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Photographic Journal and Lesson Notes from:! 10th October 2013 to 20th March 2014!

! City & Guilds Level 2 Award! ! By Brian Dry! !

! ! ! ! !



10th October 2013 to 16th October 2013:!


• Lesson Subject:  Course  Introduc3on  and  Induc3on.   • Meet  the  other  pupils.  Introduc3on  to  Moodle  and  Issuu  and  course  literature.  explana3on  of  course   • • • • • • • •

material for  reference  and  a  run  through  of  the  course  roadmap.   First  Module:  People  Photography  for  10  images  with  all  10  images  rela3ng  to  each  other.   Ac3ons:  Visit  the  Photographers  Gallery  and  view  Home  Truths  exhibi3on.   Plan  the  subject  of  the  first  assignment.   Plan  the  subject  of  the  first  assignment   Write  Statement  of  Intent  using  the  workbook  form   Analyse  photographers  and  choose  inspira3onal  pictures   Copy  some  pictures  into  research  folder  and  explain  who/what/when/where/why   Start  Photographic  Journal/Scrap  Book  

! 17th October  2013  to  23rd  October  2013:   ! • Lesson  Subject:  Presenta3on  of  various  portrait  photographers.   • A  good  lesson  presen3ng  more  than  50  photographers  who’s  work  can  be  found  on  the  internet.   • I  visited  the  Photographers  Gallery.  Really  interes3ng.  The  photographer  which  stood  out  the  most  from   an  influen3al  point  of  view  was  Ana  Casas  Broda  mixing  her  inner  childhood  with  her  children’s  own   childhood  with  darkened  messages.  

• In planning  I  am  taking  an  influence  from  Cecil  Beaton  in  his  unknown  street/worker  people  images   par3cularly  from  a  picture  of  a  shipbuilder  in  Tyneside  and  his  pictures  from  the  40s  and  50s.  

• My main  influence  has  always  been  Bill  Cunningham  from  the  New  York  Times  and  that  is  mainly  where  I   will  base  my  mind  set  for  the  first  module  of  Street  People.  

! 24th October  2013  to  29th  October  2013:   !

• Lesson Subject:  Discussion  on  the  documenta3on  required  for  the  module.   • 4  Docs  required:   1. Statement  of  Intent  to  be  uploaded  to  ISSUU   2. Body  of  Images  for  first  module  to  be  uploaded  to  ISSUU   3. Photographic  Journal  to  be  uploaded  to  ISSUU   4. Scrap  Book  in  manual  form  of  uploaded  to  ISSUU.  (I  will  have  this  in  hard  copy)  

• Also in  the  lesson;  Leading  Lines  about  drawing  you  into  the  ‘Golden  Sec3on’  of  a  photograph.Spliang  a   photo  into  9  boxes  of  “rule  of  thirds”  and  leading  the  viewer  to  the  boeom  lef  corner  of  the  top  right   box  or  the  boeom  right  hand  corner  of  the  top  lef  box.  

• Think about  how  to  capture  characteris3cs  in  a  photo   • DOP:  Below  f8  =  Shallow  and  above  f8  =  Broad  

! 31st October  2013:   ! • Half  Term   ! !


7th November  2013  to  13th  November  2013:  

! • • • • • •

Lesson Subject:  Learning  how  to  manually  set  the  white  balance  using  a  grey  card.   Sunny  16  rule:   f11  =  Light  Shade   f8  =  Overcast   f5.6  =  Cloudy   f4  =  Dark  

! 14th November  2013  to  20th  November  2013:   ! • Lesson  Subject:  Silent  Gaze   • Learning  the  view  point  i.e.  Strong,  Weak,  Natural,  Dead  Pan  etc.   • Lesson  tasks  to  take  pictures  of  body  parts  but  not  the  face.  then,  Stare  at  each  other  and  shoot  an  image   when  the  expression  changes  and  then  analyse  the  results  to  see  how  the  expression  changes.  I  did  not   enjoy  this  task  and  while  I  understand  the  idea  of  recognising  small  changes  in  expression  can  completely   change  the  story  in  the  image,  I  got  nothing  from  the  prac3cal  task  itself  which  couldn’t  have  been   achieved  through  discussion.  

