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2 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

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A Message From The Superintendent - Dr. Gary Smuts................................................5 A Message From The Board President - Celia Spitzer...................................................5 Board of Education.......................................................................................................6 School Calendar...........................................................................................................7 STAR Accountability Report ........................................................................................8 ABC Magnet School Programs......................................................................................9 ABC Unified School-An Award Winning District.......................................................... 10 ABCUSD Graduation Dates, Open House......................................................................12 ABC Unified School District Bus Stops....................................................................... 13 ABC Unified School-An Award Winning District.......................................................... 14 ABCUSD in the Community......................................................................................... 15 ABC Achievements...................................................................................................... 17 ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS............................................................................... 19 Aloha Elementary School............................................................................................ 19 Mary Bragg Elementary School.................................................................................. 21 Burbank Elementary School........................................................................................22 Carver Elementary School..........................................................................................23 Cerritos Elementary School........................................................................................24 Elliott Elementary School...........................................................................................25 Furgeson Elementary School......................................................................................26 Gonsalves Elementary School.....................................................................................27 Hawaiian Elementary School.......................................................................................28 Juarez Elementary School..........................................................................................28 Kennedy Elementary School.......................................................................................29 Leal Elementary School..............................................................................................30 Melbourne Elementary School.................................................................................... 31 Niemes Elementary School......................................................................................... 32 Patricia Nixon Elementary School...............................................................................33 Palms Elementary School...........................................................................................34 Stowers Elementary School........................................................................................35 Willow Elementary School..........................................................................................36 Wittmann Elementary School.....................................................................................36 MIDDLE SCHOOLS .........................................................................................37 Carmenita Middle School............................................................................................37 Fedde Middle School..................................................................................................38 Haskell Middle School ...............................................................................................39 Ross Middle School....................................................................................................40 Tetzlaff Middle School............................................................................................... 41 HIGH SCHOOLS................................................................................................ 41 Artesia High School................................................................................................... 41 Cerritos High School..................................................................................................42 Gahr High School.......................................................................................................43 Jim Edwards Bruce.....................................................................................................44 Barrows Carol Chen Joseph Cho, Ph.D. Laura Lee Tracy High School. MayorWhitney High Mayor Pro Tem Councilmember Councilmember Councilmember School.................................................................................................. 45 ABC Adult School.......................................................................................................46

Best Wishes for a Successful School Year! From the Cerritos City Council




6 Bos








8890.1-GCC-(Rev. 8/08-228/48)






C Ball

Del Amo




Droxford 22






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Cerritos Hawaiian Gardens Cerritos Lakewood Lakewood Lakewood Cerritos Artesia Cerritos Cerritos Cerritos Cerritos Cerritos Cerritos Artesia Hawaiian Gardens Hawaiian Gardens Cerritos Cerritos Cerritos Hawaiian Gardens Cerritos Artesia Cerritos Artesia Lakewood Artesia Cerritos Cerritos Lakewood Artesia Cerritos Cerritos Cerritos Artesia Lakewood Cerritos Cerritos

Cuesta, E. 215 Street, Norwalk Blvd., E. 214th Street, E. Del Amo, Norwalk Blvd., Bos Street, Roseton, Cabrillo Lane, E. 166th Street, Ely Street, E. 183rd Street, E. 183rd Street, Cuesta, Cortner Avenue, Elaine Avenue, Elaine Avenue, Artesia Blvd., Park Street, Del Amo, E. 226th Street, Aclare Street, Belshire Avenue, Droxford Street, E. 178th Street, Claretta Avenue, Jersey Avenue, Cuesta Drive Jacob Avenue, E. 207th Street, S. Elaine Avenue, Beach Street, Del Amo, Cuesta Drive, E. 178th Street, E. 205th Street, Shoemaker Avenue, Yvette Avenue,

926-6734 926-5566 ext. 25156 926-5566 924-8329 926-5566 ext. 21601 926-5566 860-5580 865-6215 809-9011 926-4406 865-1257 926-1315 925-5566 ext. 21801 926-5566 ext. 21550 865-5216 924-2309 421-8285 926-5566 ext. 22001 926-1347 926-5566 ext. 22226 860-6529 594-9525 865-6278 860-3378 865-0209 926-5566 ext. 22403 924-1658 865-9586 926-5566 ext. 21275 860-6549 924-5549 924-8331 926-2326 865-9539 926-5566 ext. 22200 926-5566 ext. 22407 865-6209 926-5566 ext. 22300 926-1321

Map of ABC Unied School District


Site Locations and Phone Numbers

Valley View

ABC Adult School 12254 ABC Adult Education Center at Fedde 11949 ABC Unied School District (District Ofce) 16700 Aloha Elementary 11737 Artesia High School 12108 Artesia High School Children Center & AHSEIP 20650 Bragg Elementary School 11501 Burbank Elementary School 17711 Cabrillo Lane Education Center 20122 Carmenita Middle School 13435 Carver Elementary School 19200 Cerritos Elementary School 13600 Cerritos High School 12500 Computer Training Center 12254 Elliott Elementary School 18415 Fedde Middle School 21409 Furgeson Elementary School 22215 Gahr High School 11111 Gonsalves Elementary School 13650 Graphics Department located at Tracy High School Haskell Middle School 11525 Hawaiian Elementary School 12350 Juarez Elementary School 11939 Kennedy Elementary School 17500 Leal Elementary School 12920 Maintenance Operations 11865 Melbourne Elementary School 21314 Niemes Elementary School 16715 Nutrition Services 12255 Pat Nixon Elementary School 19600 Palms Elementary School 12445 Ross Middle School 17707 Stowers Elementary School 13350 Tetzlaff Middle School 12351 Tracy High School 12222 Transportation 11865 Willow Elementary School 11733 Whitney High School 16800 Wittmann Elementary School 16801

Cerritos Elem






Park HS 17 Beach Beach Gonsalves 28




32 Whitney Oak Crest

Shoemaker 183rd




223rd 226th 19 r Hawaiian ne ort


221st Furgeson





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Cuesta 33


Cerritos HS


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Artesia Tetzlaff 29 HS

Centralia 2





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36 178th 38




Elementary School Other Facility High School Middle School





Juarez Aclare 20 Ross

Pioneer Clarkdale

P. E. R



Edison Right of Way

Del Amo



16 Gahr

Artesia (91) Freeway







) Fre






Cabrillo Jacob




Elaine Elaine Elaine




Carmenita Moody




Norwalk Belshire

Grayland Norwalk Cortner Claretta

Claretta Creek


Marquardt Marquardt

Bloomeld Bloomeld

4 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

A Message From The Superintendent - Dr. Gary Smuts In this “BACK TO SCHOOL EDITION” all of ABC’s 30 schools and preschools take the opportunity to start the new school year by communicating directly with the educational community we serve. As you know, effective communication between schools and parents is one hallmark of a successful school district. The challenges facing California public schools have never been greater. Our own school district has reduced spending by over $35 million. While the responsibilities of public education continue to expand, our resources continue to shrink. However, student achievement in ABC has never been higher! Despite these hardships, ABC continues to prosper academically and will remain enriched by thriving programs in art, music, and athletics. In this “BACK TO SCHOOL EDITION” you will read about ABC schools that are designated “magnets” in that they have specialized programs that draw students to an educational theme that is distinguished by a rigorous academic focus. Other schools highlight the characteristics that make each of them distinctive. This annual publication helps us refresh our understanding that each of school is a reflection of the students, parents, and staff that form their unique learning community. The Los Cerritos Community News has again joined ABC in a special partnership to develop and print this “BACK TO SCHOOL” newspaper. This is another example of hundreds of community partnerships that provide tremendous support for ABC schools throughout the year. The continued support of PTA’s, booster clubs, volunteers, and our business partnerships enhances ABC’s growth and improvement. If you, your organization, or your business wants to join the others who work in our schools, please call our Volunteer Office at (562) 926-5566, extension 21197. Thank you for your continued support during the 2010-2011 school year and welcome BACK TO SCHOOL!

A Message From The Board President - Celia Spitzer Dear Parents: On behalf of our School Board, I am pleased to welcome you and your children to the 2010-11 school year with wonderful news. The newly-released Academic Performance Index shows that student test scores in ABC are at an all-time high with a district-wide score of 822. District enrollment continues to be stable and, despite considerable funding reductions from the State of California, ABC still is able to keep class sizes low and provide a broad range of programs to meet the needs of all of our students. We are able to do this because of the collaborative working relationship among all participants in ensuring that your child receives the best education anywhere. This is due to the common goal of Student Achievement shared by teachers, classified employees, administrators, management, and all members of the Board of Education, something of which all of us should be very proud. The entire Board wishes your children a very successful school year. Sincerely, Celia Spitzer President, Board of Education ABC Unified School District

2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


Board of Education

Celia Spitzer, President of the Board, was first elected to the ABC Board in 1999 and to her third term in 2007. She has been a resident of Cerritos since 1971. Celia worked as a systems engineer for IBM after graduating from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor‘s Degree in mathematics. Both of her children attended ABC schools from kindergarten through high school. Celia is proud of the many accomplishments of our district, its students and its employees. Many of our schools have received state and national recognition for academic performance. ABC has received national recognition for its excellent relationship with district employees with everyone working together to promote student achievement. All of this is being accomplished with a balanced budget that focuses on the needs of all students. Celia thoroughly enjoys serving on the Board and is proud of how well our schools and the communities they serve are working together. Maynard Law, Vice President of the Board, was elected to the ABC Board in 2007. Maynard is a retired Special Education Teacher as well as a retired public administrator. Maynard has been a resident of Cerritos for 34 years, with both of his sons educated in ABC. He has extensive involvement in the school district and the community. He has served the community on various ABC School District advisory committees, coached more than 40 youth sports teams, volunteered as a scout leader, as a member of the Friends of Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, as President of the Cerritos Optimist Club, and as Chairman of the City of Cerritos Parks and Recreation Commission. He feels honored to continue the leadership excellence that is the cornerstone of the ABC District. He believes that continuing strong partnerships among parents, teachers, administrators, employee groups, and the school board is a priority. He believes that a primary role of a board member is to ensure that every student has the resources to achieve academic success. Mr. Law is the liaison to the Legislative/Policy Board Advisory Committee. Armin Reyes, Clerk of the Board, is in his third term as a member of the ABC School Board and was first elected in November, 1999. Armin brings both experience and education in negotiations and conflict management to his service with the Board. He originally moved to Cerritos because of the excellent schools in the District and wants to make sure that the quality of education remains high. Armin has three small children, and two of them are ABC students Olympia Chen, Member of the Board, was first elected to the ABC School Board in 1997. She also served as the Board President in 2000, 2004, and 2009. Olympia was a high school teacher and has been a resident of Cerritos for 25 years. She has extensive involvement in the school district and the community. She volunteered in her children’s schools, including serving as secretary of Carmenita PTA and Cerritos High School PTSA. Olympia is a board member for the Greater Long Beach Chapter of the American Red Cross as well as the Community Family Guidance Center. She

6 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

is a member of Women’s Club of Artesia Cerritos and a life time member of Friends of Cerritos Library. Olympia enjoys most “Read Aloud” events at the schools. Olympia feels it is critical to continue a partnership between teachers, other staff and the administration in the ABC Unified School District. “This will allow us to focus on quality education for all students.” Olympia is the liaison to the Finance and Audit Committee. Mark Pulido, Member of the Board, is serving his second term on the ABC School Board. He was elected without opposition in November 2001 - a first in district history. Mark has been a Cerritos resident for 35 years. He and his wife Gloria Perlas Pulido are graduates of ABC schools: Mark attended Wittmann Elementary and Whitney High; Gloria attended Burbank Elementary and Whitney High. Their daughter currently attends elementary school in the ABC district. Mark works for the California Legislature as the District Director for our local State Senator Alan Lowenthal. Mark has volunteered in the local community for many years. He coached Pee Wee soccer, served as a day camp counselor, served on the Whitney Foundation and helped establish the Whitney Alumni Association. Mark served as UCLA Student Body President where he earned his Bachelor degree in History and Asian American Studies. He also served as an after-school tutor, college recruiter, and established a peer counseling program. Mark also holds a Master of Public Policy degree from The University of Chicago. Mark thanks all his teachers for the great education he received here in ABC. He feels „very honored to give back to his hometown community, by working to ensure the best education possible for all ABC students.“ Mr. Pulido is the liaison for the ABC Head Start/State Preschool programs. James Kang, Member of the Board, was elected as a member of the ABC School Board in 2009. He graduated from Korea University having a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a MBA Degree in Marketing. He worked for the L. A. County Dept. of Data Processing for three years before he became involved in the real estate and construction business until he retired in 2009. During his business career, he continued post graduate and work-related study at Cerritos College and CSLA. His family has been residents of Cerritos since 1977. His three children graduated from Cerritos Elementary and Whitney High School. His first son graduated from UC Berkeley and became a medical doctor. Second son graduated from Yale University and became a lawyer. His daughter graduated from UCLA and works at a Pharmacy. He honors and thanks all the teachers who gave a great education to his children. James Kang was a founding leader of the Whitney High Korean Parent group. He served as a Chairperson of the Whitney Foundation for Education Excellence. He served as a member of Strategic Planning and the Student Achievement Committee under ABCUSD. He is involved in supporting youth activities such as middle school track meets and oratorical contests. James Kang supports students who would like to go into a professional trade as well as academic study. He encourages all ABC students to do their very best during their stay with ABCUSD

Board of Education

Sophia Tse, Member of the Board, was elected to the ABC Board in 2007. Sophia Tse is a pediatric nurse practitioner and part-time university instructor. Sophia has been a resident of Cerritos for 24 years. All three of her children attended ABC schools. Sophia has been involved in her children’s schools as PTSA board member at Carmenita MS and Whitney HS, chairwoman at Whitney HS Chinese PTSA and volunteer nurse practitioner for Cerritos HS soccer teams. She has served in the community through the following organizations: Chairwoman and Board Member of the Southern California Chinese Culture Association; coach, team mom, and first aid provider for City of Cerritos soccer teams; participant in the March of Dimes Program for premature Infants; and community instructor for basic life support and parenting classes. Mrs. Tse is the liaison to the Nutrition Services Board Advisory Ad Hoc Committee. Mrs. Tse is also a Southeast ROP board member representing ABC. Mrs. Tse is the liaison to Closing the Achievement Gap Board Advisory Committee. She believes that educational instruction should develop all aspects of the student, including the physical, intellectual, social, and psychological aspects, in order to create a well-rounded individual. She strongly feels that success in a student’s education can only occur through strong parental involvement and participation.

2010-2011 School Calendar School Holidays/No School for Students (Local and Legal Holidays for Students): Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans’Day Observance

Friday, November 12, 2010

Furlough Day/Non Student Day

Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010

Elementary Student Free Day

Thurs.-Fri., Nov. 25-26, 2010

Thanksgiving Recess

Dec. 20 through Dec. 31 2010

Winter Recess

Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Day

Friday, January 28, 2011

Secondary Student Free Day

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lincoln’s Day

Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents’/Washington’s day

Monday, March 28, 2011

Furlough Day/Non-Student Day

Friday, April 15, 2011

Furlough Day/Non-Student Day

April 18 through April 22, 2011

Spring Recess

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Observance

Friday, June 17, 2011

Last day of school for most students.

