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04 resetting industry // architectural / landscape planning + research 06 obfuscated territories // post-truth manifesto + subsea landing station a civic living room // 12 architectural addition 14 story of the land // education center micro house // 16 prefab housing

mainstreaming sustainability // 18 community center

22 study abroad // krakow, poland



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I am an interactive and versatile designer that strives in collaborations. My interest is in innovative and experimental design that deals with all fields of design such as architecture, graphics, furniture, fashion, and product design. When I’m not working, you may find me searching for more inspiration or preoccupied with another project.

Industrial River Edge x Public Space


After a 1500 mile research road trip many challenges with industries along the river were discovered such as brown-fielding and obstructions between city and river. To negate these issues, strategies have been designed to augment these territories into multifunctional landscapes through revitalization, public connection, adaptive reuse, and integrated energy harvestation. This project was a well-organized collaboration in which my partner and I continuously bounced ideas off each other on a project we were both excited about. My work focused towards conceptual design, concept development, stylization of content, renderings, and research.

Tennessee River Collaboration: Ryan Smith

Governors Chair Studio SOM x ORNL x UTK

Professor: Brad Collet 2016


Post-Truth Manifesto Subsea Landing Station


Post-Truth Investigation + Subsea Landing Station This project consists of two parts: 01. Post-Truth Manifesto [research/concept] An investigation of the 2016 socio-cultural paradigm called Post-Truth and its role in the development of the larger cultural epoch called Late Postmodernism. 02. Subsea Landing Station [project] A reef-stimulating vessel that grows territories, modulates undersea fiber-optic traffic, and creates new geopolitical zones. Throughout this two-part project, various methods of analog and digital fabrication were explored.

Spratly Islands

Distinguished Design Gallery

01. POST-TRUTH An unsolicited manifesto [research/concept] The conceptual phase was a direct process-based method fueled by the study various conditions of Post-Truth culture. Writings and spatial constructs/images derived from resonating factors and concepts discovered among three initial research tools: 1. Radiolab Podcast 2. Donald Trump’s Twitter Archive 3. A Post-Truth Event

Professor: Mark Stanley 2017


02. SUBSEA LANDING STATION An economic + ecological stimulating vessel [project] The Spratly Islands are a testing ground for the design of a Subsea Landing Station. Elements of the design are influenced by the study of the current socio-cultural paradigm called “Post-Truth�. The landing station is a reef-stimulating vessel that grows territories, modulates undersea fiber-optic traffic, and creates new geopolitical zones in the South China Sea. Positioned strategically, the subsea landing station monitors and modulates fiber-optic traffic with Extension Nodes that expand the coverage of the landing station. Proximity reef Incubators and tension lines allow the vessel to assimilate, detach, or extend from reefs while controlling and monitoring reef expansion. This begins to question the impermanence of architecture and explores the ideas of growing physical territory and expanding economies.



Lawson McGhee Library Addition 24,000 sf


The new addition merges with the existing library and creates a place of social interaction, learning, and sharing. In contrast to the existing concrete building, the light addition seems to float in space, creating openness and connection to the city. At ground level, the exterior visually flows into the interior through the glass faรงade while allowing natural ambient light into the main reading spaces. Floating above are upper levels that become increasingly more intimate each level higher, for moments of creation, exploration, and study. The addition responds to the urban context and existing library through spatial and visual experiences while expressing the positive attributes of steel. The steel frames, columns, and beams allow the programs and spaces to float, cantilever, and span through the atrium.

Knoxville, TN

ASCA Steel Competition Entry

Parapit Assembly flashing metal cladding roof membrane wood nailer cant batt insulation

Roof Assembly

metal roofing roof membrane rigid insulation metal roof decking batt insulation wood ceiling panels

Level 3 Assembly

laminated hardwood floor gyspom concrete sound control mat plywood subfloor steel joist wood ceiling panel

Level 2 Assembly

laminate hardwood floor sound control mat plywood subfloor steel joist duct wood ceiling panel

Facade Assembly tempered glass silicon joints spider fittings tube steel mullions

Level 1 Assembly

finished concrete floor o hardwood floor concrete slab concrete joist

Slab on Grade concrete slab concrete footing vapor barrier sand earth

Professor: William Martella 2015


Enviromental Education Center 17,350 sf


Crossville, TN

Client: 4H Clyde York Camp

This overgrown site filled with artifacts was once a WWII concentration camp but is now a summer camp for all ages. Clients from Clyde York 4H Camp requested an extension to their campgrounds with an enviromental center. The design sits within the forest with boardwalks that connect each destination. As one enters the site, they weave and meander through the boardwalk elevated above the forest grounds and historical artifacts experiencing the story of the land. Like hollow trees with charred wood exterior and warm wood interior the classrooms, workshops, lookout tower, and the library follow and blend in with the landscape as each tells a different story with a different view.

