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Topic: Graphing/Spreadsheets   Subject:  Mathematics   Intentions/Objectives/Outcomes:     Students  will  be  able  to…   • • •

Graph using  graphing  paper   They  will  be  able  to  see  the  different  ways  you   can  represent  different  colors  of  lollipops   Using  technology,  they  will  be  able  to  choose   how  they  want  their  graph  to  look    

Date: April  2,  2013   Assessment:      

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How accurate  they  are  in  representing  their  

data We  will  recap  at  the  end  of  the  lesson  on   what  we  accomplished  today  


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Teaching Points   Notes         **Remember:  the  steps  to  using  excel  and  creating  a  spreadsheet  while  you   are  teaching.  Make  sure  everyone  understands  prior  to  giving  them  their  task.     Get  the  students  to  get  into  their  groups  that  has  been  chosen  for  them   Teach  them  how  to  use  spreadsheets  so  they  develop  a  full  understanding   Ask  a  few  questions  and  assess  before  giving  them  the  assignment   They  will  estimate  how  many  lollipops  there  are  of  each  color     We  will  review  how  to  create  a  spreadsheet,  followed  by  putting  a  graph  onto   the  spreadsheet   They  will  enter  their  data  into  the  spreadsheet   They  will  then  choose  and  create  a  graph  that  they  feel  is  best  suited  for  the   assignment     We  will  then  recap  what  was  learned  and  how  it  is  beneficial  to  us   Ask  the  students  questions  to  make  sure  everybody  participated  and   understand  what  has  happened  in  the  class  today.    

Based  on  the  curriculum,  the  purpose  of  this  assignment  is  too:   • Allow  the  students  to  work  in  groups  and  develop  a  better  understanding  for   math     • Develop  and  understand  the  value  of  mathematics     • Allow  them  to  discuss  amongst  each  other  how  to  solve  different  problems   • Allow  them  to  be  able  to  develop  ability  to  work  in  groups.       ICT  Outcome:   P.2  -­‐  Students  will  organize  and  manipulate  data.   2.1   enter  and  manipulate  data  by  using  such  tools  as  spreadsheets  or  databases   for  a  specific  purpose   2.2   display  data  electronically  through  graphs  and  charts                

References: Delivery:  overhead,  walk  students  through  using  a   spreadsheet   Excel  spreadsheet  program  


Materials:   Spreadsheets   Computer  lab   Lollipops  


My own lesson plan for a grade 4 math class