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8 JANUARY 11, 2013

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Controller Greuel’s Calendar Expose Puts LCCN Into Media Spotlight

[l-r] Hews and Economy with CBS' Dave Lopez.

[l-r] LCCN Investigative Reporter Randy Economy, NBC's Patrick Healy, and LCCN Publisher Brian Hews.

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Fox News Anchor Susan Hirosuna and Randy Economy in the LCCN newsroom. A video of the Fox report can be found at Los Cerritos Community Newspaper once again was the focal point of media outlets throughout Southern California this past week after they released an online expose article that featured the public calendar of controversial Los Angeles City Controller Wendy Greuel who is hoping to become the next Mayor of the second largest city in America. Publisher Brian Hews and Investigative Reporter Randy Economy released Greuel’s official city calendar late Monday afternoon on its website and within hours their coverage became the top reported news program for a 48 hour period on this week. Reporting from the LCCN news room (located on Artesia Boulevard and Shoemaker Avenue) was Fox News Anchor Susan Hirosuna, NBC Southern California Reporter Patrick Healy, as well as CBS2/ KCAL9 Investigative Reporter Dave Lopez. Hews and Economy where also featured on several radio talk shows in Southern California this week including a live in studio interview with hard hitting journalist David Cruz, with the popular “David Cruz Show” on KTLK AM 1150. Economy was also a guest on 790 KABC Talk Radio’s Peter Tilden Show on Monday night. LCCN’s coverage into Controller Greuel’s highly controversial calendar was also featured in the Los Angeles Times, The Daily News, Pasadena Star News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, The LA Weekly, The Huffington Post, KFI’s Bill Carroll Show, CityWatch, and dozens of other media outlets. Los Cerritos Community Newspaper is being considered for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for its groundbreaking investigative work that lead to the arrest of Los Angeles County Assessor John R. Noguez, Property Tax Agent Ramin Salari, as well as two others who are accused of hundreds of collective counts of money laundering, accepting of bribes, and criminal forgery.