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January 2010

Member: Jackie and Richard H. INGLESIDE IL 60041 Category: Remodeling - General Work Done: Yes * More weight is given to a report where work has been completed.

Work Completed Date: October 14, 2009 Hire Again: Yes Approximate Cost: $165,000.00 Home Build Year: 1963 Description Of Work: We have lived in the same house for 35+ years without doing much. We decided to add a master suite ( 4th level) to our aged tri-level. The new suite includes a master bedroom, bathroom, loft , closets and an attic. Our old kitchen was completely remodeled along with our aged only bathroom. The house came with a dirt crawl space which we had splashed. A new roof was installed with Hardy board siding around the new and existing home. We had the old patio taken out and a new patio with an aggregate stone. The new addition also included new joists and changed the pitch of the roof. A new eight foot bow window replaced our aged picture window. The new bathroom includes a custom shower with a granite bench. The kitchen price included the cabinets, granite tops and stainless steel appliances. The custom bathroom also includes a heated floor along with a 1/2 inch glass doors and a sky light. The floors in the loft, kitchen, bedroom and closets were all red oak hardwood. There is a small window in the master bath and an octagon window in one of the walk in closets. Member Comments: We started on April 2nd with the splash done on our crawl space. A few days later two-thirds of our roof was removed in 2 days and a new floor added during a 6 day dry spell in April. We were lucky. The framers did a great job and often worked to dark in order to complete our open arena. I thought the framers ( Steve and Kevin ) the dynamic duo did a terrific job. We were without gutters for a few months and had a lot of rain. This caused water in our cement crawl space due to the negatively pitched old patio. After the new roof, shingles and gutters all was well. Its a good thing we decided to have the kitchen completely remodeled because half of the kitchen ceiling was removed due to the new plumbing above. The new kitchen took about 6 weeks to complete. Brian ( Home Installation owner) made sure we had a stove top so my wife could cook. The Ultra Craft cherry wood cabinets from Boston Kitchens were beautiful and a good value. We thought the workmanship of the framers, hardwood floor installer, trimmers,

and tile were first rate. We were satisfied with all the other crews. Brian's communication was good before, during and after construction. He made good on all the conditions of the contract. My wife and I were extremely happy with all the quality and workmanship displayed during construction. We were always on a first name basis with all the workers. We went with our gut feeling of Home Installation Pros- There were a few negative reports on line on Home Installation which did not go along with the majority of the home owner's. I am glad we placed our trust in Brian because he really showed his true face. November 2009

To: Brian Weinstock – Owner of Home Installation and Service Professionals Inc. From: Richard and Jacquelyn H. Ingleside, Illinois 60041

To whom it may concern

Brian is very personal and knowledgeable on all aspects of construction.

He communicated with us in a timely fashion before, during and after construction.

The construction was completed within 2 weeks of our realistic date.

Brian met all the conditions stated in the contract.

The contract was paid thru an escrow fund as the work progressed.

Brian’s choice of the construction crews (carpentry, siding, cement work, tile, electrical, plumbing, dry board, finishers, HVAC, and roofing were first rate. All the crews were very personal and adjusted to the changing situations. We were always on a first name basis with everyone.

We were extremely satisfied with the Ultra Kraft Cabinets from Boston Kitchens. They sent us all the samples before making a decision.

We were pleased with the cement/fiber siding and choice of windows.

The original contract called for a master suite, loft, remodeled bathroom and kitchen. We added a patio, full siding, along with a lot of upgrades.

Brian was able to stay very close to the original cost.

Mary Prozelt of Boston Kitchens was very helpful during the process of selecting and installing the cabinets. She even came out to visit the site , yes, all the way from Boston. Mary always answered our calls and email promptly. We were extremely pleased with the quality and construction of all the cabinets. She supplied the cabinets for the kitchen and two bathrooms.

Speaking of quality, Jackie and I were thought the craftsmanship and quality of all the trades was outstanding. Thanks again to the construction crews that made our dream possible

We liked having an architect as part of the contract.

