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What Causes Tendonitis?

The bones and muscles are the primary parts that give your body a framework. Now, these two must be attached to each other of course. If not, your body will be wobbly as the bones will be dispersed about wrapped in thick muscles. The purpose of attaching your muscles to the bones, hence, is very important. This is the job allotted to your tendons. Due to their important function in your body, you need to always take care of your tendons so they wouldn't be affected by diseases like tendonitis.

Tendonitis is the inflammation of your tendons. It can happen to any tendon in almost any part of your body. You need to know how tendonitis can occur so that you would be able to avoid it.

One of the typical causes of tendonitis is really overuse. As with every other part of your body, the tendons are prone to exhausting and tearing if they are used more often than what they're capable of. This is what happens in cases of golfer's elbow or suitcase elbow, medically termed as medial epicondylitis. Movements which are demanding and repetitive do not give the tendons plenty of time to rest and recover until finally, they get inflamed.

Yet another cause of tendonitis is actually bad blood supply or restrained flow of blood for the

tendons. This is related to the initial cause, which is overuse. Whenever you overuse the tendons, they have the tendency to rip. If this happens, they need to be able to repair themselves every time to recover their functioning state. However this cannot effectively occur if they do not acquire sufficient amount of blood. Without enough blood, the restoration might take longer and the damage could become worse until finally they cannot be healed naturally anymore. Lastly and the graver root cause of tendonitis is trauma caused by injuries. They could be caused in sports and other physically activities like running, jumping and fast walking. Stretching the tendons excessively can also result in inflammation. This is why it is crucial that you do not overwork the body since it can affect the smallest parts such as the tendons.

Tendonitis, luckily, is treatable with medical procedures. You can check out these types of methods by consulting a doctor or even better reliable osteopath. But just as always, prevention is deemed better than cure. Therefore avoid tendonitis when you are able to keep your body healthy always.

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What Causes Tendonitis?