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Induction Manual Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Leisure Connection Ltd, Potton House, Wyboston Lakes, Great North Road, Wyboston, Bedfordshire MK44 3BA Tel: 01480 401300. Email:

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

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Things to think about… Getting Started Let’s meet each other Looking at Leisure Connection Core Proposition Passionate about our people Exceeding Expectations Connecting the Community to Leisure Maximising Usage, Minimising Costs Background How the Business Works The Brands Site organisational chart LCQMS – Leisure Connection Quality National Benchmarking Celebrate

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YOUR EMPLOYMENT Getting Paid Holiday Signing In and Out Uniform Absence Procedure If you ever have a problem at work Disciplinary Procedures Codes of Conduct The Steps to Success Site Rules It’s all about the customers Sales Enquiries Children’s Activities Ofsted Registration Corrective Action/Event Logs & Quarantine Area Collection of Qualifications What Happens Next …

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HEALTH AND SAFETY Introduction to Health & Safety Policy Statement Health & Safety Management structure Health & Safety Yearly Timetable Health & Safety Responsibilities Training Risk Assessments COSHH Display Screen Equipment Systems of Work Accident & Incident Reporting Asbestos Contractors Driving at Work Electricity Fire Safety First Aid Legionella Lifts & Lifting Equipment Lone Working New & Expectant Mothers Noise Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Safety Signage Serious Incidents

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Slips and Trips Stress Violence to Staff Work Equipment Working at Height Emergency Action Plan Enforcement Authorities Questions

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FIRE TRAINING Introduction Site Fire Damage The Fire Triangle Sources of Ignition – examples Sources of Combustion – examples Reducing Fire Hazards Types of Fire Extinguisher Other Fire Fighting Equipment Remember Using a Fire Extinguisher Maintenance In the event of a fire Fire Safety Summary Any Questions? Be Safe!

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WALK THE FLOOR Walk The Floor Guidelines Alarms Health & Safety – Fire Exits Health & Safety – Fire Fighting / Pool Rescue Equipment & Emergency Lighting Safety Sign & Temperature Maintenance Cleanliness Restricted Areas Staffing Marketing Service Delivery Completing the Walk the Floor Form Completing Walk the Floor Any Questions? Now… go WOW THE CUSTOMER!

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LEGIONNAIRES’ DISEASE Case Studies and Symptoms 120, 121, 122 & 123 What is Legionnaires’ Disease? 124 How can you catch Legionnaires’ Disease? 125 The Main Risk Systems 126 Other Risk Systems 127 Legislation – Key Documents 128 Who can you go to for assistance regarding Legionnaires’ Disease? 129 How can we prevent Legionnaires’ Disease? 130 Recommended Inspection Frequencies – Hot Water Services this is your Responsibility 131 Recommended Inspection Frequencies – Little Used Outlets this is your Responsibility 132 L8 in a nutshell – What you must do 133 Log all Results and Actions 134 Recommended Inspection Frequencies – Quarterly 135 Recommended Inspection Frequencies – Six monthly/annually 136 Recommended Inspection Frequencies – Two yearly 137 Recommended Inspection Frequencies – As required after inspection 138 L8 in a nutshell – What Kingfisher Do 139

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Introducing the Company

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Things to think about… • If you need a break • Any questions any time • Fire alarms • Mobiles • Toilets.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Getting Started • Looking at Leisure Connection • Staying Safe • You and your site.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Let’s meet each other Tell us: • Your full name • Your last role • What made you come to Leisure Connection? • What interests do you have out of work? • If you won the lottery what would you spend it on?

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Looking at Leisure Connection In this part you will find out about:• How the business works • The company structure • Who people are.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Leisure Connection’s core proposition is that we want to offer Private Sector Quality within a Public Access Environment through our values: • Passionate about out People • Exceeding Expectations • Connecting the Community to Leisure • Maximising Usage, Minimising Costs. Richard Millman CEO

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

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Passionate about our people We value you Training and development is ongoing with a wide range of internal and external courses available, as well as NVQ and apprenticeship places to gain qualifications and aid personal development.

Your thoughts are valued You will have regular 1-2-1 meetings with your line manager and team meetings where you are encouraged to express your views. Our “Bright Ideas� scheme is designed as a formal vehicle for you to share and be rewarded for your ideas about how we can take the business forward.

Internal Promotion We want to help you help yourself and will provide the opportunity, environment and time for you to improve your skills. Places are available annually on our Management Academy for aspiring managers and many of your colleagues have benefited from internal promotion. Some of our best managers started on the shop-floor in Leisure Connection.

