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Creator/Writer/Director: Jeramie Worley Artist: Linda Lisa West Asst. Writer: Chris Stanley Pre/Post production: Brian O’Neill Photographer: Jeramie Worley Publisher: Ark Vindicta Development and Publishing LLC Web : © 2013 by Ark Vindicta Development and Publishing LLC. All rights reserved.

Carver County…a little nothing county in the southwest corner of Missouri, has an old tale.

Today, the hottest day ever recorded in any summer that ever beat down on the Ozarks. It was so hot, some say they saw the devil himself walking around.

Lost in the sun-kissed canyons and surrounded by ancient mountain ranges, Trouble was, you couldn’t The Devil ’s Pool sits, forgotten. tell him from the ordinary sons of bitches that lived around here anyways. Osage Indians called it a bottomless pit. Locals call it a sink hole, a spring, Cutting each other ’s throats for a geological abnormality, a few bucks, sellin ’ sex and drugs… too uninteresting to care about.

But something is down there... waiting for today.

Or folks who’d hunt a man for standing up to them.

but‌the hardest part about standing up to assholes is you often just piss ‘em off even more.


I stirred up a hornet’s nest.

Just trying to expose the corrupt jerks who own this town.

This is my fault. I picked this fight.


I didn’t know what I was up against.

Don’t run from Preacher, JACKRABBIT! I have plans for your spirit.

I have plans for your


Why do you oppose me?


Benton Carver, I’m hurt! You didn’t even give us a challenge! The great grandson of Anderson Carver? Hero of the county? Turned out to be the biggest wimp I ever met!


You KILLED my sister. There’s no law!

Laws control the lesser man; right conduct controls the great ones.

We govern the sick and helpless people of this county. Your sister... just got in the way‌ and so have you.

Let him have it, Tommy.






ive me, Lord, about Forg for getting in the

way of righteous men. I accept the wrath and fury... are about to bestow.”

Alright Then…

You wont live the night, Benton Carver.








Looks like we got ourselves a little sport after all.

You brought a nine shot .22 revolver. I’m surprised this antique still fires.

you want ‘em? ...Preacher?

THREE LEFT... what should we do with them?

Let’s Finish THIS!

Hold him, Boys


toss him in THE DEVIL’S POOL.


God Tells us to number our days...

End The Days Of Benton Carver



Cast: (IOOA) Mike Tilden - Benton Carver Dan Embree- Hunter #1 Kerry Richardson - Hunter #2 Matthew Scott - Preacher Brian O’Neill - Tommy Colter Steve Mansell - Hunter #3 Justin Sifford - Hunter #4 Chris Stanley - Hunter #5 Boris Kratsevisch - Hunter #6 “Bucky” Crew: Linda Lisa West Illustration Jeramie Worley Creator Writer Photographer Christine Kershaw Asst. Photographer Chris Stanley Asst. Writer Layout (Pre Production) Brian O’Neill Layout (Pre/Post Production) lettering Casting Kelly Worley Copy and Proof Everyone at Arkvindicta is humbled by the outpouring of support we’ve received. We have many people to thank, so please read though our back cover to see our special thanks page.

R.I.P. - “Bucky”


...but in the depths of The Devil’s Pool

YOU are not ALONE



and the 167 friends, contributors, businesses and fans that made THIS book possible:

The Community Real Estate Group, LLC Phone: (417) 231-6290


“Selling homes on Table Rock Lake where the “real” Devil’s Pool exists. Your local real estate experts, a supporter of the arts and the community!”




L.D. Whitaker - Geese To A Pool Market


“A novel of the Ozarks that has one leg that wants to boogie and the other firmly planted on a pew.” VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO: Andy Stanley Brad Pollett Brent Jones Cary Fu Christopher Penningroth Economy Screen Printing, INC Edward Kendrick Jack & Sandy Whitaker James & Theresa Worley Jimmie Penningroth Ozarks Marketing Group LLC Ron Henley S & T Mansell The Gage Family Tim & Brenda Davi Tim & Jennifer Stratman Tim Hillis Timothy Gula

Alysia Murphy Amanda Holt Amy Myers Andy Stanley Angela Emala Angelica Hull Anita Stewart Apple Jack Barbara Ray Ben Lamb Bernice Mcmurrough Brad Dancer Brad Pollett Bradley Johnson Brent Jones Brian & Christina M O’Neill Brian Richardson Brian Rodenbeck Bryan Bear Carrie Kain Cary Fu Casey Rogers Casey Whitaker Charles E Kendrick Chris Call Chris Stanley Chris T Dean Christina L Cokley Christine A Kershaw Christopher Blackwell Christopher Penningroth Crystal Talbott Dan Williams Dana Lyn Embree Danny Anderson Darren Benford-Brown David Blaine Cheek David J Pruett Dawnell

Debbie Stolle Denis Chistyakov Dennis Strasburg Dreadnaut Drew T Potter Economy Screen Printing, Inc Edward Kendrick Ellen Chisa Ellen Ratcliff Enteraudio Eric Eckert Eric Kappel Erika Boeing Frost Holliman Garrin Childers Gerald Dink Sommer Guamit Heather Cardinale Holly Tully Jack & Sandy Whitaker James Sheldon James & Theresa Worley Jared Shaw Jeffrey Langdon Jennie Levenson-Holmes Jennifer Mayfield Jennifer Ann Garza Jennifer Stratman Jessyka Rodgers Jewell Parker Jim Lofthouse Jimmie Penningroth Joe Blackerby Joelie Key-Tissot John Mathews Joshua Abernathy Joshua Nicholson Judah Fansler Justin Gage

Justin Sifford K Barrett Kailea Tilden Kally Coleman Karen Schaeperkoetter Katrina Westall Kelly Bunch Kelly Worley Kenn Israel Kenny Kevin & Tracey Lightfoot Kevin Rich Kim Tinsley Kristine Watson Landon and Jenna Rose Larry Larry Blaha Laury Woodruff Lee Scholl Lenny Brown Lonnie Whitaker Lori Gamez Maia Gage Mark Aaron Williams Mark Brenner Mark Webb Martha Stanley Mary Soucie Maryruth Barnett Matthew Scott McKenna Tilden Michael Jenck Michael M Hall Michelle McMath Mike and Brandi Holmes Nicholas F Frank Nikki Jeske Ozarks Marketing Group LLC

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When his family is attacked by a crazed drug addict, introverted Ozark paramedic, Benton Carver is forced to take action because the local a...

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