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your grip I you get a grip variation go with the wide grip to build your chess NK now you want to go the minimum neutral but a wide trip I Y group is nine work more on your chest so what is aide grip so a neutral grip is where your shoulders are so my shoulders about right here so thesis a neutral grip for me in case of your shoulders is wider than you’ll be doing a wider group vice versa so if a wide group is anywhere from three to four inches wider than your shoulder with so that for me would be about right here okay looks pretty wide so this is going to go ahead and work more on my chest and less are my triceps and less on my shoulders so I'll keep in mind though when you ‘redoing a wide grip if you're not used to doing it its going to put a lot of pressure on your risk and sometimes somewhere pressures on your shoulders they may not be used to so if you're transitioning into a wide grip they make sure you lower the wait a little bit from what you usually work on so this Wayne get your body use to the new grip and once you do up the way and so you’re able to go heavy again and you're going to be able to build your chest safely instead of getting injured trying to go super wide okay so keep that in mind very important I'm so what do you do when you go to jail make sure your incorporating to three exercises to make sure they're all presses make sure it's heavy and make sure you go with the wide grip to really bring out your chess get ready for the summer the good at the poor you know the works more workouts marchers in tips Six Pack Shortcuts dot com see our guys next time is up he soul pre Extreme now with robotics the all natural way to lose weight increase energy and feel great just look good so free extreme do for you increase the metabolism up that clean and detoxify your body for in carbohydrates faster stabilize your appetite stimulate weight loss increase energy plus much more if you are experiencing one or more of the following it may be time for salt free extreme food cravings 30 black a bogus headaches occasional mood swings occasional constipation protruding belly dry skin battling symptoms like these can be a real burden on day-to-day life feeling better means doing better sold free extreme to give you more control to overcome these symptoms can be more productive in your everyday activities why not start today the all natural way to lose weight increase energy and feel great sold create extreme proprietary blend of highly effective an extremely potent yet natural ingredients provides you with amazing advantages to achieve your weight loss goals the ingredients in Seoul pre Extreme can help boost metabolism increase energy levels aid digestion like free radicals and maximize your ability to burn calories combined sold re extremely healthy eating and

exercise and you will achieve your weight loss goals burn more calories today when you’re asleep your digestive system is hard at work but weighs build up in your system can slow down the process have proper digestion this buildup can make you wake up feeling tired and loaded give your metabolism the boost it needs with the power of soul free extreme let our revolutionary formula group to purify your system so you can burn more fat even while you sleep sold very extreme now with robotics you've most likely been hearing the phrase is robotics lately and it's no surprise why research on robotics has suggested benefits ranging from digestive support to promoting healthy cholesterol ok it's all free extreme help me soul free extreme provides an all-natural solution to bring carbohydrates faster and metabolized them within the body weaker the all natural ingredients create a metabolic reaction by breaking down carbohydrates into energy not only does this reaction break down carbohydrates quicker it also may increase the body's energy allow you to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle be this hey what's going on Tyler here to get another Q&A for you we got Inco’s is asking is it possible to gain muscle and shred your guts with the same training routine or is it apples and oranges so he's asking me basically can you gain muscle actual size on your body and shredded your stomach got at the same time with the same program or is it impossible to do now I'm gantlet you guys in on a little secret here this is really important okay gaining muscle is about volume and it's about food consumption getting shredded is only about food consumption realistically I can go downtown in my area and find carrack in with a six pack right that guy was a hidden agenda mean anything special going on right he's just a crack head with a six-pack so my point is anybody can have a six pack regardless of whether they train or not and that really has to do with your nutrition okay so what we want to do. if you wannabuild a program that allows you to gain muscle but also get ready at the same time is we have to make sure that you're doing in muscle building workout and that you’re eating foods their extremely high in protein and not too high in carbohydrates and fat to make sure that you're leaning up at the same time so if I were you what I would do to design this type of program is that we stick with my favorite functional bodybuilding exercises I'm not a fan of the machines and stuff but it's okay to do some Curls suppresses some bench presses some rose some squats and deadlights I was stick within the 8 212 rep range for two to three sets and those two three sets are going to your work sets are really putting your intensity into it okay so use that type a training program three days a week and

then if you have more time in your schedule you can do low-intensity exercise by walking or hiking or you can do some high intensity exercise like short sprints I said I'm training I would you know if I wouldn't want to exclusively build muscle but shut up a little bit at the sometime for the nutrition you're going to want to consume I a lot a lot a lot of protein K and generally if someone is really trying to gain muscle and also we have the same time we're looking at probably two to three hundred grams per day alright to 38 grams of protein per day and then mineralizing me fat and carbohydrates in order to get lean at the same time so think about 3 to gram’s a protein high quality per day about 100 grams of fat and 100 grams of carbohydrates and you can adjust those downer up depending on your initial size or your activity levels and so you could write down the fats handcars on days weren't that you've got on the cards on days when you doing more low-intensity work and you can increase the car to drop theft on days anything more high-intensity work okay so that's exactly what I would do if are you if I wanted to build muscle and get ready at the same time it can be done but you have to be very specific and planned with your diet he had to be following the correct resistance training program like I just described to you so I hope that helps you out if you guys think this but you have jumped leave a comment below let me know what you think otherwise you can ask me any questions you want and I'll make you a custom video so I can help you look feel and perform your best thanks for watching %uh the ripped muscle extreme 100 percent muscle building power get rid now gain strength best build muscle easily whose energy naturally maximize extra why they chose ripped muscle axe ripped muscle X gives you a really easy and simple way to get that sculpted body it also adds a match definition to your abs legs and chest get ready to emerge is a more athletic build an attractive you the incredible Russian energy you feel daily with ripped muscle X is amazing the pumps and stamina are always good and will give you a ton of confidence throughout your day my ripped muscle axe it's simple improve endurance and maximize muscle gain reply selects is the most scientifically advanced muscle building supplement we have ever created guaranteed if you just want to meet little diet were just to lose one or two pounds then this is not for you but he won proven results in a ripped strong and sexy body that will have everyone’s head turning your way then you need to try our reply to lax transform. your body and your life today get hit with ripped muscle axe ripped muscle X makes it easy to tighten up your body and really get the definition you have always wanted experience a new

