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Gate Lodge, Butterfield House

Clubhouse of Rathfarnham Golf Club 1899-1903. (Sketched by Keith Keartland from a photograph in The Irish Golfer, January 1900).

"New Golf links have been established at Butterfield,

The course lies along the banks of the Dodder and has

Rathfarnham, the lands of which, containing about 50

beautiful views of the Dublin Mountains.

It is well

acres, were duly surveyed by T Hood, Professional of

drained, having gravel subsoil and the turf for the most

The Royal Dublin Golf Club, who indicated the best

part is naturally short. There are numerous hazards

positions for the greens and tees, and reports that a

formed by hedges, ravines, river courses and cliffs.

very pretty and sporting course, with nine holes to start

The club being a proprietary one, the liability of the

with, had been secured. Mr John Lumsden and other *

members will be limited to their subscriptions, the

competent authorities also kindly inspected the grounds

present proprietor, Mr P Y Bogue, undertaking to keep

and were equally pleased with the new links.

the links in perfect order for a term of years ending } st

The temporary clubhouse is within five minutes walk of the Rathfarnham tram terminus, to which there will shortly be a frequent service of electric cars.



1902 after which there is every reason to

believe the club will be continued on satisfactory lines.

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