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Brianna Davis OTTUMWA- Blizzard Therese, the worst storm since the Blizzard of ’78, dumped 43 inches of snow overnight, causing a fatal highway accident, a collapsed restaurant roof and scattered power outages throughout half of the city. Blizzard Therese, “arrived around noon, crescendo around 12 am, and should be done by noon today”, said Chief Meteorologist, Crystal Gale, of the North East Weather Associates. The Department of Public Works began working on the roads since the first snowfall of the storm. DPW Superintendent, Sandrah Sulter said that, “crews have been spending a fair amount of time salting and sanding during the storm and plowing since midnight.” Salter also mentioned that the operation to remove the snow has run smoothly with the exception of 3 trucks that broke down overnight, none of which caused any injury. Police Chief, Cuff Hans said, that “around 6 am this morning the owner of the “Lucky Duck” Chinese restaurant arrived to discover the roof collapsed

Journalism 300 under the weight of the snow.” An accident resulting in a fatality occurred around 6 am on Interstate 81, near exit 23, according to Hans, “a tractor trailer carrying lumber lost control and crashed into 7 vehicles”, one of which was a 1996 Honda Civic Hatchback. Farren Memorial Hospital spokesman, Jamie Butcher said that the man driving the hatchback, whose name has not yet been released, was “brought into the ER at 7 am and declared dead shortly after”, also adding that the, “gentleman suffered multiple traumas.” The hospital briefly lost power, but it was restored shortly after when the backup generator came on, which was quite helpful due to the influx of emergency room patients brought in from storm related injuries. Butcher noted that the hospital, “doubled up on its staff, and kept the 3 – 11 pm crew on” because of the severity of the storm, noting that “proper planning prevents poor performance.” The hospital was not the only place in town that lost

Blizzard Therese power, according to Northeast Utilities spokesman, John Wolciozck, the company services “about 40,000 customers” of which “about half have been without power at some point since midnight”. Wolciozck said, “ at present a quarter of our customers who are out of power should have their powered restored by tomorrow morning.” Hans said that Blizzard Therese was, “one hell of a storm, kind of like a mule kicking you in the back, you didn’t see it coming, but it hurt like hell.” But, he was not the only one who was surprised by the severity of the storm, Gale said, that Blizzard Therese came as a “bit of a surprise, because it intensified at the last minute”, but assures that the weather should be “clear sailing for at least the next week.”

Blizzard Therese  

A fictional article about a severe blizzard. Used for Journalism 300 - News Writing and Reporting at the University of Massachusetts, Amhers...

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