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Days Of Haze

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Compare the view of Gibsons Landing from Soames Hill on a sunny June 23 (top), and on a smoky August 3. Environment officials urge caution around outdoor activities when the smoke from wildfires in the Interior is heavy. And authorities on the Sunshine Coast are taking a zero tolerance approach to the ban on fires. See story page 3. DONNA MCMAHON PHOTOS

SUMMER FLAVOURS THE LAGOON RESTAURANT presents the flavours of Summer with Happy Hour 3pm to 5pm and a fresh summer menu available from 5pm onwards, Wednesdays through Mondays. Reservations Recommended Toll Free: 1.866.902.3955 Direct: 604.883.2456

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The Local - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Public Information Meeting

for Proposed Shelter in Sechelt Wednesday, August 16 5:00-7:30PM 5604 Trail Avenue (Seniors Centre Craft Room)

BC Housing and RainCity Housing invite the public to an information meeting to discuss the proposal to relocate the existing St. Hilda’s shelter to a new location at the northeast corner of the intersection of Ebbtide Street and Trail Avenue in Sechelt. The shelter would replace the existing St.Hilda’s shelter. The proposed location would provide 40 shelter beds, with expanded support services, on District-owned land. The information meeting is an opportunity for community members to learn about the project, review the preliminary plans and provide feedback. BC Housing will be seeking a lease on the land and a temporary use permit for 3 years, with an opportunity to extend a further 3 years, from the District of Sechelt. For more information email: NOW OPEN SUNDAYS

Building Habitat Homes Donate 604.885.6773

Parking reduction approved Sechelt's Planning and Community Development (PCD) Committee has given the thumbs up to a request from the Sechelt Seniors Activity Centre Society to enable expansion of their building by allowing them to reduce the number of parking spaces on site. But it was a close thing. In a report to the July 26 PCD meeting, Planning staff recommended that the request for a variance be denied. The Activity Centre, built in 1993, currently has 51 car parking stalls, plus room for three scooters, four bikes, one bus, and a loading area that extends into the lane. This falls well short of parking requirements under current zoning bylaws. A proposed 18-foot extension to the front of the building would further reduce the number of car stalls to 43, while increasing the size of the building to over 10,000 square ft. (almost 1,000 sq. metres), a size that normally requires 104 parking spaces. Interim Community Planner Aaron Thompson, presenting the case to deny the variance request, said that approval would likely lead to additional overflow parking on the surrounding streets. Councillor Noel Muller agreed.


"I have seen the parking go all the way down Trail for blocks and as well up both sides of Hackett, so I'm reticent to remove these requirements on parking," said Muller. "I have no issue at all with the expansion of that building, it's just how do we deal with the parking issue?" Councillor Alice Lutes concurred. "Like Councillor Muller, I would really like to see this expansion be able to happen, but I just can't say yes to getting rid of the parking spots when we know it can be such a problem when large events take place." A letter from Activity Centre Society argued that parking requirements should be based on activities held in the building, not square footage. They noted that the exist-

ing parking is not full during most of the regular morning and afternoon programming. They also said that the Activity Centre has made overflow parking agreements with the Arts Centre (16 spaces) and Capilano University (47). To improve access to CapU, they intend to build a lighted walkway through a wooded area at the east end of the lot (an area that the Centre wants to retain as green space). In response to questions from Councillors, members of the Activity Centre Society in attendance at the committee meeting said that they had looked into building up rather than out, but the addition of a second storey would require major structural upgrades and an elevator.

The motion to deny the variance was defeated by a vote of two to one, with Councillor Lutes in favour of denying the request, and committee chair Mike Shanks abstaining. However, councillors were in agreement that long-term solutions are needed for Sechelt's downtown parking woes. They voted in favour of a staff recommendation that Council do long-term strategic planning around parking, including drafting a new parking bylaw that would allow applicants to pay cashin-lieu of onsite parking. The cash would go into a fund to buy downtown land for a municipality-owned parking lot or parkade. Donna McMahon

The Sunshine Coast Drag Racing Association (SCDRA) hosts the “August Assault” at the Sechelt Airport on August 13, the final day of the “Festival of the Rolling Arts”. There’s a motorcycle class. And for enthusiasts who may just want to race their daily driver, Street Machine and Super Street are the perfect race class. For the serious racers there is the Hot Rod and Street Rod class.

For spectators interested in viewing Sechelt and the surrounding area from the air, Airspan Helicopters will be offering tours. During the awards presentations, the Vic Dubois Memorial Award will be presented to a member of the SCDRA who volunteers and demonstrates continued dedication to the club, and the community. Cash prizes are available

for all race classes, best reaction time, fastest elapsed time and best burnout. Bring chairs and sun screen. Please remember that pets aren’t permitted on the site. Racing begins at 9am. Gate admission is $10, with children under 12 free when accompanied by an adult. The racing fee is $35 for members, $50 for non-members. Submitted

Drag Racing Sunday

Take notice that Nash, Harvey & Associates Inc. from Sechelt, BC, has applied to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO), Surrey for Commercial Recreation, Multiple Use land for eco-tourism situated on Provincial Crown land located at that parcel or tract of land in the vicinity of Sechelt Inlet, Group 1, New Westminster District, containing 0.750 hectares, more or less.. The Lands File Number for this application is 2411785.

A Volvo competes at the May 28 drag races. The races on Aug.13 include classes for street machines, and there is also a prize for the best burnout. DOUG TEMLETT/SUNSHINE COAST PHOTOGRAPHY

Chain reaction rear-ender On August 2, police attended a four-vehicle incident on Highway 101 near Snodgrass Road, Sechelt, after the first eastbound vehicle, which was earlier witnessed passing vehicles at high speed and driving erratically, failed to slow down and stop behind other vehicles waiting for a vehicle

to enter the highway. The first vehicle struck a second vehicle, pushing that into the back of a third vehicle which then struck a fourth vehicle. The first vehicle then backed up and fled the scene. Police located the first vehicle and driver in Gibsons, where the driver was found to be impaired by alcohol. The driver

More weekday ferries “Comments concerning this application should be directed to the Senior Land Officer at 200-10428 153rd Street, Surrey, BC V3R 1E1. Comments will be received by the Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations until September 10, 2017. Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations may not consider comments received after this date. Please visit the Applications and Reasons for Decision Database website at for more information.” Be advised that any response to this advertisement will be considered part of the public record. For information, contact Information Access Operations at the Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services in Victoria at:

BC Ferries has announced more weekday sailings on the Horseshoe Bay – Langdale route for the remainder of August. Midday traffic is on the rise and with many people travelling outside the busy Fridays and Sundays, BC Ferries wants to make the customer experience as smooth as possible. In addition to the summer

schedule already published, BC Ferries is adding – on Mondays and Thursdays – a 10:05am departure from Langdale and an 11:10am departure from Horseshoe Bay. And on Wednesdays, it is adding a 12:30pm departure from Langdale and a 1:35pm departure from Horseshoe Bay. Submitted

was issued an Administrative Driving Prohibition, a 24-hour Driving Prohibition, and a Promise to Appear for court related to Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle. No life threatening injuries were sustained by any of the other parties but two vehicles had to be towed due to damage. Submitted by RCMP

Correction An ad in the BC Day wrap in the Local August 3 contained an incorrect address. The correct address for Artworks Gallery and Framing is 5697 Cowrie St., Sechelt. The Local apologizes for the error.

Please GIVE to the Food Bank

Sunshine Coast & Powell River Schedules Powell River Schedules Powell River Schedules June 22 - September 4, 2017 June 22 - September 4, 2017 June 22 - September 4, 2017


Fires are banned, and they mean it forced by the municipality or regional district in which they take place), but any type of burning is taken very seriously when there is a ban in place, and Michael says "there is zero tolerance right now." If residents are concerned about a backyard burn, he advises that they call their fire department's non-emergency phone number, and somebody will follow up. Unsafe disposal of cigarettes (such as tossing a burning cigarette out of a car window) is not under fire department jurisdiction. The RCMP can respond, though they may not pursue the mat-

Vancouver - Langdale Vancouver Langdale September 6,-- 2016 - January 2, 2017 Vancouver Langdale Bay) - (Gibsons) (Horseshoe (Horseshoe Bay) - (Gibsons) (Horseshoe Bay) - (Gibsons)

