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The OhioHealth 2016-2017 intern class was approached in July to tackle a new project with three main goals:

Identify key features and advantages of competitors’ websites Create awareness and understanding of the new to internal audiences

Create awareness and generate organic traffic to the new to external audiences

Our team conducted individual research and analyzed our findings as a group. We split up into internal communication and external marketing teams. Each team formulated goals, strategies and tactics to reach unique target audiences, or “PATs”, and measured results.

Our efforts yielded results including established awareness and understanding of key features, as well as increased organic traffic to the new Throughout this process, we have also gained professional life lessons that we will carry with us into our future careers—a takeaway that is invaluable when it comes to our experiences as OhioHealth MarComm Goslings.


In order to gain understanding and insight into best practices in terms of website design and layout, our team began the project with preliminary research that was both qualitative and quantitative. First, we strategically choose ten additional websites to research—five that were directly related to healthcare, two that were strictly retail-focused and three that were a mixture of both.



Retail and Healthcare-focused

Grading Websites Based on user experience

We graded each site in terms of five aspects we felt were most important on creating the best user experience:


Is this website mobile-friendly? Does the page adjust to fit the screen accordingly?


What is their USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? Does the website have any features that stand out? Is there something they’re clearly excited about? Think chat features, Find a Doc, etc.

Search Features

If there is a search bar, how direct is it? Does it keep you within the site for what you’re looking for? Did too many options pop up? Did it give you exactly what you searched for?

Design/ Aesthetics

Accessibility Is it easy to get to where you’re trying to go? Are your options clear and concise? Are your “basic needs/questions” (phone number, hours, contacts, location, etc.) easy to find?

Is it easy to look at? Are the colors easy on the eyes? Is it up-to-date or outdated? Is everything clean and consistent or is it cluttered?

DEFINING PAT Everyone needs accessible healthcare, but we tried to pull groups out of the population that we would focus on reaching. We dove into learning more about the features of the new so that we could identify who they speak to among our customers and patients. Additionally, we identified our associates as an important group to both educate patients on, as well as become a patient themselves.



OhioHealth associates and physicians

Busy Parents

Active Adults


Internal Campaign




+To raise awareness of the new website

+Achieve 500 unique visitors for teaser banner

+To increase organic website traffic

+Obtain 1,000 associate entries for the scavenger hunt


+Strategy 1: Use intranet to inform and educate associates about the new website and how to navigate it both pre-launch and post-launch

+Strategy 2: Use internal communication channels to +Five entries will be randomly select- communicate key features to all ed to win an Apple Watch Series 2 OhioHealth associates


This eSource page was created to inform OhioHealth associates about the new Before the launch, a teaser banner linked to this page to let associates know about what to expect. After the website launched, a banner linked to this page to notify associates that the new was live and that there were new features to explore. ACHIEVED


unique views

Healthcare at your Fingertips Check out the new OhioHealth app and website Find a Doctor Schedule an appointment Read the Wellness Blog

download today!



unique views

Visit and download the app on the Apple App Store or get it on Google Play.

Scavenger hunt Esource page

Scavenger Hunt Directions: • Open a new browser and go to • Embark on your patient journey and complete the form at the bottom of the page as you hunt for the requested information without leaving OhioHealth’s website. • Please complete and submit by Tuesday, November 22. How to Win: • Only one entry per person. • All answers must be correct in order to be entered. • Five winners will be randomly selected and notified via email after the Scavenger hunt ends on Tuesday, November 22. Your name is Pat and you live at The Avenue at Polaris Apartments. While on a run last week at Highbanks Park, you tripped and hurt your ankle. You have been resting and icing your ankle for the past two days, but the pain still has not subsided. Because your injury has impaired your ability to walk, you decide to seek medical attention. Remembering that you saw an ad on Facebook advertising OhioHealth urgent cares, you hop on your computer to find the closest one to you. 1. Find the address for the closest urgent care to The Avenue at Polaris Apartments and enter in blank #1 below.

After seeing Dr. FixIt at the urgent care, you find out that your injury was more serious than you had thought and needs more attention than the typical RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) treatment. Dr. FixIt has requested that you schedule an appointment with an excellent sports medicine doctor who is accepting new patients. You grew up in India and are bilingual so you would appreciate a doctor that is too. When you get home, you go on your computer to make an appointment. You find a doctor who also speaks Telugu. 2. Find the doctor who fits this criteria and enter in blank #2 below.

At the appointment with your sports medicine doctor, you are praised for taking care of your injury and seeking proper care. You prevented your ankle from getting worse! Along with more RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation), she would like you to take part in some rehabilitation to strengthen your joint. Your doctor suggests contacting the pain management service. 3. Locate the Pain Management phone number under the Services tab and enter in blank #3 below.