ABC Unified School District

Welcome Back To School ! Wishing you all the best and continued success as you begin a new school year. Don Knabe

Supervisor, Fourth District County of Los Angeles 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


ABC Makes Great Gains on the STAR Test


Academic Performance Index (API) State and ABC Comparison 2004-2010

Standards Test (CST) for students in grades two through n Sept. 13 the California Depåartment of eleven. The test results of the English language arts Education released its 2009-2010 Accountabiland Math tests were ity Progress sent home to families Report to the public. during August and The Report provides September. results from the state ABC Unified accountability system School District conwhich includes the tinued to show strong Academic Perforgrowth with its inmance Index (API) creased API of 812 in and the federal ac2009 to 822 in 2010. countability system The State’s API averusing the Adequate age is 767. The 10 Yearly Progress points gain is sig(AYP) targets. Both nificant for a school the API and AYP are district that serves based upon statewide 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 multiple communities assessment results with a diverse student from the Standardized population. One of major District strategic goals for the Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program and from the past several years has been to close the achievement gap California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). The 2009-10 STAR Program includes the California among the communities the District serves as well as among the various sub-group of students. Sixteen of the 29 schools tested in the District met the State’s target of an API of 800 or more. Six schools exceeded an API of 900. Several schools made significant growth this year by breaking the 800 goal. Juarez ES in Cerritos grew by 40 points to reach 802. Ross  Academy of Creative Media Arts in Artesia grew 23 points to reach 805. Artesia High School in Lakewood grew 35 points to reach 745.  Best wishes for the Meeting federal targets prove to be a more challeng ing task for all districts due to its moving targets each 2010-2011 school year!  year. Under the No Child Left Behind Act, the goal is  have all students proficient in English language arts  I can help you finance a and Math by 2014. In ABCUSD, the District met 32 of  new home this year.  the 42 Adequate Yearly Progress criteria. The complex  We have programs with federal accountability system is currently under review  in Congress and is anticipated to change under the new 3.5% down and low  administration. interest rates

  Call me for a free quote!  Lauren 

Senior Loan Officer

562-234-8630 

8 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

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2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


ABC Unified School â&#x20AC;&#x201C; An Award Winning District ABC Unified School District has been recognized and highlighted on many occasions throughout the past year. Schools and individual accomplishments have been highlighted at the national, state and local levels. The following are some examples:

2010 California Distinguished School Awards, Leal Elementary School.

2010 California Distinguished School Awards, Gonsalves Elementary School.

AFT Innovation Fund; Ray Gaer, Dr. Mary Sieu, Randi Weingarten, AFT President, and Laura Rico, ABCFT President.

Golden Bell Awards, ABCâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s Network for a Healthier Generation.

Golden Bell Awards, Tetzlaff MS Red Carpet Media Festival.

10 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

2010 Parent Leadership Conference.

ABC Unified School – An Award Winning District

ABC selected for new Magnet Schools Grant ABC Unified School District has been awarded a new round of funds for the Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP) by the U.S. Department of Education. The $5,541,674 will be dedicated to convert three ABC schools into new magnet schools over the next three years. The three schools and their new magnet themes include Aloha ES – Health Medical Academy, Nixon ES – Academy of Multimedia Arts and Tetzlaff MS – Accelerated Learning Academy. Aloha ES is located in the city of Lakewood while Nixon ES and Tetzlaff MS are in the city of Cerritos. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced the award of $100 million in Magnet School Assistance Program grants on Sept. 30th. ABCUSD was one of 36 school districts in 15 states selected for this highly competitive grant. The grant award is designed to help school districts bring diverse groups of students together through the use of innovative educational programs and create more school choices for parents. During the past 15 years, ABC Unified School District has successfully obtained the MSAP funds to create thirteen magnet schools in the District. According to Dr. Mary Sieu, Deputy Superintendent,

“The Magnet Schools Assistance Program Grant has truly transformed our schools by raising student achievement and creating exciting new programs for the community. Many of these schools have gone on to be selected as California Distinguished Schools, Magnet Schools of Excellence and have received statewide recognition for their innovative programs”. For more information about the ABC Unified School District’s magnet schools, please go to:

Teachers and staff at Aloha Elementary.



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Sign Up Online @ 2010 CRAFT EVENT SCHEDULE

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2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


ABC ABC Unified Unified School School District District 2010-11 GRADUATION 2010-11 GRADUATION DATES DATES

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Elementary School Open House Schedules 2008-2009

ABCUSD Graduation Dates

Open House Schedules For 2010-11 School/Principal ALOHA Yabumoto, Julie BRAGG Janeway, Annette

Ext. #




May 19, 2011

6:00 to 7:00 p.m.


April 14, 2011

6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

BURBANK Bray, Beth


May 26, 2011

6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

CARVER Berlyn, Debbie


April 14, 2011

6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

CERRITOS Wilson, Dennis


April 14, 2011

6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

ELLIOTT Mitchell, Danielle


May 26, 2011

6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

FURGESON Lozano, Mayra


May 24, 2011

5:00 to 7:00 p.m.



April 7, 2011

6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

HAWAIIAN Cordova, Laurie



5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

JUAREZ Adler, LuAnn


June 2, 2011

6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

KENNEDY Valentine, Melissa


May 19, 2011

5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

LEAL Makely, Laura



6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

MELBOURNE Neder-Olivos, Kathy


April 7, 2011

6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

NIEMES Jimenez, Meg


May 19, 2011

6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

NIXON Ortiz, Melinda


March 10, 2011

5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

PALMS Huh, Eveline


May 19, 2011

6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

STOWERS Tracy, Tom


April 14, 2011

6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

WILLOW Dohm, Linda


May 25, 2011

6:00-7:30 p.m.

WITTMANN Walker, Patrick


May 26, 2011

6:00 to 7:30 p.m.





June 14, 2011 June 14, 2011 (Tuesday) (Tuesday)

Adult School Adult School ABC Secondary ABC Secondary School School (Independent (Independent Study) Study)

5:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.

D.O. Grass Area D.O. Grass Area Cerritos High Cerritos High School East School East Gymnasium Gymnasium

June 16, 2011 June 16, 2011 (Thursday) (Thursday)

June 17, 2011 June 17, 2011 (Friday) (Friday)

6:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m.

Cerritos High Cerritos High School School

7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

Gahr High School Gahr High School Rants Stadium Rants Stadium Artesia High Artesia High School School Atkins Stadium Atkins Stadium

Tracy High School Tracy High School

6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m.

Whitney High Whitney High School School

5:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.

Whitney Field Whitney Field

Artesia High Artesia High School School

6:30 or 7:30 p.m. 6:30 or 7:30 p.m. TBA TBA

Artesia High Artesia High School School Atkins Stadium Atkins Stadium

Gahr High School Gahr High School

6:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m.

Gahr High School Gahr High School Rants Stadium Rants Stadium


SECONDARY Secondary SCHOOL School House Schedules For 2008-2009 2010-11 Open Open House Schedules School/Principal



Ext. #



Graphics Station:Users:brian:Documents:Microsoft User Data:Saved Attachments:OpenHs 10-11[2].DOC

CARMENITA Buss, Rhonda FEDDE Castro, Carol HASKELL Lewis, Camille ROSS Brown, Ricardo TETZLAFF Wise, Crechena


ARTESIA Garcia, Sergio CERRITOS Peterson, Janice GAHR Zietlow, Gina TRACY Green, Jeff WHITNEY Hager, Patty ADULT Guo, Pao-Ling



January 27, 2011

6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

February 10 & 11, 2011 Student led conferences

1:00-3:00 and 5:00-8:00 p.m.


22200 22300 25011




June 20, 2011 June 20, 2011 (Monday) (Monday)

Carmenita Middle Carmenita Middle

9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m.

Quad Area Quad Area

Fedde Middle Fedde Middle

9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m.

Quad Area Quad Area

Haskell Middle Haskell Middle

9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m.

Quad Area Quad Area

Ross Middle Ross Middle

8:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m.

Shelter Area Shelter Area

Tetzlaff Middle Tetzlaff Middle

9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m.

Quad Area Quad Area

June 17, 2011 June 17, 2011 (Friday) (Friday)

ABC Council PTA Board 2010-2011

Graphics Station:Users:brian:Documents:Microso ft User Data:Saved Attachments:Grad Dates 10-11.DOC Graphics Station:Users:brian:Documents:Microso ft User Data:Saved Attachments:Grad Dates 10-11.DOC

6:30 to 8:00 p.m. March 3, 2011

6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

April 27, 2011 (Report Card Night)

6:00 p.m., Gym

21800 22001


1:00-3:00 and 5:00-8:00 p.m.

24500 24800


. March 22, 2011

6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

May 24, 2011

6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

April 13, 2011 May 20, 2011

5:00-9:00 p.m. 10:00-12:00 Noon @Cuesta Site

ABC Back To School Resource Guide Published by Los Cerritos Community Newspaper Group. All rights reserved, Š2010. Published once per year, circulation 35,000. Major contributions by the following ABCUSD personnel: Dr. Mary Sieu, Deputy Superintendent Graphics Station:Users:brian:Documents:Microsoft User Data:Saved Attachments:OpenHs 10-11[2].DOC Assistant Laura Lowe, Administrative

12 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

President Cynthia Corrales Secretary Shiva Bhatt Treasure Melodie Johnson Auditor Priva Venkat Programs Elsa Garcia-Chau Historian Ana Marty Parliamentarian Louise Dodson Hospitality Pilar Aguayo Membership Yolanda Williams








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2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


ABC Unified School – An Award Winning District

Two ABC Schools receive prestigious International Baccalaureate authorization Stowers Magnet School of International Studies in Cerritos and Fedde MS Academy of International Studies in Hawaiian Gardens have achieved candidate status in their quest to become the first International Baccalaureate (IB) authorized world schools in ABC Unified School District. Candidacy status is granted when schools have successfully completed training of all staff in IB Level One curriculum and principles, committed funding to develop IB curriculum as well as committing to receive continued advanced teacher training, and am implementing the program at the schools. Both schools base their curriculum on the California State Standards while incorporating an international focus, a major philosophy of the International Baccalaureate Organization. (IBO).




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14 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

According to Dr. Mary Sieu, Deputy Superintendent, becoming a fully authorized school is not a short process as it can take up to three to five years. This recent achievement represents a first for the ABC Unified School District. As magnet schools with an international focus, Stowers ES and Fedde MS chose the IB Program because it helps develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world. For the past two years, these two schools have worked hard to achieve the goal of becoming candidate schools. Stowers ES and Fedde MS plan to be fully authorized IBO world schools by 2011-2012 school year. For more information about the IB Program about Stowers ES, please contact the school at (562) 926-2326 and Fedde MS at (562) 924-2309

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Principals for a Day honored at annual ABCUSD luncheon

students at their schools to remember this ABCUSD in the Community day. By Jerry Bernstein

America; Mike Gomez, Hawaiian Gardens Councilmember; Mark Frembling, BJ’s Principals from the 24 schools in the Principals for a Day included, Gustavo Brewery Restaurant; Marianne Hughlette, ABC Unified School District and their Friends of Arts Education at Cerritos Lorena, Mental Health America, Los surrogates for the day gathered at the Angeles; Ken Kraus, Los Cerritos Center; Center for Performing Arts; Joe Esquivel, Sheraton Cerritos Hotel Feb. 4 for lunch Lakewood Victor Vice Mayor; Assemblyman Victor Manalo, Artesia Mayor out Pro Tem; Principals from the 24 schools in the stated. He also pointed the students Manalo, Artesia Mayor Pro Tem; where they compared notes about their Tony Mendoza; Steven Castillo, GSTJim Edwards, Cerritos City CouncilmemABC Unified School District and their had approximately of Jim Edwards, Cerritos morning activities at the school. Information Technology Solutions; Iran City Councilmember’collected Chris Halverson, General Man-2,000 pair Dr. Gary surrogates for ABC the Superintendent day gathered at Smuts the shoes that will be sent to C. Haiti. ber’ Chris Halverson, Tzu, District Representative California General Manager ager Sheraton Cerritos; Brian Tom, welcomed the acting prin- for lunch Senator Alan Rosenthal; Sheraton Cerritos Hotel this year Cerritos High School Principal for a Sheraton Cerritos; Brian C. Tom, Calicipals and thanked them for Allen G. Wood, Merwhere they taking compared notes about fornia Educational Centers; Salvatime from the schedriwood Management ules toactivities participate in at the the their morning dor Hodgkin, Jr., Atkinson, AnderCompany; John Buck, program. He said Principal City Lakewood; Julia & Romo; Bobby school. son,of Loyal, Rued responsibilities can include Huang, Interterm ComABC Superintendent Dr. Gary Lee, Boy Scouts being landscape specialmunications; Hawaiian of America; Mike ists needing know what Smuts welcomed thetoacting prinGomez, Hawaiian Gardens CounGardens Mayor Vickind of trees andfor plants have tor Farfan; Nicoleta cipals and thanked them taking cilmember; Mark Frembling, BJ’s been installed on the school Ammar, Schools First time from the schedules to particiBrewery Restaurant; Marianne grounds. Sometimes they are Credit Union; Carlyn pate in the program. Heor said PrinHughlette, psychologists they need Heminger, RossFriends Middle of Arts Educapsychologistscan he quipped, School; Needham, cipal responsibilities include tion atDiana Cerritos Center for Performwith psychic’s ability to Prudential California being landscape specialists needing Arts; Joe Esquivel, Lakewood anticipate the day’s events Reality; Dr. Stephen ing to know that what of trees and Vice Mayor; Assemblyman Tony maykind and may not happen Johnson, Cerritos Colschool day. on the lege; Ron Serabi,Steven Genplants have during beena installed Mendoza; Castillo, GSTThey’re also sheriff’s, eral Manager Hawaiian school grounds. Sometimes they Information Technology Solutions; probation officers, secretarGardens Casino; Joe are psychologists they psy- Principals for a Day gathered together at the annual ABC luncheon held A. Iran Tzu,Captain District Representative ies andor they alsoneed have legal Gonzales, inabiltheir honor at the SheratonSheriff Cerritos Hotel following a morning where He said he CerritosSenator Sheriff Station; chologists heresponsibilities. quipped, with psychic’s Day Cerritos Station Commander California Alan Rosenthal; Almembers of the business and education communities volunteered to serve as Ray Potlongo, Heriff would define a principal ity to anticipate the day’s events that may Captain Joe Gonzales said kids usually len G. Wood, Merriwood Management Principals for a Day at the district schools. as being a good and faithJones, Inc.; Dr. Robert and may notfulhappen during a school day. look to the star athletes at school to be Company; John Buck, City of Lakewood; friend. He also said a Simpson, Cypress Colneeds to know how They’re principal also sheriff’s, probation offi- their role models when they should be Julia lege; Huang, Interterm Communications; Dennis Hunter, to handle money, said have the Long Beach TBV; Ron cers, secretaries and theyHealso legal looking to their Principals and teachers. “I Hawaiian Gardens Mayor Victor Farfan; smallest elementary school costs about $1 California Educational Centers; Salvador Fritsch, Concordia University; and Dr. responsibilities. He said he would define was only on the campus a few hours, but Nicoleta Ammar, Schools First Credit million to run. In so many words a princiShin Liu, Cerritos College. Hodgkin, Jr., Atkinson, Anderson, Loyal, pal wears hats. and faithful a principal as beingmany a good they are doingBobby a great he stated. He Union; Carlyn Heminger, Ross Middle Rued & Romo; Lee,job,” Boy Scouts of President needs Celia Spitzer friend. He alsoSchool said Board a principal to said from what he saw on campus Cerritos School; Diana Needham, Prudential also welcomed the Principals for a Day know how to handle money, He the has great kids. California Reality; Dr. Stephen Johnson, and thanked them for taking said time out smallest elementary schoolto costs about $1 Deputy Superintendent Dr. Mary Sieu Cerritos College; Ron Serabi, General of their schedules participate in the program. important for you to unmillion to run. In soIt’s many words a princitold the gathering, instead of giving them a Manager Hawaiian Gardens Casino; Joe derstand what is going on in the schools, pal wears many hats. A. Gonzales, Captain Cerritos Sheriff Staclassroom activity, budget problems etc. cup to commemorate their day, they would Carver Principal Berlyn said receive artwork done by the students at tion; Ray Potlongo, Heriff Jones, Inc.; Dr. She said Dr.Deborah Smuts attended a conference in Monterey weekend. He said most their schools former Cerritos MayorlastJim Edwards took remember day.invites you Robert Simpson,Open Cypress College; Dennis ThetoCerritos City this Council to a Community House Celebrating the of the discussion was on the budget crisis Completion of the Expansion of the his duties seriously and was seen playing Principals for a Day included, Gustavo Hunter, Long Beach TBV; Ron Fritsch, in Sacramento and how it is affecting the a game of baseball Lorena, Mental Health America, Los An- Concordia University; and Dr. Shin Liu, schools. with the students. Haaside some fundswho for a waiian Gardens“We’ve MayorputVictor Farfan, geles; Ken Kraus, Los Cerritos Center; Cerritos College. rainy day,” she said, but ABC faces diffiwas Principal of a Day at Fedde Middle cult times in the next fiscal year. We can’t School, commented the theprogram was make money, only federal government worthwhile can. and he learned a lot about Carverstudies. Principal The Deborah Berlyn said today’s classroom programs former Cerritos Mayor Jim Edwards took they have at his theduties school are very good. The seriously and was seen playing a gameof of baseball with the students. Mayor is a graduate the school. Hawaiian Gardens Mayor Victor Farfan, The mayor stated there were a lot of who was Principal of a Day at Fedde great things Middle happening at Fedde. He said School, commented the program 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. was worthwhile and he learned a lot about the partnership Hawaiian Gardens has today’s classroom studies. The programs with the District would benefit Fedde and they have at the school are very good. The the District Mayor as a whole especially when FEATURING is a graduate of the school. the Sports Complex to stated be constructed The mayor there were a lotatof „ A 1 p.m. Dedication Ceremony „ “Kidprint” fingerprinting things at Fedde. He said the school isgreat built. Hehappening said it would afford for children age 5 or older „ Tours of the facility the partnership Hawaiian Gardens has Fedde with with new baseball, andand „ Entertainment „ Safety Displays the District wouldfootball benefit Fedde „ Refreshments soccer fields,theaDistrict basketball court as wellwhen as „ Children’s commemorative keepsakes as a whole especially tennis courtsthe Sports Complex to be constructed at the school is built. He said it would afford Los Cerritos Center Senior Property DISPLAYS PARKING Fedde with new baseball, football and Manager Ken Kraus, wascourt assigned soccer fields, awho basketball as well as Parking will be available at: The following Los Angeles County Sheriff’s tennis courts School, expressed to Bragg Elementary Department and Los Angeles County Fire Los Cerritos Center Senior Property „ Cerritos Civic Center amazement Manager at the knowledge the students Department displays will be offered. Units may Ken Kraus, who was assigned „ Cerritos High School be called away to respond to an emergency. have about to broadcasting. “ISchool, was amazed Bragg Elementary expressed „ Church of Jesus Christ amazement the knowledge students „ Arson/Explosives Unit at the knowledge theatstudents havetheabout of Latter-day Saints have aboutatbroadcasting. “I was amazed „ Sky Knight Helicopter today’s technology that young age,” he at the knowledge the students have about „ Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) today’s technology at that young age,” he „ Motorcycle Traffic Enforcement stated. He also pointed out the students „ Honor Guard had collected approximately 2,000 pair of 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine „ Patrol Unit shoes that will be sent to Haiti, .Cerritos High School Principal for a „ Sheriff’s Recruitment