Sunshine Coast & Powell River Schedules

Please Note: At Langdale, sales willbefore end five before thetime scheduled Please Note: At Langdale, ticket sales will endticket five minutes the minutes scheduled sailing for sailing time for vehicles and walk-on At Horseshoe Bay only, ticketand sales for Please At Langdale, ticket sales willpassengers. end five before the sailing timevehicles for and walk-on vehiclesNote: and walk-on passengers. At Horseshoe Bayminutes only, ticket sales forscheduled vehicles walk-on ten thetime. scheduled sailing time. vehicles andwill walk-on passengers. Atend Horseshoe Baybefore only, ticket sales for vehicles and walk-on passengers endpassengers ten minuteswill before the minutes scheduled sailing passengers will endLangdale/Vancouver ten before the sailing time. andscheduled Powell River/Sechelt Peninsula are not guaranteed to connect. Please plan Langdale/Vancouver andminutes Powell River/Sechelt Peninsula are not guaranteed to connect. Please plan Schedules are subjectyour to without notice. For are schedules, fare to info or to Please reserve: travels Langdale/Vancouver andchange Powellaccordingly. River/Sechelt Peninsula not guaranteed connect. plan1-888-223-3779 your travels accordingly. your travels accordingly. Crossing Time: 40 minutes Langdale - Vancouver Crossing Time: 40 Minutes Crossing Time: 40 Minutes Distance: 10.5 nautical miles (Gibsons) - (Horseshoe Crossing Time: 40 Minutes Bay) LEAVEBAY HORSESHOE BAYLEAVE LANGDALE LEAVE LANGDALE LEAVE HORSESHOE LEAVE HORSESHOE BAY LEAVE LANGDALE Please At Langdale, before the scheduled 7:25ticketing am will end five minutes 6:20sailing am time for vehicles 7:25Note: am 6:20 am and7:25 walk-on Horseshoe sales for walk-on passengers will 9:00At am Sat Bay only, ticket 6:20 7:50 am Sat am passengers. amvehicles 9:00 Sat 7:50 Sat and only 9:40 end9:00 ten minutes the scheduled sailing time. 8:30 am am Sat Sat before 7:50 am Sat only 8:30 am 9:40 Fri, Sat, & Jun 29,Peninsula Aug 3 10:05 am Sat, & Junplan 29, Aug 3 9:40 am Fri, Sat,11:10 8:30 11:10 &and Jun Powell 29,am Aug 3River/Sechelt amguaranteed Fri, Sat, 10:05 & Junto29, Aug 3Fri, Please Langdale/Vancouver are not connect. Sat &10:50 & 31 only Fri, Sat,12:00 Aug 29, 10,14,17,21,24,28 & 31 only 10:05 pm 11:10 amaccordingly. & Jun Aug 3 & Aug Jun 10,14,17,21,24,28 29,am Aug 3 12:00 pm 10:50 am Fri, Sat, your travels & Jul3 4, except12:30 Aug 6, Sep 12:30 & Jul3 4, except Aug 6, Sep 3 12:00 10:50 am3 Thu-Mon, 1:35 pm Thu-Mon,1:35 & Jul 4,pm exceptThu-Mon, Aug 6, Sep pm & Jul 4,pm exceptThu-Mon, Aug 6, Sep Crossing Thu-Mon &40 9,16,Except 23Aug& 30 only3 Thu-Mon &&Aug 9,16,Except 23Aug& 6, 30 only3 SatSep 1:35 Thu-Mon, &Aug JulMinutes 4,8,pm except 6,SatSep 12:30 Jul 4,8,pm except 2:15 pm Time: Except Sat2:15 1:05 pm Thu-Mon, Except Sat1:05 2:15 Sat3:45 pm Except Sat- Powell 1:05 pm Except Sat2:40 pm Except Sat 3:45 pm Except 2:40 River Sechelt Peninsula Sailing times September 6 -Tue, 10,Bay) 2016 4:30 Tue, Wed 3:45 Except Sat 2:40 pm Except Tue, Sat3:25 4:30 pm Wed pm Except 3:25 Wed pm Except Tue, Wed (Earls Cove) -October (Saltery are daily unless 5:50 pm Except Sat, & Sep 3 4:45 pm Except Sat, & Sep 3 4:30 pm Except Tue, Wed 3:25 pm Except Tue, Wed 5:50 Sat, & Sep 3 4:45 Sat, & Sep 3 LEAVE LANGDALE LEAVE HORSESHOE BAY Please TicketTue, sales and end five minutes before the scheduled time 6:35 pm Except will Tue, Wed Except Tue,forWed otherwise indicated. 5:50 pm Sat, &Wed Sep 3 loading 4:45 Sat,5:30 &Wed Seppm 3sailing 6:35 5:30 pm Tue, 7:20 amExcept 6:20Note: am Except vehicles and walk-on passengers. 7:55 pm Tue, Wed 6:55 pm Tue, Wed, Sun, & Jul 3, 6:35 pm Except Tue, Wed 5:30 pm Except Tue, Wed 7:55 Tue, Wed 6:55 Tue, Wed, Sun, & Jul 3, 9:25 am 8:25 am except 2, Aug 6, Sep 3 7:55 pm Tue, Wed 6:55 pm Wed, 3,driving except Jul 2,minutes Aug& Jul 6, Sep 3 Jul Langdale to Earls Coveonly terminal is 84 km (52mi), plan on approximately 90Sun, time. 11:30 amTue, 10:25 am 8:40 Except Tue, Wed pm Jul7:35 2,Wed Augdriving 6, SepExcept 3 Tue, Wed 8:40River Tue, Wed ispm 7:35 Except Tue, 1:35pm pmexcept 12:35 pm toExcept Powell Saltery Bay 34 km (22mi), plan on approximately 40 minutes time. 9:50 8:55 pm Tue, Wed 9:50 Wed 8:55 pm only 8:40 pm Tue, Except Tue, Wed pm Tue, Wed 7:35 Except Wed Tue, only pmguaranteed 2:45 SepWed 9,Tue, 16, 23 Langdale/Vancouver and Powell River/Sechelt Peninsula2:10 are not to connect, please plan 10:35 9:40 10:35 pm Tue, Except Tue, Wed pm Except Tue, Wed 9:40 pm Except Tue, Wed pm Except Tue, Wed 9:50 Wed 8:55 Tue, Wed 3:15 Sep 9, 16, 23 3:50 pm your travels accordingly. 10:35 9:40 Tue,18,Wed 4:20pm pmExcept 4:50 pm Except Tue, Wed Sep 11, 25 Please Note: Fares collected at Saltery Bay only. Crossing Time: 50 minutes Powell 5:25 pm SepRiver 11, 18, 25 - Sechelt Peninsula 5:50 pm Distance: 9.5 nautical miles 7:50 pm 6:50 pm Time: (Saltery Bay) 50 - (Earls Cove) Crossing Minutes 8:30 pm Oct 10 8:45 pm LEAVE EARLS COVE LEAVE SALTERY Sailing times Langdale to Earls terminal is 84 km (52mi), plan on9:45 approximately 90BAY minutes driving time. 9:35 pm Oct 10Cove pm Powell Saltery& Bay 40 minutes are daily unless Jul 9is 34 km (22mi), plan on approximately 5:35 am Mon-Sat & Jul 9driving time. 6:30River am toMon-Sat 8:20 am11 - December amguaranteed to connect, please plan otherwise indicated. October 21, 2016Peninsula7:25 Langdale/Vancouver and Powell River/Sechelt are not 10:35 am 9:25 am • your travels accordingly. LEAVE LANGDALE LEAVE HORSESHOE BAY 12:55sales pmand loading end three minutes before the11:45 am sailing time for vehicles and five • The 9:25 am sailing leaving Ticket scheduled 6:20 pm am 7:20pm am 3:15 2:05 Saltery Bay on July 9 is minutes for walk-on passengers. 8:20 pm am 9:20pm am 5:35 4:30 limited to the 2017 BC Bike 10:20 am 11:20 am Please Note: Fares collected at Saltery Bay only. 7:40 pm 6:40 pm Race traffic only. 12:20 pm 1:20 pm 9:35 pm Time: 50 Minutes 8:35 pm Crossing As one of Vancouver’s premiere 2:30 pm 3:30 pm • 4:30 The 9:25 the 2017 BC Bike Race traffic only. 5:30 topm pmam sailing leaving Saltery Bay on July 9 is limited personal injury legal teams we’ve September 6 - October 10, 2016 7:25 pm 6:30 pm helped 1000s of car accident victims. LEAVE SALTERY BAY LEAVE 9:15EARLS pm COVE 8:20 pm Comox Powell River 5:35 am Except Sun 6:30 am Except Sunteams As one of Vancouver’s premiere personal injury legal • Back + spinal cord injuries (Little - (Westview) December 22, 2016 - January 2, 2017 7:25helped amRiver) 8:25 am we’ve 1000s of car accident victims. Janet S. De Vita Anastase E. Maragos • Fractures + amputations 9:25 + am 10:25HORSESHOE am • LEAVE Back spinal cord injuries Fractures + amputations LANGDALE LEAVE BAY policy, Little River and Westview• terminals: PartnerCheck-in Partner 11:20 am 12:20 pm pain • Head injuries • Head injuries • Soft tissue injuries + chronic 7:20 am Except Dec 25 & Jan 1 6:20 am Except Dec 25 & Jan 1 Passengers arriving at the ticket booth within five minutes of the current scheduled sailing time will be 3:50 4:55 8:25 pm am 9:25 pm am • Soft tissue injuries + ticketed for the following scheduled sailing. This measure is aimed at improving performance 6:55 pm 5:55 pm S. De Vita Anastase E. Maragos Call11:30 us toll-free at on-timeJanet 10:25 am am Results from the air quality monitoring station on the roof of and reducing dock conflicts with the Texada vessel. Partner Partner 10:30 pm for a 9:25 pm pm chronic pain 604.609.3062 12:35 1:35 pm the town hall in Gibsons show that the concentration of parBC2:45 Ferries at 3:50 least 30 pmurges passengers to arrive at the terminal pmminutes prior to the scheduled sailing free consultation time to ensure have time to process all vehicles in the lineup. ticulate matter in theus airtoll-free spiked on 3 and 4. However, the October - December 21, 2016 Call at Aug. 1.855.688.1301 4:50 pm11staff 5:50 pm 6:50 pm 7:50 EARLS pm COVE Little River is 6 km (4 miles) level of smoke has above the “BC air quality objecfor remained a free consultation. LEAVE SALTERY BAY north of Comox. LEAVE 8:45 pm 9:45 pm l w e e k l y . c a w w w . t h e l o c tive” as shown by the yellow line. BC GOVERNMENT GRAPH 5:35 am Time: Except Sun1 Hour, 30 Minutes 6:30 ama Except Sun Crossing 7:25 am 8:25 am June 9:2522 am- June 27 10:25 am 11:20 am 12:20POWELL pm LEAVE COMOX LEAVE RIVER 3:25 4:30 6:20 pm am 8:05 pm am 6:30 pm 5:30 pm 10:00 am 11:50 am ed the Gibsons Volunteer Fire 10:05 pm Sun-Tue, Thu-Fri, & Jun 17 9:00 pm pm Sun-Tue, Thu-Fri, & Jun 17 After an unexpectedly 3:15 5:15 pm Department with an illegal lengthy stay at St. Paul's 6:50 pm Wed, Sat, except Jun17 8:45 pm fire in the 700 block of Marine 7:15 pm Sun-Tue, Thu-Fri, &-Jun 17 Hospital in Vancouver, December 22, 2016 January 2, 2017


Schedules in Effect: June 22 to September 4, 2017

Injured in an accident?

in an accident? Injured inInjured an accident?

Drive, Gibsons after receiving reports of a large bonfire. Police located the remains of a fire, which was still warm and included visible embers well into the lower layers, near several large trees and a wooded area. The property representative was located, who advised that he'd barbequed in a nearby grill using charcoal briquettes and dumped the hot briquettes into the fire pit. The Fire Marshall did not agree with this explanation and the property rep was issued a Violation Ticket for Light, fuel, or use fire against regulations which carries a fine of $1,150. Submitted by RCMP

following a heart attack on June 25, Garry Nohr, Sunshine Coast Regional District board chair and Area B director (Halfmoon Bay), was discharged last week. Nohr and his wife, Patricia Anderson, wish to thank BC Ferries staff for excellent assistance at Horseshoe Bay, onboard, and at Langdale. Nohr is recuperating at home during the August board holiday and welcomes visitors and phone calls. Please call ahead before visiting: (604) 7412427. Submitted

memo Municipal

Nohr home

LEAVE SALTERY BAY LEAVE EARLS COVE June 28 - September 4 5:35 am Except Dec 25 & Jan 1 6:30 am Except Dec 25 & Jan 1 7:25 am 8:25POWELL am LEAVE COMOX LEAVE RIVER 9:25 am am 10:25 am 6:20 8:05 am 11:20 am am 12:20 pm 11:50 am 10:00 Council and Meetings meetings Council and (allCommittee meetings held in the(all Community 3:50 pm pm Except 4:55 pm 5:15 pm 3:15 Sat Committee Meetings Except Sat 7pm, 6:50 Maypm 6 Sat & 20 6:55 pm 5:55 pm held in the Community Meeting Room, (1st Floor, 8:45 pm Meeting Room, (1st Floor, 5797 Cowrie) unless otherwise stated) 10:30 pm 9:25 pm pm Except Sat 11:59 pm 7:15 Jul 7 5797 Cowrie ) unless otherwise stated) 10:30 pm Jul 7

District meetings

council meetings

AUGUST 10,APRil 2017 16, 2015

Planning & community • Regular Council Meetings, 7pm, September 6 and 20 Visit for moreofinformation No Regular Council meetings have been scheduled for the remainder August, Development District news, programs and 2017. Regular Council meetings are nowon being live-streamed. Videos of services, past committee meetings and E-Town Hall events are available for viewing on the District’s YouTube 1pm, April 22,

Channel. See for details.


