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Clearing Up the Confusion about Niche Affiliate Marketing The one thing you're likely to hear almost as often as the phrase, "the money is in the list," is the phrase: "you have to target a niche." What does this mean, and why is niche marketing such a 'magic button'? The answer is that all of this talk about niche marketing is really nonsensical. Niche marketing is not a revolutionary idea. Any educated marketer will tell you that niches are and have always been the foundation of successful marketing strategy. So, when we talk about 'niche affiliate marketing,' what we're really saying is: "target the sub-sets of a market, rather than trying to tackle the broader market as a whole." This is just basic common sense. You can't sell everything to everyone. Think of the computer industry, for example. There are companies that produce computer parts, companies that produce whole computers from those parts and companies that write software for those computers. Few, if any, corporations 'do it all.' Now, as an affiliate, your targeting should focus not just on market subset themselves but only the solutions (products) you offer to the market. In other words, you must target your solutions to an ideal customer within the market. We can illustrate this point further. The marketing of automobiles differs in approach from one brand of car to the next. Luxury cars, such as Porsches, are not marketed the same way as economy cars. In fact, if you advertised a Porsche the same way you advertise a mini-van, your sales would plummet. Why? It's the same market (the auto market), but two different 'niches' which represent two different types of customer mindset. The customer who purchases the mini-van is looking for an affordable, family-oriented transportation solution. The customer who purchases a Porsche is looking for status, speed and beauty. Think of this distinction whenever you're researching potential niche markets. It is a fundamental marketing concept, and bring you closer to the 'holy grail' of the profitable affiliate niche than anything else. Recommended Niche Marketing resources: Niche Profit Classroom Commission Ritual Matt Callen始s SimplyPLR

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Clearing Up the Confusion about Niche Affiliate Marketing