! 21st November  2013:   ! • Tony  was  unwell  and  the  lesson  was  cancelled.   ! 28th  November  2013  to  4th  December  2013:   !

• Lesson Subject:  Using  Props  in  Portraits.  What  is  a  prop.   • Theory,  props  can  be  anything  to  enhance  the  message  being  conveyed  by  the  picture  itself.  These  can  be   subtle  like  lips3ck  or  a  shadow    or  can  even  be  the  picture  itself  where  everything  is  posed.  

• Prac3cal: We  were  given  props  to  experiment  with  in  our  groups.  Barbara,  Linda  and  I  used  a  mask  and  

coupling that  with  the  shadow  of  the  subject  from  the  tungsten  light.  We  took  turns  at  posing  and  taking   the  pictures  to  show  how  props  can  be  used  to  convey  the  message  which  in  this  case  was  dark/mystery   with  the  mask  and  the  shadow  against  the  wall.  

• We then  used  bubbles  to  get  the  light  reflec3ng  and  crea3ng  colours  and  then  using  a  balloon  with  a  light   in  to  create  a  mysterious  light  against  the  face  of  the  subject  with  a  dark  background  so  the  balloon  was   the  prop  crea3ng  the  ambience  in  the  image.  

• The idea  of  the  lesson  was  to  learn  to  appreciate  how  the  props  can  be  used  to  bring  a  message  to  the   image  or  to  enhance  the  subject  or  even  be  the  main  subject.  

! 5th December  2013:   ! • I  did  not  aeend  as  I  was  sick  with  Shingles   ! !


12th December  2013  to  18th  December2013:  


• Lesson Subject:  Image  Size  for  ISSUU   • Uploading  to  ISSUU,  Cropping  to  make  image  sizes  8”x12”  for  ISSUU  set  image  resolu3on  for  72dpi  for   ISSUU  

• • • • • •

Use 8”x10”  at  300dpi  resolu3on  for  prin3ng.  

• • • •

Lesson Subject:  Film  Noir  

Always use  a  feathered  brush  as  default   Use  the  dodge  tool  for  eyes  (Lighter)   Use  Burn  for  darker.  Use  dodge  &  burn  instead  of  the  clone  tool  where  possible  for  speed   Always  save  for  print   Use  size  chart  in  Moodle  for  image  size  Vs  pixel  ra3ngs  

! 19th December  2013  to  8th  January  2014:   !

Excellent prac3cal  lesson  on  black  &  white  and  atmospheric  photography.   We  looked  at  some  photographers  for  film  noir  and  then  started  the  prac3cal  in  the  college  grounds.   Learned  camera  seangs  and  exposure  points  and  focal  points.  I  took  a  great  picture  of  Tony  and  placed  it   in  the  student  forum.  

• Made more  use  of  the  student  forum  to  try  and  get  some  cri3que  going  on  Moodle  

! 26th December  2013  &  2nd  January  2014:   ! Christmas  Break   ! 9th  January  2014  to  15th  January  2014:   !

• Lesson Subject:  Module  2  Subject  and  instruc3on   • Choose  any  subject  other  then  people   • The  body  of  images  must  be  presented  in  8”  X  12”  and  presented  in  an  appealing  fashion  i.e.  photos   within  a  background  or  framed  in  some  professional  way  

• Photobox or  Printspace  are  2  online  shops  for  prin3ng  photographs.   • Remember  the  size  and  pixels  from  previous  lesson  for  preparing  photos  for  print.  

! 16th January  2014  to  22nd  January  2014:   !