• Public Works, Parks & Environment Committee, 10:30am, August Public Works, Parks • NEW - Committee of the Whole Meeting, May30 8, 1pm (Note: new meeting time and date change from regular schedule) Council 2will meet in a less formal and structured manner to & environment • Planning & Communityhear Development Committee,that 1pm, August 30 social and consider presentations foster the economic, committee,

(Note:April change schedule) environmental well-being of our community. This will be 2:30pm, 22 from regularand

(or• later, depending on an incubator for new ideas, governance, and September policy that is 13 in Finance, Culture & Economic Development Committee, 1pm, the length of the line with Council’s strategic goals. Committee meetings will be previous The fullmeeting) schedule of 2017 District Council and Council Committee meetings is available


Finance, culture

scheduled on the first Wednesday of every other month, starting in May, 2015. To apply to present, email

Avoid a second penalty on outstanding property tax accounts - ensure your & economic • All are encouraged to participate in the Public Engagement/ payment is received by the District Office on or before August 31, 2017. Development information Meetings on Municipal Regulation of Medical Property owners are encouraged to register on and to access their property tax Marihuana Production and Distribution in Sechelt Tuesday, committee, accounts online at April 21, Seaside Centre, 2pm (and repeated at) 7:30pm 1pm, May 13

A BC Hydro electrical box, located between the Sechelt Rotary skateboard park and Chatelech Secondary, is shown before and after the application of vinyl wrap. The wrap was designed by Philippe Sokazo, one of four Sunshine Coast artists who designed custom wraps for electrical boxes in Sechelt. PHOTOS SUBMITTED

Visit to learn more about our upcoming consultation Input on the direction of municipal regulation on these issues on amending our Official Community Plan to include policies is Click welcomed. Zoning Bylaw Amendment No. 25for a range of care facilities. on theProposed ‘Spectrum 266 regarding marihuana production facilities will of Care’ icon (shown to the right) to access medical our online be consultation reviewed. Planevents to attend one or both meetings. For more survey and for more details on information or toon submit written comments, visit including an Open House and E-Town Hall September 7th.

District of sechelt office: 5797 cowrie street, sechelt, Bc Phone 604 885-1986 Free Culture Days Worshop April 30, 4:30pm Sunshine Coast Centre Fax 604District 885-7591of SecheltArtsoffice: 5797 Cowrie Street, Sechelt, BC email Phone 604 885-1986 Fax 604 885-7591 Email

District of Sechelt Memo_04162015 3X7.25_PROOF

The $10,000 camp �ire On August 7, an off-duty fire fighter reported a bonfire on Home Island just off Keats Island. The fire fighter went out on his boat to the small rock island and tried to get the campers to put out the fire but they refused so police were called. Police attended and located a group of males around a large camp fire. After explaining the Provincewide fire ban and the risk and liability of having a bonfire where the embers could be wind-born for kilometres, all nine members of the party were each issued a Violation Ticket for Light, Fuel, or Use Fire Against Regulation under the Wildfire Act, which carries a fine of $1,150. • • • On August 3, police assist-

ter if they did not witness the violation. Details about fire bans can be found on the BC government website under Wildfire Status. The Ministry of Environment issued a smoke advisory for the Sunshine Coast on August 4, which advises residents to consider avoiding strenuous outdoor activities. Data from the air quality monitoring station at Gibsons Town Hall shows that smoke levels spiked on August 3 and 4 with levels of fine particulates more than double the recommended maximum. Donna McMahon


Watson Goepel _01292015_3X3_PROOF

"Public safety is paramount," says Gibsons and District Fire Department Chief Rob Michael in response to questions about what the current burning ban on the Sunshine Coast encompasses and how it is enforced. Fires were on everyone's mind in the past week, as smoke from Interior fires blanketed the south coast of BC, and the fire hazard on the Sunshine Coast was rated as "extreme." Michael explained that when the Province issues a burning ban for BC Parks, crown lands and private lands, the ban does not apply within local fire protection districts, which are regulated by individual fire departments. However, the fire departments usually follow the provincial lead and issue their own bans at the same time, which is what happened this summer. At present there is an open burning and campfire ban in effect throughout all private and public lands on the Sunshine Coast. CSA or ULC approved portable propane stoves are permitted in provincial campgrounds, so long as they are operated safely. Chimneas and other devices that emit sparks are not allowed. "Really we're concerned about fuels, such as gasoline, diesel, and wood with sparks and ashes," said Michael. Backyard burning complaints are a bylaw issue (en-

Sunshine Coast & The Local - Thursday, August 10, 2017 Powell River Schedules


The Local - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Editorial Opinion Enshrine environmental rights Governments change — along with laws, regulations and priorities. It’s the nature of democracies. In Canada, we’ve seen environmental laws implemented, then weakened or overturned, then strengthened and re-instated. But the basic necessities of health, well-being and life shouldn’t be subject to the shifting agendas of political parties. That’s why Canada should recognize the right to a healthy environment in its Constitution — something 110 countries already do. We’re a ways from that, but some promising developments give hope for the possibility that all people in Canada may soon enjoy the right to breathe fresh air, drink clean water, eat healthy foods and take part in decisions that affect their lives. In June, the federal Standing Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development — made up of Liberal, Conservative and NDP members of Parliament — released a report recommending, among other things, that government legally recognize the right to a healthy environment in the Environmental Protection Act. If government implements the recommendations, it would be the first time the right to a healthy environment has been recognized in Canadian federal law. The government renewed the Environmental Protection Act in 1999 as the primary law governing toxins and pollution. But it needs further updating and strengthening. Changing conditions, a lack of resources and poor enforcement have limited its effectiveness. The Toronto Public Library collected more late-book fines in one year than the government has collected from fines imposed through the act in 20 years. Acting quickly to implement the recommendations will save lives, prevent illnesses and reduce associated costs. By requiring safe replacements for toxic substances, it will also bolster the green chemistry industry, one of the world’s fastest-growing economic sectors. It could also set a precedent for including environmental rights in other laws, such as the Canadian Environmental Assessment, Fisheries, Navigable Waters and National Energy Board acts, which are also under review. And it could help drive the impetus for a stand-alone environmental bill of rights Ultimately, the right to a healthy environment should be included in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to ensure consistency in environmental and health protection between provinces and territories and to make it easier to uphold citizens’ rights regardless of which federal political party is governing. The recommendations for improving the Environmental Protection Act are an important stepping-stone. They would quickly improve environmental protection in Canada and pave the way for a stand-alone environmental bill of rights. Our political representatives face many competing interests and priorities, so it’s critical for us all to let them know we want them to carefully consider and implement the committee’s recommendations. Environmental rights are human rights. David Suzuki



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Letters to the Editor – Opinions Huge impact (Addressed to Gibsons council and copied to the Local) I notice on the sign at the entrance to the new development proposal at the end of Chaster Rd. (Gospel Rock) that there are no dates for the public hearing or the general committee of the whole. Can the Town of Gibsons please update the sign and let everyone know? I would like to know when these meetings are, as I want to be in attendance. According to this proposal to the Town of Gibsons, my home, my street and my community of Elphinstone are going to be deeply impacted. I am extremely concerned about the impact of traffic on the stream and ecosystem within the neighbouring lot and the pond that is home to numerous duck families, a chorus of frogs in the spring and multiple varieties of birds, bears, deer and other wildlife. In addition, our street has children that play daily. Access to this development will NOT be put through the Town of Gibsons, but instead accessed through Pratt Rd. This makes no sense as my tax dollars will not be able to cover the impact of the increased traffic, emergency vehicles and safety of children (signage, etc.). Unfortunately, the Town of Gibsons and its current council have a reputation of not being transparent and clear with their goals and outcomes (re: Winn Rd. vote, The George fiasco, to mention two examples). I am totally okay with change and understand that in order for us to grow as a town and community these things are necessary. In this instance, unfortunately the Council is not inspiring faith in their open

and transparent process. I request on behalf of my neighbours and community to be included in this process, as the impact on everyone from Pratt Rd. to Franklin Rd. is potentially dramatic and huge. Rae Abbott, Elphinstone

Worried about water In the dog days of summer it is difficult to get involved in bylaw changes by the SCRD. A craft distillery/ tasting room wishes to locate on Porter Rd. in Roberts Creek. A rapid rezoning process will culminate in a final public hearing at 7pm, Sept. 12 in the Roberts Creek Community Hall. As a down-stream water user I am concerned about the use of domestic groundwater in an industrial process. Water shortfalls are common in this area. To commit such a scarce domestic resource to the making of spirits flies in the face of good water management and planning. As upland development proceeds it is important to protect those who already are utilizing the resources of the area. A distillery will use considerably more water than the two homes currently allowed by existing zoning. There are obvious noise, traffic and social implications involved in a tasting room that serves spirits. These are big concerns but they pale in comparison to the potential of water shortfalls in the years to come. Due diligence has not been utilized by the advisory committees or the SCRD regarding the use and availability of water. This is an issue that could affect anybody living above the highway. Please get involved and attend the last public hearing. James Davidson, Roberts Creek

Covenant disregarded (Re “Trellis leaves Sechelt and goes to Gibsons”, the Local, July 27) So Mayor Rowe has offered the remainder of the Christenson property on Shaw Rd. to the Trellis Group to build their private facility. He has obviously chosen to disregard the covenant on the property, drawn up by Thor Christenson back in the 1990’s, when he deeded his farm to the Town of Gibsons. The covenant states that the property must be used for “a public park, a public playground, a community centre, a public school, a police station, a library, a community health facility, or ‘not-for-profit’ seniors’ housing”. Unfortunately, the covenant does not state that “a community health facility” be public. This was probably because, at the time, all community health facilities were public. Only after the reign of Gordon Campbell were care homes privatized, and Mr. Christenson did not live to see that era. I would never presume to get into a legal debate with Wayne Rowe, but he opened the door to a moral one when he stated that it was “equally important” that the wishes of the Christenson family be honoured. The language in the covenant suggests that the Trellis proposal would not honour those wishes. Clearly it was the family’s intent that whatever was built on their farm would benefit the town of Gibsons, not the business community. Thor and Mildred Christenson spent their last days in the Kiwanis Village Intermediate Care Home, a public facility. From all reports, they were very happy there. Surely this would have been their vision of a care facility, not a big, impersonal institution where profit is king and care is contracted out to

the lowest bidder. I believe that our local government has a moral obligation to honour the wishes of Thor and Mildred, and not allow this privatefor-profit facility to be built on Christenson land. Marilynn Green, Gibsons

Food for fire victims I’m heading to Kamloops on Sept. 1, if anyone wants to drop off food or cash donations for the Kamloops Food Bank, as the wildfire evacuees are using this resource. If anyone on the Sunshine Coast wants to arrange to drop off/pick up of a donation by Aug. 31, please contact me via Facebook or email me at Top needed items are: tomato sauce, pasta, peanut butter, baby food, rice, canned fruit, canned vegetables, beans and tuna. I have also interviewed volunteers working with evacuees in the Interior at my blog: Cathalynn Cindy Labonte-Smith, Gibsons

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Letters to the Editor should be sent by e-mail to The deadline is Monday at 10am for that week’s paper. Generally, letters should not exceed 300 words. And all letters must be signed, include the writer’s community of residence and (not for publication) telephone number. Letters may be edited for a variety of reasons.

