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WEEKLY CALENDAR ONGOING EVENTS Axles and Aperture: Roller Derby Photography The Douglass and Linda Paul Gallery, Englert Theater | January 10 - February 12 Nancy Purington, “Clouds and Waves” Hudson River Gallery | January 25 February 23 Monica Correia and Terry Rathja Legion Arts Main Gallery in Cedar Rapids through February 28 Joseph Patrick, Legion Arts Club Room in Cedar Rapids | through February 28

CRITIC EVENT PICKS TELEMETRICS opens Friday, 6-8 pm at Art Building West Ian Etter’s MFA show explores his meticulously crafted drawings through a series of visual and technological filters, engaging the material character of the work and of the worlds that emerge from it with the wonder of a hopelessly nerdy astronomer, lost in the stars. I’m excited to see this show because in his recent work Etter’s mark seems to have found the world that is increasingly its own. The vistas afforded by the digital manipulations are fresh and exciting. BFA shows in the Ark and Drewlowe Galleries

Lloyd Dunn, Legion Arts Digital Gallery in Cedar Rapids| through February 28 Photographs by Pieta Brown | Legion Arts Commons Gallery in Cedar Rapids| through February 28 Joe Rhodes Opening of “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” | Paper Nest | through March 1 Velkommen til bords, Lina Anda Dalmar and Regine Osbak| Public Space One | through March 2 Robert Polidori, “Selected Works, 19852009” | Faulconer Gallery in Grinnell January 25 - March 17 Exhibition of work by Abbey Edwards, BFA student in Photography | 3rd floor atrium, Art Building West | February 11 - 15

As we march through the semester be sure to

Prairie Lights Books | 7:00 pm Miguel Zenón — Club Hancher | The Mill | 7:30 pm OUT of the PAN INTO the FIRE | David Thayer Theatre | 8:00 pm Ten-Minute Play Festival | Theater Building 8:00 pm

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 15 Carson Cooman, organ Riverside Recital Hall | 7:30 pm


keep an eye on the BFA shows. On tap this week include a series of dark (and, perhaps, darkly funny) posed masked people in Katie Moffit’s “Indoctrination” in the Ark Gallery. Duncan Ross and Nate Henry’s two-person show includes quite a range of work, from a simply but very sensitively lit landscape to interactive web pages where images dance as they migrate across the screen. Robert Polidori at the Faulconer Gallery Robert Polidori’s photographs of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina sparked controversy for their brutal depiction of the aftermath. His photographs often consider interior spaces, allowing to reveal their history through their contents, the textures and shape of their materials which are captured in orderly, deadpan frontal shots.

OUT of the PAN INTO the FIRE | David Thayer Theatre | 8:00 pm Ten-Minute Play Festival | Theater Building 8:00 pm

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 17 Arts Share Percussion Concert | Riverside Recital Hall | 3:00 pm Music Therapy Club Concert | University Capitol Centre | 3:00 pm

Unison Piano Duo | Recital Hall, University Capitol Centre | 7:30 pm

Center for New Music Ensemble, featuring guest composers Carson Cooman (Boston) and Keith Hamel (University of British Columbia) | Riverside Recital Hall | 7:30 pm

Miguel Zenón — Club Hancher | The Mill | 7:30 pm

OUT of the PAN INTO the FIRE | David Thayer Theatre | 2:00 pm

OUT of the PAN INTO the FIRE | David Thayer Theatre | 8:00 pm

Ten-Minute Play Festival | Theater Building 8:00 pm

Exhibition of work by Duncan Ross and Nate Henry, BFA student in Graphic Design and Painting | Drewelowe Gallery February 11 - 15

Ten-Minute Play Festival | Theater Building 8:00 pm



Paul’s Book Club | Prairie Lights Books 7:00 pm


“Groovin’ With Iowa Percussion” | Riverside Recital Hall | 3:30 pm


“Telemetrics,” exhibition of work by Ian Etter, MFA student in Drawing | ABW February 11 - 15 “Indoctrination,” exhibition of work by Katie Moffitt, BFA student in Photography | Ark Gallery | February 11 - 15

Roberta Rust, piano master class Recital Hall, University Capitol Centre 11:00 am Patricia Foster and Jeff Porter Reading

Symphony Band and Iowa Honor Band Main Lounge, Iowa Memorial Union 7:00 pm

Symphony Orchestra | Main Lounge, Iowa Memorial Union | 7:30 pm



The Iowa City Arts Review is our idea. WHAT IS YOURS? The Iowa City Arts Review is an idea. And the idea is something like this: people are making art of all kinds in Iowa City (and, more broadly, in Eastern Iowa). There is a lot of art being shown / read / performed here and within a short drive from here. And there are lots of people thinking about art, both about what they make and as they respond to what they see. It is a simple idea: list what is there to see and do. Provide a space for reflections on those things, so that what is seen and heard (and, perhaps, touched and tasted and smelled) might be given the opportunity to swim around in the ideas that brought it forth. This is our idea. But this was never intended to be a closed system, in which opinions are broadcast once a week: the goal of this publication is to be a written forum of ideas about art (and specifically the art that is made and shown here). So consider this an open solicitation for contributions: we want your ideas to form a part of this discussion as well. There is a lot to look forward to over the remainder of the semester: BFA shows are already hanging and MFA shows will soon become much more frequent. There will be much to talk about over the coming weeks. But there is often much to talk about that is not part of a show, per se. Therefore, we would like to end this solicitation by proposing a series of challenges to those members of this community who would be willing to take them up: 1 REVIEW A SHOW. Articulate its unspoken content. Reveal the reason that it is compelling. 2 REVIEW AN ARTIST. There is an artist you love, whose work is a part of history and not a part of this moment. But you feel that this artist has answers for us. Write about this artist. Write about why their work speaks today, perhaps in a way that it never spoke before. 3 REVIEW A BOOK. You have just read a book or an article that gives the world a different aspect. It has changed the nature of the constraints that govern your work. It has, somehow, changed your conception of what is possible. Write about this text. Write about why nothing will ever be the same again. 4 CREATE SOMETHING NEW. Defy these suggestions and create something that will further the conversation about art in Iowa City. NOTE: The back page of this publication is, as it always has been, available. It awaits your reply. About 1000 words fit comfortably. It measures 17� x 11.� We print in black toner.



co-creators: Brian Prugh and Heidi Wiren Bartlett

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Icar vol1 ed09