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Exceeding Expectations We value you Leisure Connection wants every customer to experience the wow factor; Customer Service is paramount to our business. Everyone who works for Leisure Connection is customer facing. We must all engage with our customers to give them the best experience. We expect our staff to provide a high quality service, to give high quality, useful information and treat all our Customers and Potential Customers in a polite, happy, professional and respectful manner. We need you to be clean, tidy and well presented and to ensure that your venue is inviting to visitors and is well maintained.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Connecting the Community to Leisure In Leisure Connection we aim to provide private sector quality in a public access environment. We want to maximise the number of people who use our facilities and improve their health and well-being through increased activity. We want you to engage with all sectors of our community and encourage people to come into our Centre or participate in outreach programmes we promote. We provide a range of leisure activities for everyone, of every ability level in the community, from fitness through to the arts and theatres, and are always keen to do more. We want you to become a member of a team of highly trained and knowledgeable staff, providing a warm welcome at an inviting venue at an affordable price.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Maximising Usage, Minimising Costs Whatever your role, in Leisure Connection we all play a significant part in controlling our costs and increasing our income. We need you to be cost conscious and environmentally “green” – to be economical with utilities, turn lights off, keep windows closed in air conditioned units etc. Every pound saved helps your Centre and helps to pay your wages! We invest heavily in Sales and Marketing but understand that customer retention is key to a successful centre. People return again and again because of the welcome they receive, the service provided the safety and cleanliness of the venue. These standards are dependant on you doing your job to the best of your ability, all of the time. We are all responsible for exceeding customers’ expectations. Remember, it is much easier to retain a customer than get a new one – we want you.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Background With the motto Delivering Excellence in Leisure, Leisure Connection manages over 70 sports, leisure and arts facilities across England. Our company philosophy is to provide private sector quality within a public access environment, while encouraging more people to be more active, more often. Leisure Connection is the market leader of outsourced quality leisure, cultural and fitness services to Local Authorities, national bodies such as Sport England and Wheelpower (managing Stoke Mandeville Stadium), and private fitness clubs.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

How the Business Works Managing over 70 sports, leisure and arts facilities across the UK varying from fitness clubs, leisure centres, swimming pools, theatres and arts centres to sports outreach services and programmes. We deliver our values through continually improving standards in local centres, located within the community, through a programme of capital investment and strong quality management systems. Leisure Connection has invested in excess of ÂŁ70 Million into local facilities in recent years. It has a strong platform from which to continue to improve community activity by investing in facilities and by focusing on strong operational delivery through the Harpers Fitness brand and the thriving Swim School, which teaches over 40,000 children to swim each week.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

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The Brands

‘Harpers’ represents our award winning Swim School, Party Animals, junior and adult activities, gyms, group exercise and catering.

personal training

swim school

party animals

health & fitness

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

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Site organisational chart

Contract Manager

Business Manager

Sales Manager

Duty Manager

Fitness Manager

Reception Manager

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

LCQMS – Leisure Connection Quality Management System • LC1 – Generating Revenue & Controlling Costs – LC1.4 Finance Manual • LC2 – Wow the Customer – LC2.1 Health & Safety Manual • LC3 – Connecting to the Community • LC4 – Passionate about our People • QUEST • Operations Manuals.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

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National Benchmarking Nat Ave

LC Ave



Standards, Systems and Monitoring










Housekeeping and Presentation















Environmental Management





Changing Rooms and Toilets





Health & Safety Management





Customer Care





Customer Feedback















Bookings and Reception





Staff Supervision





People Management





Management Style





Business Management





Programme Development





Partnerships / Continuous Improvement (V3)





Performance Management / Finance & IT (V3)





Information and Communication Technology





Continuous Improvements




Delivering Excellence in Leisure


• 53 of the 978 registered centres are Leisure Connection (5.4%) • 24% of Quest accredited centres have 75% or higher • 47% of LC centres have 75% or higher • 8 of our sites are 80% or higher • 100% Pass Rate • National Quest benchmarking figures confirm that Leisure Connection is still Number 1 Operator – National benchmark = 71% – Leisure Connection = 74%

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure


Our Sport England sites, Bisham Abbey (89%), Lilleshall (88%) are in the UK top 4! Bisham Abbey scored a perfect 10 for Maintenance, Downham Heath score perfect 10’s for Programme development and Partnership.

