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Project Highlights: branding, digital asset creation, copywriting, UI development For: Faux Company Medium: Digital (web) Synopsis: Phazure is a manufacturer of high end headphones, and its website was created in that spirit. The overall modern, upscale feel of the site is accomplished by utilizing heavy shading on product images, a rich black background, and minimal copy. The goal is to make the user believe that they are stepping into a high end, digital shop. Strategically, the site creative also allows for easy conversion to the web. Modern digital best practices considered when creating the site include image heavy content, the ability for the site to be coded with nested tables (for cross-platform viewing), and appropriate consideration for standard width and fold.

Project Highlights: branding, print asset creation, copywriting For: Faux Company Medium: Print (brochure) Synopsis: This bi-fold brochure has multiple uses, both utilitarian and strategic. Functionally, it has been designed to be used as both collateral and as a direct mailer. Strategically, it serves as a both a marketing piece and a catalog of products. One of the considerations in creating this bi-fold for a premium brand like Phazure, is that less is more. Therefore, the content consists of stylized imagery along with generous margins surrounding minimal copy. This brochure is meant to pique interest and drive consumers to the company website where the can learn more or make purchases.

Project Highlights: digital asset creation, copywriting, html5 coding, e-mail execution For: The Foundation Center - Marketing Associate, 2013 Medium: Digital (e-mail) Synopsis: The Foundation Center has typically utilized text heavy emails and employed outdated coding practices. This has resulted in a much lower open and clickthrough rate than desired (less than 10% on newsletters, 20-25% on member e-mails). The above email on the left is an event invitation I was requested to send to the Foundation Center member base. I subsequently redesigned and recoded it, sending the invite on the right out as the re-mail. The result was an open and clickthrough increase of nearly 100% and an event that exceeded attendance expectations.

Project Highlights: digital asset creation, copywriting, html5 coding, e-mail execution For: The Foundation Center - Marketing Associate, 2013 Medium: Digital (e-mail) Synopsis: Above is the marketplace website that the Foundation Center had recently re-skinned prior to my arrival, and shown under the website is the e-nwesletter template being used upon my arrival as well. It employed non-optimized imagery, colspans, large amounts of copy, and other non-best practices. To the right is the newsletter I redesigned to better reflect the updated website. It contains the same type of large image at the top, similar content boxes, and streamlined copy. It was also created using industry best practices including optimized images, streamlined content, and nested tables designed to enhance cross-platform viewing.

Project Highlights: mobile asset creation, UI development For: Faux Mobile Game Medium: Digital (logo, icon, splash page) Synopsis: The first required element of the Jurassic Genome Project application was the logo/icon (upper left), followed by a splash page (bottom). Designed in the spirit of the IOS 7 operating system, the logo utilizes a solid background with a simple overlayed graphic. One of the challenges overcome was ensuring it is easily recognizable even at a small size. The splash page draws on the logo’s color scheme, adding elements such as the DNA strand and leather buttons. The layout and buttons are designed for cross-platform use between mobile and tablet computers and are set up to be viewed in both landscape and portrait orientations.

Project Highlights: digital asset creation, copywriting, For: Faux Mobile Game Medium: Digital (website) Synopsis: The Jurassic Genome Project website simulates a site that the app developer might employ to highlight their game. The site serves as both a marketing tool and a method to drive consumers to app stores where they can download the app. The site includes copy detailing the game, app specifications, video previews, and download links. The overall look and feel of the JGP site remains consistent with the game itself. By using the same color pallete and creative elements such as the trees and DNA, the user experience flows seamlessly across mediums.

Project Highlights: conceptual artwork, print asset creation For: Faux Publication Medium: Print (magazine Synopsis: This magazine cover and contents are inspired by long time graphic artist Bradbury Thompson. Known for overlaying images and his use of vibrant color, Bradbury Thompson remains an influence to graphic artists to this day. In addition to pictographic work, Thompson also worked with typography, most notably creating the font family “Alphabet 26,” which sees all letter forms, both upper and lower cases remain equal in height. This magazine cover and contents explore Thompson’s work, incorporating his font and color schemes, as well as by pushing the dynamic range in which content is presented.

Experience the terror that will make your mouth (and other parts) feel as if they are on fire. This hot sauce is guaranteed to take whatever dish you are serving and kick it up to a level you haven’t dared dream of. You won’t be able to tell if the sauce is hot or not just by reading this label or staring at the box. So open it up and give it a try. C’mon, how bad can it really be? Or maybe, just maybe, this sauce isn’t so hot.... Trick or treat.

Experience the perfection that this delicious hot sauce will bring to any dish it is paried with. Sweet, with just the faintest whiff of heat, this sauce is guaranteed not only to work well with just about anything, but it won’t upset even the faintest who do not enjoy spicy food. Or maybe, just maybe, this sauce isn’t so mild. Maybe it is equal to an atomic bomb directed right at your taste buds... Trick or treat.