Principals for a Day honored at annual ABCUSD luncheon

CERRITOS SHERIFF’S STATION Best Wishes for a Successful School Year! COMMUNITY SAFETY CENTER Saturday, March 6, 2010 From the Cerritos City Council


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Best Wishes on the Upcoming School Year! The City of Hawaiian Gardens wishes all ABCUSD students a healthy, happy, and prosperous school year.

16 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


Stowers students achieve perfect scores on California Standards Test By Larry Caballero Stowers Elementary School parents, teachers and more than 500 students kicked-off the start of the new school year Sept. 17 with a celebration of students who achieved a perfect score on the May 2010 California Standards Test. Twenty-one students were awarded a Certificate of Achievement and received congratulations from Principal Dr. Tom Tracy for achieving a perfect score of 600. The California Standards Test (CST) for elementary students was developed to specifically measure students’ progress toward achieving the California state-adopted academic content standards in EnglishLanguage Arts (ELA), mathematics and science. The test describes what Shown Stowers Elementary School Principal Dr. Tom Tracy (l-r) with the 21 students should know and be able to students who achieved a perfect score on the California Standards Test at an do in each grade and in each subject Awards Ceremony Sept. 17 where they were congratulated by parents, teachers area tested. and staff. Stowers teachers began last school year by identifying the standard academic knowledge each student must master on the CST. To promote student mastery, teachers formed a partnership with the parents. “Teachers and parents Dr. David J. DeKriek, Au.D. worked together to build a powerful educational Board Certified in Audiology team focused on student Proud supporter of the success,” said Dr. Tracy. “Their partnership providABC Unified School District. ed a tremendous support system for the students.” • Expert Hearing Care As a result of their for children and adults. team efforts, Stowers Academic Performance Index (AIP) score jumped 12 points reaching 878. 562.275.3602 “We hope to work 13079 Artesia Blvd., Ste. B-104 • Cerritos, CA 90703 • together again to keep this momentum going throughout this school year as well,” he conIn Cerritos • 0% Financing Available • Batteries Always $2.50 cluded.

Welcome Back To School!

2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


Southeast ROP classes on ABC High School Campuses “Academic Excellence through Career and Technical Education“ • ARTESIA HIGH SCHOOL Arts, Media, and Entertainment Photography I & II – Instructor, C. Lee Theater Performer – Instructor, P. Miller Business and Marketing Microsoft Office – Instructor, G. Newton Consumer and Human Services Careers in Education – Instructor, L. Delgado Health Sciences Emergency 1st Responder – Instructor, M. Garcia Pharmacy Clerk – Instructor, D. Flores Industrial and Technical Automotive I & II, Advanced Engine Repair, Alternative Fuels – Instructor, M. Supple Welding I, II, & III – Instructor, L. Archie

• CERRITOS HIGH SCHOOL Arts, Media, and Entertainment Graphic Design – Instructor, B. Dragoo Multimedia – Instructor, S. Bommarito Hospitality and Tourism Hotel Careers – Instructor, Y. Plascencia Culinary I & II – Instructor, C. Garcia Health Sciences Pharmacy Clerk – Instructor, K. Thomas Pharmacy Technician – Instructor, K. Thomas Hospital Careers – Instructor, K. Thomas


Arts, Media, and Entertainment Graphic Design – Instructor, M. Shirran Business and Marketing Microsoft Office – Instructor, M. Shirran Consumer and Human Services Forensic Science – Instructor, M. Nix Student in the Law – Instructor, M. Nix Health Sciences Pharmacy Clerk – Instructor, V. Wagner Pharmacy Technician – Instructor, V. Wagner Hospital Careers – Instructor, V. Wagner Industrial and Technical Automotive I & II, Advanced Engine Repair, Automotive Maintenance – Instructor, B. Myers


Arts, Media, and Entertainment Desktop Publishing – Instructor, V. Markle Graphic Design – Instructor, V. Markle


Arts, Media, and Entertainment Video Production – Instructor, R. Ziolkowski Hospitality and Tourism Hotel Careers – Instructor, Y. Plascencia Culinary I & II – Instructor, C. Garcia


Law Enforcement/Military Science High School Southeast Academy High School is open to 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students

Innovative After School ROP Programs For High School Students • ROP Auto Careers Institute Auto/Transportation Pathway Classes held at Cerritos College in the Transportation Technology Center Monday-Thursday, 4:00-6:00 pm Classes Start September 14 FREE! Juniors and Seniors only

• Cosmetology

Consumer and Human Services Pathway Classes held at Cerritos College Monday-Thursday, 3:30-5:30 Classes Start September 14 FREE! Seniors only

• Dental Assisting

Health Careers Pathway Classes held at Southeast ROP Monday-Thursday, 3:30-5:30 Classes Start September 13 FREE! Seniors only

• Continue The Pathway, Adult ROP Training Programs

• Dental Assisting • Homeland Security • Medical Billing and Coding • Medical Assisting • Pharmacy Technician • Real Estate Professional • Welding

For more information please call (562) 860-1927

12940 East Foster Road • Norwalk CA • 90650 •

18 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


Aloha Elementary School

11737 E 214th Street, Lakewood, CA 90715 (562) 924-8329 Principal – Julie Yabumoto

Welcome to Aloha, home of the Dolphins and a rigorous, standards based education. Aloha is a high performing Title 1 school which was recognized by California as a Title 1 Achieving School. Aloha’s Academic Performance Index (API) is at 759 which is moving towards the state goal of 800. Aloha has an excellent staff consisting of highly trained teachers and support staff. Aloha is dedicated to ensuring the academic success of every child and providing a safe and comprehensive educational program. Students are taught their grade level standards using state adopted curriculum in all subject areas. Teachers frequently analyze data and use it to plan and differentiate instruction. High academic expectations are held for all of our students. Aloha has many programs to support the academic, social, and emotional development of elementary students. Aloha has a highly successful reading intervention program that provides intensive support to students who need extra assistance in reading fluency and comprehension. The program utilizes a Response to Intervention (RTI) Model which incorporates standardized assessment and research based materials. Students in the in-

tervention program receive effective direct instruction using GATEWAYS, SRA Horizons and Corrective Reading materials. In addition, Aloha has a counseling program to help students in the area of self-esteem, social skills, coping strategies and other social/emotional needs. Counseling has proven to be an intervention that helps students deal with issues before

they affect their grades. We also have Peace Builders which is an anti-bullying and anti-violence program that encourages students to make the right choices. The whole school recites the PeaceBuilders Pledge each morning after the flag salute. We follow the 6 basic rules of PeaceBuilders: to praise people, to give up put downs, to seek wise people, to notice and speak up about hurts, to right wrongs, and to help others. Aloha truly focuses on the whole child. Nutrition and exercise are an extremely important component of a child’s education. We want to make sure that our students are performing to their best ability by eating right

and staying healthy. Our school participates in the Network for a Healthier California which provides lessons, assemblies, and workshops on healthy living. Students learn about and sample a different fruit or vegetable each month. This program has really encouraged healthy eating and exercise with a hands-on approach. Students and staff follow the ABC Unified Wellness Policy through our Mileage Club. The Mileage Club is a walking program in which teachers, students and staff walk our enormous school field several times each week. Aloha has received the 2010 Bronze National Recognition Award from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Aloha received the award for making positive changes in the areas of healthy eating and physical activity for students and staff. ......................................................... Students are rewarded academically in numerous ways. Three school wide awards assemblies are held throughout the year to recognize academic achievement, citizenship, and attendance. A “STAR” assembly is also held prior to the statewide STAR testing, which recognizes students who have scored advanced or made proficiency level growth. STAR students are acknowledged in front of their peers and given a star charm on a necklace or key chain. Our students are {continued on page 20}

2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


rewarded each month for being the top 3 readers in their class. The top 3 readers are the students who read the most minutes in our district’s Running for Reading challenge. The ABC Unified School District Superintendent, Dr. Smuts, challenges the students to read at home. Aloha came in third place amongst the 19 ABCUSD elementary schools in Dr. Smuts’ Walking for Reading Challenge. Aloha’s focus on reading is also displayed through our STAR (Stop, Think, Act Right) choice awards. Students are given these tickets for demonstrating positive behavior and helping out teachers, staff and classmates. Each month, students can trade 20 tickets for a brand new book. Students really enjoy this because they get to come to the principal’s office and pick out a book of their choice. Many students are quickly building their home libraries through this program.

All Aloha students participate in Art Masters which focuses on four master artists throughout the school year. Students interactively learn about the life and times of famous artists. Art helps students think more creatively, raises academic achievement and reinforces self-esteem. The Art Masters Program is a fun way to learn the art standards, vocabulary and gain an appreciation of the fine arts. Students have learned about Cezanne, Van Gough, O’Keeffe, Da Vinci and many other famous artists. This year students will learn about Miro, Degas, Seurat, Mondrian and create their own masterpieces related to the artist. Aloha has a free after school child care program to meet the needs of working families. The EXTRA (Extending Time to Raise Achievement) program offers a safe place for kids to stay after the school bell rings. This program services our kindergarten

through sixth grade students every school day during the year. Students get academic support, homework help, physical education, and arts and crafts. Parents are an integral part of Aloha Elementary School. We have an active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) that supports the school by providing assemblies and field trips. Each class usually goes on 1 or 2 field trips each year. We encourage more parents to become involved at Aloha by joining the PTA, School Site Council, volunteer in the classroom, attend parent education classes, and family nights. Research shows that parent involvement increases student academic achievement! Our school community which consists of teachers, parents, professional staff, and students are looking forward to another year of continued success!

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20 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

newport BeACh 1401 Quail st.

Mary Bragg Elementary School 11501 Bos Street, Cerritos, CA 90703 (562) 860-5580 Principal – Annette Janeway

Mary Bragg Elementary School A 2008 California Distinguished School

Welcome to Mary Bragg School, where we are proud to have been named a California Distinguished School and an active PeaceBuilder‘s School. Hard working teachers, high expectations in the classroom, and strong parent support at home have helped Bragg students perform exceptionally well on school and state-wide achievement assessments. Our Acade-

and life-long learners. Our school fosters the importance of the school-home partnership that values commitment to learning. Our staff and community share the goals of preparing students to become productive and responsible participants in a complex, technology-based society, together with becoming respectful, informed, and caring citizens in a culturally diverse world. Vision Statement - The staff at Mary Bragg Elementary School values each student and is proudly committed to instilling a rich tradition of academic excellence and high expectations in every student. Students will be well-rounded, life-long learners with academic and social skills that empower them to be responsible, contributing members in an ever-changing and diverse world.

for academic achievement and good citizenship. Parents and family members are invited to our award celebrations so that we can honor our students together. Additionally, students, staff, and parents receive Praise Notes at our weekly PeaceBuilder‘s Assembly. Praise Notes are issued to those demonstrating the tenants of the PeaceBuilder‘s Pledge. Students may also receive a „Paws“itive Referral, being sent to the principal‘s office to honor academic achievement, personal success, and leadership. Parent Involvement Opportunities - There are many opportunities for parents to become involved at our school. Parents are encouraged to participate in school-wide events, PTA and on School Site Council. Our PTA actively supports

Best Wishes for a Successful School Year! A California Distinguished School

From the Cerritos City Council

our standards-based curriculum inside and outside the classroom mic Performance by sponsoindex (API) has grown steadily over the School-Wide Commitment to Enrich- ring the Meet the Masters Art Program, last five years to an outstanding 890 in ment and Interventions - Based upon lo- enrichment assemblies, and funding 2009! Our student centered academic cal and state data, each teacher compiles for student field trips. They also sponinstruction, enrichment and intervention test scores to create English/Language sor evening events and Family Nights programs are guided by our Mission and Arts and Mathematics enrichment and in- throughout the school year. Vision Statements. tervention programs. Our programs run Great students, fantastic teachers, Mission Statement - The Mary Bragg during the school day and after school. supportive parents, innovative programs, Elementary School Staff Bruce provides an exRecognition - Student recognition Joseph is strongCho, community partnershipsLaura and enri-Lee Jim Edwards Barrows Carol Chen Ph.D. ceptional standards-based instructional another important part of our educatio- ching activities make Mary Bragg EleMayor Mayor Pro Tem Councilmember Councilmember Councilmember program that motivates students toward nal program. Eight times a year class- mentary School a very special place for becoming independent critical thinkers room awards are presented to students every student to learn and grow.

