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Sweet Deal for Restaurants If you’ve been wanting to reach the 45,000 high end homeowners (105,000 readers) who live in the Cerritos, Artesia, Norwalk, & La Palma area, Los Cerritos Community News has a special marketing program just for you.

Our sweet deal includes: IA L W IN T ER S P EC UDON $5 Ramen • $5 $1 yakitori AY! ALL DAY, EVERY D

• Super Discounted Print AD with FREE COLOR

• FREE Restaurant Review


Sweet Deal Rates: (includes color) i 3pm-6pm • y Hour: Mon-Fr

Fri 9pm-Close

Party Hour Mon-

• $1.25 Yakitori ft ra d ro o p p a $1 S $3 Appetizers


Grill & Yakitori Ajito Japanese . So 11314 uth St 703 Cerritos CA 90 99 • Fax 562.402.56 562.402.5656

• 1/8 page (4.9“w x 3.8“t) – only $99 per week • 1/4 page (4.9“w x 7.8“t) – only $189 per week •1/2 page (10“w x 7.8“t) – only $299



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: www.ajitorest

Find out more at

For more information call 562.407.3873 Ask for Nick Nicolaides

If the Senior market is (or should be) part of your trade, ask about Healthy Living – Our Newspaper for Active Seniors

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