The Local - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Formulating a food policy Approximately 50 Sunshine Coast residents joined Member of Parliament Pamela Goldsmith-Jones at the Gibsons Public Market on August 2 to participate in “Democracy Talks: A Food Policy for Canada.” The event, which is part of a national consultation on the health, environmental, social, and economic goals related to food in Canada, brought together food experts, food growers, and politicians. Five guest speakers kicked off the event. SCRD Director Mark Lebbell spoke to the "gap between national policy and where land use hits the road on the Coast." He noted the challenges of farming here, such as land costs, transportation costs and lack of local processing facilities, and outlined SCRD policies that he hopes will help make agriculture more feasible. Barbara Seed, a dietician who has a PhD in food policy, welcomed the federal consultation because Canada has never had a national food policy before. "Our current food system is set up primarily for export and for profit," she said, noting that farmers earn little compared to processors and distributors. She contends that the costs of our system in terms of public health and poor agricultural practices are picked up by the taxpayer. "We need a food democracy," said Seed. "We're not just passive mouths, we're food citizens." Shíshálh Nation elder Barb Higgins spoke to the urgent need to protect our entire ecosystem to support traditional foods such as mushrooms and salmon. "We need trees, we need water," said Higgins. "In 2012 they threw me in jail [for demonstrating against logging in the drinking watershed]. I'm proud of that."

Annette Clark, who operates an organic farm and Exotic Fruit Nursery in Roberts Creek, emphasized the importance of biodiversity. Large-scale industrial agriculture is built around chemicals, pesticides and the systemic mistreatment of livestock, said Clark. "We need something new." "I believe that small scale farms are one part of the solution." Finally, Brian Smith, CEO of Persephone Brewing and head of special projects for Community Futures Sunshine Coast, spoke to the challenging economics of agriculture. "If land's too expensive, we can't grow food or have a viable food business," said Smith, using the example of Persephone's "beer farm." "Value added processing of farm product can lead to viable small farm business models that don't just survive but thrive." Smith is hopeful that the new provincial government is serious about revitalizing

the Agricultural Land Reserve, whose policies, Smith feels, stifle the viability of small farms. Following the guest speakers, participants broke into four groups to talk about food related topics and then reported their ideas back to the room. Feedback from forums held in this riding will be compiled in a report to be shared with the constituency and with Ottawa. "I think we're actually going to be saying some quite radical things," said Goldsmith-Jones. "I think there's definitely going to be some longstanding vested interests that will be challenged by Canadians in the feedback that comes back as a result of this consultation." Those who can't attend a public forum can fill out the online survey at https:// The survey was launched on May 29, and closes on August 31. The full consultation wraps up on September 30. Donna McMahon


For standard vehicle and driver.

Attendees at a forum on food policy Aug. 2 broke into groups to discuss possible changes in federal policies. DONNA MCMAHON PHOTO

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West Vancouver – Nanaimo (Horseshoe Bay – Departure Bay, one-way) West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast (Horseshoe Bay – Langdale, return)

Restrictions apply.

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August 6

The Local



The Local - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Talk of The Town Wayne Rowe Mayor, Town of Gibsons

This year’s Sea Cavalcade enjoyed some of the best weather ever. Tourists, who have been keeping local establishments hopping all summer, were even more numerous over Sea Cavalcade weekend, and it offered something for everyone, old or young, participant or spectator. Kudos to everyone who helped make it such a success. Our delight in the hot, sunny days has been tempered by ongoing concern for those living in BC’s Interior, some of whom are just being given clearance to return home after evacuation from fire-ravaged communities, and some of whom, sadly, who have lost their homes. We are proud of the contribution firefighters from the Coast made to help combat the fires. But while an impressive level of firefighter bravery, public generosity and government support will help to ease the concerns of those affected

On August 2 about 50 Sunshine Coast residents attended our Democracy Talks: Food Policy at the Gibsons Public Market. Thank you to Sunshine Coast guest panelists for kicking off the conversation: Barb Higgins, Elder from the shíshálh Nation who also gave an opening prayer, Barbara Seed, PhD and Registered Dietician, Mark Lebbell Area D Director with SCRD, Brian Smith from Community Futures and Persephone, and Annette Clark of the Exotic Fruit Nursery. Food matters yet Canada has not had a food policy before. The decisions we make as individuals and as a country about food impact our health, environment, economy and communities. Working together we are striving to put more affordable, safe, healthy food on tables across the country. The most important ideas from four discussion groups are listed below. (A full summary will be avail-

able at the end of August.) • Increasing access to affordable food: education programs to teach students and residents how to grow their own food; government resources e.g. grants/incentives for farmers; community support for local farmers i.e. buy local • Improving health and food safety: articulate the health values of good food; improve labelling i.e. know what you are eating; create apprenticeships for young people to develop a food-related career • Conserving our soil, water and air: get farmed salmon out of the oceans; water conservation is key, water should never be sold; communitywide composting • Growing more high-quality food: organic and pesticidefree; tax credits for farmers; utilize technology to connect farmers, limit waste and share through local cooperatives Thank you to all participants. We need a reliable supply of affordable, nutritious and safe food. This depends on maintaining Canada’s natural resources to support and grow our agriculture and food sector appropriately. The feedback from our discussions will be

A BC Housing public information meeting regarding a proposed new homeless shelter will be held at the Seniors Activity Centre in Sechelt on Aug. 16, 5-7pm. BC Housing and RainCity Housing invite the public to discuss the proposal to relocate the existing St. Hilda's shelter to a new location at the northeast corner of the

intersection of Ebbtide Street and Trail Avenue in Sechelt. The shelter would replace the existing St.Hilda's shelter. The proposed location would provide 40 shelter beds, with expanded support services, on District-owned land. The information meeting is an opportunity for community members to learn about

Pull of the Tide

Pam GoldsmithJones MP, West Vancouver Sunshine Coast, Sea to Sky Country

w w w. t h e l o c a l w e e k l y. c a

We want to Hear From You! The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) is seeking input and feedback from residents, tourism and housing sectors, community groups and organizations on short term rentals (STR). M ER TT L OR TA SH REN The information and feedback collected through the online STR workbook will assist the SCRD in identifying preferred approaches and options for managing short term rental accommodations in the SCRD electoral areas. Members of the community are encouraged to visit to review the workbook and complete the online questionnaire. Feedback will be collected until August 15. Hard copies of the questionnaire can be obtained by contacting David Rafael, Senior Planner at 604-885-6804 extension 4 or by emailing

by the fires, our hearts are with them as they strive to rebuild their families’ lives. We recognize our good fortune in not facing a similar situation here on the Coast. By now, you will have read or heard about the potential for a new 128-bed residential care facility to be built on Shaw Road near Christenson Village. The Town was approached by the Trellis Group after it became clear to Trellis that residential care did not fit into the current community plan in Sechelt, and that this was unlikely to change within a timeline that would enable Trellis to deliver on their contractual agreement with Vancouver Coastal Health. As it turned out, Gibsons had an appropriate property available, already zoned for a community health facility. The Christenson family had specified just such a use for the property when deeding it to the Town, and we had built it into our OCP accordingly. Currently, Vancouver Coastal Health is doing their own due diligence around this possible location. Should they give the project a green light, it will provide us with the opportunity to play our

Homeless shelter meeting

part in addressing a significant lack of residential care beds on the Coast, and the resulting need for local residents, often seniors, to occupy acute care beds in the Sechelt Hospital, when they would more appropriately be cared for within a residential setting. Almost every day, there are patients in the ER awaiting a hospital bed, and this affects our medical professionals’ ability to provide timely care. Should the project proceed, it will also bring some 150 new jobs to Gibsons, with many spin-off benefits to local businesses and services. Trellis has indicated its interest in developing housing for their employees on a portion of the property, another important consideration. The project will also help to solidify the Town’s financial position, through almost $1 million in development cost charges; $140,000 in building permit fees; and annual taxes of more than $100,000. This is the type of clean industry that suits our community well, and we are excited about its potential benefits. We will keep you informed as further information becomes available.

critical to the success of developing and implementing a Food Policy for Canada. I encourage you to take the food policy online survey at www. which is open until August 31 or attend our West Vancouver and Whistler events (see below) or contact us directly. It is wonderful to be home. Sea Cavalcade was great, followed by knocking on doors to hear from people, a neighbourhood drop-in in Roberts Creek, and back to Gibsons for Nomadic Tempest – the talk of the town. I'll be at the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts with an afternoon diversion to the Pender Harbour Chamber Music Festival – how does anyone choose between these? As always, I welcome your comments and feedback on our government’s work. You can email me at, connect with us on Facebook: Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, or stop by our community office in Horseshoe Bay, 6367 Bruce Street 604-913-2660. Upcoming Democracy Talks: Food Policy: West Vancouver, Community Centre, August 15, 5-7 pm; Whistler, Maury Young Arts Centre August 22, 4:30-6pm. the project, review the preliminary plans and provide feedback. BC Housing will be seeking a lease on the land and a temporary use permit for three years, with an opportunity to extend a further three years, from the District of Sechelt. For more information email: communityrelations@ Submitted

Search & Rescue Dispatches Jane Macdonald

Crew Member RCMSAR Station 12 Halfmoon Bay

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (RCMSAR) needs your help on the Coast. Consider joining a diverse team of volunteers and marine enthusiasts who like to learn new skills while serving their local community. RCMSAR is a volunteer organization with the mission to save lives on the water. We are looking for a range of skills and experience, for both active crew positions and supporting society volunteers. Crew members are trained to respond to any sort of marine emergencies and/ or help in areas such as administration, vessel maintenance, fund-raising and boating safety/education. Society volunteers assist with boat safety education, community outreach, fundraising and events. Becoming a crew member of RCMSAR means a commitment of time and energy for training, being on call, and contributing to a variety of projects and ongoing tasks. A pre-requisite for all new recruits is a valid Pleasure Craft Operators Certificate (PCOC). Ongoing training is provided both on the water and in the classroom at no personal cost, and is a requirement for maintain-

ing crew status. Training includes skills such as boat handling, seamanship, navigation, radio operations, first aid, search and rescue, vessel electronics, and collision regulations. As a non-government, notfor-profit organization, funds from corporate contributions, foundations, municipal and regional grants, and private donations remain necessary for maintaining the vessels and ancillary equipment needed to operate safely in all sea conditions. This year, the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation and private donors established an endowment, the Marine Rescue Agency Fund, to support all three RCMSAR stations on the Coast. Donations cover

The Local - Thursday, August 10, 2017

the costs of crew gear and clothing, training, and the equipment on board vessels. Our rescue vessels are modern, well-equipped, purposebuilt, rigid-hull inflatables that are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On Monday, September 18, RCMSAR (Station 12) in Sechelt / Halfmoon Bay will be hosting an Open House & Recruiting Fair at the Seaside Centre in Sechelt, 5-8pm. Station representatives from Gibsons (14) and Pender Harbour (61) will also be available for any interested volunteers. If you are interested in joining RCMSAR, please email:, or call 604-885-7069. Website:

PUBLIC NOTICE: Site C Inquiry Initiated The BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) has initiated an inquiry into BC Hydro’s Site C project, as directed by the Provincial Government in Order-in-Council (OIC) 244 on August 2, 2017. The full scope of the inquiry is set out in the government’s terms of reference for the OIC, which is available online: The inquiry will be handled in two phases. In the first phase, the BCUC will gather information and produce a preliminary report. Those parties who would like to submit data and analysis to be considered for inclusion in the preliminary report are invited to submit that by no later than August 30, 2017. Data and analysis submitted during this first phase must be within the scope of the OIC. Opportunity for public comment on the preliminary report will be provided during the second phase of the review. Process details for the second phase will be provided once established.