In the 80’s… Bisham Abbey NSC


ST Albans SDT


Lilleshall NSC


Lord Butler


Great Dunmow LC




Downham LC


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Your Employment

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Getting Paid • Salaried Contracts – 25th of each month or the Friday before • Hourly Paid – based upon 4,4,5 periods, paid on 8th of each month or the Friday before • Time Sheets Must be filled in on a weekly basis.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Holiday • The holiday year runs from January 1st to December 31st • Your holiday entitlement is worked out in accordance with how many hours/days you work • If you are full time you are entitled to 20 days plus 8 Bank Holidays • You must fill in a leave request form which is then submitted to your manager for approval.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Signing In and Out • All Team Members must sign in at the start of their shift, and sign out at the end • The Signing In and Out folder is located at Reception.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Uniform Uniform must be clean ironed & in good condition • Leisure Connection polo shirts (tucked in) • Leisure Connection tracksuit trousers (shorts poolside) • Name badge • Long hair must be tied back • No jewellery should be worn (poolside). Uniforms are designed to protect you and give a professional impression to customers.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

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Absence Procedure • Phone the site at least 2 hours before the shift starts or the night before • Speak to the Duty Manager • Keep in regular contact whilst you are off • Fill in the self certification form when you return • Doctor’s Certificate required after 7 days of continual absence.

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

If you ever have a problem at work Grievance Procedure • Stage 1 - Speak to line manager • Stage 2 - Speak to their manager • Stage 3 - Put in writing to Regional Manager.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Disciplinary Procedures Disciplinary’s are rare but if there is ever need to go down these lines your manager will have already spoken to you informally about it before unless suspected gross misconduct. Formal Process • Verbal Warning • Written Warning • Final Written Warning • Dismissal Gross Misconduct may lead to instant dismissal. At every level you have the right to appeal.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Codes of Conduct • Always wear your uniform whilst on duty • Never come to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol or use these whilst at work • Never leave the building with any company property unless you have sought permission • Report any theft or suspicion of theft to your manager • Never fight with either a customer or colleague • Breach of Health and safety. If not followed all of the above could lead to disciplinary action or in extreme cases instant dismissal.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

The Steps to Success

Senior Management – level 5

Management development – level 4

Supervisory level – level 3

Becoming Competent – level 2

Starting Out – level 1

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Site Rules • Breaks are to be taken in the designated area, with uniform covered up • Never smoke in uniform in front of our customers.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

It’s all about the customers Always put yourself in the customers shoes:– How would you like to be treated? – What type of service do you expect? – Do I like to be kept waiting? – What would WOW you?

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Sales Enquiries It’s important everybody knows:• How to deal with a sales enquiry • How to tour a potential sale • Marketing & Promotional Campaign Awareness.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Children’s Activities National Standards • To ensure the safety of children taking part in activities within our centres we have produced detailed systems and procedures in accordance with the national standards for under 8’s. • The Standards state that we must ensure: ‘Adults providing day care, looking after children or having unsupervised access to them are suitable to do so’.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Ofsted Registration It is a legal requirement to register with Ofsted any crèche, play scheme or after school club that operates for more than 2 hours a day for under 8’s. During regular Ofsted inspections a judgement will be made on how effective your scheme is in delivering against the 5 key outcomes for children: • Helping Children to be healthy • Protecting children from harm or neglect and helping them stay safe • Helping children achieve well and enjoy what they do • Helping children make a positive contribution • Organisation.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Corrective Action/Event Logs & Quarantine Area It’s all about spotting the little things that count… • If you find anything wrong in your site make sure you report it to reception where it will be logged. • EG. Blown light bulb, broken signage, graffiti.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Collection of Qualifications • First Aid at Work • CRB Completed & Recorded • Basic Food Hygiene • NVQs available • Pool Plant Operators • National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers & Coaches • NPLQ • Fitness Register Information.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

What Happens Next … • Departmental Induction • Your Review end first month • Six month 1 to 1 • Annual performance review • Management open door policy • Ongoing training and development.

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Health and Safety

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Introduction to Health & Safety The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 describes measures designed to protect the health and safety of people at work and that of others, such as visitors and members of the public, who are affected by work activities.

Page 40

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Policy Statement Your Copy

Leisure Connection Ltd Group of Companies

August 2008 – July 2009

Statement Of Health & Safety Policy Leisure Connection Ltd is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment at its premises for the benefit of its team members, customers and contractors by achieving high standards of Health & Safety in its operations.

We will, so far as is reasonably practicable: •establish, maintain and review Health & Safety standards through the process of risk assessment •ensure that our premises are without risk to those who use them •provide safe systems of work for all employees •arrange for chemicals, plant and equipment to be transported, stored, used and disposed of without risk •make suitable arrangements for welfare facilities in the workplace. Leisure Connection Ltd works to achieve the involvement of all its team members in fulfilling this commitment through training, supervision and consultation at all levels.

