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No 42: September 2013

Published by Rothay House, Mayfield Road, Eastrea.

Eastrea Village News DOG MAN IN COURT


MR HERBERT HATTON I personally hope that bridges CHANGE IS AFOOT in of Wype Road has been can be rebuilt between Fenland the attitude of local governbailed to appear on District Council and the people ment to the village hall. For charges relating to the years, the campaigners felt of Eastrea, possibly by changes Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 that they were ‘hitting their of personnel when 2015 comes at the Magistrates’ Court heads against a brick wall’. round. My congratulations and in Peterborough on 17 At times it seemed there was thanks again to all concerned in no limit to the antagonism bringing a much needed resource September. shown by councillors so the to your village at long last.’ When the matter came to Trust resolved to proceed Although many councillors did court last month, Mrs Jackie without seeking their input. all they could to prevent the proCarradice (prosecuting) had Now, that is all set to change. ject going ahead, many of the described the savage attack on The Mayor of Whittlesey, professional staff at Fenland Disretired resident Mrs Janet CirCouncillor David Mason, has written a trict Council staff went out of their way to cuit and her pet dog Suzie. supportive letter following our opening answer our enquiries and arrange meetings. Mrs Carradice then went ceremony: ‘Please accept my sincere Officers of the planning department were on to say: “The defendant thanks for a wonderful day … on the occa- highly professional, as were the Rural Capision of the grand opening of the Eastrea tal Grants office. The arrangements we continues to walk the dog in the park, but local residents Village Hall to which my wife Ann and I felt made for rubbish collection were also extremely honoured to be invited. I have quickly and helpfully agreed. Already we are still worried. Parents won’t been furthering my enquiries into the owe the District Council a debt of gratitude let children play in the park, history of the hall … and this has for all their assistance. and there have since been five enlightened me to the problems Now that the hall is running the Chairman separate calls to police.” you have encountered, not least from the will be able to retire and a public meeting to The court has been told local authorities. elect new trustees will soon be announced. that an order is being sought COUNCILLOR FLORENCE NEWELL (left) was one of the to destroy the dog that caused few councillors who supported our project from the the attack, plus a ban on Mr start. She wrote from her home in March to express Hatton from keeping dogs. To decide the matter, probation her disappointment at being unable to attend our officers are now preparing a opening luncheon, and she kindly sent a contribution report on the whether Mr to our funds. Councillor Newell says: “Congratulations Hatton is a suitable person to on your achievement in the be allowed to have a dog and Eastrea Village Hall”. in the meanwhile he has been granted bail. MR ROY GERSTNER (right) Mrs Carradice told the who runs Whittlesey court that the treatment to Street Pride, was away Mrs Circuit’s wounded dog when the gala opening had cost over £900. She addceremony took place. He ed that Mrs Circuit had been writes to say: “I have sent a small donation in lieu badly savaged in the attack, though we can now report of attending. I would have liked to have been able that the feeling and function to join you on that very special day and hope the have returned to Mrs Circuit’s day went very well for everyone. “It will be a day to remember for all the residents fingers. She tells us she can now of Eastrea.” remember little of the attack.

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Pre-school Planned for Eastrea Centre Government funding is available to help meet the costs of the classes for children aged 2 to 4 years. The new pre-school already has its name: ‘Little Blossoms’ and Kim says that they will aim to provide an up-to-date enrichment and learning experience for children in this age group.

THE EASTREA CENTRE has in mind a new nursery-school for local families. Headed by Mrs Kim McCarthy, the sessions would last from breakfast time until the afternoon. The hall is soon to be appraised by OFSTED and some minor modifications to are already being planned so that the hall is safe and suitable for youngsters. The new pre-school could even be open later this year, and it is envisaged that there will be both morning and afternoon sessions.

Little Blossoms

Mrs Noreen Smith, an accomplished Eastrea artist, showed HRH Duke of Gloucester around our recent art show. Starting on 1st October Noreen hosts the first informal art group at the Eastrea Centre (details below).

Families relax at the Eastrea Centre on our 7 Sept fun day as Pete sings ballads and Tracie and Tina (in sumo costumes) dance—if that’s the right word—all night.



COURSE LEADERS f or an informal chat

Tuesday 24 September YOGA CLASS Mr Marcus Parr—6.30 pm


Tuesday 1 October ARTIST GROUP Mrs Noreen Smith—1.00 pm Contact by telephone 350888 (email:

Parents and carers should register their interest now! Speak to Kim or Lisa on 898226 or 078 414 25195—they are also looking for staff to help them to run the sessions.

Seen here with some of her nine current students, Mrs Nicola Brooks teaches flower arranging each Wednesday at the Eastrea Centre.



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