Thank You Brian

Dick and Jackie H. Ingelside, Illinois

2010 Mike and Ann H. Lake Forest, Illinois Dear Brian, Just wanted to drop you a brief note to tell you how very pleased Ann and I are with our new "All-Season Room" and the extraordinary service we received from you and all of the trades involved with our project. From our very first meeting with you through the several weeks of construction and up to project completion, we felt that we were dealing with true professionals who indeed lived up to their promise of being "Home Install Pros". We're already contemplating our next home improvement upgrade and we will certainly give you a call when the time is right. Brian, thanks again for transforming our simple screened porch into a "real" room that we can now appreciate year around. From the surround of wrap-around casement windows to the heated tile floor to the provision of forced-air heating and A/C, we're delighted with the endproduct of your vision and design. Thanks Brian Regards, Mike and Ann H. Lake Forest, Illinois ___________________________________________________________________________

Brian Weinstock Home Installation Professionals Libertyville, IL

Brian, I wanted to let you know how happy we are with your work on our home addition. As you know from our initial meetings, we loved our small 70 year old cape cod house. However, with two kids already and one more on the way, we had outgrown it and were faced with either "adding on" or moving. Because of you, we were able to expand the house while retaining its charm and character - all while staying within our limited budget. In my opinion, the project was ambitious. It required completely tearing off the second floor of our house, converting the 1.5 story roof line into a full 2 story. By doing this, it gave us an additional bedroom and bathroom, and allowed us to convert our tiny master bedroom into a full master suite. We were under a tight deadline with the upcoming birth of our baby, as well as our need to continue living in the lower level throughout construction (except during demolition). An added challenge was the fact that the new second floor expanded out over our kitchen, which was determined to have insufficient foundation to support two stories. I was afraid this was going to make the project infeasible, but this was the first of many occasions where you found an effective (and cost effective) solution to a problem. By "underpinning" the foundation, your crew was able to fortify our existing foundation, making it safe for a second story. I think this exemplifies what I admire most about your work. You consistently met challenges and problems "head on", solving them quickly and completely. You and your crew don't take short cuts.

Quality obviously matters to you. My wife and I heard your crew say several times during the project, "this is how I would do it on my own house". The craftsmanship is just outstanding, particularly the carpentry and ceramic tiling. I came to really appreciate your input when there were choices to be made, such as the siding material and type of bathroom countertop. I think we took your advice whenever possible, and I think our house is much nicer because of it. The solid oak doors and trim are an especially nice touch. I also want to commend your crew for their professionalism. The construction area was always kept clean and safe. Everyone respected our curtained-off living area downstairs. We never heard any language inappropriate for our kids to hear. And, most importantly, your crew was on site nearly every day - progress was always being made. The end result is just fantastic. We have enough room for our kids, we have a nice master suite with an unbelievable walk-in shower, and we finally have enough closet and attic space. We have also received several comments from our neighbors about how nicely the exterior of our house retains the "look" of the original house. It really is the best of both worlds. Thank you so much for everything, Brian. I have already (and will continue to) recommend you to our closest friends and neighbors. I want them to be as happy with their additions as we are with ours. John and Christine M. Libertyville, Illinois

Mr. Brian Weinstock Home Installation Professionals Dear Brian, Keith and I would really like to thank you for the fantastic job you, did on our home addition. When we decided to remodel our home, we knew that the changes we wanted to make were extensive and that finding an excellent, general contractor was top priority. When we spoke to you the first lime, we knew we had found the right one. To come through a remodeling on the scale of this one and with so few issues is a testimony to your wonderful work ethic. We had heard all of the horror stories about construction before and we were prepared for the worst; contractors, who never show up, lag time between trades, costs running over budget We had NONE of these problems. Timeliness: There was never a time where you, or one of your contractors said they would be here and they weren’t. The project itself stayed on track at all times. If anything, your group was sometimes a little too quick for us. There were workers here, often multiple trades at the same time, every single day. Cleanliness: Clean up was done at every stage of the process. We never even had to ask. Employees: Every person who worked here was professional and took great pride in what they were doing. They were also so friendly that we miss then, now. Integrity: We never doubted you, or your groups integrity for a moment. The only additions in cost were additions that we chose to make along the way. We have no doubt we could never have gotten the wonderful materials or quality of workmanship with any of the other builders we spoke to. Workmanship: Speaking of quality of workmanship, I cannot thank you enough for the absolutely stunning kitchen you helped us create. I love every aspect of our "new" home. We had a vision of what we wanted to create and you always managed to work with us and achieve what we wanted. You also came up with some fresh ideas to make it even more wonderful.

