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Everything you must know about Commissioner for Oaths Edmonton

The legal system of Edmonton, Alberta often requires you to hire the services of a commissioner for oaths taking an oath, making an affidavit or completing a statutory declaration. These documents can be commissioned only by certain qualified and licensed professionals like the notary public. Commissioner for Oaths Edmonton has the authority to supervise the entire process, administering the oath, and formalizing the documents themselves. For instance, changing your name or a lost passport are events that necessitate taking an oath. The required affidavit simply cannot be performed without the presence of a commissioner for oaths or notary public. A notary public or commissioner for oaths presides gives the required document it the legally required consent after confirming your identity and witnessing your signature. How to find a commissioner for oaths? If you are intending to take an oath for some personal or professional reason, then you will need to arrange for a commissioner. Commissioner for Oaths Edmonton can be found on the internet, since the web world can easily garner you information about the best and the most reliable experts from the profession. Alternately, if you have a family lawyer, then you can also consult him on the same. In most cases, barristers and solicitors also hold the legal power to act as commissioners. Things to remember while hiring a commissioner or a notary: Some people, out of their naivety, commit errors which can create inconvenience or hassle. It is advisable that you do your homework well and get yourself familiarized with the procedures and the documents which you are asked to produce during the meeting. You need to remember to carry your government issued photo identification. It must be valid and should include a current photo and signature. You should also carry your completed documents not yet signed, since you shall be required to present them to the commissioner or notary public. However, you must not make the mistake of signing them prior to the appointment or in the absence of the notary. What are some of the major services offered by a notary public or commissioner for oaths? A notary public offers several services including acting as the commissioner for oaths Edmonton. The authority of a notary public includes everything a commissioner for oaths

can do within the Province of Alberta, but also extends nationally and internationally. He assists with documentation for affidavits and sworn solemn declarations. His services are also needed during real estate transactions completed in other provinces or countries. Real estate business requires furnishing of important documents related to the property, its ownership and any financing. The notary public’s seal becomes crucial for authenticating those documents. The notary is also empowered to prepare or approve passport and immigration documents such as certified copies of education documents, identification or criminal record checks. Thus, anyone who is moving or is intending to enjoy an extended stay in a foreign nation may require his professional assistance. The notary also provides documents in regard to child travel consents, statutory declarations and other acknowledgements.

Is the fee of a notary reasonable? Genuine and professionally reputed notaries charge reasonable fee. Irrespective of their services, they usually do not press for extra expenses unless you have hired a mobile notary who adds traveling charges over his base fee. Commissioner for Oaths Edmonton can also be hired for a very nominal fee.

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