GET MORE INFORMATION To find out more about how to file data and analysis on the questions above, please check our Site C website at: The BCUC will make arrangements with members of the public not able to access or submit information online. In these instances, please contact our office using the contact information below.

British Columbia Utilities Commission Suite 410, 900 Howe Street Vancouver, BC Canada V6Z 2N3

P: 604.660.4700 TF: 1.800.663.1385


Members of the search and rescue vessel safety inspection team at Secret Cove Marina pose on the dock. JANIS

All documents filed on the public record may be made publically available on our website at



An Update From BC Ferries All of us at BC Ferries understand that the on-time performance of our service to the Sunshine Coast fails to meet our customers’ expectations. We also know there are times when traffic levels prevent customers from getting on the sailing of their choice. We have been working on both issues for several years and, despite our efforts, have yet to see significant improvement. We are redoubling our efforts to find new solutions to these tough problems. With this note, I would like to update you on our progress.

the rates needed. All of these combine to create a schedule that is essentially impossible to keep.


New vessels and rebuilt terminals are major projects, subject to the approval of the BC Ferry Commissioner and BC Ferries’ Board of Directors. Realistically, it will take at least five years to complete.

There are multiple reasons for the on-time issues. High vehicle and passenger volumes; space constraints at Horseshoe Bay terminal (it does 39 sailings/day with just three berths while Tsawwassen does 31 sailings/day with 5 berths); little marine manoeuvring room; new regulations, lack of a foot passenger boarding ramp at Langdale; a wide variety of traveller types and capabilities; other marine traffic; and older vessel designs that are unable to unload and reload at

THE LONG-TERM OPPORTUNITY We understand that the temporary two-ship service we offered last winter was popular with travellers. We agree the long-term solution is likely two vessels that are purpose designed for rapid transit, unloading and reloading on an hourly schedule. We also must rebuild the terminals to achieve full efficiency.

more thoroughly with our customers • More ships’ officers to more efficiently depart terminals • Readying commercial vehicles faster for loading at Horseshoe Bay • Working with marine traffic to reduce the number of times we need to slow down • Providing pricing promotions to shift traffic to less busy sailings • Extending the summer schedule into the fall • Looking at the possibility of a supplemental vessel to ease overloads • Adjusting the schedule to allow enough time for the existing ships to unload & reload and still sail on time.

AN INTERIM STRATEGY A NEW SCHEDULE Five years is a long time and we clearly need an interim solution. BC Ferries is trialling a range of initiatives to improve on-time performance, including: • More staff to expedite loading and unloading, and to communicate

I want to thank the thousands of Sunshine Coast and Bowen Island residents and visitors who took time to share thoughts with us in the recent survey. The survey has provided us with a lot of information about customer preferences for sailing times.

Mark Collins, BC Ferries President and CEO

Instead of a schedule we all acknowledge is impossible to keep, we propose to design a new schedule that we can keep. A new schedule will allow existing vessels to sail on time. Changing the schedule is difficult because the many different traveller types we carry all have different ideas of what makes a good schedule. That is why we consulted with the community earlier this summer to find the widest possible consensus. We are reviewing the feedback now and will share a new draft with ferry users this fall. We hope to bring it into effect in early 2018.

In the meantime, I want to assure you that all of us at BC Ferries are striving to find solutions. Look for more trials of new ideas as we seek ways to improve performance. Our ship and shore teams are doing everything they can to improve on-time performance. With their help, and with the help of our customers, we will get a solid interim solution that sets the stage for a more permanent solution. Thank you, for your patience and for the input you are providing. We will keep you informed as we go. Regards, Mark



The Local - Thursday, August 10, 2017

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The Local - Thursday, August 10, 2017


A series of pictures – all by Doug Temlett of Sunshine Coast Photography – shows the action at Sechelt airport during the last day of drag racing on May 28. DOUG TEMLETT PHOTOS

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The Local - Thursday, August 10, 2017



Events on the Sunshine Coast August 10 Writer Jane Urquhart reads from “A Number of Things” about 50 Canadian items that have special significance, Arts Centre, Sechelt, 8-10pm, $20, August 11 Well and groundwater workshop, by Islands Trust and others, Gambier Island Community Centre, 9:30am-noon August 11 Sleepy Hollow Rod Run, Hwy. 101, vintage cars departing Hackett Park, Sechelt at 6:15pm for Halfmoon Bay August 11 Tween movie night with “Beauty and the Beast”, Gibsons Public Library, 6-8:45pm, free August 11 Music in the Landing presents Baroque and Blue trio, gazebo on Gibsons wharf, 7-8pm August 11 Coffee house with singer Gen Katagiri, Spirit Singers gospel group, tenor Edmund Arceo and singer/songwriter Teal Loverock, School of Music, Madeira Park, 7:30-10pm, suggested $10 donation August 12 Show ‘n Shine, Cowrie Street, Sechelt, 9am-3pm August 12 Music in the Landing presents blues with Ron Campbell/ Dennis Fox Duo, Pioneer Square, lower Gibsons, 11am1pm August 12 Creek Daze, Roberts Creek, higgledy-piggledy parade 11am, music and vendors at the mandala by the pier, noon-5pm August 12 Sechelt Summer Music Series presents concerts by Ken Dunn & Anna Green and The Billy Hillpicker Band, library lawn, noon-2pm August 12 Instameet for folks who love taking photos, visitors centre, lower Gibsons, 1pm August 12 Music in the Landing presents guitarist Cam Peters, below “the pink house”, lower Gibsons, 1:30-3:30pm August 12 Reception for opening of a multi-media exhibition by Giorgio Michael Binns, One Flower One Leaf, 442 Marine Dr., lower Gibsons, 2-4pm August 12 “Off to Uni” panel of university students takes questions from students in grades 10 to 12, Gibsons Public Library, 3-4:30pm, free August 12 Long table dinner and dance, Egmont field, potluck dinner at 6pm, free, bring a dish to share, dance with White Feather, 8pm, $15 August 12 Music in the Landing presents Georgia Fats, diesel soaked blues, Winegarden Park, lower Gibsons, 7-8:45pm

August 12 Joe Stanton, Backeddy Pub, Egmont, 7-10pm August 12 A.A.D., Gibsons Legion, 8pm, members $5, guests 10 August 12 Song Butchers, Roberts Creek Legion, 9pm, members $5, guests $10 August 12 Creekdazed dance with djs, Roberts Creek Hall, 8pm, $20 August 12 Astronomy observatory open to view Perseid meteor showers, Sechelt Airport, 9:30pm, free August 13 Drag races, Sechelt Airport, 9am-4pm, $10 August 13 Four Lakes 10K and 3K run, Katherine Lake Park, Garden Bay, 9am, 10K $20, 3K $5 individual, family $15 August 13 Show ‘n Shine, Pender Harbour Legion, Madeira Park, 10:30am-3:30pm August 13 Music in the Landing presents Martini Madness, sun dial stage, lower Gibsons, 11am1pm August 13 Grand opening of Hanohano Journey Through Life Centre, 721 Winn Rd., Gibsons, 1-4pm August 13 Slow Sundays in the Creek features Ukelele Ladies (1:302:15pm) and Dale Stavroff (2:30-3:45pm), behind the library, Roberts Creek, open mic at noon August 13 Fiddleworks instructors concert, Roberts Creek Hall, 7pm, $20 August 15 Fiddleworks Camp community dance, Roberts Creek Hall, 7pm, $5 or $15 per family August 16 Public meeting re proposed homeless shelter at Trail Ave. and Ebbtide St., Seniors A ctivity Centre, Sechelt, 5-7pm August 16 Blue Line Trio, last show “for a while” since Gary (Dr. Fun) Gilbert is leaving the Coast, Gumboot Cafe, Roberts Creek, 8pm, $10 August 17 RCMP community appreciation BBQ, with public safety groups, kids crafts, hot dogs and refreshments, behind the detachment, Sechelt, noon3pm, free August 17 Fiddleworks Camp gala concert, Roberts Creek Hall, 7pm, $5 or $15 per family August 17-20 35th Annual Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts, Rockwood Gardens, Sechelt, August 18 Charlotte Wrinch plays while you shop, Gibsons Public Market, 12:30-2pm


Art Review Anna Nobile Freelance Creative Writer, Arts & Culture

Rose-Ellen Nichols has gone from small town girl to globe-trotting diva. The Pender Harbour High School alumna will be returning to the Coast as part of the Pender Harbour Chamber Music Festival, August 18-20. Nichols, a mezzo soprano of Coast Salish heritage, made a name for herself when she

premiered in the title role of Pauline, the story of Pauline Johnson as a chamber opera produced in Vancouver in 2014. “I was hoping for anything,” recalls Nichols of the auditions for Pauline. “It was very exciting to represent this woman. It’s an important role, an important story about people from our past that are being forgotten.” Nichols started singing lessons when she was just 10 years old. “My mom likes to say I sang before I talked,” she laughs. At 17, she left the Coast to study music at Kwantlen University where

pender harbour chamber music festival

20 7 August 18 – 20 TICKETS ON SALE NOW School of Music | Madeira Park, BC 604.989.3995 |

she toured with a jazz band before transferring to the University of British Columbia and focussing on opera. There she continued her studies with Dale Throness and the renowned Nancy Hermiston, earning a Masters of Opera. “I enjoy how difficult opera can get with all the layers in there,” says Nichols. “The added layer of working on a different language while singing then getting into acting. The harder it is the more fun it is.” While at UBC, Nichols met and worked with Canada’s most celebrated mezzo, Judith Forst. “She’s been a strong person to follow,” says Nichols. “Watching her perform, you see how she practices, how she works on set. She is a very loving and inspirational person. She makes you feel like you belong.” Nichols had the opportunity to pay that kind of inspiration forward when she toured BC schools as part of Vancouver Opera’s Opera in the Schools program. “It was an exciting time getting to perform for young children,” says Nichols. “A lot of them had never heard of opera [and now] they realize this is something they can pursue.” Nichols has also sung in the Czech Republic, Germany, and the Wexford Festival Opera in Ireland. “I’ve been able to go places and perform in places that I suppose I wouldn’t have thought of go-