• Lesson Subject:  Photographers  not  people   • Presenta3on  of  some  photographers  i.e.  Bernard  &  Hilla  Becher  and  thinking  about  using  colleague.  This   was  just  looking  to  inspire  where  we  may  not  have  thought  of  a  subject  for  the  second  module.  

• Prac3cal: We  took  a  number  of  photos  of  a  subject  and  then  using  each  others  outputs,  placed  them   together  to  remake  the  subject  pasted  from  different  print  outs.  

• I did  a  face  on  face  and  then  a  side  on  face  and  placed  the  front  on  eye  sec3on  on  the  side  view  picture   which  looked  rather  weird  but  had  a  clever  effect.  

• My chosen  subject  is  Olives  in  Mar3ni  Cocktails  and  a  back  up  subject  of  Architecture.   4

23rd January  2014  to  29th  January  2014:  


• On Holiday   • Taking  pictures  of  Mar3ni  Cocktails  for  2nd  module  

! 30th January  2014  to  5th  February  2014:   !

• Lesson -­‐  Displacement  Mapping.   • Merging  2  images  together  by  using  photoshop.   • The  original  way  of  doing  this  was  to  project  one  image  onto  another  

! 6th February  2014  to  12th  February  2014:   !

• Lesson -­‐  Let’s  go  Doey/It’s  a  small  world.   • We  took  pictures  in  a  room  full  of  dots  which  was  an  experiment  in  the  collage  by  a  Japanese  ar3st.   • We  also  took  pictures  in  close  up  of  objects  re:  It’s  a  small  world.  

! 13th February  2014  to  19th  February  2014:   ! • Half  Term   ! 20th  February  2014  to  26th  February  2014:   ! • Lesson  -­‐  Photographic  presenta3on  and  prin3ng   ! 27th  February  2014  to  5th  March  2014:   ! • • • •

Lesson -­‐  Lets  have  a  go  at  silver  surfing  

• • • •

Lesson -­‐  Photographic  Prin3ng  

Taking black  and  white  images  using  a  film  camera   Developing  film   In  pairs,  we  took  pictures  and  then  in  a  dark  room,  developed  the  film.  

! 6th March  2014  to  12th  March  2014:   !

We took  the  film  we  developed  last  week  and  did  the  processing   We  developed  2  8  x  10  pictures   We  were  shown  how  to  get  the  exposure  right  using  a  3mer  and  strips  of  paper  to  find  the  correct  3me   to  develop  the  film  correctly  

• We were  also  shown  the  difference  in  paper  types  available  for  prin3ng  

! !


13th March  2014  to  19th  March  2014:  

! • • • •

Lesson -­‐  Power  Puff   Using  powder  paint  we  created  bombs  of  coloured  powder  paint  and  too  pictures  using  flash   By  throwing  the  paint  in  the  air,  using  the  flash,  the  pictures  looked  like  colour  explosions   Also,  more  discussion  about  prin3ng,  sizing,  paper  and  on-­‐line  printers  

! 20th March  2014:   !

• Last lesson  in  a  fantas3c  course   • Overview  and  3mings  of  when  work  needs  to  be  in.  

! 21st March  to  Present:   ! • • • • • • • • • •

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Finalise Module  One  Body  of  Images  and  upload  to  ISSUU   Module  One  Statement  of  Intent  upload  to  ISSUU   Update  Scrap  Book  to  finalise  Module  One   Complete  Statement  of  Intent  for  Module  Two   Finalise  Journal  (This  Document)  for  whole  course  and  upload  to  ISSUU   Update  final  version  of  Scrapbook   Print  images  for  Module  Two   Complete  Module  Two  Body  of  Images  in  Hard  Copy   Make  sure  Tony  prints  off  the  ISSUU  documents  for  marking   Hand  all  work  to  Tony  on  Tuesday  3rd  June  2014  


Journal city & guilds level 2  

The journal for the City & Guilds Level 2 Photography

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