We will provide: •appropriate resources •suitable induction and continuing training •instruction and information to all team members •opportunities for all team members to contribute to hazard identification and rectification •means to develop a safety culture in which all team members recognise their obligation to safeguard themselves and others, participate fully in training, and not to misuse anything provided in the interests of Health & Safety •consultation mechanisms through which all team members can become involved in the development of Health & Safety. The Chief Executive is responsible for the organisation, arrangements, monitoring, auditing and review required to implement this policy. The Directors will ensure that these are implemented. The Board takes seriously its corporate responsibility for health and safety and will review this statement annually. Future revisions of this Health & Safety Statement will be published at each of Leisure Connection’s premises for the benefit of all team members. Issue no. 9 August 2008.

GRAHAM FARRANT Chief Executive

Page 41

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Health & Safety Management structure


Site Health & Safety Coordinator/Duty Manager

Contract/Business Manager

Health & Safety Monitoring Officer

Group Health & Safety Manager

Page 42

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Health & Safety Yearly Timetable • Agenda Item at all Meetings • Update Training 4 monthly • Evacuation of premises training 4 monthly • Health & Safety Consultation 4 monthly • Health & Safety Seminars.

Page 43

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Health & Safety Responsibilities Employers duties • Provide and maintain equipment and work systems which are safe and healthy • Deal with substances such as chemicals safely • Provide information, instruction, training and supervision • Maintain safe and healthy workplaces with the necessary facilities • Provide a health and safety policy statement.

Page 44

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Health & Safety Responsibilities Employees duties • Take care of their own health and safety at work • Take care of the health and safety of others • Co-operate with their employer • Not misuse or interfere with anything provided for health and safety purposes.

Page 45

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Training • Health & Safety Pre-Shift Induction • Job Specific Induction • Ongoing update training – New equipment – New chemicals etc – Refresher training • Incident & Emergency Management • Competent Persons 1,2 & 3.

Page 46

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Risk Assessments • Step 1 – Look for the Hazards • Step 2 – Decide who might be harmed & how • Step 3 – Evaluate the risks • Are existing control measures adequate? • Step 4 – Record your findings – F34 – Risk Assessment Form • Step 5 – Review your risk assessment – Annually – Pre & Post Accidents – Before any changes take place.

Page 47

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

COSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health • Responsibility of employer to assess use of all hazardous substances • Prevention of exposure • Protection of employees.

Page 48

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

COSHH Hazardous Substances • Never mix different chemicals together • Never decant chemicals to unlabelled or incorrectly labelled containers • Never use chemicals you are not trained or authorised to use. • Never smoke when using chemicals.

Page 49

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

COSHH Hazardous Substances Always • Read the label and use the correct PPE • Report any defects or operational problems such as poor ventilation • Keep your workplace clean and tidy • Avoid blocking walkways • Store chemicals in a secure area • Report any symptoms of ill health immediately. Never • Use chemicals if you have not been trained.

Page 50

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Display Screen Equipment If you use display screen equipment, please let your Health & Safety Coordinator know and you will be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding your use of equipment.

Page 51

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Systems of Work A System of Work tells you exactly how to carry out a task safely: • Who may undertake the task • What equipment to use • What the hazards are • What safety precautions to use.

Page 52

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Accident & Incident Reporting • Report all accidents and incidents so the company reduces risk of reoccurrence • To ensure that the company fulfils its duty under RIDDOR.

Page 53

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Accident Reporting Report: • All accidents • Work related health problems • Near misses • Violence or threat of violence.

Page 54

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Asbestos • A copy of the premises survey is kept in the main office • You should never work on an area that has asbestos • Always check with your site health & safety coordinator.

Page 55

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Contractors • All contractors must sign in and out on the Contractors/Visitors Log • Contractors must be made aware of site Health and Safety • If you have any concerns contact the Duty Manager.

Page 56

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Driving at Work Always ensure you have the correct documentation to be able to Drive at Work.

Page 57

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Electricity Electricity “ Electricity can cause electric shock, burns, fires and death. The fatality rate from injuries caused by electricity is high - so everyone must use electricity in the safest possible way.�

Page 58

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Electricity Reducing the risks from electricity • Keep the power supply disconnected when it is not required • Keep water and electricity apart • Check equipment before use and report defects immediately • Use appropriate equipment for the task • Use equipment according to the safety procedures of the workplace • Use electrical equipment only if you have been trained to do so.

Page 59

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Fire Safety • Fire Log Book • Fire Risk Assessment • Fire Detection & Warning Systems • Means of Escape • Fire-Fighting Equipment • Evacuation of Premises training • Maintenance.

Page 60

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Page 61

In the event of a Fire

Until you are trained in your departmental evacuation procedure you must do the following if you discover a fire or on hearing the evacuation alarm: • Sound the alarm by breaking a glass call point (if already not activated) • Leave building via your nearest safe emergency exit escorting any members of the public with you • Meet at assembly point • Do not re enter the building unless instructed by the Duty Manager that the emergency is over.