F re e c o n c e rt s by lo ca l m u s i c i a n s o n t h e l i b r a ry l aw n s t a g e

K S e c h e ltK Summer Music Series

$ $ A u g u s t u 12 U An U Noon d o n e

C o n c e rt s at

in the afternoon


Ken Dunn & Anna Green TheBillyHillpickerBand



Music in the Landing GIBSONS

FRIDAY, AUGUST 11 7:00pm - 8:00pm

SATURDAY, AUGUST 12 1:30pm - 3:30pm

SATURDAY, AUGUST 12 7:00pm - 8:45pm

‘Baroque & Blue’

Cam Peters

‘Georgia Fats’

Gazebo on Gibsons Wharf

Smit, Harding, Enns, Wrinch from ‘Bolling to Piazolla’

Gower Pt Rd next to the Pink House


Sun Dial Stage, next to Gibsons Sunday Market

Pioneer Square - Gibsons Info Centre

blues wizards from Powell River

Fafard, Norman, Taylor - diesel soaked blues

SUNDAY, AUGUST 13 11:00am - 1:00pm

SATURDAY, AUGUST 12 11:00am - 1:00pm

Ron Campbell / Dennis Fox

Winegarden Waterfront Park

‘Ron Campbell / Dennis Fox’

‘Martini Madness’ with Kevin Crofton, Graham Walker & Andy Amanovich

Rose-Ellen Nichols, who grew up in Pender Harbour, returns to perform at the Pender Harbour Chamber Music Festival. She will sing in a free concert on Aug.18. PHOTO SUBMITTED

ing if I hadn’t got into opera,” muses Nichols. With her parents “embarrassingly proud” of her, Nichols looks forward to singing in front of her hometown. “I don’t get to come home that often so when I do its pretty lovely,” says Nichols. “It’s comfortable to be home and singing.” For her return to the Coast, she’ll be performing with another local, baritone Louis Dillon, performing works by Rossini, Mozart, Puccini, and Berlin among other well-known composers. “It’s going to be fun, entertaining,” says Nichols. “Perhaps emotional at times, and hopefully inspiring.” The Pender Harbour Chamber Music Festival runs August 18-20 at the Madeira Park School of Music. Tickets $15/$30 by calling 604-9893995. Rose-Ellen Nichols and Louis Dillon perform a free concert on Friday, August 18 at 1:30pm as part of the Rising Tide program. More info at

Your book

We are looking for a few good books to share with our community. Do you have a good book you've written and want to share? In the libraries? With book clubs? With readers? It could be recently published in any form or about to be published, or self-published, or published a few years ago, or even long ago. But it's still a good book worthy of being read. On Sept. 28, 7-9pm, we will be presenting a few good books at the Sechelt Library to a gathered audience of readers and book lovers. You will have an opportunity to present it and / or read from your book. You may also display your book for sale at this event to people who read books. If you want to call some attention to your good book, please send a synopsis of your work, your name and contact information as soon as possible. Send your book info to or Submitted

The Local - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Working Together to Build Our Communities®

ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 • 11am - 4pm 5784 Sechelt Inlet Road, Sechelt




Please join us for Schmidty’s World-class Pulled Pork, Hotdogs, Burgers, Refreshments, Popcorn, Balloons, Face Painting, Huge Bouncy Castle, Guided Tours, Free Giveaways, Displays and more!!

For inquiries about our operation, please call our 24 hr hotline 604-740-2509 PO Box 1790 Sechelt BC, V0N 3A0

phone: 604-885-7595 | fax: 604-885-2328 | email:



The Local - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Meeting the neighbours Thanks to support from the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation and the Sunshine Coast Regional District, a small group of local citizens has launched a pilot project to build community resilience and strengthen neighbourhood connections right where people live. The Rural Resilient Neighbourhoods project will award small grants of up to $500 to three or four neighbourhoods in Roberts Creek to help them host a gathering or community activity that can include enjoying shared meals, arts & cultural activities, “placemaking” projects, or community discussions to identify local needs and resources. The goal is to help build community resiliency by taking the first step of connecting neighbours together. Research shows that when communities have strong connections, they are healthier, happier, and have greater capacity to deal with change and challenge. In a Resilient Neighbourhood, people who live close to each other often enjoy social events together, share tools and skills, help each other during emergencies, and work together to solve neighbourhood issues or col-

laborate on projects. Examples of activities that the small grants could support include: Block Parties “With a Purpose” (eg: emergency preparedness, or organizing to protect a local green space), neighbourhood art projects like street murals or yarn-bombings, creating a community share-shed or bulletin board, or getting together to share the garden harvest and have a seed ex-

change. There are many great ideas out there for fun and meaningful ways to connect with your neighbours, build relationships and increase community resilience. Visit www.resilientcoast. ca, or contact coordinator Naomi Fleschhut at: Small grant applications will be accepted until Monday, August 14 at 5pm. Submitted


on the

A group of 14 Girl Guides and three leaders from the Sunshine Coast attended SOAR – Spirit of Adventure Rendezvous 2017 – in Smithers during the last week in July. The “back to basics” outdoor camp was sponsored by the BC Council of Girl Guides of Canada and was attended by more than 2,300 guides and leaders from across Canada and other countries, including England, Scotland and Japan. The participation of the Tetrahedron District guides was made possible by the support of businesses and organizations on the Coast, and by the purchase of cookies, and the guides would like to say a “big thank you”. PHOTO SUBMITTED

Coast's Gnarliest Tree Photo Contest

Sponsored by: The Local Weekly and Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF)

GIBSONS Sunshine Kayaking LTD - Kayak Rentals, Tours, Lessons. Also Fishing Charters, Gibsons/Keats Tours, Howe Sound Tours, Sailing Tours. 604-886-9760. Peggy Sue's - NEW Larger Location at 308 Gower Point Rd, Gibsons! Quality clothing, swim wear, hats, sunglasses, shoes & more for infant to youth-18. For all your summer needs, Peggy Sue's has you covered! 604-886-3818. SECHELT Reflections Bed & Bath - Down Blankets And Cotton Sheet Sets NOW ON SPECIAL! 604-885-4893.


Hiking or trail walking this Summer? With our unique hiking trails, you or your family have a chance to win our Gnarliest Tree Photo Contest! Submit your photo of the ‘Gnarliest Tree’ you can find on the Sunshine Coast! Enter by August 31st for your chance to win one of 3 great prizes! Send photos to

Visit for more contest details or call 604-885-3134

• Baby Gifts • Clothing to Youth 18 • Shoes Open 7 days a week at 11:00am

bed & bath collections 5668 Cowrie Street, Sechelt 604-885-4893

308 Gower Point Rd 604-886-3818

FEATURING THE PERFECT DUVET FOR HOT SUMMER NIGHTS. We have light weight wool, down, silk, bamboo & cotton!

Down Duvet & Pillow Sale


The Local - Thursday, August 10, 2017

“Little Legion” celebrates Four years after a financial crisis nearly closed its doors, Roberts Creek’s “Little Legion” is celebrating that it’s still here. The branch is holding a 70th Anniversary Party on August 12, in conjunction with Creek Daze, with an invitation to the community that helped to save it. From noon to 6pm festivi-

ties include a cake-cutting ceremony at 1pm, activities for the kids, BBQ by donation, with local musicians providing entertainment. From dire straits to going concern, Branch 219’s turn-around is credited to hardworking volunteers and community support of its offerings, including wildly popular Brain Freeze Trivia


The Brothers in Farms group hosted a “Sunday Funday Parking Lot Dance Party” in the mid-afternoon July 30 beside the Masonic Lodge in Roberts Creek. That was back before the skies got smoky and everyone had a good time in the clean-air outdoors. RALPH ISAAC PHOTO

and Tuesday music jams. Keeping their sights on another 70 years, executives say their next step is improving aging infrastructure while involving its younger members, so it can long be at the heart of Creekers’ own celebrations. For more information, visit Submitted

w w w. t h e l o c a l we e k l y. c a




Marilyn at Maribel’s Fine Fashions is an certified bra & prosthetic fitter for women for nearly 20 yrs.

One-day workshop in Gibsons. Saturday, August 26, 10am to 3pm. Bring a lunch. You will create an abstract painting using acrylics and mixed media on canvas. Beginners Welcome. Price including all materials: $165. Maximum 4 people in class, so register early. For more information contact Melanie Fogell PhD at 604-886-9699 or email:



We carry prosthetics, both everyday styles and swim forms, pocketed bras, surgical bras & prosthetic swimwear. We prefer booked appointments so we may better serve you! Hours: Mon-Sat •10-5

Since 1980

#105 - 5710 Teredo Street, Sechelt




Grace Gamboa Mortgage Specialist

BMO Bank of Montreal 5640 Cowrie Street, Sechelt, BC V0N 3A0 604-740-2051 ~ 604-885-5500



Angelo Karadimas

Easy Qualification

Leaks • Repairs • Service • Maintenance CUSTOM Closets, Pantries & Garages Designed Locally in Sechelt.

Quality • Affordable • Local Free Consultation & Estimate

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Synergy Kitchens & Baths

Buy Direct from the Manufacturer High End Cabinets at Wholesale Prices New Home • Renovations Residential • Commercial 1877 Field Road, Unit 2 Wilson Creek (Sechelt) 604.740.3137


Quick Approvals

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Rug Runners

Floor Fashions

“Where Customers Become Friends”

In-store Specials: Carpet & Vinyl starting at $1.99/sq. ft. 739 North Road, Gibsons, BC

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bed & bath collections


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Providing Strata & Property Management Services for over 20 years Also Offering:

Strata Consulting Services for Smaller Stratas Representative of Non-Resident Owners for Air B&B Rentals Contact: Harry Drost, Owner/Broker 778-995-4099 • Email:



The Local - Thursday, August 10, 2017 ANNOUNCEMENTS


Serving Sunshine Coast residents since 2010 • Downsizing simplifying your space

Tricia Coffey 604.741.4424

• Decluttering • House Sale Preparation • Move Services

• Home Contents Sales

• Estate Dispersal


DOWNSIZING? Have furniture to donate? Consider SC Habitat for Humanity RESTORE in Sechelt. We pick up for you and provide a tax receipt when furniture is sold. Contact us 604-885-6773


friends and families of alcoholics. Meetings Monday - Friday. Call 604-885-0101, 604-8862252, 604-886-4594, 604886-0228, 604-886-8578. ECHO’S DISCONTINUED CHINA, SILVER & ANTIQUES Need China Dinnerware and Silver Flatware e.g. Denby, Royal Albert, Doulton, Wedgewood Etc. Silver plate & Sterling,e.g. Birks & Community Cash & Consignment. Phone for appointment & information 604-980-8011 (a Must Please)

w w w. t h e l o c a l we e k l y. c a







• Window Washing • Gutter Cleaning • Moss Removal • Siding Scrub • Construction Clean-Up • Power Washing • Commercial / Residential Alejandro: 604.741.4343

Windows • Gutters Hand Siding Scrub & Pressure Wash

604-885-0661 FREE EST. ~ WCB

on the ferry and at

newsstands & everywhere!

