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Floor, Wall, & Roof creating a place to be

Study abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico Spring 2011 This small project focuses on the basic architectural elements of floor, wall, and roof in order to answer the question “how am I there?� While each of these architectural elements holds its own significance in design, it is the relationship between all three elements that truly creates a place to be. The project called for the design of a place for a bed, single chair, table with three chairs, and two sculptures. Exploration was conducted through modeling with balsa wood, concentrating on one of the three architectural elements at a time. The design for this project was created with the intent of being direct and pure in nature. Each element of the design was placed with purpose, and careful attention was given to the alignment of edges in relationship to one another. In addition, furniture was placed in a manner so that each piece was able to benefit from a unique and private view of the landscape. Overall, this modest design was implemented with the goal of becoming a part of the landscape with the use of simple architectural forms.

Undergraduate Design Portfolio  

A collection of work from the Bachelor of Science in architecture program at the Univeristy of Minnesota-Twin Cities

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