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Page 62

First Aid First Aid at Work “ First aid is the first help given to someone to prevent injury or illness from becoming worse. First aid can save lives, so there must be enough suitable equipment, facilities and designated personnel in every workplace to deal with cases of injury or illness.�

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

First Aid

Dealing with a First aid situation: • Summon assistance from a First Aider or Duty Manager • Do not put yourself at risk • Reassure the injured person - comfort them • A record of all accidents to Team Members & the public must be kept, however minor.

Page 63

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Legionella Legionella Bacteria can KILL! • Risk assessment (2 yearly) • Risk assessment log book • Regular sampling • Regular temperature checks • Monitoring results.

Legionnaires’ Disease Legionnaires’ disease is contracted by inhaling water mist that is contaminated with the Legionella bacteria. Legionnaires’ Disease can be fatal. Challenges Faced

Precautions Taken

Legionnaires’ bug in water

Cleaned/covered & periodic sterilisation

Food supply in water for bug to grow

Water supply nutrient free, sterilisation water circulation system

Stagnant water

Remove all ‘dead legs’, flush low use pipe work e.g. drench showers/fire hoses

Temperature range

Circulate water below 20° or

(bug grows between 20° - 45°)

above 45° i.e. cold & hot water

Water mist (shower heads/spas)

Descaling shower heads, cleaning schedules

The above precautions prevent the growth and spread of Legionnaires’ Disease. For more information or to report any problems please contact your Site Manager.

Issue 2 Jan 08

Page 64

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Lifts & Lifting Equipment Lifts • If you hear the distress alarm for the lift contact the Duty Manager immediately • If you see any defects or vandalism to the lift report to Duty Manager immediately. Lifting Equipment • Do not use any lifting equipment unless you have been fully trained.

Page 65

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Lone Working • It is Leisure Connection’s policy not to have Lone Working so if you are on an early shift and you arrive first, you must wait for the second person to arrive • If you are working in an isolated area then please follow the site’s System of Work for the activity undertaking.

Page 66

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

New & Expectant Mothers

• If you are, or become pregnant whilst in employment, please inform your line manager so a risk assessment of your duties can be carried out.

Page 67

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Noise • All noise exposure should kept to a minimum • If needed, use the correct PPE equipment provided.

Page 68

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Page 69

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) “Personal protective equipment is an essential last resort in circumstances where hazards cannot be controlled in other ways.�

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Personal Protective Equipment • Gloves • Masks/Respirator • Aprons • Boots • Overalls • Goggles • Ear Defenders • Face Shield • If you are told to use any of the above whilst undertaking a task, then please ensure you wear them, it is for your protection.

Page 70

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Page 71

Safety Signage “Safety signs communicate information such as warning of a hazard. Regulations specify certain types to be used, helping to make them easier to recognise and understand wherever they appear.�

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Safety signs

Safe condition sign

Warning sign

Fire door keep shut Prohibition sign

Mandatory sign

Page 72

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Serious Incidents A Serious Incident is:• Serious Injury • Fatality/near fatality • Application of CPR • Power Failure • Fire detection and/or alarm system failure • Gas Leak. In the event of a Serious Incident report to Duty Manager who will deal with the situation.

Page 73

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Slips and Trips • Hazards (examples) - Spillage of Wet or Dry Substances - Trailing Cables - Poor Lighting - Unsuitable Footwear • Suggested Actions: Assess the situation and treat accordingly i.e. use correct cleaning up techniques for chemical spillages.

Page 74

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Stress If you feel stressed at work, or see others suffering from stress, speak to your manager about ways of relieving this.

Page 75

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Violence to Staff • We do not condone any kind of violence to team members • Report any instances of violence or verbal abuse to your line manager.

Page 76

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Work Equipment

Do not use any equipment or undertake any dangerous task that could cause you or members of the public injury until you have been fully trained. e.g. Electrical Floor Cleaner Filling Chemical day tanks.

Page 77

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Working at Height Always ensure you have received training before you Work at Height and use the appropriate tested equipment.

Page 78

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Emergency Action Plan • This procedure identifies the action in the event of various emergency situations • You will be trained in your specific EAP as part of your departmental training.

Page 79

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Enforcement Authorities

• Have powers to force us to comply with the law • Can prosecute employers and employees for breaching the Health & Safety at Work Act • Judgement could result in fines or imprisonment.

Page 80

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Questions Do you have any questions? – Your health and safety matters to us – Work with us to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

Page 81


Fire Training

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Introduction Why? • 5 fires at Leisure Connection sites in the past 4 years • Visits from Fire Officers

Page 83

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Site Fire Damage

Page 84

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Site Fire Damage

Page 85

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Site Fire Damage

Page 86

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Page 87

The Fire Triangle • Need all 3 components for a fire to occur • If one component is removed, fire will not start.