Trick or Treat® hot sauce is distributed by SauceCrazy, Inc. All rights reserved.

Project Highlights: package design, print preparation, For: Faux Product Medium: Print (packaging) Synopsis: The one guideline on this project: the product name had to be “Trick or Treat.” All other creative elements, including the product itself, the artwork, and the execution, were left to my discretion. In creating the product packaging, a die line was created as a vector graphic. It made use of spot color, while the rest of the artwork was rendered in cmyk. Ultimately, I decided to explore a potential gag gift idea in hot sauce that would either be intensely hot, or quite mild. This could not be distinguished until the sauce was tasted. This product allowed me to employ bright colors with fun graphics and copy to make my product stand out to potential customers.

Project Highlights: template creation, digital asset creation, content management For: Wyndham Worldwide - Consultant, Digital Content Manager, 2014 Medium: Digital (web) Synopsis: Part of my role at Wyndham Worldwide is to create assets and write copy when needed. I do so for the US English, UK English, Canadian English, Asia Pacific English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese Wyndham Rewards sites. Above is one Hero image and three, smaller, slider images I created to highlight a new partnership, locational opportunities, program earning opportunities, and to drive Wyndham Rewards credit card acquisition respectively. I retrofit the images, and create reference files for agencies and international teams, from the original artwork created when the website launched.

Project Highlights: content management, digital asset creation, copywriting, For: World Class Driving - Marketing Associate, 2011 Medium: Digital (webpage, banner ad) Synopsis: This webpage was developed for an event in which participants would travel to Montreal to view a Formula One race. Using on-brand copy, it highlights various aspects of the event and encourages potential customers to reach out for more information. The banner ad on the left was created as part of an ongoing pay-per-click campaign. World Class Driving sought to drive traffic to its website by utilizing a strategy of minimal copy and letting the stars (cars) shine. This particular ad was for a single day event in which participants would drive five supercars on a pre-planned route.

Project Highlights: project management, creative strategy, digital asset creation For: Daily Bread - Marketing Consultant, 2013 Medium: Digital (web) Synopsis: Daily Bread, a sandwich shop located in Ocean Grove, NJ, launched a website in conjunction with its grand opening. The proprietors requested that a beach theme be included in addition to highlighting the shop’s sandwiches. My role in establishing the company’s digital footbprint consisted of managing the launch of it’s online presence, including an e-commerce function. In addition to creating some of the assets that are included on the website, I worked directly with the site developer to ensure proper branding conditions were met in a timely fashion.

Project Highlights: marketing & collateral design, print asset creation For: Daily Bread - Marketing Consultant, 2013 Medium: Print (menu, collateral) Synopsis: As Daily Bread prepared to launch, a different designer created a menu for the shop using a copy-heavy design and basic, flat graphics. I was subsequently asked to re-design the menu as it was not strongly tied to the established branding strategy. Because Daily Bread is a small business, I created a design which had the dual function of being a marketing piece as well as a menu. In addition to listing all of Daily Bread’s menu items, the new menu features images of the sandwiches as well as incorporates much of the same imagery seen on the website. The same background, font, and color pallette were used, reinforcing Daily Bread’s branding.

Translation by Marc Blitzstein Directed by Prof. Jim Bumgardner Music Directed by Jess Abrams Ciccone Theatre: April 11, 12, 17-19 at 7:00 PM -- April 12 & 19 at 2:30 PM Admission: $5.00 Students, $ 10.00 Seniors (65+) and BCC, $ 15.00 General Admission Tickets available at the Ciccone Theatre Box Office or online at For information/reservations call 201-447-7428.

Project Highlights: print asset creation, copywriting, advertising strategy For: Bergen Stages Medium: Print (poster, mailer) Synopsis: This poster was made to be displayed on the Bergen Community College campus and to be retrofitted as a mailer so as to generate interest in Bergen Stages’ production of Bertolt Brecht’s “The Threepenny Opera.” Client guidelines included the use of bright color, visible aspects of the play (a bowler hat, knife, etc.), and highlighting that the performance would have a high level of interaction with the audience. These guidelines were adhered to by using bright red and purple coloring, putting storyline elements in a spotlight, and by including the stage itself as part of the graphic.

Project Highlights: branding, identity development, For: BeanTree Marketing & Communications, est. 2013 Medium: Digital & Print (logo & identity kit) Synopsis: BeanTree Marketing & Communications is a consultancy that my wife and I established, which specializes in small business marketing. Our collective expertise includes everything from marketing strategy to media relations to the development of digital assets as well as collateral. BeanTree’s brand identity is one that is fresh, new, organic, and forward thinking.

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