Owner/manager Responsiveness: With any project, there will be problems along the way. But I can honestly say that each issue (big or small) was handled immediately. You were always ready with an answer. Sometimes before we even thought to ask the question. I give you and your entire group a 5 star rating. I’ve told anyone who asks me that you and your crew are terrific and would continue to recommend you to anyone thinking of building or remodeling. Thanks for giving us a beautiful home, Niki & Keith F. Libertyville. IL

Brian Weinstock Home Installation Professionals Libertyville, IL 60048 Dear Brian, We just wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past seven months and the incredible transformation that you and your team engineered at our home. You took us from a 1973 style home with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths to a modern home with 6 bedrooms and 4 ½ baths, along with a larger garage, walk-in pantry, new mudroom, library, basement with walk-out, large master bedroom, beautiful expanded kitchen with granite counter tops and bar, a wet-bar, and of course the huge but cozy great room. Our home is totally transformed with hard wood floors, side-lights to our front doors (thank you for building these in your own shop), new siding and sidewalks, and a completely new profile with the new master over the garage. For most of our project our family of 6 was reduced down to a 2 bedroom, 1 bath home as the team upgraded something in almost every room of the house. With all the dust and personal disruption, I’d do it again to get results like these. I have appreciated your teams’ engineering, the sturdy construction, close beam-spacing, high quality wood, 6” outer studs, external plywood, and overall high-quality construction in areas that are normally “under the hood”. I really like all the little “extras”, like motion/panic lighting and electrical boxes in the eves for Christmas lighting tied to wall-timers in the garage. I also personally want to thank you for working with me on my low voltage wiring. Your teams worked with me and around me constantly while I wired many, many cable, ethernet, ceiling speaker/volume control pairs, and security sensors into the addition. The guys on your team, like Bob Ruggles who lent me his tools and stopped by on the weekends to give me pointers (since this was the only time I could really do the wiring myself), are absolutely top notch. From the time we called you in late December to now, we never dreamed we’d be sitting in such a wonderfully improved home. Originally, we just needed to fix our foundation problem and we knew we wanted to expand our house to accommodate our family’s needs. You and Sean took our ideas and offered suggestions. The results are perfect. The flow of our home is very conducive to our needs and the work is beautiful. Thank you. We also want to let you know how much we appreciate your team of professionals. Everyone who entered our door was cognizant that they were in our “home”. I know having Kerrie and four children around everyday while the men were working was a challenge. But each trade was

respectful of our presence and our property. They always cleaned up at the end of the day and kept the work environment safe. In addition, each trade was very talented in their respective specialty. Each offered real-time onsight solutions when necessary. They were friendly and trustworthy. Each trade seemed to know the other and they all have a good working relationship with each other. Selecting a contractor is a very important decision. It’s not only about the total cost of the job or the timing of the job. It’s about choosing to be in a close relationship while making some big decisions. We feel grateful to our neighbor who recommended you to us. You are trustworthy, on time, knowledgeable, experienced, well known, and reputable. You are a good advisor and are always available. Despite our project being mostly complete, we are looking forward to a lasting relationship with you and your team of professionals. Sincerely, Tom and Kerrie B. Libertyville, IIinois

