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Content Marketing: The Three Core Objectives of Every New Piece

• With Google’s focus on removing spam from the face of cyberspace, and the dedication to provide customers the most human-like Web interaction as possible, many search engine optimization companies and specialists have moved to content marketing. • In the past few months, this has led to a deluge of blog posts and press releases, but not all efforts are paying off. Some marketers simply generate content without a strategy in mind, according to research from the Content Marketing Institute. With that in mind, it is opportune to emphasise the importance of having a set of purposes whenever there is a new piece of content to be uploaded online. • In every content marketing effort, search marketers should focus on three core objectives.

Customer retention • Every content strategy should centre on the customer, as they are the ones who read the blog post or press release published on different websites. It is exponentially more economical for companies to try and retain customers rather than spend a fortune on strategies to lure new clients. • With that said, it is important to prioritize the customer experience. When the client is satisfied with what they read and the content fulfills the need for information after a keyword search, the company has done its job properly and retained a customer. • The way a firm conducts customer service also comes into play here. Articles should create value for the reader – all the time.

Customer retention

Brand promotion • It may seem an unlikely purpose, but the articles should promote the brand. Doing so increases the recognition of the common customer to the services of a company. The better brand awareness for a company, the more attention customers give it. • Marketers should remember, however, that Google is not a fan of blatant marketing pieces, which means contextual and logical pieces are the way to go.

Brand promotion

Sales cultivation • A content strategy should have a way to measure its efficacy. At the end of the day, the articles should generate leads and sales, or at least maintain the existing ones. With the properly geared stories, it is possible to have massive increases in traffic and sales. Marketers must harness the power of analytics to monitor the effectiveness of a campaign. • Marketers should set goals for their pieces of content. With the right target in sight, it is easier to achieve the desired results.

Sales cultivation

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Content marketing the three core objectives of every new piece  

With Google’s focus on removing spam from the face of cyberspace, and the dedication to provide customers the most human-like Web interactio...

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