2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


Burbank Elementary School 17711 Roseton Avenue, Artesia, CA 90701 (562) 865-6215 Principal – Beth Bray

Welcome Back Bulldogs! Greetings from Burbank Elementary Magnet School for the Visual, Performing, and Folk Arts. I am Ms. Beth Bray, the proud principal of this dynamic school. I am joining the staff this year after serving as principal, magnet coordinator, and teacher in ABCUSD for 13 years. The Burbank staff and community shares my belief in a strong academic program enriched through experiences in the arts. Our Burbank Community Burbank is a school in and of the community. Learning is job one at Burbank and we provide many services for families and children. Burbank provides the after-school programs, EXTRA and Extended Day Program with homework help, arts and crafts, and outside games. The magnet school program sponsors Family Arts Nights and the PTA offers evening events for families to have fun and learn together. The Health Services Department runs an Immunization Clinic at Burbank two mornings a week. The ABC Adult School provides Mommy and Me Parent Education classes and evening kick-boxing classes. Students can participate in the Mandarin Language and Culture classes after-school. Parents, student and staff celebrate our school spirit each month in a Community Gathering in which students perform and are honored for academic achievement and character. This year our efforts to promote healthy living were honored by the William J. Clinton Foundation and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation with the Bronze award. Mrs. Farley traveled to New York City this summer to accept the award. Burbank offers student and parent education in healthy eating choices and exercise. Our Burbank Talents Our students explore their talent through the magnet program. Using our newly renovated Fine Arts Center, the students practice and perform. Students act, sing, dance, create props, and serve as stage hands for theatrical performances. Students create visual arts through the Meet the Masters program and grade-level projects. Students take a dance class every week and have the opportunity to take Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Ballet after-school. After-school classes are offered in

22 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

children’s handbells. Our beginning Handbell Choir performed on the ABC Unite Show last year featured on the local TV station. The Howlers choir performs two shows a year after practicing after-school for many hours. The Music Express band performs several times a year. The Burbank Cheer squad performs every month for spirit day and participates in a regional competition in the spring. All children explore their talents at Burbank!

Okimoto‘s Automotive Center Celebrating Our 30th Year! Welcome back to school! Have a great 2010-2011 school year! Full-service repair and maintenance • Automotive Repair • Truck Repair • Muffler Repair • Transmission Repair • Engine Repair • Clutch Repair • Radiator Repair

• Brake Repair • Tune Ups • Auto Parts & Accessories • Car Batteries • Fuel System Repair • Most makes & models


16400 Pioneer Blvd Norwalk, CA 90650

Carver Elementary School 19200 Ely Street, Cerritos, CA 90703 (562) 865-1257 Principal â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Debbie Berlyn

Welcome to Carver Academy

tion. The emphasis on schoolwide enrichment and academic achievement for all students provide a foundation for lifelong With the help of our teachers, staff, success, while developing talents and abilities. The yearlong parents and students, Carver Academyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s curriculum plan, based on the California Academic Content quest towards 900 continues. With a Standards, is organized into three schoolwide themes: Who modest bump in our API score over the We are on Planet Earth, Ways in Which We Communicate, and 2009-2010 academic year, we are well prepared to continue the trend of additio- The Working of Our World. These themes are inquiry based, interdisciplinary, and interrelated across academic areas. nal growth for 2011. Student communication projects include digital photography, As a result of Carver Early Learning Acabroadcasting, digital video and movie production, computer demy (CELA), our Communication Magnet Program and our presentations, and poster creation with scanners and large size Enrichment Clusters, Carver Academy has become a highly printers. The journey to success begins at Carver Academy, sought after location for our which provides the skills for surrounding communities to success in the 21st Century. educate their children. In a Effective communication, day of declining enrollment, technology competency, we are proud to announce obtaining and managing inthe addition of nearly 50 formation and the application students, bringing our total of knowledge are the basis for enrollment to approximately life long success. 590 students, not including Every classroom at Carver Head Start and CELA. Achas state-of the-art technology cording to those in the know, that teachers incorporate into Carver Academy is now daily lessons. Interactive educating the largest number whiteboards, LCD projectors, of students in its storied a document camera (ELMO), history. and computers are regularly Our Vision Statement utilized to increase student As effective worldwide interest and retention of matecommunicators, Carver rial. A wireless mobile comAcademy students will be puter lab with internet access, critical thinkers and inquiTop Chef Cooking School: A local restaurant owner & chef volun- digital video and still camera, sitive learners, with a sense teers to teach cooking to 5 & 6th graders. and webcams for world wide of personal commitment video conferencing are availato action and service. Our ble to prepare students for the new generation of jobs. faculty and support staff will provide preschool through sixth Enrichment Clusters grade students with rich learning experiences in a challenging Carver has adopted the Enrichment Cluster Program as academic and social environment. part of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model. Recognizing that Carver Early Learning Academy all learners are unique, learning experiences must take into Carver Early Learning Academy begins educating students account the abilities, interests, and learning styles of individuat three and four years old. Our fee-based preschool provides al students. Twice a year during the six-week cluster, students quality educational opportunities for young children, preparing spend one hour a week exploring a topic of interest with the them for the rigors of their K-6 educations. Our teachers are assistance of community members. Along with gaining inwell trained and prepare students with the necessary skills to depth knowledge of a particular topic, students begin to take become a successful and productive student. Once a child responsibility and interest in their own learning. The regular attends Carver Early Learning Academy, they are able to curriculum is supported, expanded and enhanced by children continue through sixth grade in order to create a seamless eduparticipating in enrichment activities and bringing their enthucational experience for the students and family. We welcome siasm into the classroom setting. Student and cluster leaders students from all communities to attend our stellar preschool communicate what they have accomplished at a schoolwide program! celebration to culminate the Enrichment Cluster Program. Magnet Program These educational opportunities, supported by an excellent The magnet program was established to help students gain teaching staff, create a first rate educational opportunity that is skills necessary for success in their future, through exploboth challenging and enjoyable for our students. ration of both interpersonal and technological communica2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


Cerritos Elementary School 13600 E 183rd Street, Cerritos, CA 90703 (562) 926-1315 Principal – Dennis Wilson

At Cerritos Elementary School we have a „Main Thing“ that guides our every decision and our every act. Our „Main Thing“ is to prepare students for a productive life in the twenty-first century. We believe citizens of the future must be life-long learners able to work and interact in a diverse society. Our goals for students are to master grade level content standards, use critical thinking and problem solving strategies, develop communication skills, and demonstrate positive and democratic social interactions. By providing a rigorous academic and caring environment, we strive to help students realize their full academic potential, develop positive self-concepts, and gain enthusiasm for learning. We encourage all students to develop responsibility for their own behavior and a concern for others. Our goals are aligned with the goals of the ABC Unified School District (ABCUSD). We invite our community to help plan and participate in implementing programs to prepare students for a healthy and successful future. Cerritos Elementary School (CES) is home to approximately 645 diverse students in kindergarten through sixth grade and serves the easternmost neighborhoods of the ABC Unified School District (ABCUSD). Our school community holds high expectations for the quality of education we provide our students, for student academic achievement and behavior, and for parents in support of all students and the school. As a consequence, our student body is comprised of highly motivated and very capable students who consistently strive to meet and exceed the expectations of their parents and teachers. In the 2008-2009 school year, CES achieved an Academic Performance Index (API) growth score of 958, its highest API score ever. As a result, we have become one of the most attractive „Schools of Choice“ in the region. At CES we are dedicated to our com-

mon belief that all children will learn to master the California Content Standards at every grade level. More than 30% of the students in grades 3-6 are identified and placed in our Gifted and Talented Education program (GATE). These stu-

dents are “clustered” in every classroom and are provided a challenging, differentiated curriculum appropriate to their needs. In addition to high quality standards-based instruction, CES provides academic support for at-risk students and language support for English Language

Learners (ELL). Ready Study Go!, an after-school homework assistance and tutorial program is offered five days a week. With the generous support of our families, community and the school district, we are able to provide Extended Day Care, Computer Club, valet drop-off, band practice, and student supervision be-

24 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

fore the school day begins. During the school day many volunteers help out in classrooms, teacher workrooms, and in the office. Parent volunteers teach the Junior Achievement program in grades K-6. The Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) supports school-wide enrichment activities including paying for bus transportation for all field trips, financial support to teachers for instructional materials, and making very significant gifts to the school including technological equipment such as „Elmos.“ Further support is provided by our Cerritos Elementary educational Foundation (CEEF) such as supporting the computer technology instructional program and materials, The choral music program, Meet the Masters art appreciation, and Science on the Go. The CEEF also hosts our annual Pancake Breakfast in October and our Spring Family Science Night and Silent Auction. After school, 120 of our K-6 students participate four days a week in learning Mandarin Chinese. Other extra-curricular programs such as Young Rembrandts Art Program, Chess Club, Spanish Explorers, and Spotlight Theater are offered throughout the year. A description of Cerritos Elementary School would not be complete without mention of the unique aura of the school. Visitors to the school begin to feel it as soon as they enter the office and are warmly welcomed by the office staff. Our classrooms are purposeful places, humming with the sounds of students learning and achieving at remarkably high levels. Our playgrounds are full of children happily playing with each other, totally oblivious to their diversity. As one looks around the campus he will see parent volunteers and staff interacting together and with the children in ways evocative of mutual respect, friendship and sincere care. Everywhere, one sees evidence of a school community that is truly in harmony learning, playing, and working together.

Elliott Elementary School 18415 Cortner, Artesia, CA 90701 (562) 865-5216 Principal – Danielle Mitchell

A Global Studies Technology Magnet School multicultural theme. Many of the students sing in different languages during the performances. Our band, directed by Mr. Michael Hogue, performs concerts at least twice a year. The Elliott Elementary is an award winning highlight of California Distinguished School. For the the year is past four years we have been honored by the Elementhe California Department of Education as a Title I Academic Achieving School. These tary BandO-Rama in honors are the May. product of our Cultures community’s are celebradedication to continuous improted througvement in student achievement. In hout the year. striving for excellence, our students In October, learn and achieve success. we encourage Our core belief at Elliott is our students focusing on the whole child. We to wear their clothing representing their heritage for a mulpride ourselves on maintaining a balance between academic, social, and emotional growth. With ticultural parade. Every year we are amazed by the beautiful dresses and detailed outfits the girls and boys wear at the learning being our parade. Also many cultural groups performed and shared their top priority, Elliott students participate traditional customs during our 50th anniversary carnival. Open House is a “Passport to the World” with students in a rigorous and sharing the art, traditions, daily life, history, geography, and challenging standards-based curricu- unique animals of their Global Address country with their families. Each classroom is transformed to reflect another lum supplemented by the global studies country and the students “tour” with their parents. Parents units. Students have and community members are invited to tour from continent to many opportunities continent as they move around the school. Student projects represent Kenyan masks, Mexican Artists, for success with the leveled intervention, Egyptian artifacts and Mount Fuji, Japan. Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s eduGATE, multicultural music, passport cation. There are many ways in which parents can be involved P.E., technology instruction, Student Council, school newspaper such as classroom volunteers, join the PTA, or become memstaff, Monday Morning Message, digital photography, Primary bers of our School Site Council, provide donations, or help at one time events. Please contact the school office for more Intervention Program, track team, and band. information. We know that by working together, we will have a All Elliott students perform at least twice a year in our rewarding 2010-2011 school year. school-wide musical productions lead by Elliott’s music specialist Mrs. Kane. Students participate in the chorus, vocal or instrumental solos, dance, and instrumental groups with a

Student projects represent Kenyan masks, Mexican Artists, and Mount Fuji, Japan. 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


Furgeson Elementary School 22215 Elaine Avenue, Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716 (562) 421-8285 Principal – Mayra Lozano

Message from the Principal Available to all K – 6th Grade students once a week. On behalf of the entire Furgeson Staff, it is •Monthly Family Reading Fridays & Parent Workshops my pleasure to welcome - Families are invited to read in their you to an exciting 2010child’s classrooms to cultivate a love for 2011 school year at the reading. Immediately after, parents are Home of the Patriots! welcome to attend a workshop tailored We continue firm in our to their interests. commitment to student •EXTRA After-School Program success and proudly be- Offered Monday through Friday, free lieve that at Furgeson of charge, after school until 6:00 p.m. Elementary, Capacity: 100 students. During this Children and Learning Come First! time, students complete homework and Furgeson Elementary, serving approximateenjoy other enrichment activities such ly 425 students, is a Kindergarten through as Arts and Crafts, P.E., Science, Mu6th grade, Title I school, located in the City sic, Dance, Art Appreciation, etc. of Hawaiian Gardens. We believe in the •PIP Program - Intervention and power of collaboration and as a professioprevention services to enhance the socinal learning community, our teaching al and emotional development staff meets weekly to discuss student of students in Kindergarten Our Vision data and best practices. We encourathrough Third grade who may In accordance with No Child Left Behind: ge an active school-home-communibe experiencing mild to modeOur students will be proficient and advanced in ty partnership as we recognize that, rate school adjustment difficulreading with appropriate fluency, accuracy and when we work together, we can atties. comprehension. tain greater success for our students! •Student Recognitions – Our caring and dedicated staff di- Our students will effectively communicate in written Monthly Perfect Attendance ligently works at maintaining a wel- and oral language and will develop and use academic and Patriot Pride Awards; language in all content areas. coming, safe, and stimulating enviTrimester Awards include Our students will apply math skills through ronment for our young Patriots. We Principal’s Honor Roll, Most hold all our students to high acadeImproved, Perfect Attendance, memorization of facts and problem solving. mic and behavioral expectations. Our and PeaceBuilder. students receive standards based ins•Band, Drama Club, and truction in all core content areas and character education through Track - Available to 4th – 6th Grade students. the PeaceBuilders Program. Our PeaceBuilders Pledge I am a PeaceBuilder; I pledge to praise people; to give up Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo put downs; to seek wise people; to notice and speak up A Professional Law Corporation about hurts I have caused; to right wrongs; to help others; I will build peace at home, at school and in my commuProviding legal services to California’s school districts for 30 years. nity each day. Our Instructional Programs •Structured English Immersion Program: Students AALRR Welcomes Students, receive all instruction in English. Teachers, and Staff •Early Exit Bilingual – Spanish – Kindergarten Library Outreach Program Back to school through Third: Designed to help children whose home language is Spanish acquire the English skills required to Best Wishes to all and continued later succeed in an English-only mainstream classroom. success in 2010-2011 Instruction is provided in both Spanish and English. Spanish instruction is phased out in 3rd grade and students are Cerritos Riverside Governance (562) 653-3200 (951) 683-1122 transitioned into English only. Parental request (waiver) is Labor and Employee Relations required. Admittance to the program begins in KindergarFresno Sacramento Personnel Management (559) 225-6700 (916) 923-1200 ten unless transferring from another Bilingual program. It Facilities and Business Services is our belief that biliteracy skills will enhance the econoIrvine San Diego Litigation mic and social opportunities of our students. (949) 453-4260 (858) 485-9526 Student Issues Other Highlights Pleasanton Staff Development • Morning Fitness - We begin every school day with (925) 227-9200 an organized 20-minute morning fitness program that targets cardio-vascular fitness, flexibility and strength. •Computer Lab, Library, & Health Classes –

26 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

Gonsalves Elementary School 13650 Park Street, Cerritos, CA 90703 (562) 926-1347 Principal – Robert Benko

