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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Franklin Career College

Franklin Career College is a vocational training school, located at 12440 Firestone Blvd Suite 2000 in the city of Norwalk, CA. They understand the high demand for skilled employees in the medical and machine repair fields and currently offer three courses that fit the need for that demand. The courses are Medical Billing and Coding, Clinical Back Office Medical and Office Machine Repair. The Medical Billing and Codling course is a 15 week course and prepares the individual to work at an entry-level position in a Medical and Dental office (Doctor, Chiropractor, Medical supply store, Dental Office,) independent billing offices, or Hospital Billing Offices. Upon completion, the graduate will understand the expectations of the Medical and Dental Industry, will have gained job knowledge and mastery of the skills needed to perform the job as a Medical and Dental biller using the personal computer to generate billing documents The Clinical Back Office Medical program course is a 16 week course and will prepare the individual to work at an entry-level position in a medical providers’ office as a Medi-

cal Assistant. Upon course completion, the graduate will understand the expectations of the Medical Assistant in the field of Allied Health and will have gained job knowledge and mastery of the skills needed to perform the job of a Medical Assistant. The Office Machine Repair program is a 15 week course and will prepare the student for entry-level employment in the diagnostics, operation, service and/or repair of Office Machines such as Photocopiers, Facsimiles, Laser Printers and Personal Computers. Additionally, students will enhance their skills in practical electronics and public relations including territory management and customer satisfaction. Possible positions available to graduates of this program are but not limited to: Customer Service Technician, Dispatcher, Bench work, Electro Mechanical equipment repair Technician. CAREER PLANNING AND PLACEMENT AVAILABLE Please contact Linda Estrella to schedule a tour of the campus and learn more about the programs that we offer. Financial aid is available for those who qualify call (562) 651-1626.

W.R. Marlowe Educations Services New member Bob Marlowe of says "No human being is capable of doing, or being, all that is necessary to do that thing we so thoughtlessly call 'Safe Driving.' " As a Traffic School instructor, Police Academy instructor, and MADD's national volunteer of the

year Bob will motivate your drivers to Do It Right. Contact Bob for more information at 800-400-4262 or visit him on the web at Bob Marlowe,

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Unfair Distraction of Employees

pointed out that since 2008, fewer than 30 of the 1,500 local public agencies in the CalPERS network (the largest pension plan in the country) have adopted a lower level of benefits for new hires. Nearly 200 public agencies in CalPERS continued to increase retirement benefits for current workers, even as pension portfolios shrunk and tax revenues dropped. The commission pointed out that the lack of uniformity clouds transparency, invites mischief and abuse, such as pension “spiking,” creates a “compensation arms race” among communities and “delegates complicated decisions to often inexperienced” local officials. Addressing Pension Liabilities The commission recommended reforms to address current and future pension liabilities, including a “hybrid” pension model that combines a lower defined-benefit pension formula with an employermatched and risk-managed definedcontribution plan. The commission also suggested that the state explore extending Social Security old-age benefits to uncovered state and local employees, as is the case with the federal workforce. The full report is available on the Little Hoover Commission website at

Do your employees ever get calls from creditors or collection agencies about their personal financial affairs? Certainly, this hinders their productivity. Did you know that under the Fair Credit Collection Practices Act it is illegal for collectors to contact a debtor at his/her place of employment if the collector is made aware that it is against the personnel policy of the employer for the employee to take such calls? Smart solution – add to your personnel policy that it is a violation for any employee to accept a call from a creditor or collection agency about his/her personal financial or business affairs. Communicate such to your employees and make sure they understand that they are to tell any creditors that contact them at work of the company policy, their knowledge of the Fair Credit Collection Practices Act, and that any violators will be reported to the Federal Trade Commission. For a copy, go to: http://business.

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Energy Solutions Help Lowe’s Build a Healthier Business and Environment Just as leading retailer Lowe’s continues to help customers improve the places they call home through a wide array of product solutions, the company demonstrates an ongoing commitment to energy management solutions. In 2010, the company installed demand control ventilation (DCV) systems in more than 20 of its approximately 60 stores in SCE’s service territory, with an SCE incentive of approximately $312,000 and projected savings of more than 1.7 megawatts of demand and nearly 1.5 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually. The DCV system monitors the carbon dioxide levels in the stores, allowing the HVAC systems to operate more efficiently by matching the ventilation to the changing occupancy rates. Also last year, Lowe’s completed a company-wide five-year sales floor lighting retrofit project that put in more than 3 million new energye4fficient T8 fluorescent fixtures as replacements for older metal-halide high-intensity discharge lamps. According to Lowe’s, the project – which started with retrofits at 16 stores in SCE’s service territory about five years ago – provides an estimated 546 million kWh in savings annually. Operating Responsibly “The company’s store energy efficiency initiative is an element of its broader focus on operating more responsibly, from the expanding line of efficient products it sells to the initiatives it undertakes that reduce resource use across the supply chain,” said Lowe’s Director of Energy Management and Utilities Charlie Martin. “The choices we make are critical to our impact on the environment,” Martin said, noting the company belief that building a healthier business and a healthier environment go hand-inhand. “We have to be good environmental stewards. We’re trying to make our buildings more sustainable,

and the first step is to manage energy consumption.” In addition Lowe’s also reduces energy demand in SCE’s service territory by taking part in the Capacity Bidding Program (CBP), through which participants opt to reduce power use during CBP events. Participates make monthly nominations and receive incentive payments based on the amount of load (capacity) reduction elected each month, plus payments for actual energy reduction (based on kWh) when an event is called. Demand Response Reduction of 50 kW Per Store Martin said Lowe’s typically drops about 50 kilowatts per store during a CBP event by reducing both sales floor lighting and store cooling. For cooling, the stores rotate turning off tow of about 16 HVAC units for 30 minutes as a time, helping the company meet if reduction targets. This commitment to both energy efficiency and Demand Response gets noticed. Among its notable industry distinction, in 2010 Lowe’s became the first retailer to receive the ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award, presented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy. This was the company’s eight consecutive ENERGY STAR honor overall. Martin said the company benefits greatly from its collaboration with SCE, including Major Account Manager Cynthia Martin. “My experience with SCE has been very positive,” he said. “They have been very responsive and have a great account manager program. I look at them as a partner.” For more information on how you also can benefit from SCE’s wide array of energy management programs and services, contact your account representative or visit solutions and

NORWALK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEMBERSHIP INCENTIVE Do you know a business that should be a member of the Norwalk Chamber, but isn’t? Do you know an industry that should be represented as a Chamber Member, but isn’t? Do you know a business that could benefit by the networking opportunities that the Chamber offers? The Norwalk Chamber of Commerce is offering an incentive to its members during the months of June and July. If you refer a business and they sign up for Norwalk Chamber Membership during May or June, we will discount your renewal dues by $25.00.* There is no limit to the number of members you can refer for Membership ~ you will receive a discount for each member! * This is a one year only offer for your next annual renewal, not a permanent dues reduction.


Do you know an industry that should be represented as a Chamber Member, but isn’t? The Norwalk Chamber of Commerce is offering an incentive...