surgeon extra natural energy like you haven't felt in years get more sets into your workout and feel real result in minimal time what is ripped muscle axe ripped muscle X is an advanced formula strength and energy booster reply selects is highly recommended by many elite athletes and personal trainers this supplement is also made from natural ingredients that are thoroughly screened for purity and safety ripped muscle hunks get to rip ripped muscle X was specially created just to get great results as quickly as possible taking ripped muscle X will get you sexy strong and cut ripped muscle taxes and enhanced new formula that raises your strength and energy levels while helping you perform your best it works by accelerating the rate of your digestion and metabolism in a safe and effective way you will be all-powerful Hanja up allay and your body will constantly be cut heart and rip when taken daily riponselects me improve sexual stamina what in reply selects no calories crabs or sugar diet friendly sustained energy and alertness superior convenience focus and alertnessthermogenic live straight enhancer natural energy boost delayed muscular fatigue aerobic endurance any aerobic endurance muscle recovery support just be a man with ripped muscle that's what are you waiting for You incline muscle pick up crazy quality help perseverance and force augment muscle pumps upgrade your look by the perceive how lift go functions hoist gfrelaxes the smooth muscle around your this Lease more supplements and oxygen are conveyed to your muscles recuperation in addition to recuperating solid levels of development hormone has-been demonstrated in various clinical studies to essentially enhance rest by expanding the nature of RAM periods attained throughout every eight hours of mull over is throughout these periods up your rest and just throughout these periods that the body completely recuperates and surmise what discharges more development hormones contrast raise run with alternate items lift go has the speediest effects raise go items are dispatched just in hey fellows is Phil from LA are going to be ruthlessly genuine with you and the working out five times each week one protein eating regimen is not going to get you the outcomes the you need why you ask on the grounds that when all manufactured distinctively and I'll bodies respond diversely to protein allow how by and large we have to be stuck on a strict protein diet for a year to see any effects how for me I needed to get enormous quick look great in the exercise center on divider and do this quick side did some exploration on the ordinary muscle and quality homesteads on its last that everybody utilizing Retest now has another supply on help thin gentlemen like you and me pack on the pounds and to keep its Retest is carried out marvels for me in light of the fact that I've had the capacity to stay at 180and approached my group time so I can invest more of an opportunity having a ton of fun a less time stressing over my children fountain test is brilliant and will help you look great quick as well as you don't have to go to the exercise center seven times each week PM me in the event that you need to know my work up on that I'm utilizing with Rep test I've additionally included a connection underneath for any perspective they need to give this supplement to attempt much appreciated and I'll see you next time we've all seen these pictures in magazines on the Internet all over the place individuals going from a certain physical make-up you get fat truly thin to an

extremely husky constitution most the time is difficult to accept that a certain supplement armed force preparing system can truly make you do literally the same thing on the off chance that you take after the accurate program now before you begin I simply wanton make it clear that the pictures that show have nothing to do with this feature Inane make it flawlessly clear that the builds that were adjusted or were changed in those pictures: may have really been the outcome out the project's promote trio thing this is on account of I basically would prefer not to get sued by those individuals now however for their do I'm going to reveal to you how I went from this occupied week buddy gets occupied week in under 5 hours now the first venture in this features to invert the process the truth is out we're going to do the after picture first and the before picture after so here we go first thing that weave to do is go to the rec center verify you do whatever number bicep curlstricep pushdown and midsection presses verify your eyes bass executioners humanly conceivable next hop into a tanning quaint little inn remained up as could be allowed you need that vascularity to show however much as could be expected when you're all done with that any bunk go straight home and set up some better than average lighting in your cellar not to demonstrate that this feature truly illegitimate I'm revealing to you that day on a CNN site 188 the after picture hey fellows tumbled from LA now I need you to get energized in light of the fact that muscle Moxie's beginning and end the you have to get quick comes about now in the event that you need to get to the point and fabricate muscle and gentlemen you truly need to get this our first sold me very nearly home bull was it was turned out to be to be the quickest bulk building supplements on at the business sectors is emphasized on USA today on iron pumping dab com as the typical on mass building supplement gentlemen after stand out week and I could lift route shopping center in the rec center get greater free to move around at will some place detect she's hindered elevated amounts build my quality with supplement all the more so much even postpones muscle exhaustion so I can lift shopping center to get greater which is the key behind his enchantment pill now I know some of you have requested that me do this audit yet I'm likewise placed in a connection in beneath Justin case you're intrigued by looking at it much appreciated and I'll see you next time water the capable fixings hoist is made of the mix a full compelling parts called rap and taken consideration to my eyelids 10 on the loose in a Miyuki in a former pants and document and first embolic makes it the best supplement accessible anyplace on the planet these elements have been examined and gathered from different parts of the world one rap obsolescent uncut and my ads is the helpful element that impacts your taking in and remembering competencies it expands the working limit a Voided and disappointed muscles it additionally enhances the anabolic and muscle building process in your body viably it holds twenty hydroxide good that builds protein combination and consequently push the handling a couple of muscle tissue it likewise holds significant number Naturals two columns and antioxidantflavonoids to end

Muscle building support  
Muscle building support  

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