GET RESULTS! Reach almost 2 million people in 101 papers for only $395/week for a 25-word text ad, or $995/week for a formatted display ad 1-866-669-9222

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SERVICE DIRECTORY Ask about our seasonal pricing and free lawn aeration


We do pre-sale clean ups, inside & out, Rubbish Removal, Tidying up, etc Text or Message 250-674-8937


REDECOR CONSIGNMENT Hello Summer! Most of you know us as a great source of recycled décor finds… stylish & affordable. But did you know? We always have many local artists & crafters represented in the store. Find LOCAL furniture (custom also), bird houses, wire birds, pottery, photography, trays & tool boxes, soap, cushions, coat stands, cheese boards & spreaders, modern lamps, driftwood mirrors, benches, berry bowls, armoires, bird lamps, jam cupboards & more. All LOCAL! Bring home the great Sunshine Coast vibe! We now have authentic Japanese fishing floats… hard to find! WANTED: Small dressers, oars, paddles, picnic baskets & other summer items. Thanks for supporting our downtown community! 5660 Cowrie Street, Sechelt. 604-885- 5884


Custom Closets, pantries, Garages, mudrooms, Lifetime quality at affordable prices. FREE consultation and estimate. Call Alex in Sechelt 604-762-1212.



Motorhomes Travel Trailers Camper Vans


WORK WANTED FOR HIRE – SKILLED EXPERIENCED GARDENER with horticulture education. Offering landscape consultation, maintenance, renovation, & small construction. Hardworking, reliable. Serving Roberts Creek & Gibsons. Limited availability. Ryan 604886-3552. FOR HIRE - THE GUTTERMAN - Maintenance/Repairs/ Installation. Free Estimates. 604-618-3244 FOR HIRE - NOBODY IS GONNA BEAT MY PROFESSIONAL WORK & PRICE. Semi-retired tile setter, hardwood & stone installer. Will do your home project. 40 years of experience. For info Call 604-813-6745. Ask for Gene.

FOUND FOUND - SKAGEN Watch, Call 604-885-0128

REAL ESTATE RENTALS HOUSEMATE WELCOME LONG TERM – Upper Roberts Creek on acreage. Your own small bedroom and full bath in older cottage. Fully furnished, brightly colored home, share with artist and her dog. $855/month all inclusive, WI-FI, Hydro, Cable, Netflix, Apple TV, local phone, Available Sept 1st, need car to live here. 604-740-5839 SHARED ACCOMMODATION 2 bedroom home to share, located in Sechelt, Call 604618-3244

Did you know?

THE LOCAL’s newsprint, regular or glossy paper, is biodegradable, recyclable and is printed with vegetable-based ink. Please recycle this newspaper.


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SKILLED TECHNICIANS NEEDED Coastal Craft is hiring skilled trades people in the following areas: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Woodworking and Wood Finishing. Please e-mail your resume directly to or mail to: PO Box 860, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V0 Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. NOW OPEN SUNDAYS

Building Habitat Homes Donate 604.885.6773


Save another trip to the dump! Place your unwanted items for sale in the Local’s Classified section.

15 words for 2 weeks for ONLY $999 (+GST) Call: 604-885-3134



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✓ OR at the LOCAL office:

#213 - 5710 Teredo Street

For private appointment Call:

604-740-6474 Today!

w w

$10.00+GST $9.99+GST


Tip of the Week: With all the record breaking heat waves and the scope and magnitude of fires this summer, one wonders if there are indications astrologically. Well, yes, there are. Uranus in Aries is a prime suspect in this regard. It is not the only player contributing to this dramatic synchronicity, but it is a major one. Uranus in Aries is occupying the planet of the highest degree and has since late May and will until the end of September, save for some brief interludes of the close planets, Mars, Venus and Mercury occupying that top position. It has been illustrated by researchers that the sign placement of the far planets when in prominent positions tends to synchronize with the element activated. In this case, it is the fire element. So, if you live near a place where forest fires are likely, stay vigilant and alert with an emergency evacuation plan in place. This basically includes a gas tank at least never below half and all your camping gear packed and ready as though you are planned to go in an hour. Other considerations include children, pets and your most precious valuables placed in a secure place and way. This is, of course, a very short list, but is a good start.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Forging ahead and exploring new territory continues as a central theme. The inspiration to do so will increase as August unfolds. Financial interests and concerns are high on your list. Deciphering how to cut corners and exercise frugality while still maintaining the quality of life you enjoy is a central theme. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) A busy time behind the scenes just got busier. This trend will next over the next couple of weeks especially. However, busy could imply a long list of fun in the sun summer activities as well as more sober tasks. One thing seems sure; you are not idle, although, you might wish you could be. If you can both get things done and get away from it all you will have hit the bull’s eye. Libra (Sep. 23-Oct. 22) Your individuality is shining as bold as polished brass. In other words, you are in the mood to speak your mind and are less concerned with what others think. Yet, your sharpened mind may be turned inward as well. Be careful not to cut yourself with sharp criticisms neither. New information and interpretations will bring rewards. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) If you have not hit your stride yet, you will soon. As this month progresses and especially in September you will be on a roll. The Solar Eclipse on August 21st is a blast off point for you. It may inspire travel and other cultural interests. You will feel open your sharp mentally. The only real danger indi-

carved tableware and accessories by Calgarian, White Owl Ceramics. Visitors to the fair will be treated to a range of entertainers including the ever popular Knotty Dotters Mirimba Band, singer-songwriter Kevin Crofton’s Canada 150 tribute and acapella trio, the Gibsons Girls. Children can enjoy clown, Gerardo Avila as well as make soap and get their faces painted. Need a break, enjoy one of the many food vendors ranging from vegan juices and falafels to Indian tacos served with fried

bannock bread. Don’t forget to check out the beer tent (a recent addition to the Hackett Park Arts & Crafts Fair), this year featuring Gibsons Tapworks handcrafted beer. Come visit us at Hackett Park (Trail between Dolphin & Medusa) in Sechelt. Admission is $3 for adults and $2 for seniors, children under 12 get in free if accompanied by an adult. For more information on this event please visit our website at Submitted

Arts and crafts, and beer



MAJORA PASTAS �������������������� 4/$5.00 YELLOW ONIONS ��������������������� 39¢/LB


yet, a change of lifestyle altogether. The good news is that you are being invited to play more and get creative.

Over 50 Downtown Sechelt businesses are open on Sundays Enjoy buskers at 1 pm and sidewalk sales all day in Downtown Sechelt every Sunday for the rest of summer Presented by the Sechelt Downtown Business Association




Solution on page 14

Courtesy of

ACROSS 1. Sort 5. Small snake 8. Brusque and surly 13. Vessel 14. Cylindrical tower 15. Relating to the moon 16. Curved masonry structure 17. Slow pace of running 18. Become one 19. Part of the eye 21. Trial 23. Golf accessory 24. Jargon 26. Mesh 27. Dwell

29. Ballroom dance 34. Container 35. Period of calm weather 37. Health professional 38. Adjoin 40. Chubby 43. Lowest part of the musical range 44. Pale purple color 46. Cogwheel 48. Feline 49. Contestant 52. Faithful 54. Neither one __ the other 55. Facilitate 56. Armed conflict

59. A duplicate copy 61. Signal fire 65. Dodge 67. Young horse 69. Wander 70. Strange and frightening 71. Solitary 72. Talon 73. Clean with a bill 74. Finish 75. Stop DOWN 1. Alpine lift 2. Yesteryear 3. Treaty 4. Principles of right and wrong

5. Atmosphere 6. Gambling machine 7. Having great influence 8. Person who eats and drinks to excess 9. Operate 10. A single undivided whole 11. Destiny 12. Liberate 14. Type of comedian 20. Metal fastener 22. Darn 25. Recount 27. Small bird 28. Express great joy 30. Long crusty sandwich roll 31. Extended area of land 32. Composition 33. Annoying person 34. Large bundle 36. Carry with difficulty 39. Mariner 41. Boundary line 42. A short moral story 45. Water flask 47. Artifice 50. Immediately 51. Sponge cake with jam, wine and custard 53. Explore 56. Sob 57. Allege 58. Uncommon 60. Midday 62. Carbonated drink 63. Ellipse 64. Small semiaquatic salamander 66. Device used for shaping metal 68. Conjunction

Your first choice in foods Trail Bay Centre • 5755 Cowrie Street, Sechelt • Meat & Deli 604-885-9812 • Produce & Floral 604-885-9841 • Bakery 604-885-9823 • Office 604-885-2025





MON-FRI 7:30am-9pm • SATURDAY 8am-9pm • SUNDAY 9am-8pm WHILE SUPPLIES LAST • Prices in effect Fri. Aug 11 to Thurs. Aug. 17 12875 Madeira Park Rd, Madeira Park • To order call 604-883-2411

cine’ so, at least taking stock of the quality of your diet comes to mind. But what is indicated is a bigger change


This year’s Hackett Park Arts & Crafts Fair is on Saturday, Aug. 19 from 10am5pm and again on Sunday, Aug. 20 from 10am– 4pm. The event coincides with the Festival of the Written Arts and the Power of Paint, giving visitors to Sechelt a taste of the breadth and depth of the Sunshine Coast’s artistic community and testimony to our burgeoning cultural tourism which impacts not only the artistic community but our service industry as well. The Hackett Park Arts & Crafts attracts around SATURDAY - ONEFair DAY ONLY! 6,000 visitors each year. SIRLOIN STEAK�������������������� Shoppers search out tried and true favourites and anticipate the discovery of something new and unique. The fair is one of the largest juried Arts & Crafts Fairs in B.C. and participants come from across B C as well as the Sunshine Coast. This year the 82 vendors include 20 that are appearing at Hackett Park for the first time. The Fair features both artists and artisans with many blurring the lines between the two classifications among them: Inuit Felt Artist, Annie Aculiak; the architectural glass windows and doors of Anthony Jamieson; and the porcelain hand

cated is over optimism. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Destiny is calling and you feel the drive and determination to answer it. If courage is what you need, you got it. Your focus will be sober and sharp. Mercury retrograde could cause you to feel doubts, however. This negative influence could last a few weeks. The answer now is to focus and do not over analyze. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) The drum beat of big changes continues to roll. These are especially indicated in your closest personal relationships. Dealing with feelings of confusion and disorientation is quite possible over the next few weeks. This is not the time to be rash. Patience is your greatest ally over the coming weeks. This storm will pass. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Passionate and drama tic exchanges on relationship fronts continue to keep things interesting, and you busy. Circumstances continue to push you to give more than you may want. Moods are up and down, but nothing serious. Research and other investigative activity will prove satisfying. Expect the temp to remain…punchy, for a while. Pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20) Changes in your lifestyle are needed. These are linked to your health. As the saying goes, ‘food is the best medi-


of service



Michael O’Connor

Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19) A dynamic, exciting and dramatic cycle continues. Your enthusiasm to engage should be evident. Focusing your creative energy on your home is likely. Your powers of critical analysis are running strong increasing your attention on the details. Enjoy these simpler days as some big changes are brewing and these will manifest before the year is out. Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20) Tapping your creative reserves is extra important to you these days. Doing so is less about show, popularity or fame and more about personal satisfaction and a deeper sense of security. Digging deep now may well include renovations and or major moves, such as moving to a new home or living situation. Have faith in this flow. Gemini (May 21-June 20) Your energy levels are running high and you probably have a variety of projects on the go. Enjoying social activity is also highlighted. Yet, you want o associate with others who you feel you can trust. Also, achieving practical objectives is high on your list and you are in an administrative mood. Get organized and cover a lot of ground. Cancer (June 21-July 22) Building new foundations continue. This often includes clearing the way. Your powers of critical analysis are running especially high. Be careful not to commit casualty causing criticisms towards others. Redirect your focus towards improvement, especially on relationships fronts and lead by example. In other words, be diplomatic.