Our Academics During the 2008-09 school year, Gonsalves Elementary School achieved an Academic Performance Indicator (API) growth score of 957 – a fourteen point gain over the previous Hello and welcome to the 2010-11 year! We are proud of our success and committed to providing school year at Gonsalves Elementary, a a rigorous standards-based curriculum for all students. Due to 2010 California Distinguished School. I’d this success, we received honorable mention as a California like to take some time to introduce myself. Distinguished School. My name is Robert Benko, and I am very Our School Spirit excited to be the new principal at GonOur very active Student Council sponsors “fun” days for salves. I have worked for ABCUSD for over students and provides community 17 years as a teacher, assistant princioutreach by donating to fire victims pal and district coordinator. From the and supporting our troops fighting in district office to staff members to parIraq. The Gonsalves “Grizzly” students ents and community members, I have and staff are proud to be Americans heard nothing but praise and accolades and take every opportunity to show when describing Gonsalves Elementheir pride. Each Monday the students tary School and I am proud to now be and staff participate in Spirit Day. This a part of this school community. I am fifteen to twenty minute ceremony looking forward to working collaboraenables the entire student population tively with staff and parents to provide to say the Pledge of Allegiance, sing the best educational experience posa patriotic song, discuss an ethical sible for the students of Gonsalves. character trait, and honor students for “Happiness is a school like Gona plethora of awards. Each year, we salves” echoes throughout the classalso participate in Red Ribbon Week to rooms at Joe A. Gonsalves Elementary show our commitment to staying healthy and drug free. School. These words are sung at our Founder’s Day celebraOur BEST Supporters tion each year and one of the last songs our 6th graders sing The success of our school is due in large part to the immeabefore transitioning from elementary to middle school. We are surable contributions made by our parent organization, Booster not just a “school.” We are a Learning Community with staff, Club. Our Booster Club, consisting parents, and students working as a of parents, community members, team to achieve high performance and staff, expands the offerings outcomes and life-long learning. at Gonsalves by sponsoring field Every member of our school comtrips, assemblies, and end-of-year munity collaborates in identifying activities; providing funding for needs, defining goals, shaping music instruction, the PE program, direction and ensuring implementaenrichment classes, a state-of-the-art tion of decisions. Working together computer lab, and student incenin this cooperative mode helps us to tives; and arranging hours and hours successfully meet the diverse needs of volunteer time inside and outside of our students as well as being reof the classrooms. sponsive to the needs of our school community. Students describe our Parents directly participate in school as “the best of the best,” “a school decision making through place where dreams come true,” other organizations as well, includand “a place where creativity is let ing School Site Council and our many Culture Clubs. The year out.” culminates with a Booster Club sponsored “Home Reading A Bit of History Bar-B-Que” – a carnival day of games, singing, dancing, and Our school was named after former mayor and assemblydining. Thank you parents! man, Joe A Gonsalves. It officially opened its door in 1973 We ARE Gonsalves and, since then, its staff and students have received numerous We foster our diversity by honoring our cultures at our awards and recognition through the state and nation. We honor annual “Taste of Gonsalves,” we enhance our curriculum with our heritage each June at “Gonsalves Day” where we tell the rigorous standards, we appreciate and value all our students for story of Mr.Gonsalves through song and dance. what they bring, and we model character in everything. This is Gonsalves! Teachers Believe….Children Achieve at Gonsalves!

2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


Hawaiian Elementary School 12350 E. 226th Street, Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716 (562) 594-9525 Principal – Laurie Cordova

Welcome to Hawaiian Elementary Home of the Eagles Welcome to the 2010 – 2011 school year at Hawaiian Elementary School. We are looking forward to another successful year. Through the hard work and dedication of our staff and parents, our students continue to demonstrate excellent growth in all areas of the curriculum. Hawaiian Elementary is a high performing Title 1 school with a current Academic Performance Index of 725. We provide a rigorous, standards based curriculum in language arts, math, science, and social studies. We have the Meet the Masters Art Program, and our Los Caballeros Band. We have an excellent PE Program and track team. These along with our focus on character education assure that our students are well-rounded citizens who are prepared for the secondary level. Band-o-rama 2010 We are very proud of our students and recognize their achievements in the classroom and at school-wide assemblies. We have a monthly Flag Ceremony to recognize our Character Winners for the Month and Perfect Attendance. We also have five Awards Assemblies throughout the year to recognize each classroom‘s Citizen of the Month, a Most Improved Student, and Academic Achievement in a selected area of the curriculum. We emphasize goal setting with our students and begin each year with a special assembly to acknowledge

the students who met their State Testing goal from the previous year. Elementary Track Meet 2010 – Our Winners in the 800 Meter Run Hawaiian Elementary uses the RTI model to provide intervention programs for any of our students that need additional learning time. We provide programs during school, after school, on Saturdays, and during the summer. These include: •Individual tutoring •Small group tutoring •Gateways & Corrective Reading classes •After school reading & math classes •Saturday SMART Academy classes •Summer School Our parents are dedicated to their children‘s success and participate in our parent education classes. We are fortunate to be part of the AFT‘s Innovation Grant which has allowed us to extend our parent education opportunities and provide Family Education Nights that focus on teacher and parent selected areas of the curriculum. Our EXTRA program provides after school care, free of charge, to 100 of our students every day until 6:00 p.m. Students receive help with homework and participate in a variety of activities including art, music, computer lab, cooking, and dance. Our EXTRA Program Dance Performance We are very fortunate at Hawaiian to have a highly trained, experienced staff dedicated to the academic success of every student. We receive tremendous support from our District‘s Central Office and the City of Hawaiian Gardens who work in partnership to provide a safe, nurturing environment for our students. It is this level of teamwork and commitment that allows us to excel as a school community.

Juarez Elementary School 11939 Aclare Street, Cerritos, CA 90703 (562) 865-6278 Principal – LuAnn Adler

A Very Special Place Benito Juarez Elementary is a different sort of school! It is characterized by warmth and high expectations. Juarez Elementary balances a push for academic excellence with a push for optimum ethical character development. It is truly a place that nurtures the child and helps „grow them“ into good citizens.

28 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

Academically we believe the three building blocks of school success are READING, MATH and WRITING. We believe that job one is mastering fluent reading. We determine fluent reading by timing the students’ oral reading. If they read at 2 words per second with no more than 5 errors out of 100 words they are fluent readers. When students read at 2 words per second they make pictures in their brain. If they make pictures in their brain when they read they have

comprehension. Reading is the cornerstone of all learning and success in the world. The second building block of education is the ability to compute. At Juarez we emphasize the importance of learning the math facts. Students are tested on their facts by being timed. We know that once a student has their math facts memorized they will be able to comprehend the word problems much better. Writing is the third building block at Juarez. Writing is truly the most difficult subject to teach. This year the teachers require students to write daily and to produce a publish-ready writing piece every six weeks. The principal hosts an “Authors’ Tea” complete with lace tablecloths and candelabras for students who show improvement or expertise in writing. When students’ writing improves their scores in reading and math go up! Our character development is provided through our Peace Builders program. Every staff member will be trained in this program so that all staff are communicating the same message. Juarez is truly a place that nurtures the child and helps „grow them“ into good citizens. A Family Feeling There is a strong family feeling at Benito Juarez School. Whether you are an employee, a parent, a community member or a student you are treated like family. The staff at Juarez partner with the parents to grow up the students into good citizens. This year Juarez offers several off-campus field trips for families and staff. The Family Fun Nights called “Connect” are offered to promote this family

feeling at Juarez! Come and join the many family oriented activities at Juarez! A Patriotic Heart The students and staff are grateful to be Americans and take every opportunity to show their thankfulness. Every morning the entire population of Juarez stops to say the Pledge of Allegiance together. Each Friday the students and teachers gather in the Hall of Excellence to say the Pledge, sing a patriotic song, learn about the month’s character trait. Each year the students participate in a flag retirement ceremony. At this ceremony upper grade students show respect to a tattered flag by retiring it through burning. It is a solemn, reverent and patriotic ceremony. Academic Excellence A new goal has been set for a 35 point gain in our API. Our motto this year is „8 is Great!“ This motto memorializes our goal of reaching 800 this year. In an assembly medals are given to each student who moves up on the STAR testing. We believe in big celebrations of big accomplishments. Each month Juarez has an Awards Assembly to acknowledge students who have excelled in a particular curricular area or who have demonstrated mastery of one of the character traits. These activities at Benito Juarez Elementary School expand the intellect, promote social conscience, and guide the students in positive behaviors that will have benefit much beyond their years in school. Juarez Elementary is a special place!

Kennedy Elementary School 17500 Belshire, Artesia CA 90701 (562) 860-3378 Principal – Melissa Valentine

Kennedy Elementary…where a comprehensive curriculum develops a well-rounded child.”

Vision Statement Our vision at John F. Kennedy Elementary is to develop students’ critical thinking skills through a partnership of parents, students, school staff, and community members. Our school promotes an accepting, safe, and engaging learning environment for every student. We will achieve this vision by: •Providing a rigorous standards-based curriculum instruction •Differentiating instruction to meet student needs

•Cultivating students’ creativity and expression through the arts and technology •Integrating Kennedy’s Kids of Character traits throughout daily routines Welcome to Kennedy School! The highly qualified staff at Kennedy truly believes each child is unique and deserving of a rich educational environment. Learning for all students at Kennedy is enhanced through the supportive and encouraging nature of our school staff, a wonderfully dedicated PTA, and a caring parent community. At Kennedy, we believe that our students are offered a well-balanced education program. Not only do we focus on the high academic achievement of our students, but we also strive to enrich their lives through the visual and performing arts, technology, character education, and healthy {continued on page 30} 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


choices, including both nutrition and physical activity. Several programs/resources are available at Kennedy; Computer Lab, Speech and Language Therapy, Learning Resource Specialist Program, Special Day Classes, English Language Learning, Academic Support Beyond the School Day, Gifted and Talented Education, Music and Dance Program, Head Start and Extended Daycare. Parents are enthusiastically invited to be an active participant in their child’s education through the PTA, and School Site Council. Attendance at school events by parents and families is always welcomed and highly encouraged. During the 2009-2010 school year, Kennedy Elementary School received the National Award Bronze Level. To earn this award, we created healthy eating and physical activity programs that met or exceeded the Alliance’s stringent standards. Some changes we made included afterschool fitness clubs (sports, games and cheerleading), a before school Walking Club, and promoted healthy snacks for all during the day. We are honored to have received this award and will continue to work towards earning the Silver Level Award. Nights with Kennedy Kangaroos Throughout the year, Kennedy Elementary holds varios evening events. Some are created for the entire family and some are for parents only. Our Family Nights consist of Movie Night, Reading Night, and Fun Nights at various establishments in our community to earn additional funds for the

school to enhance our programs. Both staff and families attend these fantastic functions. Our Parent Nights are held to provide additional information, strategies or ideas for parents to help their child succeed in school. Each grade level will create a Parent Night presentation specific to their grade. Please visit our school website at www.kennedyelementary. to find out more specific information regarding scheduled events and current happenings. The Arts are Alive and Well at Kennedy! We are very pleased to offer a quality fine arts program to our students. This program includes instruction in dance, choral music, instrumental music and visual arts. Our dance and choral music program is offered to all students each Friday. Students learn songs ranging from Broadway show tunes to disco. These tunes are expertly taught and choreographed by our dance and music specialist. A culminating performance is held each spring to showcase the students’ hard work and great efforts. The Meet the Masters visual art history program teaches students about the life and art of many of the world’s greatest artists. Students attend and oral presentation, which includes a slide show about an artist prior to recreating their own interpretation of the artists’ style. Monthly staff development opportunities allow for classroom teachers to learn in depth information about the artist. Grade 4-6 students are offered an optional instrumental music program. Beginning and advanced band classes are taught twice weekly in the auditorium. Concerts are held throughout the school year, culminating with Band-O-Rama where advanced band students from each of the elementary schools perform a concert in the Gahr High School gymnasium.

Leal Elementary School 12920 Droxford Street, Cerritos, CA 90703 (562) 865-0209 Principal – Laura Makely

Welcome back to a new school year! Leal is a California Distinguished and National Blue Ribbon school with students who perform in the top 5% of all students in the United States. The school has received these awards because of our outstanding students, teachers and parents and our excellent instructional programs. Leal Elementary School was the recipient of the California School Board’s Golden Bell Award for Family Science Night and has been honored by the California Business for Education Excellence Foundation and Just for the Kids California for our students’ outstanding academic performance. We extend a special thank you to all of the students, teachers, and parents who make Leal Elementary

30 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

School an outstanding place for children to learn. Students at Leal Elementary School receive an instructional program that not only emphasizes academic achievement, but also embraces visual and performing arts and technology. We believe that education should not stop with success in reading, writing, and math, but should stimulate and engage students in all areas. Students receive a well-rounded educational experience at Leal. Parents are encouraged to participate in the educational programs at Leal. Parents are welcome to volunteer in classrooms, join the PTA, or become members of our School Site Council. Community members are encouraged to contact the principal or school staff about any of these opportunities. Our door is open and we would enjoy talking to you about the educational goals at Leal School, as well as your goals for your children.

A Visual and Performing Arts Magnet At Leal Elementary School we have a strong academic program that has a special emphasis on the arts. As a visual and performing arts magnet school for the past nine years, we have implemented a school-wide program which encompasses the following four disciplines: dance, music, theatre and visual arts. Within this program, students supplement their academic pursuits through the arts and technology. This is accomplished with comprehensive instruction, skill development, and appreciation of the arts. The Leal staff, professional artists, and community partnerships facilitate the program. Extra-Curricular Activities There are many opportunities for Leal students to be involved in extra curricular activities. At Leal, we have implemented an after school program that features classes such as dance, cheer, visual arts, and science. Many of our students participate in these programs to extend their learning opportunities. In addition, the Leal Foundation sponsors music, talent, and dance productions that involve a large number of our students.

Technology Connection Leal Elementary School has gone digital in every classroom. Each classroom has an LCD projector and a computer to use for instruction. Teachers and students utilize these resources for classroom presentations, Internet based instructional activities, educational video streaming, and the new math curriculum. Even more technological resources are available in our computer lab, which features many valuable instructional applications. Please stop by the school to see the latest technology we are using in our classrooms and in our computer lab. Our school has a web site: The web site is loaded with information about our school. Click on the Calendar Link to find out about up-coming school events. Explore the online version of the World Book Encyclopedia by clicking the Learning Tools Link. Find a book in the school library using the online catalog. Listen to Radio Leal, our schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Internet based radio station. The web site is a good way to stay connected with our school.

Melbourne Elementary School 21314 Claretta, Lakewood, CA 90715 (562) 924-1658 Principal â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Kathy Neder-Olivos

Let me welcome you to Melbourne Elementary School, the home of the Mustangs, where students are taught grade level standards everyday through high-quality instruction! API Scores Continues to Increase: Melbourne was expected only to grow 5 points on the Academic Performance Index or API, instead we grew 22 points reaching a score of 749! The improvement in our API score can be directly attributed to the hard work of our teaching staff and all of our other staff members. We will continue to provide our students with a world class education. This past school year, 09-10, we honored over 150 students, grades 2-5, who scored proficient and/or advanced on the California Standards Test at an evening assembly to recognize them for their excellent performance on this exam. Parent Participation: Again this year Melbourne can easily boast that we have the best parent participation at both our PTA and School Site Council meetings. During the past school year, 09-10, we averaged 30-40 parents in attendance at each of these meetings. We also offered our parents a free walking club, 3 days a week, nutrition classes, financial advice classes and parent

education workshops. Some of our parents spend at much time at school as their students do! Extra-Curricular Student Activities: Through our partnership with the City of Hawaiian Gardens our students can participate in a variety of sports programs that are offered on our campus after school. We can also thank the City of Hawaiian Gardens for the bicycles that they donated to us each month to help recognize students with perfect attendance and for their donation of $5,000.00 that we used for our grade-level fieldtrips. At Melbourne we also offer the after-school EXTRA program. The EXTRA program is a free program focusing on tutoring and/or homework assistance in Language Arts and Mathematics, enrichment activities and physical education. During different evening performances the students were able to perform dances and showcase other routines that they learned from the Specialists that work with the students through the EXTRA program. Our students are also able to participate in Student Council, Red Ribbon Week activities, our Primary grade track meet, field day activities and a school-wide talent show, just to name a few. Through the efforts of our Peace Builders teacher, our classroom teachers and many other staff members our stu{continued on page 32} 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


dents are committed to making Melbourne and their commu- to recite the Peace Builders pledge which has students praising nity a more peaceful place to learn and live. Students are able people, giving up put-downs, seeking wise people, recognizing hurts we have caused, righting the wrongs we have committed and helping others at home, at school and in our community each day. Go Mustangs!