OXYGEN From the air, Oxidizing substances


Hot Surfaces,

Flammable Gases,

Naked Flame,

Liquids, Solids

Smoking Materials

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Sources of Ignition - examples • Cigarettes • Matches • Naked Flames • Heaters • Cooking – Oil Fryer • Boilers • Faulty or overloaded electrical equipment • Arson • Light bulbs.

Page 88

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Sources of Combustion - examples • Paint pots • Can of petrol • Flammable chemicals • Wood • Paper & Card • Flammable Gas Cylinders • Furniture – foam • Rubbish.

Page 89

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Reducing Fire Hazards • Good Housekeeping - Store chemicals correctly - Cleaning schedules to prevent build up of dust & grease - External storage of combustible waste must be secured away from the external wall of the building. • Storage of paper/leaflets - Clear out unwanted paper - Store in enclosed room with fire resistant door - Store paper neatly and compactly - Archive documents in metal containers.

Page 90

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Reducing Fire Hazards • Maintenance of electrical equipment - Visual inspections - Fixed electrical tests - Portable Appliance Testing. • DO NOT Overload plug sockets

Page 91

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Reducing Fire Hazards • Smoking - Against the law to smoke on the premises - Cigarette Disposal Box.

Page 92

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Page 93

Types of Fire Extinguisher









Unsafe all voltages. Safe – Wood, Paper & Textiles

Safe all voltages. Safe – Flammable Liquids

Unsafe all voltages. Safe – Flammable Liquids

Safe all voltages. Safe – Flammable Liquids

Safe all voltages. Safe – Flammable Liquids

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Types of Fire Extinguisher Wet Chemical – Canary Yellow • Specially designed for high temperature cooking oils.

Fire Extinguisher

Page 94

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Other Fire Fighting Equipment • Used in kitchens usually with a fat fryer • Also required where there is a microwave oven in use • The blanket is put over the fire, cutting off the oxygen • Always call the fire service.

Fire Blanket

Page 95

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Other Fire Fighting Equipment • Many risk assessments have resulted in the removal of fire hoses • Legionella Checks • Annual Service.

Fire Hose

Page 96

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Remember • Fire extinguishers are there to aid your escape, if necessary • To put out small fires if it is safe to do so • It is a Criminal Offence to misuse a fire extinguisher e.g. by using it as a door stop.

Fire Extinguisher

Page 97

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Using a Fire Extinguisher The PASS System

Pull the pin • Aim at the base of the fire • Squeeze the trigger • Sweep side to side •

Page 98

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Maintenance • Extinguishers are checked weekly for – Location? – Is the pin in place? – Is it undamaged? • Annual check by a competent contractor • All Team members have a responsibility to report all defects to the duty manager.

Page 99

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

In the event of a fire • Sound the alarm by breaking a glass call point • Direct the public in your immediate vicinity to the nearest available emergency exit • Evacuate the area you are in using the designated route on the Evacuation Zone Card, if it is safe to do so • Do not go through a door if you can see smoke/flames through the glass panel, or you can feel that the door is warm/hot • Turn around and use an alternative safe exit • Go to the assembly point insert assembly point and pass the evacuation card to the Duty Manager and communicate the situation • Do not re-enter the premises until instructed by the Duty Manager after the evacuation is complete and the emergency is over.

Page 100

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Fire Safety • Fire Doors – Prevent and contain the spread of fire and smoke – Must be physically opened & closed within the Duty Manager daily checks – Double doors on fire exit routes and corridors must be unlocked/unbolted before business starts – MUST NOT be wedged open • Lifts – DO NOT USE.

Page 101

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Summary • Sources of ignition • Sources of combustion • Fire Extinguisher identification and use • In the event of a fire • Importance of Fire equipment & standards

Page 102

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Any Questions? Be Safe!

Page 103

Walk the Floor

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Walk The Floor Guidelines • Walk the floor must be carried out by a Duty Manager or equivalent • Must be carried out a minimum of four times a day • First walk the floor must be carried out prior to the opening of the building. This is to include all Health and Safety checks • At the start of the afternoon shift all Health and Safety checks must be completed.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Alarms • All alarms must be checked on the initial walk the floor • Check the alarms by activating then, checking sounders and display panels. (Evacuation Alarm is part of the weekly check) • If a fault is found, report to alarm company or Technical team • If the faulty alarm affects the safety on site i.e. poolside alarm, take action for an alternative and ensure all team members are aware, via daily review meetings, white boards and hand overs.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

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Health & Safety – Fire Exits • All exits must be clear of obstruction • All exit doors must be physically opened and closed to ensure they are fully operational • If a fault is found, contact a competent contractor immediately • If the faulty door affects the safety on site i.e. poolside exit, take action for an alternative route to be used with clear signage displayed and existing removed. Ensure all team members are aware.

