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TO ADVERTISE CALL 800-901-7211 conflict of interest he said he was retired and had no conflict of interest. Commenting on ABC budget cuts Sophia Tse said the District recently established an ABC Foundation to help supplement its programs. “We are currently looking for a Director who can work with the local business people to bring in more revenue.” She said she would do her research and work with

LOSCERRITOSNEWS.NET the Board doesn’t just operate on its own. They meet with parents and staff before a decision is made on how to balance the budget. “This is not to say there weren’t budget cuts, but they are kept away from the classroom as much as possible. “Together we can meet future budget cuts. Nobody likes them but we have to work with them,” she added. Concerning having a conflict of interest,

Six ABC candidates are seeking election to four four-year seats on the ABC school bard. They are (l-r) newcomer Henna Sharma, and incumbents Celia Spitzer, Armin Reyes, Maynard Law, Sophia Tse, and former board member Louise Dodson.


she stated. “We have no idea what us coming down the road from Sacramento and even small cuts will be painful.” On the question of a conflict of interest, she said she is retired. She also stated that to her knowledge there was no segregation in the School of Choice program. Linda Johnson said as a board member she would vote to keep budget cuts away from student programs such as art, music and mathematics. When funding begins to increase she would be in favor of reducing class sizes. “The best investment is to provide a teacher for every classroom, therefore we need professional development programs for teachers.” Johnson said she is a 25-year employee of the county and there was no conflict of interest. She also doesn’t know anything about segregation in the School of Choice of program. Soo Yoo said if there was a reduction in funding the first thing she would favor would be a suspension in hiring. She also suggested the district look at some of its unused properties for possible development, but before the District did that it needed to see what the state would do next. ”We need to do research and planning,” she said. The candidate also

Coming to the her fellow board members what will be the best direction to go in meeting future budget cuts, not only for the teachers but the students. As for her job having a conflict of interest with ABC, she said there was none. Louise Dodson said it has been a tough year concerning budget cuts. Being a past president of the PTSA and a former school board member she knows

she said there was none with her job. To her knowledge there was no segregation in the School of Choice program. Celia Spitzer said she works with her fellow board members on budget information provided by the staff. She said she weighs the options on what would have the least impact on the students and employees. “No cut is a good cut,”


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said because of her tutoring business she asked Deputy Superintendent Dr. Mary Sieu if there would be a conflict of interest and she said no. If anything it would be an enhancement. Concerning the question of School of Choice she said to her knowledge there is no racial discrimination. CindyYen Chen said like any business the District needs to look for new revenues and reduce expenses. Staff members should be encouraged to come up with ideas on how to reduce expenses and ideas to add student enrollment.” She said that included adding more magnet schools, which would bring more students into ABC, thus increasing its ADA. “We could also increase our programs with other agencies in order to add to our student population.” On the question of having a business conflict with ABC, she said there wasn’t any. Concerning student segregation in the school of choice program, she does not believe there is any. She said, “Our community is very diverse. In every corner of our district we have students of all races. I don’t feel there is racial bias in the program.”

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