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Niemes Elementary School 16715 S Jersey Avenue, Artesia, CA 90701 (562) 865-9586 Principal – Mariaelena (Meg) Jimenez

Niemes is proud to be a National Magnet School with an emphasis on Environmental Science and Technology. A child with a strong interest in animal life, the outdoors and science will thrive in the Environmental Science and Technology Programs at Niemes Elementary. Our innovative program encourages the students’ love for the natural world and empowers them to become an active participant in the stewardship of their planet. We strive to combine high expectations, stellar educational programs and a partnership with parents and the community to provide the best educational experience for each child. Make a Difference Niemes Elementary is proud to be on the cutting edge of environmental education and in alignment with the State of California’s emphasis on environmental principles. Our students develop awareness of the interconnection of all species and ecosystems on our planet through integration of environmental science and technology across all subject areas. Kindergarten through sixth grade students explore these concepts in the general education classroom, in our Environmental Science Laboratory and Outdoor Garden Habitat, and in the community in which they reside. Investigate Field trips, research explorations, and community projects are some of the ways classes explore our natural world. Par-

32 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

ticipation in community gardens and recycling projects teach our young people about the importance of responsibility and ownership of their ideals. Research Utilizing state-of-the-art technology equipment and instruction in our computer laboratory and in classroom technology centers, students collect data, connect to the world, and develop high quality informational presentations to share with others. Students make worldwide connections with scientists and other students as they share and exchange knowledge about their world, while enhancing their technology skills. Additional School Highlights • High Academic Expectations and Consistent Behavior Standards Thanks to the strong commitment of staff, students, and families to the academic success of every child we continue to meet and surpass our academic growth goals of the California State Standards. • Dual Immersion Program English speaking and Spanish speaking students in this program are immersed in both languages throughout their school experience. The program produces students that are fluent in reading, writing, and speaking both English and Spanish when they exit the program at the end of sixth grade. • Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) An individualized education program is developed for each child who has qualified for the GATE program, to enhance and

enrich their learning throughout their academic experience. • Focus on Academic Performance After School Program Open to K through 6th grade students, Monday through Friday. This program, run by the YMCA, includes homework assistance and physical education activities. There is no charge to families. •Niemes Band Beginning and advanced band instruction is open to fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students throughout the school year. •After-School Althetics Our After School Running/Walking Program is available to students, first grade through sixth, and parents, twice a week after school, on our large school field. In addition, Niemes offers Cheerleading and Volleyball to 6th graders, and a Soccer Club for our 3rd and 4th graders. • Community Celebrations Our entire community looks forward to our Family Events.

Events change yearly, but may include a Fall Festival, International Family Night, Family Movie Nights, Spring Concert, Talent Show, and our Annual Environmental Festival and Science Fair. Program Features: • Environmental science and technology curriculum integrated into all subject areas • Environmental science laboratory • Outdoors garden habitat • State of the art technology equipment programs and high speed internet • In-classroom technology centers • Computer laboratory • After school environmental program • Green school ecology/Recycling program • Community recycling • Technology instructor • Environmental science instructor

Patricia Nixon Elementary School 19600 Jacob Avenue, Cerritos, CA 90703 (526) 860-6549 Principal – Melinda Ortiz

California Distinguished School

The 2010-2011 school year promises to be an exciting and enriching school year for all. One of the most important components of an excellent school is the partnership between the educators and the parents. The staff at Nixon values the partnerships that we develop with our parents and community. It is through this united effort that we provide our students with a quality educational experience. The outstanding teachers at Patricia Nixon continue to raise the academic bar for all students and our students rise to the challenge. We are proud to boast that our school earned an API score of 877 for the 2009-2010

school year! In addition to a rich and rigorous comprehensive academic program, we at Nixon Elementary School are proud to offer many enrichment opportunities through the efforts and dedication of the entire school community. 2004 & 2008 California Distinguished School • Dedicated and enthusiastic staff of professionals • Musical & theatrical activities at every grade level • 24:1 ratio in grades K-3 • Internet access in all classrooms and computer lab • Monthly Student Awards Ceremony • Character Counts „Value of the Month“ • Celebrate Success „Super Six Standards“ • Meet the Masters visual arts program • Active and supportive PTA • Upper Grade Band • Student Council • Primary and Upper Grade Chorus • Dance Troupe • Track Team • Academic Chess • Before and After School/Extended Day Care

2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


Palms Elementary School 12445 E 207th Street, Lakewood, CA 90715 (562) 924-5549 Principal – Evelyn Huh

Welcome to the 2010-2011 school year! This year will be an exciting time for our students, staff, and parents. Our staff is committed to offering a wellrounded and excellent education in a safe and supportive environment where our students will excel and achieve great things.

Through grade-level collaboration, data analysis, strategic interventions and common assessments, the Palms staff will continue to strive to take the school to new heights. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Not only do we want to focus on student achievement, we want Palms’ students to be excellent in character. Palms is a Peacebuilder school, and students have many opportunities to learn how to build peace at home, at school, and in their community. All our students also recite the Palms Pledge at our weekly Spirit Assemblies where we celebrate our Puma pride. “Today has been given to me fresh and new. I can learn from it or throw it away. I will choose to do my best in thoughts, words, and actions. Today I will be a STAR! I will stop, think, and act responsibly.”

OUR VISION This past year, the staff and parents created a new shared vision statement to provide Palms with a clear and widely embraced direction for change. This vision will lead and guide us and help us focus on what’s best for our students. “The Palms staff, parents and community will foster a student-centered education where students will be motivated to pursue and achieve academic excellence in a standards-based curriculum. Students will be successful citizens who are confident, compassionate, and self-aware, respecting themselves and others. Students will be problem-solvers who take pride and responsibility for life-long learning.” STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT Palms is on the way to being an 800 API school! We celebrated the achievements of many students at our 1st annual STAR Awards Rally this past year. Students were recognized for their achievements on the California STAR test and received buttons for being proficient and/or advanced, gaining 25 points, and improving two or more levels.

34 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

PARENT & COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS We also recognize the vital role that our partnerships with parents and the community play in helping Palms be a successful school. Palms has an extremely supportive PTA that sponsors various field trips, assemblies, family and movie nights, and special activities like our annual Red Ribbon Week, Jog-A-Thon and Palms Picnic. The city of Lakewood and other businesses from the community continue to support Palms Elementary, enriching our educational programs for our students. This year, we had over 40 community readers volunteer for our Community Read Aloud! Many parents and family members participated in our Family Read Aloud as well.

Stowers Elementary School 13350 Beach Street, Cerritos, CA 90703 (562) 926-2326 Principal – Dr. Tom Tracy

A Magnet School of International Studies

Principal’s Message Welcome to Cecil B. Stowers Elementary School! Stowers is a wonderful magnet school with a focus on International Studies. The International Baccalaureate program is closely interwoven in with the California standards. This provides a challenging and rewarding experience for all of our students. As a result of this, our API score has raised and is a very respectable 874!

International Baccalaureate (IB), Primary Years Program (PYP) The IB program develops inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world. This perspective is based on deepening the understanding of different world cultures. The students’ journey includes a rigorous and challenging curriculum that incorporates learning conversational Spanish, and standards driven science. Our students participate in the Paideia Seminar of synthesizing information, comparing, contrasting, logically defending and even challenging their own thoughts and ideas and those of others. This transdisciplinary curriculum is tailored to prepare our students for our global society. The eight academic subject areas focused in our PYP are: language, social studies, mathematics, science and technology, arts, as well as personal, social and physical education. Technology Stowers students utilize our computer lab and other tech-

nology equipment to enhance their technology literacy. Our computer laboratory specialist uses Smart Technology to enhance our student’s computer and other technology skills to expand their multi-media capabilities. Being technology literate helps our students develop the computer skills and competency making them technologically competitive in the 21st Century. The Arts Art instruction and integration is always among the highest form of expression of ones culture. At Stowers we use the arts to teach our students about our world’s culture and historical periods. Our art integration instruction teaches our students to appreciate the arts, by allowing our students to participate in activities gaining a deeper understanding of the different cultures. We believe the arts bring every subject to life, and it also enhances reality. We continue with art appreciation through our PTA programs. Each year we participate in the National PTA “Reflections” program. International Festival We are extremely proud of our culminating activity we call our International Festival. Students, parents and teachers work together with community members to bring different cultures around the world alive at Stowers. The International Festival celebrates diversity. This amazing family event involves the recreation of international games, performances, and a variety of international foods. We look forward to meeting you and hope you have a successful 2010-2011 school year.

Sincerely, Dr. Tracy 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


Willow Elementary School 11733 E 205th Street, Lakewood, CA 90715 (562) 865-6209 Principal – Linda Dohm

Welcome to the 20102011 school year at Willow Elementary School. Our outstanding teachers, highly trained paraeducators and professional experts work collaboratively to assure that each student achieves. Student Achievement Results of the California Standards Test demonstrate continued improvement for Willow Students. All teachers provide daily instruction based on grade level standards. Students in grades two through six establish personal goals for their own growth in English language arts and mathematics. During our STAR Assembly we recognize student achievement on the state test. Spelling Bee Willow students participated in the ABC Unified School District Spelling Bee. Fifth grade teachers, Fayroze Mostafa, coordinated our own Willow Spelling Bee. Students in grade four through six met in our multi-purpose room to cheer on the contestants. Sixth grade student, Bernice Tadique, came in a close second to our winner, sixth grade student, Daniel Kim. Daniel did Willow proud, placing second at the district event. Community Partnerships Willow staff and families enjoyed good food and good

company at our annual Chick-Fil-A Night. Students are treated to wonderful music, dance, and drama at the Cerritos Center of the Performing Arts. All kindergarten through sixth grade students enjoyed the beautiful setting and dynamic performances last year. We hope to enjoy the experience in the future. The City of Lakewood includes Willow School in many of its programs. Mr. John Buck, Community Services Manager, spent a day at Willow as our Principal for a Day. Parent Involvement Our parent room is open and ready to welcome parents. Our mini-workshops will continue. Working collaboratively with our district Nutrition Network staff, we will host a series of nutrition and fitness workshops in 2010-2011. Parents had a taste of what will be offered during our Breakfast workshop. Our PTA is very supportive of students, parents, and staff at Willow. Students enjoyed a BMX bike assembly as a reward for their efforts. The highlight was when one of the bikers jumped over sixth grade teacher, Tanya Golden, while she was seated on the ramp. Take note, she did wear her helmet. I look forward to welcoming parents and community members to Willow. Please join us for one our family/community events or stop by the office to schedule a special visit.

Wittmann Elementary School 16801 Yvette, Cerritos, CA 90703 (562) 926-1321 Principal – Patrick Walker

“Welcome To Wittmann” At Wittmann Elementary School, visitors to our campus can be expected to be greeted with a hearty, “Welcome to Wittmann” from our staff, students, and parents. It’s a salutation that embodies the community spirit that thrives at our

36 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

A California Distinguished School school. And, while we are particularly proud of our stellar academic reputation, it’s the positive, supportive, and nurturing atmosphere that marks Wittmann Elementary as a very special place. At Wittmann Elementary, a well-balanced focus on academics, activities, and atmosphere combine to create a learning environment in which all students can excel. A robust academic emphasis has helped propel Witt-

mann to a lofty 898 points on the state’s Academic Performance Index (API) as well as the distinctive designation as a California Distinguished School. With a curricular focus on ‘rigor and relevance’, teachers maintain high expectations for all students and provide the necessary supports for those students to meet and exceed those expectations. At each grade level, Wittmann teachers work as unified teams and meet for two hours each week to create common pacing guides, assessments, and activities for their students. Thrice-yearly schoolwide assessments help identify students struggling with grade level standards who may qualify for Wittmann’s Response to Intervention (RtI) program during the school day. At the end of the school day, selected students are supported through the school’s Homework Help Club, subject-specific Intervention Classes, and/ or our computer-based Kaplan Tutoring program. Augmenting Wittmann’s strong core curriculum are many activities that promote the development of the ‘whole child’. To support the district’s strategic goal of “Healthy Students/Healthy Adults”, all Wittmann students begin each school day by ‘waking up’ their bodies and brains with some brisk physical education exercises. Every week, students rotate through 40 minute instructional sessions in the school’s computer lab, library, and choral music programs. Outside of the classroom, regularly scheduled academic assemblies and field trips help support instructional goals through hands-on exposure to standards-based topics.

In addition, Wittmann students receive fine arts instruction through our Meet the Masters program that instructs all students in the styles and techniques of the world’s great artists. Upper grade students are invited to learn to play wind, string, and percussion instruments in the school’s Animal Crackers Band and all students are encouraged to showcase their talents in our wintertime Wittmann Wonderland and/or our springtime Talent Show and Spring Musical. If that isn’t enough, throughout the year, Wittmann offers a variety of after school programs to develop and hone students skills in: Chess, Public Speaking, Spanish, Athletics, Writing, and Acting. Academics and activities aside, it’s Wittmann’s atmosphere that sets us apart. As part of our Peacebuilders Program, each morning begins with students and staff pledging to, “praise and help one another at school and in their communities.” Wittmann’s communal environment is further fostered through numerous Family Fun Nights, Family Lunch Bunches, and Parent Education Nights. Parent volunteers abound our hallways and are invited and encouraged to support us in the all-important job of student instruction. Our school motto is, “We are Wittmann”, and it underscores the importance of all of our stakeholders-students, teachers, support staff, parents, and community partners—working together to provide a world class education for all of our children. It’s a great place to be. It’s a great place to learn.


Carmenita Middle School 13435 E 166th Street, Cerritos, CA 90703 (562) 926-4405 Principal – Dr. Rhonda Buss

Carmenita Middle School is a place where student achievement is at the forefront of every activity and decision. The comprehensive curriculum is designed to prepare middle school students for the emotional, intellectual, physical, and social changes they experience at the middle school level. Carmenita welcomes and encourages the active participation of parents in their student‘s educational endeavors. Teachers work diligently to help parents remain involved in their student’s coursework through the use of the Teacherweb. com website that includes up-to-date information about class activities, assignments, projects, and/or tests. Additionally, the teachers ensure that parents have access to the most recent grade information for each individual class through the ABC Parent Portal program. Our students understand that progress is an expectation. Both students and teachers use student data as a tool to encourage successful progress. Students are trained to read their own assessment data, chart individual progress, and set goals based on the data. Carmenita teachers are committed to assist students in goal attainment and provide interventions as well as accelerated learning opportunities. AM 1620 KUGR: Student-Operated Radio Station Launched

AM 1620 KUGR is a student-operated radio station on Carmenita Middle School’s campus, airing live and taped broadcast coverage of campus and community activities. The student generated programming schedule has a variety of talk-show style interviews such as Teacher Features, CMS sports, Meet CMS authors, along with a showcase of campus interviews and student performances. For your listening pleasure, on your radio dial, AM 1620 will keep you up-to-date with Cougar news. KUGR is the roar of the campus! Distinguished Scholars (DS) {continued on page 38} Carmenita’s mission is 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


“ensure successful progress for all” and a program that demonstrates our mission is Distinguished Scholars, which has three overarching goals. One goal for the Distinguished Scholars (DS) program is to increase desire and passion for learning. Often after school, one could observe DS students laughing and working on projects together. Their excitement and zeal for the program manifests not only through their willingness to go “above and beyond” in a specific content area, but also in the desire to grow as a student. Another goal for the Distinguished Scholars program is to prepare for rigorous high school college-preparatory curriculum. A very clear indication that we are meeting this goal is that most of the DS students are accepted into high school honors classes and upper-level math classes after they are promoted. The goals of leadership development and understanding the significance of community service are essential to the DS program. The DS students are required to “give back” to the Carmenita

community by leading other students. “Giving back” is done in a variety of forms, which include tutoring, mentoring, and leading class discussions. Cougar Health and Fitness Center Carmenita believes that a healthy body produces a healthy mind. With this, we raised money, along with our PTA, to open the only “Health and Fitness Center” in ABC Unified School District. In the “Fitness Center,” students learn to use state-of-the-art fitness machines and technology to improve their physical fitness and produce a healthy body. Our new fitness center has moved our athletes to a higher-level of success. Carmenita teams proved this as they were district champions in basketball, softball, volleyball and won the track meet for the fourth year in a row. We are very excited about the 2010-11school year and look forward to continue the fulfillment of our mission to “ensure successful progress for all.”