Home Installation Professionals Brian Weinstock This is a letter of recommendation for Brian Weinstock & Home Installation Professionals. We are in the finishing phase of our project, a design & build project which doubled the size of our 1350 sq ft, 2-3 br 1.5 ba 50+ yr old brick cape cod style home, and turned it into a 4-5 br, 3.5 bath with home office with a 2 story 20ft X 34ft addition. We move back in next week, on schedule. We started our search for the builder to do our project 4 years ago - we interviewed just about every Lake County/North Shore builder, including Brian’s company. We took our time because of all the horror stories we had heard about addition nightmares. We called a first round of references. We then asked Brian and 3 other companies to bid on our project and Brian came in significantly lower (approximately 30%-50%). We were on a limited budget and most of the builders we interviewed were out of our range. We checked references for Brian, and visited a job site of his; a larger project than ours in Libertyville, during different phases of the job. All checked & looked good. We felt comfortable and signed with Brian. We started the project in March, with Brian keeping close communication. Brian designed it all from scratch, using our “wish list”. Brian helped us with material & option selection, spending large amounts of time and being very helpful & patient. The whole process has been much easier than expected, primarily due to the close control Brian maintains on the jobsite, his desire for total customer satisfaction and his diligence in maintaining good communications. We have been very impressed with the quality, speed & coordination of the job. It is evident that Brian takes great pride in his work. It shows. Brian’s crew is unbelievable. Very hard working, very professional and they all take pride in their work – there were very few days when there wasn’t some work going on, including weekends. These people are really good at what they do. We are very impressed. Brian is able to give upgrades on many items. We never would have been able to afford putting in @ 1000 sq ft of 4” plank oak floors, the huge whirlpool and the

multi-jet steam shower in our master bath with the other builders and still get the addition space we wanted within our budget. With Brian, we got all that plus a lot more. Overall, we are very happy we found Brian. We feel we got the best value by using Home Install Pros to do our addition, and we can’t recommend Brian and his crew enough!!! In fact, our neighbors across the street are now using him to add a master suite to their house. I wouldn’t be surprised if he winds up remodeling more homes in this neighborhood. Brian and his company have earned our highest recommendation. Steve & Lisa S. Lake Bluff, IL

Home Installation Professionals Brian,

The extension of our living room and basement exceeded our expectations, and our new master bedroom suite is simply superb. Your design idea to fill the living room with many windows turned out great. It lets in so much natural light and gives us a great view of the lake. We are still amazed that you were able to research and find the exact same vinyl siding for the exterior to all the additions that were added to the house.

With our major remodel coming soon to a close, we would like to just thank you for your time and patience you had with us as we went through the remodeling process. Being that this was our first experience with any sort of remodeling, you were kind enough to explain things to us thoroughly enough to where we understood everything and were comfortable with any of the decision we had to make.

Your crew was great! Everyone was very friendly and pleasant to deal with. Everything was built straight to the plan, and all changes made along the way were done without a hitch. And at times, it seems as if the changes would get done practically overnight.

Your trust in us and in our decisions on any changes we made along the way would undoubtedly exceed any other builder in the business. It made us feel as if we were dealing with a friend as opposed to strictly a business partner. Sincerely, Kevin and Colleen C. Grayslake, IL

Home Installation Pros Lindenhurst, Illinois

Dear Brian,

As the addition you are building for us nears completion, we just wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the outstanding quality of work that all your crews did while on this project! From the inception of the design, to the adding of the “little extras” in the finished rooms, you and your crew have been extremely courteous and professional.

We, like all people adding an addition to their house for the first time, were unsure of what exactly would happen and how long it would take. You explained every step of the way and constantly kept us informed of the next step. We were kept in the loop and were amazed as your crews started building. As the addition took shape, it was quite obvious from all the visitors we had that they also found the quality of workmanship to be outstanding.

We were also very happy with your supervision of the project and the manner in which you addressed any concerns we had. Like any project of this size, questions or problems will arise but it gave us great comfort knowing that we could speak to you to find a solution and that you just didn‟t disappear until the job was done.

