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Math Support Syllabus Fall 2011 Instructor: Email Address:

Brian D. Ericson

Goal This course will reinforce student understanding of basic mathematic skills. The goal is that this course will close any gaps in mathematical understanding so that students succeed in the four years of high school mathematics and on eventual standardized tests. Course Materials While this course is mainly taking place from an online environment, material will still be required, as from time to time students will be required to submit hard copies of work. Following are the necessary supplies: Pencils Red pens Binder or folder Paper Course Content Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Integers, Order of Operations Grading Scale 100 – 90 A 69 – 60 D

89 – 80 B 59 – Below F

79 – 70 C

Semester Grade Grades will be calculated based upon five different categories: Lectures: Students will be required to take notes on the online lectures provided and answer guided practice questions, which are inserted throughout the lecture. Students will need to perform these actions in a word processing program and e-mail their notes to the instructor. Lectures may also require students to make blog posts and respond to other members in the class online. This grade will be based upon completion and will comprise 20% of the students’ grades. Assignments: Students will be given a homework assignment for each lecture. The assignments will be graded online. Students will be responsible for taking screenshots of the results and emailing the result to the instructor. No late work will be accepted. Assignment will compose 20% of students’ grades.

Quizzes: Each chapter will feature a quiz, and will require students to complete all problems often within a time frame. Students will be graded on correctness. 20% of the overall grade will be comprised of quizzes. Tests Tests will be given at the end of each chapter. This is the opportunity for students to demonstrate that they have learned the unit as a whole. Tests will be graded on correctness and will be worth 20% of students’ grades. Projects The final 20% of the semester grade will be based upon collaborative projects. Students will work with their peers on a project at the end of the chapter. All students are expected to contribute equally. Cheating Cheating will not be tolerated. Although we are acting as an online learning community we still need to complete work independently. Copying another student’s assignment or notes and looking at another student’s quiz are a few examples of cheating. If caught cheating a zero will be given for the assignment and the student will also be written up for a detention. Absent Policy All assignments missed due to an excused absence can be made up within three days of return to school. Without an excused absence, work will be counted as a zero. Tardiness A student will receive a behavioral referral for having excessive tardiness, by having 3 in one week, or a total of ten or more in one card marking. Dress Code Students are expected to abide by the CPA dress code. If students fail to follow the guidelines the following steps will be taken. Step 1: Written dress code referral (warning) Step 2: Written dress code referral (after school detention) Step 3: Written dress code referral (1-3 day suspension) Discipline Plan Examples of Mis-behavior: shouting, calling out, tardiness, name calling, leaving the room without permission, out of seat without permission, chewing/eating in class, violation of dress code, rude to other students, littering, excessive talking Step 1: Verbal Warning Step 2: Intervention (move seat, hold after class to discuss issue)

Step 3: 2nd Intervention (call home) Step 4: Behavioral Referral 1st Referral: After school detention 2nd Referral: 1-5 days out of school suspension, 40 days probation 3rd Referral: 5-10 day suspension, hearing with discipline committee, 15 additional days of probation 4th Referral: 5-10 day suspension pending hearing with CPA Board Members Online Etiquette The same rules apply online that apply when interacting within a normal classroom. Students should be polite and respect all other class members and the instructor. Inappropriate language or behavior on the internet will constitute disciplinary action, as it would in class. No student shall put down other students via blogs or other means. All members should act respectfully, even when disagreeing in this learning community. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have read and understood the course outline for the class. I understand that this is a tentative overview of the course and that aspects of the course may change. Student signature


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Math Support Syllabus  

Syllabus for math support

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