Fedde Middle School 21409 S Elaine Avenue, Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716 (562) 924-2309 Principal – Carol Castro

International Studies Academy Fedde International Studies Academy is committed to a rich and challenging tradition of excellence, where every decision is made with the students’ best interest in mind. We recognize the value of each student as an integral member of the school community. We are proud to announce our candidacy status for the IBO program. As an International Baccalereate Candidate school, our staff has undergone extensive training to provide students with a multicultural curriculum that addresses our state standards in a variety of ways. Students will be provided with multiple opportunities to acquire the skills necessary to conduct inquiry and research and show independence in learning. Our students will be given opportunities to develop a sensitivity to the needs of their community by doing various community service projects. Students are also exposed to the arts, technology, and foreign language. Our seven period day schedule allows all students to experience these elective courses in addition to other enrichment courses such as band, journalism, art new media, broadcasting, and environmental sciences. Some new additions to Fedde, thanks in part to our magnet program, include a brand new computer lab for schoolwide use and a fitness lab for indoor circuit training for physical education. Every classroom is also wired with a projector and additional computers for student use. We take every step possible to help guide students toward success in high school and college. Teachers provide personalized instruction through their intervention courses that are offered during the day and afterschool. We not only offer the best educational environment but address students social and emotional needs as well. Every Fedde student is expected to be Ready, Responsible, Respectful and Safe on our school campus. Our Ambassador program offers students the opportunity to provide peer mentoring in these areas. Our ambassadors also organize and plan our “Gotcha” week, where we celebrate stu-

38 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

dents who are doing the right thing on a daily basis. During “Gotcha” week students receive special prizes and recognition for completing homework, being prepared for class, being responsible in the lunch area, being polite and friendly with each other and staff members. Fedde offers a variety of extracurricular activities in both academics and enrichment. Our academic clubs participate in events such as History Day, Science Olympics, College and Career Club, and CJSF conferences. Our after school program (ICES) offers additional support to students in homework club. Students will have opportunities to explore areas of interest through culinary arts, environmental sciences, broadcasting club, graphic design, mechanics and sports. Our afterschool sports program includes flag football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and softball. We are also the only middle school in the district that offers daily afterschool tutoring and Saturday school for those students who need additional support and help in academics. In addition, we have a number of support programs that addresses the various needs of our school Our Global Scholars program is a one of a kind early college program in which students not only take rigorous academic coursework but are also exposed to college experiences, fieldtrips and guest speakers. This year, our global scholars students will be the first class to use Ipads during school instruction. Our Rising Stars program is a mentoring program designed to help students who are on the border of achieving “Proficient” or “Advanced” status on the state tests, reach over the line with key test taking strategies and an adult mentor support. For all our parents, we welcome you to come by our school at any time and encourage your involvement at this critical phase in your child’s life. By becoming a member of Parent Teacher Association (PTA), School Site Council (SSC) Magnet Advisory Board, or English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC), you will have many opportunities to participate in school activities and at the same time, provide valuable support to your child. This is going to be a wonderful year at Fedde and we look forward to seeing you at our various events. Feel free to contact me at anytime if you have any questions.

Haskell Middle School 11525 Del Amo Blvd, Cerritos, Ca 90703 (562) 860-6529 Principal – Camille Lewis

A Commitment to Excellence! Welcome to Haskell Middle School, home of the Mustangs.

Haskell Middle School is a high achieving middle school that is dedicated to academic excellence. The staff provides a safe, supportive, and caring environment that celebrates cultural diversity and nurtures individual differences through respect and communication. We value parents and community members as partners in education. Our goal is to develop academically and socially successful students in preparation for high school and post-secondary education. We prepare our students to become life long learners and responsible citizens in our diverse society. We are proud to offer a variety of programs to meet the needs and aspirations of all our students. A brief description of the programs offered at Haskell is listed below. Welcome Every Body Program (WEB)- The WEB program is a student orientation and support program for incoming seventh graders and new eighth graders designed to help students successfully transition from elementary school to middle school. Select 8th grade students serve as leaders and mentors to 7th grade students throughout the school year. Honors/GATE Program Honors classes are available for qualified 7th and 8th grade students in English/Language Arts, History/Social Sciences, and Science. In addition, Geometry and Spanish I, which are high school level classes, are available to students who qualify. AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) AVID is a college bound elective class/program designed to provide students with important college readiness skills, motivate them to seek a college education, and increase the participants’ level of career awareness. Students work directly with college tutors, attend lectures by guest speakers, and participate in college field trips. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required. Applications and interviews are part of the acceptance process. We are proud to say that our AVID program is fully certified and we are looking forward to our fourth year. Technology for the 21st Century Haskell offers many opportunities for students to utilize technology including our TV Broadcasting class, computer education, and advanced computer classes. The Library Multimedia Center provides computers with internet access, available to all students. All students are required to utilize technology to complete certain assignments and projects in order to satisfy the new Tech Graduation Requirement. Parents are able to access their student’s progress and grades daily on the ABI Parent Portal. Performing Arts Programs- Haskell’s Performing Arts program includes Band, Chorus, and Drama. Students are encouraged to develop and display their talents in a safe, suppor-

tive, and nurturing environment. Performances are scheduled throughout the year. Students can also sign up to be a member of our outstanding drum line. L.A. County History Day Program - Haskell students look forward to participating in the annual History Day program. Students work together in teams throughout the school year to develop projects based on a particular theme. Top participants in the school wide competition are invited to compete at the Los Angeles County level in the spring. Middle School Science Olympics, Science Catalina Field Trip, Sally Ride Festival at UCLA The annual District Middle School Science Olympics offers a variety of competitive events for students to participate in including the roller coaster, egg drop, and water rockets events. Students utilize a number of mathematical and scientific concepts in order to compete and win an event. Through private grant funds, select Haskell students will participate in the annual Catalina Exploratory Science Field Trip. Students experience Science through interactive and hands-on activities on Catalina Island. Seventh and eighth grade girls have the opportunity to attend the Sally Ride Festival at UCLA. This special all day event is designed to encourage and support girls interested in science, mathematics, and astronomy. Students have an opportunity to meet their favorite astronauts and learn about space exploration. Preparing Students for Successful Futures – Tools for Success & College Night - Haskell hosts an informational meeting for parents called “Tools for Success” which provides parents and students with specific information, tools, and practices that will help them be successful throughout middle school and into high school. Haskell’s annual College Information Night provides students and parents with the latest information, news, planning advice, and developments involved in sending students to college. Please check our school website for dates and join us for these special events. After School Academy Programs and Homework Club The highly successful Algebra Academy is offered to all students who would like to prepare for advanced math classes and for those who need extra assistance with their Algebra homework. The Homework Club meets three days a week in the library providing students with a place to complete their work with teacher and college aide assistance with assignments. Extra-Curricular Activities- Haskell will continue to offer an after school sports program for boys and girls which includes flag football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, cross country, and track and field. Cheer squad is also a popular activity on campus that students participate in to show their school spirit. School organizations and clubs include CJSF (California Junior Scholarship Federation), ASB (Associated Student Body), Campus Life, Library Club, Computer Club, Science Investigation, and the AVID Club.

{continued on page 40}

2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


Student-Led Parent Conferences- At the beginning of the second semester, parents are invited to attend a conference with their student and his/her teachers to review individual goals and report card grades from the first semester. Students have the opportunity to reflect on their successes and areas of improvement and develop next steps to achieve their goals. We invite all students and their parents to take part in this worthwhile activity.

Ross Middle School 17707 S Elaine Street, Artesia, CA 90701 (562) 924-8331 Principal – Ricardo Brown

In November 2004, Ross Middle School became a federally funded magnet school for Creative and Media Arts. All Ross students have the opportunity to display, perform and demonstrate what they have learned in Fine Arts, Theater Arts, Media Production, Literary and Musical Arts. In Fine Arts, students study printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, and art history. Students learn drama and acting, stage production, set and costume design in the Theater Arts program. All core classes use state of the art technology and equipment to teach the English, History, Science, Health, Math, and Physical Education standards. Students demonstrate what they have learned by creating multimedia projects across the curriculum. In Video Production, students learn to film, edit, write and produce Public Service Announcements and promotional skits for the K-ROSS morning broadcasts. Our computer technology classes provide students the opportunity to create various projects using Excel, Word, Garage Band, Pages, Power Point, and Keynote. Students in journalism learn digital photography, desktop publishing, and create a web design yearbook. This year will be the first year that Ross Academy will offer Public Speaking, a class designed to help students improve their speaking and debate skills. Musical Arts and Music in Education Program In addition to beginning, intermediate and advanced band classes, students can participate in Jazz band and Choir, Orchestra, Drum Line, and Color Guard. Our Marching Band, Drum Line, and Color Guard participate in local exhibitions and competitions. Music in Education, designed by the Yamaha Corporation, provides a comprehensive music learning program. All seventh grade students develop musical skills through listening, discussing, describing, and creating music on keyboards in a Music Lab. Intervention Programs At Ross, we believe that all students can learn through the enriched challenging curriculum offered in the core and

40 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

PTSA - Parent, Teacher, Student Association - Haskell’s PTSA works diligently to support school programs and activities through fundraising and school participation, for the benefit of our students. You are encouraged to support our students by joining and participating in PTSA. Meetings are held on the first Monday of every month at 6:00 P.M. Please check the school website for specific dates. We look forward to seeing you!

California Distinguished School Title I Achievement Award Magnet School of Distinction Award elective classes. When students need additional support to be successful, we offer a wide variety of intervention classes after school in Math, English, Science, and History. We also offer a Homework Club for students who need a quiet place to study. In 2010-2011. Ross will pilot the Gateways Intervention Reading program, a program designed to improve students’ ability to read and comprehend. Ross also enters the second year of incorporating Accelerated Reader into our English classes. Accelerated Reader is a popular reading program used at many schools in both ABC Unified and other school districts. Honors Curriculum Ross Academy will offer Honors classes in 2010-2011 in all academic classes - English, History, Science, and Math. These classes will challenge honor students to expand in the areas of reading, writing, analysis, debate, critical thinking, and technology. PTA and School Site Council Parents are an essential component of the success of our students. The Ross PTA is very supportive of all school programs, and works closely with the Associated Student Body (ASB) Student Leadership Class to sponsor school events such as dances and field trips. Student Site Council meets regularly throughout the school year and consists of parents, students, teachers, classified staff, and the Principal. The School Site Council is responsible for the development and approval of the Ross School Plan and Budget. Parents are encouraged to become involved in the overall Ross Academy school endeavor, and joining our dynamic PTA and/or School Site Council is highly recommended. Student Achievement At Ross Middle School, we believe that our enriched learning opportunities combined with a strong standards-based curriculum and a dedicated and professional teaching staff will continue to increase student achievement and success. We cultivate a collaborative, educational culture through the development of high performing teaching teams. Our primary focus remains on student achievement and results as opposed to intentions.

Tetzlaff Middle School 12351 Del Amo Blvd, Cerritos, CA 90703 (562) 865-9539 Principal – Crechena Wise

Tetzlaff Middle School has continued the tradition of high academic standards being named a 2005 California Distinguished School. Our school was also acknowledged as a National Blue Ribbon School in the year of 2000 and California Distinguished School in 1991 and 1999. Since the inception of the Academic Performance Index (API), Tetzlaff has achieved its school-wide California State assessment goals. In fact since receiving the National Blue Ribbon Award in the year of 2000, Tetzlaff’s API has grown from 696 to 798. Our goal at Tetzlaff is to achieve beyond 800 in the 200809 school year! Tetzlaff enjoys fully modernized facilities. Each classroom is beautiful and enjoys full Internet connectivity, a state-of-the-art phone system, voice mail, teacher email and professional teaching computer stations. The campus has wireless technology in every building and last year it added 80 wireless Mac laptop computers for students to do on-line writing in English class and at home. Teachers are now working towards adopting a powerful website technology to improve communications between teacher, students and parents. This technology would grant 24/7 access to students and parents regarding the latest happenings in each of Tetzlaff’s classes. Academic achievement is the main thing at Tetzlaff Middle School! Central to Tetzlaff’s program are academic content and elective classes. At Tetzlaff, the core curriculum includes math, English, science, history and

physical education, where students are inspired by great teaching each day. The elective program at Tetzlaff offers an exciting selection of classes that includes computers, art, television production and broadcasting, home economics, industrial education, Spanish, yearbook journalism, reading and our award winning music education program. Tetzlaff teachers have worked hard to align their curriculum to the State of California Content Standards. Teachers assess their students each quarter with quarterly final exams that measure student performance against the state standards, determine Tetzlaff’s program effectiveness and identify students that need extra help. Tetzlaff offers many after school activities that includes exciting student clubs and an after school sports program where competition against other district middle schools occurs throughout the year. Middle School students have needs that range from the intellectual, physical, social and emotional, all of which drive the Tetzlaff goals and priorities throughout the year. It is evident when one walks onto the park-like setting of Tetzlaff’s campus that the instructional program, student support services and co-curricular activities are designed to bring out every individual’s personal best. With this spirit in mind, the large old school bell stands within the school’s center quad. If you every stroll by Tetzlaff and happened to hear that old school bell ring as it did in the days of the one room schoolhouse, you’ll know it’s Tetzlaff honoring and celebrating the success of its students.


Artesia High School 12108 E. Del Amo Blvd, Lakewood, CA 90715 (562) 926-5566, ext 21600 Principal – Sergio Garcia

Where Success is the Only Option Artesia High School is a college and career preparatory magnet school that is identified by the LA County Office of Education as a school wide demonstration site. Artesia High School has made a dramatic 120-point gain in the API (Academic Performance In-

dex) score in the past four years. Our current API score stands at 710; and as we have surpassed the 600 mark and the 700 mark, our sights are now set on the 800 mark. Educational consultants regularly provide professional development for teachers and administrators. Teaching professionals are dedicated to providing a comprehensive curriculum aimed at preparing students for the challenges of post-graduate life. Research based best practices are {continued on page 42} 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


integrated into teaching in all courses. A full time counselor works in our College and Career Center to assist students in the college application process. With additional grade-level counselors, the counseling team endlessly strives to educate, develop community, and promote partnerships with students, alumni, faculty, employers and members of the college community. Extracurricular programs, such as field trips, and guest speakers encourage students to work hard to make their dreams a reality. Artesia High School offers a well-balanced academic and extracurricular learning environment. Our Renaissance and AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) programs are leadership-building programs that focus on academic achievement and inspire all students to reach higher levels of success. Demanding and engaging curricula offer our students a learning environment that is challenging and well rounded. Award winning sports programs promote leadership and academics as well as skill development. Artesia High School’s Magnet Program features the Visual and Performing Arts Academy (VAPA) and Math, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) Academy. In addition, the Southeast Regional Occupational Program has partnered with Artesia High School and is instrumental in pro-

viding career pathways for students interested in pharmacy and mental health fields. Academic curriculum and project-based learning provide students with tools to create and prepare for their future. Artesia High School’s unique „No Fail“ Math Department has an intense focus on meeting defined math benchmarks. The math department provides support for all students by offering tutoring sessions before, during and after school. The key to the program is flexibility and alternative, multiple learning opportunities. As a result, more and more students are qualified for higher-level math courses each successive year. Our award winning band program boasts dedicated and talented marching and concert musicians. The marching band will compete in six parades each year. The band not only performs at football games, field shows, pep rallies, parades and community events, but will also compete in three band festivals throughout the year. The instrumental music program not only builds the musicianship skills of its students but also engages them in the appreciation, theory, and composition of music. We look forward to yet another successful year for our students.

