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Design Concept Colorado Chic never looked this good.

Oxblood, Amber, Walnut and Steel meld together to create a surprisingly perfect marriage of both Modern Rustic and Architectural Urban. Natural elements such as wood and stone will build upon contemporary materials such as metal and glowing acrylic to create this signature “Colorado Urban Chic� design.

Open Kitchen Where the heart is.

Just as the kitchen is always the heart of any family gathering. The entire design focuses around the open kitchen. The energy, movement and rhythm of this open kitchen will be one that will radiate throughout the restaurant. Fresh and local ingredients will be on display while hot grills and a wood burning oven will circulate irresistible aromas over every inch of this space. Coming in for just a drink will not be an option. You’ll have to also stay for the food. You’ll have no way to resist it.

Bar & Wine Display Social trending at its best.

When you put the bar where everyone can see it, everyone will be there to be seen in it. Our central, glowing and open bar design will be the pulse of the restaurant where each seat will invite you in, provide a different view of the space, and a new experience each time you join us for a drink.

Ceiling Details There’s nowhere to go but up.

Every bit as important as those elements on the floor and at eye level are those incorporated into the ceiling. We envision using natural wood beams, a layering of textures and materials and suspended elements to transform a large expansive space into defined, smaller, and more intimate dining environments.

Lighting & Ambiance Casting light on the best of urban Colorado

The most subtle but critical part of the design will be the light used to create the ambiance of this urban draw. The vision includes the warm glow of amber onyx in a variety of light fixtures hung in unique and yet synergistic suspended clusters. This will not only allow us to further define seating areas, but create an overall memorably inviting feel to the entire space, inside and out.

Architectural Details Urbanocity. Colorado Style.

By artfully layering natural textures with contemporary materials including raw wood, steel, and glowing acrylic, the concept will become the definitive Urban Colorado Steakhouse. Vertical screens will thoughtfully divide the space while serving as artwork. The goal: a delicate balance of openness with privacy. Visually, it will be an artful articulation of an experience that you’ll want to be a part of again and again.

Furniture Why casual elegance is not an oxymoron.

The balance here is about making sure that everyone who walks in is sitting pretty. So dining chairs and barstools will serve as sculptural elements in the space that are as beautiful to sit in as they are to look at. Flexible seating arrangements will add an easy accessibility to the dining experience while remaining refined and distinctive. Natural wood tables with a custom branding iron logo will offer a sense of identity and an air of whimsy.

Graphic Elements Rough Around the Edges.

Here is where the special personality of the chef and his signature restaurant come full circle. Inspired by Troy Guards’ identity and personality, patrons will view large scale graphic art, specials written on a chalkboard, and even an homage to the sacred cow, providing a modern and unexpected edge of urban sophistication as well as Troy’s edgy sense of humor.

Banquet Rooms The best seats in town.

“INTIMATE BOARDROOMS WITH EXCELLENT SERVICE AND GOOD FOOD...THE MODERN WAY OF DOING BUSINESS” -IAN SHRAGER Private Dining rooms are intimate and cater to business meetings, social gatherings and celebrations. Operable partitions provide flexibility to accommodate large or small parties and will provide visual interest whether opened or closed.

Fireplace Lounge & Patio Colorado, where it’s always inside and out.

The only thing better than a patio or a fireplace is a patio with a fireplace. Warm and welcoming, the interior fireplace will draw you in and create a sense of place, calling you to linger and stay awhile. The patio is another center of activity and has an energy that creates a natural dining environment in the heart of the city.

Contemporary Steakhouse Concept  

conceptual interior design presentation

Contemporary Steakhouse Concept  

conceptual interior design presentation