The Local - Thursday, August 10, 2017


.79 LAMINATE . 79 . 79 79 .79LAMINATE .89 LAMINATE LAMINATE LAMINATE . 89 HARDWOOD .89 .89 89 DISCOUNT FLOORING CENTRE DISCOUNT FLOORING CENTRE . 89 HARDWOOD DISCOUNT FLOORING DISCOUNT CENTRE FLOORING CENTRE 1.99 HARDWOOD HARDWOOD HARDWOOD 1.99 VINYL OPEN PLANK 1.991.99 NOW OPEN NOW 1.99 1.99 TILE VINYL VINYL PLANK PLANK VINYL PLANK .99 PLANK .99 .79 VINYL .99 79.99 .99 ROLLENDS LAMINATE .99 ROLLENDS ROLLENDS ROLLENDS .99 ROLLENDS 89 .99 .89 .99PAINT .99 .99 .99 MIS-TINTS PAINT PAINT HARDWOOD PAINT starting at $ .99 /sq.ft. MIS-TINTS 1.99 starting at PAINT _________________________ PAINT MIS-TINTS MIS-TINTS PAINT MIS-TINTS $ MIS-TINTS ROLLENDS starting atMIS-TINTS starting atat10 $ /sq.ft. starting $ PLANK VINYL 1.99 MIS-TINTS 10 10 10 _________________________ $ at $$ .99 starting 10 10 CALL 778-458-2062 CALL$ 778-458-2062 10 /sq.ft. CALL 778-458-2062 | .99 OPEN TUESDAY SATURDAY 9AM OPEN 5PM TUESDAY SATURDAY 9AM - 5PM $ PAINT _________________________ CALL 778-458-2062 | VINYL PLANK 10 starting at MIS-TINTS OPEN TUESDAY SATURDAY 9AM 5PM CALL 778-458-2062 | CALL 778-458-2062 | CALL 778-458-2062 | OPEN TUESDAY SATURDAY 9AM 5PM ROLLENDS flooring centres flooring centres UNIT 4 5824 SECHELT INLET ROAD $ /sq.ft. CALL 778-458-2062 | 10 OPEN TUESDAY SATURDAY 9AM 5PM UNIT 4 5824 SECHELT INLET ROAD OPEN TUESDAY SATURDAY 9AM 5PM .99 604-885-3582 604-885-3582 OPEN TUESDAY SATURDAY 9AM 5PM _________________________ $ /sq.ft. UNIT 4 -_________________________ 5824 SECHELT INLET ROAD UNIT 44--|-SATURDAY 5824 SECHELT INLET .99 CALL OPEN 778-458-2062 TUESDAY 9AM -ROAD 5PM UNIT 5824 SECHELT INLET ROAD OPEN TUESDAY - SATURDAY 9AM - 5PM centres flooring flooring centres UNIT 4 5824 SECHELT INLET ROAD ROLLENDS UNIT 4 - 5824 SECHELT INLET ROAD PAINT starting at flooring centres flooring centres MIS-TINTS flooring centres v isi t w w w.$visit c u s m cflooring a rflooring p e t s. c acentres /sq.ft. 604-885-3582 604-8 centres .99 _________________________ $ | 5580 Wharf PAINT STORE Mon-Sat 8:00 -m 5:00 Mon-Sat Rd, Sechelt vtPAINT isi tisi wt w w. sccto cem at8:00 rc.pac-ear5:00 t s. a- 5:00 w w. uMon-Sat srm to p e8:30 tcs. c a Mon-Sat | 5580 Wh v i siHOURS: wvw w. cw u s tc ou aHOURS: p s 604-885-35 604-88510 STORE HOURS: HOURS: 8:30 5:00 604-885-3582 visit 604-885 | | v isi t w w w. c u s to m c a r p e t s. c a PAINT STORE HOURS: Mon-Sat 8:00 5:00 HOURS: Mon-Sat 8:30 5:00 5580 Wharf Rd, Se CHECK US OUT ONSTORE FACEBOOK FOR MORE INFO, UPCOMING SALES & RENO IDEAS! PAINT HOURS: Mon-Sat 8:00 5:00 HOURS: Mon-Sat 8:30 5:00 5580 Wharf Rd 604-885-3582 PAINT CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE INFO, UPCOMING SALES & RENO IDEAS! CALLPAINT 778-458-2062 | | STORE HOURS: Mon-Sat 8:00 - 5:00 HOURS: Mon-Sat 8:30 - 5:00 5580 Wharf Rd | PAINT CHECK STORE HOURS: Mon-Sat 8:00 5:00 HOURS: Mon-Sat 8:30 5:00 5580 Wharf Rd, Sechel US OUT ON FOR-MORE INFO, UPCOMING SALES & RENO IDEAS!IDEAS! CHECK US OUTFACEBOOK ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE INFO, UPCOMING SALES RENO MIS-TINTS OPEN TUESDAY SATURDAY 9AM - &5PM AD CONFIRMATION starting atFOR MORE CHECKlooking US OUT ONfor FACEBOOK INFO, controlled UPCOMING & RENO IDEAS! Are you secure, climate storage in Sechelt? AD SALES CONFIRMATION _________________________ $/sq.ft. $ at /sq.ft. /sq.ft. starting $ starting at _________________________ _________________________ . _________________________ $ /sq.ft. $ /sq.ft. _________________________ starting at The Local - Thursday, August 10, 2017 _________________________ LAMINATE at at starting atstarting $ starting /sq.ft. $/sq.ft. $ at /sq.ft. /sq.ft. starting _________________________ $ . starting at _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ $ /sq.ft. $ /sq.ft. _________________________ HARDWOOD starting at _________________________ at at starting starting atstarting $ /sq.ft. $ /sq.ft. $_________________________ $ at /sq.ft. /sq.ft. starting _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ starting at $ /sq.ft. TILE TILE TILE starting at _________________________ $ $.79/sq.ft. /sq.ft. $ /sq.ft. VINYL PLANK .79 $ /sq.ft. _________________________ _________________________ starting at starting at TILE starting atstarting .79 at at starting _________________________ starting at _________________________ LAMINATE LAMINATE $ /sq.ft. $ /sq.ft. $ /sq.ft. $ /sq.ft. $ /sq.ft. $ LAMINATE starting at $ /sq.ft. $/sq.ft. . .89 .89/sq.ft. starting at _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ $ starting at $ /sq.ft.HARDWOOD HARDWOOD .89/sq.ft. _________________________ LAMINATE ROLLENDS $ /sq.ft. _________________________ $$1.99/sq.ft. /sq.ft. 1.99 starting at _________________________ _________________________ starting at HARDWOOD starting at starting at atat starting atstarting _________________________ $ starting/sq.ft. VINYL PLANK $ VINYL PLANK /sq.ft. . $ /sq.ft. $ /sq.ft._________________________ /sq.ft.1.99 _________________________ /sq.ft. $ $$at /sq.ft. $ $/sq.ft. /sq.ft. starting _________________________ .99 .99 _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ $ PLANK /sq.ft.ROLLENDS HARDWOOD ROLLENDSVINYL starting at starting at PAINT $ $ .99/sq.ft. _________________________ .99/sq.ft. $ /sq.ft.



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$ starting/sq.ft. at _________________________ @DFCSechelt | | @DFCSechelt




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@DF @DFCSeche @DFCSechelt

projects & ideas! $ starting at



@DFCSechelt @DFCSechelt @DFCSechelt

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v isi t w w w. c u s t o m c a r p e t s . c a

@DF @DFCSeche | 5580 Wharf PAINT STORE HOURS: Mon-Sat 8:00 - 5:00 HOURS: Mon-Sat PAINT 8:30 STORE - 5:00HOURS: Mon-Sat Rd,8:00 Sechelt - 5:00 HOURS: Mon-Sat 8:30 - 5:00 | 5580 Wharf@DFCSechelt Rd, Sechelt

M Make sure to follow us on Houzz t to stay up to date on our latest@DFCSeche Make sure to follow us Make sure to fo p projects & ideas! @DFCSechelt Make sure to



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Make sure toMake follow us on Houzz us on Houzz sure to follow projects &projects ideas! & idea to stay up to date on our latest to stay up to date on our latest projects & ideas!

PAINT STORE HOURS: Mon-Sat 8:00 - 5:00 HOURS: Mon-Sat 8:30 - 5:00 | 5580 Wharf Rd, Sechelt









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We have a state-of-the-art$facility with theFULL best customer When you rent PLEASE RESPOND BYservice EMAIL BY Thisaround. proof is for the purpose of ADPAGE CONFIRMATION AD CONFIRMATION Make sure to follow us on Houzz 3PM WEDNESDAY TYPOGRAPHICAL CORRECTIONS from us, you’ll have easy access to your FULL belongings. Give call today! AD CONFIRMATION AD SIZE BOOKED This proof isThis forus the purpose of purposeor proof isa for the of book online (9.75” x 13.347”) PAGE to stay up to date on our latest 604-885-4811 TYPOGRAPHICAL CORRECTIONS


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778-458-2062 | v isi t w w w. 604-885-3582 R0011404590


604-885-4811 8:30604-885-4811 - 5:00 | 5580 Wharf



FULL PAGE (9.75” x 13.347”)@DFCSechelt FULL PAGE (9.75” x 13.347”) 604-885-4811

Rd, Sechelt







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Make sure to follow us on Houzz to stay up to date on our latest projects & ideas!

(9.75” x 13.347”)

604-885-3582 #9-5824 Sechelt Inlet Rd,


ORE HOURS: Mon-Sat 8:00 - 5:00 HOURS: Mon-Sat 8:30 - 5:00 | 5580 WharfSechelt, Rd, Sechelt BC




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The Local Weekly August 10, 2017  

The Local Weekly August 10, 2017

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