Cerritos High School 12500 E 183rd Street, Cerritos, CA 90703 (562) 926-5566, ext. 21800 Principal – Janice Peterson

Welcome to Cerritos High School, Home of the Dons! Welcome to Cerritos High School, Home of the Dons! Cerritos High School has a strong history of academic excellence with highly motivated students that are committed to rigorous academic achievement with enthusiastic engagement all aspects of their secondary educational experience. We are proud of our students as they excel in their studies, establish friendships, and demonstrate school pride and community spirit. Cerritos High School is one of the foremost educational institutions in the United States. We continue to receive national and state recognition for our academic achievements. For the past five years Newsweek Magazine has named CHS as one of top high

schools in the United States, ranking our school 161st out of 1,600 high performing high schools. Our students continue to score over the 800 benchmark on the state’s Academic Performance Index (API) with substantial growth in the last three years. We offer our students rigorous college preparatory classes that include our highly toted and honored Model United Nations (MUN) program and a comprehensive selection of

Advanced Placement (AP) courses. We round out our master schedule course selections with a variety of elective classes -art, ceramics, Glee, drama, band, orchestra, foods, multi-media and technology-focused course offerings. We challenge our students with UC approved course requirements (A-G). Our Advanced Placement (AP) classes challenge our students in a most rigorous curricular environment with our AP test results showing an overall pass above 70% and an increase in AP test takers. Our CHS graduates continue to be accepted and successful at private and public universities/colleges. These distinctions illustrate a result of consistently high student

42 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

academic achievement and reflect the hard work of our dedicated faculty and staff. The Dons are enthusiastically involved in a variety of co-curricular activities. Our clubs and organizations cultivate imaginations, promote leadership, and provide invaluable opportunities for our students to give back to our community As reflected in our mission statement, CHS faculty and staff, in partnership with parents and our community provide a

balanced and comprehensive educational program that promotes academic, social, and personal growth for each of our students. As the principal of the Dons, I look forward to the transition of our students from success at Cerritos High School to success in their post secondary journey. Janice C. Peterson Principal, Cerritos High School

Gahr High School 11111 Artesia Blvd, Cerritos, CA 90703 (562) 926-5566, ext. 22000 Principal â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Gina Zietlow

As a WASC Accredited, California Distinguished School, Gahr High School is a diverse community with over 30 cultural groups and languages shared by students on the campus. In this context, staff seeks to provide a variety of opportunities for students to learn and develop as global citizens prepared for the 21st Century and beyond. The Gahr community understands the value of a quality education and provides opportunities for students to grow and develop as individuals and teams. This growth is accomplished in each classroom, class meeting, club meeting, rehearsal or team practice, as students are equipped to meet their educational and career goals. As a diverse, comprehensive high school, Gahr provides students with diverse options in the areas of Academics, Activities, and Athletics. Academic Diversity Gahr High School offers student programs that range from courses for English Learners to Advanced Placement courses. Most courses offered at Gahr are college preparatory in nature and meet the requirements for entrance to the University of California and California State University systems. In addition, the Gahr staff believes that students should have available to them assistance or intervention in academic subject areas. This assistance is found in various courses and opportunities provided for students. Gahr High School offers English Language Arts and Math courses for students who are in need of assistance with passing the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) or other graduation requirements; tutoring in English, Math, Science, Social Science, and Foreign Language; and Advanced Placement review sessions and experiences. The academic diversity of the campus is also seen in the many programs that are available for students, which require time both in and out of the classroom. The following are some of the academic programs available for students that provide real life learning experiences which students can use when they leave Gahr High School: Arts Technology Academy (ATA) The Arts Technology Academy (ATA) is a California Partnership Academy that provides students with a visual arts and

technology focus during their high school experience. Academy students are enrolled in English, Social Science, Science, and Art Technology courses together during the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. In addition, 9th grade students are able to participate in the Introduction to ATA/Art I course as part of a bridge from middle school to high school. The educational experiences of the students are enhanced by a variety of guest speakers, field trips, and special activities that allow students to experience the art world and the use of technology in that world. Model United Nations (MUN) Model United Nations (MUN) is both a course and club on contemporary world issues in a variety of areas including economics, politics and social/cultural conditions. Gahr MUN utilizes simulation activities that allow students to explore more deeply the problems that exist on the international playing field. Students attend conferences and simulations where they study and represent various nations of the world and the challenges being faced today by those nations. Gahr MUN has earned many awards and received recognition for their research and debate work. The program has also worked through KIVA to provide micro-finance support for various people in underdeveloped nations. Regional Occupational Program (ROP) The Regional Occupational Program (ROP) provides opportunities for career and technical training in a variety of fields during high school. Classes are provided in career areas where there is a promising job market. Through the Regional Occupational Program, students acquire the job skills necessary to enter and compete in todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s workforce, and in many cases, earn advanced placement or credits at area community colleges. There are a number of ROP courses available at Gahr High School including Microsoft Office Suite; Virtual Enterprise, a simulated business that is set up and run by students to prepare them for working in a real business environment; Adobe PhotoShop; Auto Mechnanics; Forensic Science; Hospital Occupations; Pharmacy Clerk; and Pharmacy Technician. Performing Arts Gahr High School offers many opportunities for student interested in theater and music. Through the theater program, students have opportunities to participate in dramatic productions throughout the school year, {continued on page 44} 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


develop ideas for costuming, and learn set design and construction. In addition, the Gahr High School theater program has participated in numerous community events. The theater program also works in conjunction with the music program each year to put on a musical in the spring. In addition to the collaboration with the theater program, students have opportunities to participate in various musical experiences including: orchestra, jazz band, marching band, concert band, symphonic winds, concert choir, and music appreciation. Activity Diversity The variety of activities available for students at Gahr High School truly matches the diversity of the student community. Gahr has an active Associated Student Body (ASB) that coordinates the multiple student groups on campus. Students are able to participate in their Class Cabinet where ideas are shared and plans are prepared for major school events like the Winter Formal, Prom, and Senior Candle Rose. In addition, the Class Cabinets work together to encourage school spirit and student participation in various school events. Gahr High School also offers a variety of clubs on campus. All clubs are designed to provide an educational outlet for students to learn together and share their learning with the campus. The clubs at Gahr High School are: Arts and Travel Club, Barkada Club, California Scholarship Federation (CSF), Emergency Environmental Service Club (EES), Equality Through Feminism Club Fashion for Humanity Club, French Club, International Thespian Society (ITS), Japanese Club, Key Club, Korean Fellowship Club (KFC), Literary Cinema Club, Math and Science Club, Multicultural Forum (MCF), National Honors Society (NHS), Organization of African American Unity (OOAU), Spanish Club, Virtual Enterprise, and Youth Alive. Athletic Diversity The diversity of Gahr High School is also found in the multiple athletic opportunities that exist for students. The athletic programs happen on a seasonal calendar with Cheerleading and Color Guard being year-round programs. In addition, most of

the athletic programs at Gahr have summer activities. To participate, a student must complete an Athletic Clearance Packet and complete a tryout or interview with the team coach before being placed on an athletic team and in an athletic class period. In the fall season, Gahr High School offers Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross Country, Co-Ed Football, Girls Golf, Girls Tennis, Girls Volleyball, and Boys Water Polo. During the winter season, Gahr High School offers Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Girls Water Polo, and Co-Ed Wrestling. Finally, in the spring season, Gahr High School offers Co-Ed Badminton, Baseball, Boys Golf, Softball, Boys Swimming, Girls Swimming, Boys Tennis, Boys Track & Field, Girls Track & Field, and Boys Volleyball. In addition to the many traditional athletic programs, Gahr High School is proud to offer Co-Ed Cycling for students who are interested. This program provides training and education for beginning to advanced students and gives students opportunities to participate in various cycling events in our local area. Parent/Guardian Opportunities Finally, the programs at Gahr High School are supported by a number of parent run organizations associated with the school. There are many opportunities for parents to get involved with Gahr High School through Athletic Boosters, English Language Acquisition Committee (ELAC), Music Boosters, Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), and School Site Council (SSC). These various groups meet regularly and information is available on the school web site and through program teachers and coaches.To learn more about Gahr High School, please stay connected through the school web site at The web site is updated regularly and provides critical information on upcoming events and happenings for the Gahr community.

Tracy High School 12222 Cuesta Drive , Cerritos, CA 90703 (562) 926-5566, ext. 22200 Principal â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Jeff Green

Tracy High School continues to be the center of the ABC Unified School Districtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s offerings for alternative programs for secondary school students. Tracy High School became a Model Continuation School in 2002 and was given a six year accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges in June 2005. Tracy offers core academic programs and a personal attention to students who are behind in credits. The Early College Program with Cerritos College provides students college-level vocational/technical courses for dual credit. THS teachers all focus on the courses required for graduation. Small class size and a friendly, peaceful, campus environment encourage student achievement and cooperation. An emphasis is placed on academic counseling as well as a philosophy that eve-

44 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

ryone deserves a second chance. Tracy High School has a few of the extra-curricular activities of a traditional high school (with the exception of athletics and performing arts). Students enjoy outings such as Grad Night, Senior Prom, and yearbook signing as well as student of the month awards, Back to School Night and Open House. Teen Parent/Cal-Safe The Teen Parent Program (TPP) is open to students who are expecting a child and/or are already parenting. Classes teach parenting skills, prenatal health and childbirth. An infant center is offered to participating students and is staffed by professional as well as community and student volunteers. Afternoon High School This option is offered to Tracy students from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Students with serious attendance or school related problems may transfer to this program.

This educational alternative is located at the Cabrillo Lane campus on Del Amo Blvd. Behavior modification such as conflict resolution, study skills, responsible decision making skills and job readiness are emphasized. Tracy Afternoon Program - TAP This program is open to 10th grade students who are under 16 years of age. Upon a counselor’s recommendation, students take classes daily from the hours of 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Students must be at least 30 credits behind in order to be considered. All students must be referred by their home school and attend an orientation before being admitted. The ABC Secondary School/Independent Study Independent Study is a voluntary educational alternative. It is a means of individualizing an educational learning plan for 7th through 12th grade students whose needs may best be met through study outside the regular classroom setting.

Short-term Independent Study is an educational alternative for students who will have planned absences of five days or more. The independent study agreement must be entered into before the student starts his/her absence. Elementary students should see their Principals; and middle and high school students should see their counselor for more information or call Ms. Pauline Calcote at 562-926-5566 ext. 22207. Work Experience An evening Work Experience program is held one day a week, in the evening, and is open to all students over the age of 16 who work 30 hours a week or more. The program is held in two sessions. The first session is from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and the second session is from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. All academic courses necessary for high school graduation are offered in these night sessions. Students also earn elective credits for completing job-related assignments.

Whitney High School 16800 Shoemaker Avenue, Cerritos, CA 90703 (562) 926-5566, ext. 22300 Principal – Patricia Hager

Whitney High School is a public college prep program grades 7 – 12 with 1025 students. Our mission is to prepare students for their best match colleges and/or universities so that they will be successful in future post secondary pursuits. Several exciting, ambitious projects and programs are currently taking place in order to support our students and their interests. Raise the Roof is a fundraising campaign designed to earn matching dollars toward a grant of up to $3 million that will be awarded by the state of California in December 2010 for new construction of a media center and 500 seat auditorium. The facility will house state of the art technology and equipment for broadcast journalism, computer graphics classes, film making/ editing classes, student performances, etc so that students will have the opportunity to develop skills and talent in these areas. On October 9th, a fun- filled, family oriented festival will be hosted on the Whitney campus that will feature a variety of activities such as a health fair, car raffle, art exhibit, food booths, and performances. All profit will be allocated to Raise the Roof. We appreciate the generous contributions from our families and business partners. A list of names of donors is featured on our scrolling marquee on the WHS website. In addition to challenging our students academically, we

emphasize the importance of global citizenship and community service. Along these lines, we are in the planning stages of organizing a student/teacher exchange program with Mario Vecchioli High School in Rafaela, Argentina as an offshoot of an administrator exchange sponsored by American Councils for International Education I have participated in over the past year. The goal is to share best practices and learn about each other. We hope to have teachers from both schools plan assignments that students from both schools will work together in teams to complete. Communication will take place virtually through technology and social media, but we have also been awarded a grant to send two WHS representatives to Argentina to work out logistics and meet the school personally. Our students will practice their Spanish/ their students will practice their English. A small group of the Argentine students will possibly visit for two weeks in February. We were sad to say goodbye to our retirees- math teacher Jan Jensen, English teacher Debra Logan, math teacher Sandy Bruesch, ASB Bookkeeper Sharon McKee, English teacher Dennis Brent, and gym attendant Rita Jiminez because they have played such an important role in our history and success. However, we are pleased to welcome new blood into the Wildcat family and are confident that the quality of our program will continue with the knowledgeable, experienced people we have recently hired. Please plan to attend Back to School Night on September 30th so that you can meet your children’s teachers and learn more about us. 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


ABC Adult School 12254 Cuesta, Cerritos, CA 90703 (562) 926-5566, ext. 25011 Principal â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dr. Pao-Ling Guo

Celebrating 50 Years of Quality Services in Adult Education Dear Community Members: As Always, ABC Adult School ended its 2009-10 school year in what is becoming a characteristic fashion: 1. High instructional quality that is meeting the expressed needs of the community as evidenced by higher retention

numbers in all program areas. 2. New student-driven program development and program improvement. Just this year, Adult School added several exciting new things: such as new Pharmacy Tech program, new Movie animation Program, new Mac Lab, new website (unveiled on March 5, 2010), new AutoCAD, Inventor class, new computer-aided drafting program, new Compass Odyssey courses for High School Diploma program, and new authorized testing center for Microsoft and Adobe tests. 3. More effective advertising and marketing as evidenced by higher retention and lower costs in advertisement expenditures. 4. New infrastructure improvement, i.e. new parking lots, painting, plumbing, roofing, carpeting, and renewer portable classrooms at Cabrillo Lane. 5. New strengthened partnerships with the cities and business industries we serve: We entered into Memorandum of Agreement with City of Artesia, Cerritos, and Hawaiian Gardens, Pioneer Medical Groups, Dr. Soo Woong Kang, Dr. Helene Saad, Pro Health Partners, Lakewood Primary Care, Southern California Kaiser Permanente, West Coast Dialysis Center, and CareMore Health Plan. The Career Technical Education Center at ABC Adult School exists to train students, not just for jobs, but careers. The center provides career paths that lead to Industry Certifi-

46 2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine

cation in several areas including Medical Assisting, Medical Insurance Specialist, Computer Repair/IT Technician, Office Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Web Design, Graphic Design, Accounting Clerk, Pharmacy Technician, and Video Production. Industry Certification gives our students a leg up when searching for that perfect job. So if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking to train for a career, update your existing skills, improve your English, get your high school diploma, become a better parent, or even explore new life-long learning opportunities, give ABC Adult School a look. All the information you need to start is on our web site: www.abcadultschool. edu. I wish you much success in the new school year and I personally look forward to seeing all of you on our campus and in our classes. Sincerely, Dr. Pao-Ling Guo Principal




2010 ABC Unified School District Back-to-School Magazine


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