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Dreams and wishes of Per

Written and ilustrated by Brian Oko

Soni is an astronaut who lives in the dream planet. His mission, is to find the orange acorn in the Console Solar System and plant it in the dream planet. That way the dreams become reality. But to get to the orange accorn, Soni has to collect yellow acorns to fuel himself an his spaceship. Help Soni get the orange acorn and plant a Dream!

Soni just arrived in the Candy Solar System. He loves candies, but he knows that he can’t stay long in the candy solar system eating candies. He needs to collect the acorns to get to the orange acorn. Help him get the acorns.

Soni, is on his way to the Football Star. More acorns are waiting for Soni to continue his travel. It is not going to be easy to get acorns . The Football Star is known to be a really scary place. Are you willing to help Soni?

Soni went to the Drawing Nebulouse to get some pens and colors. He wants to sum the acorns that he has collected. To do that, Soni has to collect four acorns beforehand.

It is breakfast time for Soni. Soni is landing in the Space Muffin. There, he will find some acorns to eat together with some pieces of muffin. Give Soni a hand to get some energy to travel to the Console Galaxy.

Finally Soni arrived in the Console Galaxy. The orange acorn is there! He is really close to planting a dream in the Dream Planet. Are you ready to collect the last acorn?

Soni collected the last acorn to plant in the Dream Planet. Another dream will now be realized.

Soni is on his way to plant another dream. Thank you Per for your help.

Dreams & Wshes  

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