels But finally a city of Man.� -Godspell

Beautiful City 48

Floating Cities in Taiwan 49

Thank You! Brian Tien

Richmond Hill, ON, Canada +1 (647)-921-7763

Selected Works 2016  

University of Waterloo School of Architecture

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