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Urban Passageway a study of mass and void

Cedar Avenue - Minneapolis, Minnesota Fall 2010 The focus for this project was the manipulation of mass and void in order to create architectural space. The design process began with an exploration of positive and negative space created with wooden blocks. While the design process began in an abstract manner, a site and program were eventually introduced. The site for this project consists of a rectangular piece of land that serves as a connection between an alley and a busy street. The project called for a designed passageway on the site that would incorporate the programs of a small community center, public rest room, and bus stop. Plaster was used in the model of the final design for its heavy and massive characteristics while paper was used as a contrasting planer element. The final design contained a clear line of vision down the length of the site. A focus was placed on the use of roof lines to draw the traveler through the site. Careful attention was given to the alignment of these roof lines as they played a significant role in dividing space and threshold.

Undergraduate Design Portfolio  

A collection of work from the Bachelor of Science in architecture program at the Univeristy of Minnesota-Twin Cities

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