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Celery created the cover of the Thinkbook journal from recycled silicone rubber sheets. The rubber had previously been used in an industrial process for stamping computer wires. This process left the material with an interesting ridged texture—like slick, space-age corduroy. Silicone is an inherently “nonstick” material, so conventional printing and bindery would not adhere well to it. Instead, we diecut typography on the cover and designed a GREEN GRAPHIC DESIGN

unique mechanical binding system. Individual


paper sections are saddle-stitched with “loop” staples, then the sections and the cover are held together with rubber straps. The binding system is specially designed so that the interior sections can be removed and replaced, which allows the cover to be used for many years.

Green Graphic Design  
Green Graphic Design  

View the "Design Backwards" chapter of the book, Green Graphic Design, by Brian Dougherty with Celery Design Collaborative (Allworth Press,...