Being the great patient you are, you follow all the instructions given to you. Now that you are all better, you want to make sure you stay strong and healthy so you can eventually reach your goal of competing in the local 5K. You remember that your doctor mentioned there maybe helpful tips on the OhioHealth Wellness Blog to help you reach your goal. You pull up the website on your computer after work and search for the “Tough Workout? Top 5 Foods For Recovery” article to read up on a healthy choice to your diet. 4. List one food in the “Tough Workout? Top 5 Foods for Recovery” article and enter in blank #4 below.

Thank you for your submission! Once the scavenger hunt closes on November 22, 2016, five winners will be selected at random to win an Apple Watch Series 2. Winners will be notified via email.

External Campaign



Goals +To raise awareness of the new website +To increase organic website traffic


+Regain organic search traffic within +Strategy 1: Use paid efforts to 12 months of website launch compensate for the loss of organic (measured quarterly) traffic and drive additional external visits to the new website. +Generate ~ 5,250,000 impressions over the campaign +Strategy 2:Social Media Campaigns lifetime. to generate awareness and traffic to the new website

Channel Breakdown




Partner with MNI Display Advertising to target the OhioHealth footprint with paid ads via the appropriate channels

Ad placement on Facebook newsfeeds, both desktop and mobile, right hand rail, and the Facebook audience network.

Ad placement on Pandora channels accessed within the OhioHealth footprint. These ads feature both visual and audio ad content.

+Campaign Flight: 2-3

months +Location Targeting: entire OH footprint +Targets: Millennials and College Students +Estimated: 1.5 – 2.5 million impressions

paid ads

+Campaign Flight: 5 weeks +Location Targeting: Columbus, DMA

+Busy Parents: ages 25-45 +Active Adults: Ages 30-60 +Males & Females +Campaign Flight: 2-3 months +Potential Reach: 1,500,000

people (unique users) +Est. Daily Reach: 4,700-12,000 (not unique users)


+Males & Females +Ages 25-49 +OH Footprint +2 weeks post web-site launch

+10% Share of Voice (SOV)


December 5- December 12

December 7- January 12









+Proactive wellness, mobility, accessibility and convenience +Customer experience and relationship


December 7- February 28

December 23- January 12

Ages 30-60 Columbus DMA


Ages 25-49 OH Footprint

College Students OH Footprint

Paid Ads

results 825,842 Impressions FACEBOOK Active Adults +This PAT had the highest CTR in Facebook at 3.22%.

681,021 Impressions FACEBOOK Active Adults

Total Impressions:


PANDORA 1,844,342 Active Adults


+Male demographic ages 25-29 had the highest CTR (Click-Through Rate) at 0.21% +Females accrued more impressions, but males accrued more clicks



1,917,518 Impressions

+Customers have a much higher likelihood of clicking our 160x600 skyscraper ad than other sizes

Homepage Takeover Highest CTR of any display campaign at 2.17%

Ad generated over 2,500 interactions with our brand

Average CTR (3.17%) for both Facebook campaigns were much higher than what we usually see with our other campaigns.

Thank you MarComm! for all of your hard work and guidance throughout this process

Meet the Interns!

Dr. Kelley Jiang Specialty: Marketing

Dr. Lauren Meader Dr. Melanie March Dr. Allie Humes Specialty: Creative Services

Dr. Aubrey Cornwell Dr. Taylor Tolley Specialty: System Communications

Specalty: Events

Specialty: Digital Marketing

Specialty: Sponsorships

Dr. Allison Predmore Specialty: Communications & Media Relations

Dr. Brian Hammel Dr. Brooke Gerken Dr. Michelle Jacobson Specialty: Communications & Media Relations

Specialty: O’Bleness Marketing & Communications

Specialty: O’Bleness Marketing & Communications


FINDING A MEETING TIME THAT WORKS FOR EVERYONE: With different work and class schedules, in addition to being at different locations, it can be difficult to find time for everyone to be a part of meetings.

HOW TO RUN A MEETING: Becoming the meeting facilitator, preparing content, scheduling the

appropriate amount of time and delegating tasks to make sure that things continue to move forward.

FINDING A INNER LEADER: We have had the opportunity to explore new skill sets and strengthen existing ones, making it possible for all of us to step up at different times to take lead.

THINGS TAKE TIME: Getting approval from all stakeholders before implementing tactics may take more time than expected, but it’s necessary. If you rush something, it could result in moving backward.

USE YOUR NETWORK: Put yourself out there and meet new people along the way. Your network is your biggest resource.

TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK: We were all a part of a project that is much bigger than ourselves and yielded results that we couldn’t have accomplished individually.

2017 intern project  
2017 intern project