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Health & Safety – Fire Fighting / Pool Rescue Equipment & Emergency Lighting • Complete a visual inspection of all equipment. Full inspection must be completed on a weekly basis and recorded on F115 Weekly H&S Checksheet and Fire Log Book where appropriate • The visual inspection is to ensure all equipment is in place, clearly visible, not obstructed and not damaged • Emergency lighting, again complete a visual check to ensure all units are in good repair and fully operational • If any faults have been found, record on the walk the floor log sheet and complete the corrective action log.

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Safety Sign & Temperature • Check all signage is legible and displayed in the correct area • Temperature must be checked against set parameters These parameters should already be set out on the walk the floor form. The temperature found must then be recorded beside the parameter • If an incorrect temperature occurs, record it and take immediate action.

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Maintenance • Reactive Maintenance runs in line with F314 Statutory Inspections and the PPM schedule • Check for faults in the area and of equipment located there • If a faulty piece of equipment is found i.e. a light or a locker, this would be reported to the technical team or the locker company, and recorded on the corrective action log.

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Cleanliness • All areas (including external) must be checked for cleanliness • On your walk around, a litter pick should be completed by the person who is completing the form • If an area can be cleaned at the time of the walk the floor, complete that task and do not record, then continue with the walk the floor • Toilet checks for hand soap, toilet roll and paper towels must be completed, as this can very quickly turn into an availability issue.

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Restricted Areas • All areas that are restricted to the public must be kept locked at all times. E.g. Plant rooms, cleaning chemical stores, team rooms etc‌

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Staffing • Is the correct Duty Manager name plate in place? • Are all the staff in correct uniform? • Including name badges, yellow shirts, blue shorts and trainers for lifeguards etc…. • Has the site daily review meeting taken place and is the white board up to date? • Are there enough staff in the key areas?

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Marketing • Are the current promotions correctly displayed? • Are all posters and notices, on Harpers paper, laminated and clear? • Is the point of sale retail well displayed and fully stocked? • Are all leaflet holders stocked?

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Service Delivery • Is there enough cover at reception, to prevent long queues? • Are customer comment cards and pens available, with an advertisement for the next customer forum? • Vending, are all machines fully stocked, working and dust free?

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Completing the Walk the Floor Form • If an (x) is placed in any column, some text must be added to the action required section • It may be helpful to identify each action required by a number.

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Completing Walk the Floor Now tour me around the site and complete a Walk the Floor.

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Any Questions? Now‌ go WOW THE CUSTOMER!

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Legionnaires’ Disease

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Legionnaires’ Disease • A leisure centre in Derbyshire has been closed after a visitor contracted Legionnaires’ disease. Minute traces of Legionella bacteria were found in two shower heads and a sink at Creswell Leisure Centre, which will shut at least until 12 October. • Staff will thoroughly clean the building and super-chlorinate the water system to ensure there is no problem. Head of leisure of Bolsover District Council Steven Singleton said closing the centre was a precautionary step. ‘Low levels’ “The bacteria count is still (at a) very, very low level,” he said. “It’s actually at a level where we’re not required to take any action but we thought that because we found these trace elements that we ought to close the centre.” Tests were carried out after a man became ill and environmental health officers discovered as part of a follow-up check that he regularly visited the centre. Further tests are now being carried out there and the facilities will reopen when the all-clear is given. Mr Singleton said the man had undergone hospital treatment and was recovering well. Legionnaires’ disease can prove fatal and can lead to pneumonia.

Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Centre closed in Legionella scare • Legionnaires’ disease is a rare form of pneumonia. • A leisure centre in Cheshire has been closed after Legionella bacteria was found in the water system. Halton Borough Council said the closure of Kingsway Leisure Centre in Widnes was a precautionary measure. Halton Primary Care Trust said there had been no recent recorded cases of Legionnaires’ disease in the area. Health officials are continuing to monitor the situation and said they would issue further advice if they found cause for concern. The council said it was unlikely that anyone who had visited the leisure centre recently would become unwell. But it said anyone who has visited and starts to feel flu-type symptoms should contact their doctor.

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Legionnaires’ Symptons • Flu-like illness with muscle aches, tiredness, headaches, dry cough and fever. Can lead on to pneumonia. Sometimes diarrhoea occurs and confusion may develop. Can be treated with antibiotics. • Only those people who have come into contact with showers or other spraying water could be affected. The closure of the leisure centre, which includes a swimming pool, followed regular health and safety checks. Fiona Johnstone, Acting Director of Public Health at Halton Primary Care Trust, said: “We have no recent recorded cases of legionnaires’ disease in Halton. “We will, of course, issue advice if we find cause for concern and will continue to monitor the situation.” Legionnaires’ disease is a kind of pneumonia which is caused by some types of the Legionella germ. For it to do any harm to humans, fine droplets of water containing Legionella bacteria have to be inhaled. These can be released from infected water sources through showers, bath taps, spa pools, fountains, and air conditioning units.

