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Why we need replacement windows and what are the benefits derived Replacement windows are nothing but windows that are installed in an existing window and open as a replacement to the existing window. Why do we need replacement windows? In most of the old houses the windows are weather beaten and this hastened their deterioration making them loose and unsightly. They need to be replaced not just for appearance sake but also to bring in the advantage of modern windows that are more energy efficient. Replacement Windows ST Paul improve the overall appearance and ambience of the house apart from lowering the regular cost of heating and cooling the house. Various techniques used for installing replacement windows Techniques used for installation of replacement windows largely depend upon the situation and the stage of deterioration of the existing window. In a situation where the existing window has deteriorated completely and is beyond further use a full-frame installation is done where the trims around the existing window frame is removed and the old window frame is totally removed. Now the replacement window is secured to the studs that surround the opening of the window and then the trim is placed. In situations where the window frames are still in good condition insert installations are done. Here the replacement window is installed within the already existing frame. This installation gets completed faster and is much simpler but the disadvantage is that the size of the window opening gets decreased. In another technique installation of the replacement window is done replacing only the window sashes while re-utilizing the existing window frame. In recent times the new windows are made with a nailing fin along the outer frame and this fin makes it possible for the window to be nailed from the outside before application of brick or stone veneers. This allows installation with least disruption to the existing trim. Material used for replacement windows Replacement windows are mostly made of wood, fiberglass, aluminum-clad wood, glass blocks or vinyl-clad wood. PVC-u and wood are more commonly used in the new windows. Benefits offered by replacement windows

Without a doubt replacement windows enhance the visual appeal of the house. Resale value of the house increases considerably with replacement windows. The home becomes more energy efficient due to the replacement windows. Various types of windows used Wooden windows were used quite early in the 1900s and still continue being the most preferred. Steel and aluminum windows were in vogue during 1950s to the 1960s. It is in the 1970s that Vinyl windows grew into prominence and still in use. During the last decade composite Roofing Contractors ST Paul like fiberglass and vinylwood polymer type products have found a way in the manufacture of windows. Modern windows with greater accent of energy efficiency have two or sometimes more layers of glass and the Energy Code in US requires all residential homes to opt for Low-E glass that is four times more efficient than clear glass. Though the only trade-off of replacement windows is thicker window frames and reduced glass area the advantages derived overweigh the disadvantages and hence they have become highly popular these days.

Why we need replacement windows and what are the benefits derived