Professor: Scott Wall 2015


Prefab Affordable Housing 1,000 sf





These cozy, contemporary, minimalistic micro houses are designed for singles, couples, or small families. Offsite h o u s prefabricated i n g CNC wall panels allow for a quick installation, less construction time, and cost. Within one day the exterior shell of the home can be fully assembled. The design emphasizes efficiency with various sustainable strategies and integrated storage, spaces, and appliances. While abroad, European houses influenced the early phases of design. The design merges the idea of a tiny home, sustainability, and prefabrication with American and European housing design.

f u n ct i on



T he h o u s e i s d i v i d e d i n to 3 zon e s. T h e


Single unit

9 3 sqm

C on st ru ct i on t yp e


Hou si n g compl ex a r ea

2 1 , 5 3 7 sqm

Tot al fl oor are a

8 ,74 2 sqm

Study Abroud: Krakow, Poland

Professor: Kryzysztof Bojanowksi 2016

level 2

level 1


Sustainable Education Center 51,791 sf

Knoxville, TN Collaboration: Spencer McCarty


To become a sustainable model for Knoxville, this design expresses methods of energy conservation with strategies such as expressive solar panel, louvers, and sustainable features in a heroic way that sparks interest. This was an Integrations Studio where building systems were carefully designed. The building is rated a LEED Gold and received 2nd place in the AIA Sustainable Design Award. In this collaborative project, my work focussed mostly on the conceptual phase, the design of the building, sustainable systems, landscape, and graphics. My partner and I had great synergy. He preferred working in CAD and on the technical aspects of the design which allowed me to bounce ideas back and forth with him while focusing more on designing the building and the systems. 100%

235 kw






AIA Sustainable Design Award LEED Gold

Professor: Robert French 2015


Smoke evacuation system for atrium 10” Circular hollow steel column Aluminum trellis equipped with MiaSole Flexible Solar Cells Steel Trellis frameW12x104 primary , W12x72 secondary Metal rain cap Roofing membrane 3” Rigid insulation 1/2” OSB / vapor barrier 4” Concrete roof w/ metal decking shear bolted 15’ O.C. Approx. 10-12” Batt. insulation

W12x72 beam supported by W12x72 steel column Metal Plates welded together to form C-channel profile 24” diameter supply and return HVAC ducts, painted black White oak wood panel suspended ceiling 6” concrete floor w/ steel decking and shear bolted to W12x72 steel beams 15’O.C. Metal stud ceiling frame. 5’ O.C. Eclipse pendant uplight 1/4” Steel wire guardrail every 4” O.C., White oak wood handrail

HVAC to atrium penetrates face of welded C-channel and is covered with a black painted grille Sprinkler fire suppression system Concrete slab w/ 1” lightly sandblasted topper slab 2” diameter drainage pipe 12” deep planter zone Aluminum divider 2” of fine gravel, densely packed 4” gravel Waterproof membrane Structural concrete retailing wall Basement: transformer, water pump , and geothermal system Concrete slab and footing


Study + Work Abroad: Krakow, Poland


During my Spring 2016 semester, I lived in Krakow, Poland for over half a year where I studied European art, history, and architecture. Driven by cultural curiosity and wanderlust, I traveled all throughout Central Europe and many parts of the UK submerging myself in various cultural experiences through people, food, and architecture. Photography and sketches were a way to capture and translate the spatial experiences that were involved during the explorations. At the end of my semester, I had the opportunity to intern for CH2M in Poland, where I was part of an international design team for a contemporary addition to a significant historic building in York, England.

Travel: Central Europe + UK

Politechnika Krakowska CH2M



brian lam


Brian Lam's Design Portfolio (Sample)  

A sample Brian Lam's portfolio -Architecture

Brian Lam's Design Portfolio (Sample)  

A sample Brian Lam's portfolio -Architecture