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A Sunderland health club hit by Legionnaires’ Disease has been forced to close down. • Membership levels never recovered at the city’s Springs Club after two people fell ill in August last year. Dozens of other people showed symptoms of Pontiac Fever - a less serious illness caused by the legionella bug. The club opened in 1998 at a cost of £4m and employs 30 people. A company spokesman blamed “adverse publicity” for the closure. The club is owned by Springs Sanctuary Spa (Sunderland) Ltd which said its other clubs in South Shields, Low Fell, Newcastle, and Hartlepool would not be affected by the closure. ‘Unable to recover’ • A spokesman said: “The decision is prompted by a disproportionate drop in memberships. This is due mainly to adverse publicity during the period when the club was taking action to correct a problem which resulted in two members contracting Legionnaires’ Disease. Even though the problem at the Sunderland club was confined to the spa we also closed the private swimming pool for a long period to enable exhaustive tests to take place to identify the source of the problem and to correct it. It was a situation from which we have not been able to recover despite our best efforts. The spokesman added that everything would be done to find staff alternative jobs and he thanked members for their loyalty. He added: “Even though the club has incurred losses since last September, we remained open because of the members who were loyal to the club and in the hope that those who left would rejoin. This hasn’t happened.”

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What is Legionnaires’ Disease? • A potentially fatal pneumonia-like disease • Mainly affects elderly, smokers and those on immunosuppressants • Caused by a bacteria that lives in water • Contracted by breathing in water droplets containing the bacteria • Preventable.

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How can you catch Legionnaires’ Disease?

Water system becomes contaminated with the Legionella bacteria

Legionella disseminated as an aerosol

Legionella multiplies to high levels

Susceptible individual breathes in the aerosol

Aerosol present with legionella in sufficient number for a length of time necessary to cause infection

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The main risk systems • Domestic water systems • Wet cooling systems (not present on any Leisure Connection sites) • Spas.

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Other risk systems • Swimming pools (esp. with water cannon, etc.) • Fire systems • Air handling systems • Pool footbaths.

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Legislation – key documents • The Health and Safety at work etc act 1974 • The control of substances hazardous to health regulations 1988 • The prevention or control of legionellosis (including legionnaires’ disease) approved code of practice - Health and safety series booklet L8 • Management of spa pools: Controlling the risk of infection. HPA/HSE March 2006.

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Who can you go to for assistance regarding Legionnaires’ Disease? • Your Contract Manager • Your Regional Technical Manager • Kingfisher Environmental Services Ltd – 01920 871577

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How can we prevent Legionnaires’ Disease? • Avoid stagnation • Avoid the temperature range 20oC - 50oC where possible • Keep the water system clean.

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Recommended inspection frequencies – hot water services this is Leisure Connection’s responsibility Monthly • Check temperature at water heater drain (>60oC), flow (>60oC) and return (>50oC) • Check temperature at sentinel outlets (>50oC). Yearly • Get the water heater drained, inspected internally and cleaned if required.

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Recommended inspection frequencies – little used outlets this is Leisure Connection’s responsibility Weekly • Flush unused and infrequently used outlets.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

L8 In a nutshell – what you must do Weekly • Flush little-used outlets. Monthly • Check hot and cold sentinel temperatures • Flow & return temperatures on water heaters. Annually • Get calorifiers/hot water cylinders inspected internally • Check temperatures of a representative selection of outlets.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Log all results and actions

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Recommended inspection frequencies – Quarterly this is Kingfishers responsibility • Water heater drain flush • Showerhead descale • Log book inspection.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Recommended inspection frequencies – Six monthly/annually this is Kingfishers responsibility • Bacterial sampling (can be 6 monthly or annually) • Cold water storage tank inspection.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Recommended inspection frequencies – two yearly this is Kingfishers responsibility • Review Legionella risk assessment.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

Recommended inspection frequencies – As required after inspection this is Kingfishers responsibility • Clean and disinfect cold water storage tank.

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Delivering Excellence in Leisure

L8 In a nutshell – what Kingfisher do Quarterly • Descale showerheads • Calorifier drain flush • Inspect log book Six Monthly or Annually • Take water samples Annually • Inspect CWS Tank Two yearly • Review risk assessment When required • Clean CWS Tank.

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Leisure Connection Induction Manual  

Welcome to Leisure Connection. This book will tell you all you need to know about working with our company.

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