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June 2011

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Focus On:

Teamwork Have you ever thought about how important teamwork is to the history to man or even to nature? Take for instance the many great wars of the past. If the countries or organizations fighting didn’t have teamwork, no one would have won. Even in nature, one ant really can’t hurt you, but many can really be annoying, or one drop of rain is no problem, but when it rains a fierce storm and floods, then it is bad!

“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.” ~Author Unknown

Teamwork is always important in all areas of life. Individuality is important because it is who we are as individuals, but when we put each of us in a group, so much more can get done. Ideas can be born from other good ideas that spin into great ideas and heavy tasks become light and quick when many work together.

involves every person training in your Martial Arts class, his/her expertise and new ideas for more effective efficiency.

When practicing your Martial Arts, you are thinking it is more of an individual sport since it is one on one sparring. However, there is the group form that must be done in sync and much teamwork applies to this. Even when sparring, teamwork is applied between you and your opponent in a way. At practice, your Martial Arts instructor can give you input as well as your colleagues. The more input, the better results. A team

• It is easier to examine the problems and identify various solutions

Advantages of Teamwork: • More implementation of new ideas • Promotes Unity

• The task becomes fun Get together with your classmates and create a wave of excitement! Join together to be the best group you can be and learn from one another, help each other every step of the way, especially those that may be not as skilled as you. Show them, encourage them, and be a team! Teamwork is the act of working together and putting in joint efforts to promote or achieve a common goal or mission.

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MATIMES Tales and Traditions: Teamwork “Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean.” ~ Ryunosuke Satoro One warrior, Jung Lee went out to face the battle of his country. He had to meet his fellow warriors in a special meeting place. The country was going through a difficult time as the neighboring country was trying to overpower their small but strong and proud land. Jung Lee was still heading to the designated place when he heard a strange noise come from the forest. Jung Lee stopped and looked around everywhere, even in the trees. He did not see anything. He tried to hear the sound again, but nothing. So, Jung Lee resumed his walk to the meeting place. Jung Lee had his sword and many small weapons and some money since he was planning to be gone for the entire time he would be needed for

battle. Suddenly, without warning, Jung Lee was over come with ten opposing warriors! Jung Lee became prepared to fight as the warriors began to draw their weapons and started to attack Jung Lee! Jung Lee began using his martial art skills that he knew all too well. He began to take each warrior one by one, then two by two. When they seemed to become non-stop and Jung Lee was beginning to be too out numbered, his fellow colleagues he was meeting heard the sounds of the battle and came to fight! Jung Lee was most grateful to see his friends and fellow warriors come at that time. Soon,

the opposing warriors that were left began to flee the other way! Jung Lee went to the meeting place with his fellow warriors to bandage their wounds and for a victory celebration!

You Are What You Eat: Who said you can’t have dessert? I am sure you have all heard about the yogurt craze going on these days. My question is, do you know why? Well, let me tell you why! Dieters have found ways to have a tasteful dessert without the guilt. Yes, I said, guilt free! There are frozen yogurts, flavored yogurts, but the absolute healthiest way to eat yogurt is the fresh plain Greek way! Simply put, Greek yogurt is strained. The watery substance on the top of the yogurt when you open tells you that the yogurt is unstrained. In order to strain yogurt, you would use some kind of cheese cloth which

would remove the milk plasma or aka whey. Therefore, the greek yogurt is close but a bit think in texture and because it is strained it has double the protein. It fills you up faster due to the consistency, there are less artificial ingredients, Making a Greek yogurt dessert is as simple as adding some, fresh/dried fruit, nuts, and honey. You can also, make the switch from ice cream to yogurt and top it with a sweet cherry. Now tell me,

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who said you can’t have dessert? Happy Tips for Healthy People!

MATIMES Philosophy: Teamwork

“Many hands make light work.” ~John Heywood

‘Putting the team before yourself’ is similar to what is meant by ‘the need of the many outweigh the need of the one.’ Teamwork is something that teaches us more than we actually realize. Our teammates rely on us being there for support and as participants. If you are not there and did not let anyone know, you let down the whole team, including yourself. Teamwork teaches us the value each of us are to the entire team and as units we make up a well oiled machine. If one part is missing,

even just a belt, the engine won’t work or at least not properly. We may be different, but we all matter just

the same. The next tournament or exhibition you are participating in, you will be part of a great team. A team in which you will be a contributor the same as your teammate. Your teammate may be more advanced, or your teammate may need some improvement. In either case, without you to help your teammates, and your teammates not there to help you, it is not a very good team. So, work together and make your team a great oiled machine that will work the very best it can!

Upcoming Events We would like to wish all of our students and parents that will be having a Birthday in the Month of June A Very Happy Birthday! Thank you to all who volunteered to make our fund raiser a big success. We were able to raise $3000. This will be one of our annual fund raisers. Us here at Side Kicks Karate and Autism Speaks we would like to thank all the students and families that helped raise money and participated in the Kick A Thon. Summer Camp starts June 27th. We have a few spots left so please sign-up now. The cost is $119 per week & $24 a day. The program will run June 27th-September 2nd M-F 8-5pm. If you have any questions stop in or call us at 339-3928. ALL PAPERWORK DUE BY JUNE 24th. Side Kicks Summer T-Shirts have been ordered and will be coming soon. Keep an eye out for them, our extra t's don't last long. ZUMBA Classes have started. They are Tuesdays at 8pm and Fridays at 6pm, classes are taught by a certified ZUMBA instructor. The cost per class is just $5.00. Reminder that ALL Students Are To Wear Their Uniforms To Class. NO SHORTS!! Side Kicks Karate Summer Picnic will be August 20th @ noon @Pinti Field. MA TIMES • June 2011 • ©Amerinational Management Services, Inc. 3

Side Kicks Karate 418 W. Dominick St. Rome, NY 13440 315-339-3928

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