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9:31 AM

The art of seduction begins with the Innate knowledge that your honey is sweet that when heated it spreads across the surface of your lovers skin Lubricating and sweetening the path of gravity From the point is left to a snail trail treasure of a buddle in his belly button The art of seduction is knowing that you are loved because when you stop moving all eyes are on you and when you move the basket of kittens follows you Like a crowds watching a tennis match back and forth While you revel in the distraction form life that time after time people wager and position themselves to consume as if it where an addictive aphrodisiac' The art of seduction and attraction starts with electricity and ends in static release. A flood of energy built up and released through kundalini into the universe, burs through by friction and generated flow... of honey electricity and chi.. Not chai although I like its creamy spiciness I like you r creamy spiciness better. You are funny Are you reading this at all? There are more than once conversation gig on at once and flirting is being able to b find the path to get all the stories out while writing this I am publishing a note on morning muses then this conversation goes next Looking out the window allows me to put information at a distance and give it proper prospective So I gaze at the cars and bike s and trucks flowing by … 9:54 AM

Want a hug? I really need one? And a squeeze Firm up against my manly chest You know you want it From the front From behind Like a pal from the side With your legs draped over mine And my groin digging in your hip You know you want it… I’m not going to hug your ass… You just want one because you want to butter me up You want something from me Don’t you... Get away I can’t hug you Go to the other room I just want to be alone AGGGGGHh It’s too much Every body wants a piece of me First they hurt me Then want a fucking hug

Like a fucking yo-yo Do you see a string around my fucking throat? Do I look like a yo-yo to you? Up and down n up and down like a fucking see saw Are you bringing a see saw I like seeing saws One person up while the other one is down One person down while the other one is up Until the up one jumps off and drops their pal to the ground. Not fair Not fair I’m never getting on a see saw with you again

Unless I want to torture myself ď Š

Art of seduciton  

Hmmmm! I think i wrote this but when???????? LOL