The question arises, would we recommend your company to any prospective clients? Well, the quality of the work is second to none, the supervision of the project is exemplary, the price is very fair and competitive, the extras and upgrades you throw in are a definite plus, the daily cleaning of the site by your crews is unheard of, and everybody who has seen the addition has the same word to say about it: WOW! So we would have to say a definite „yes‟ to that question. Brian, you strive to ensure your customers are happy and you‟re very willing to „go the extra mile‟ for your customers.

In closing, from the digging of the foundation, to the final decorative touches, you and your crew have been the best. We have what we wanted. A beautiful new addition that our family can enjoy for years to come. Thanks to you and your crew for an outstanding job and for giving us a fantastic addition that we show off with great pride to our friends, family, and neighbors. Sincerely, Sue B Lindenhurst, IL

Home Installation Professionals Dear Brian: This letter is commending you on the fine job you did for us. You and your fine crew certainly exceeded our expectations. To say we are pleased is an understatement. We were a bit apprehensive to have work done on our home, but we really needed the extra space. You were straight forward in warning us that your crew would be in our house even when we were not home. You and your team were attentive in ensuring that our schedule was never interrupted. Your team's punctuality and workmanship well exceeded our expectations. Professional craftsmanship at fair prices is something we thought we might never find. You made a concerted effort to check in with us regularly to inform us of schedules and work being done. Your ability to stay within budget, on schedule, and coupled with the amount of extras we requested, was more than welcomed. Thank you for the great work. If you ever need a recommendation, please don't hesitate to call us. Sincerely, Mick and Linette M.

Home Installation Professionals Dear Brian: First I would like to thank you and your team of professionals for a Job well done on our second floor addition. Brian was the first general contractor that we spoke to about this project and the others that followed did not stand a chance. Looking back now it looks like we definitely made the right choice! From day one we could tell we were dealing with true professionals. With our busy schedules, we were unable to be involved much in this project and relied heavily on Brian to keep us updated. Brian’s was always on top of things and his communication style was highly effective. Going in to this project we wanted to accomplish several things. I can proudly say that with the help of the Home Installation Professional team we were able to get the things we thought could be accomplished plus more! We highly recommend anyone who looking to improve their home to use your company. When the time comes for our next project, Home Installation Professionals will be our choice. Sincerely, Todd and Tina R. Mundeline, ILL

Home Installation Professionals Brian,

We are very pleased with your work! You and all your sub-contractors were great to work with. We appreciated your suggestions of how to implement our ideas. I also was very impressed that any time I had a question, you'd call me back immediately, or have a sub-contractor call me back immediately - I don't think many contractors are so responsive and considerate. You followed through to be sure we were completely satisfied with every detail. We're thrilled with the new Water Tech tub although we haven't used it quite as often as expected because the new shower is so wonderful. Working with you all was a very nice experience and we're pleased with all our results. Thanks Brian, The Jonhstons

January 2010 Home Installation Professionals Dear Brian, We just wanted to thank you for the excellent work you and Home Install Pros craftsmen did on several projects at our home 2009 and 2010. The work was done promptly and as specified. Small jobs as well as the larger projects were given the same attention. Brian you were very easy to work with and we would recommend you and your company highly. We will be calling on you again very soon. The kitchen needs remodeling! Georgia C. Long Grove, IL

January 2010 Home Installation Professionals Hi Brian, We were impressed with Brian's knowledge and communication skills. Brian and his subs also delivered the "goods"! We had a complete drainage refurbishment around our house. It works like a charm! We had a deck understructure redo that exhibited superior workmanship. We had built the biggest and most deluxe woodshed in Long Grove. I could live out there! Our driveway was completely torn out and redone. It is very beautiful. Now we have a window and sliding door replacement in the middle of winter. What faith in these guys! We are very pleased with all of Brian’s and Home Install Pros work in 2009 and 2010 and would heartily recommend Brian and his guys for any of your projects. Sincerely, Dr. Joe B Long Grove, IL.

Home Installation Professionals Book of References 2010  

Home Installation Professionals Book of References 2010

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