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(Volunteer Opportunities)

Parent involvement and parent volunteers are a huge part of what makes Bal Swan such a fabulous school. We ask all Bal Swan families to help in some way. Parent volunteers donate anywhere from just one hour one time during the year to several hours each week (and everything in between). Some volunteer projects can be done at home. A description of some of the possible volunteer opportunities follows. Please let us know if you can help in one of these areas or in some other way. You do not need to make a specific time commitment now. As the need arises related to something that you have indicated an interest, you will be contacted with further details and an opportunity to let us know your specific availability. Extended Family Members Volunteering If you know of other family members (e.g. grandparents) or friends who might be interested in volunteering, please indicate their potential interest, and give us their contact information. Parent Substitute Teachers In addition to our volunteer positions, we are also in need of some parents (or grandparents, aunts/uncles etc.) to be substitute teachers. You do not need to have formal training in education –- only an interest in working with children. We are able to offer a small salary ($10 per hour), and you will be trained. Why not consider working occasionally while your child is in class (or at other times if you prefer)? Please indicate your interest either on this parent survey or contact Stacey (E-mail: for more information. Please indicate your interest on the attached form and return to us no later than Friday, September 28.

Thank you for your help in making Bal Swan a great school!

Description of Volunteer Opportunities The following provides a brief description of some of the various volunteer opportunities at Bal Swan: 1.

Bal Swan Ball/Pint Size Ball: Help plan Bal Swan’s biggest fundraiser and one of Broomfield’s biggest social events. Although the Ball is held in March, volunteers start meeting in the fall and help on committees such as decorations, auction, and baskets. Volunteers are also needed to help plan our family friendly Bal Swan Pint Size Ball (held at Bal Swan usually in November). These are fun committees and a great way to connect with other Bal Swan parents.


Bal Swan Family Newsletter: Help put together a short (e.g. two page) family newsletter that is distributed periodically to all families. You can help with just one newsletter during the year or on multiple newsletters. You can work from home, taking the information that has been written by staff and putting it into a newsletter format.


Comfort Meals: Prepare a meal at your home and bring it to Bal Swan to be placed in our freezer. As needed, comfort meals are distributed to a Bal Swan family or staff member in need (e.g. birth/adoption of child, significant illness, hospitalization, etc.)


Company Involvement: Talk with your company about what your group can do to help Bal Swan. Ideas include company sponsorship, “work day” at Bal Swan (e.g. painting, landscaping, or other special project), or a special party. Be creative! Also, many companies have a matching program that allows their employees to get matching funds for donations they make to non-profit charities. Bal Swan will be happy to supply any paperwork you need to obtain matching funds from your company.


Data Entry: Volunteers are occasionally needed to assist with data entry for different projects. This is a very part time opportunity for someone with basic computer skills.


Go Green!: Help with Bal Swan’s recycling efforts and make recommendations for other ways we can “Go Green”. Some volunteers might be interested in teaching our students about being environmentally responsible.


Golf Committee: This committee meets just 3-4 times prior to the Bal Swan Golf Tournament fundraiser (held in June). There are several ways to help. Since it is a small committee, volunteers get to know one another well, and it’s a lot of fun!


Graphics Design: We need a graphic artist who can help with the design of our marketing materials. Volunteer from the comfort of your own home or business!


Handy Person: This is an immediate need! We need a parent (or grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc.) to help us out occasionally to repair things. It would be wonderful to have a handy person that could come in once or twice a month to do random “Honey-dos”.


Library: Help organize and shelf books in our Bal Swan library.


Office Help: Help office staff with computer tasks such as word processing, excel spreadsheet, internet communication. Volunteers also help with copying, laminating, filing, mailings, and distributing materials. Some projects can be done at home.


Outdoor Beautification: Help plant our flower beds, spruce up our garden areas (weed, clean out debris, etc.) trim shrubs, or other projects to help keep our outdoor areas looking nice.


Scrapbooking: We are looking for a creative individual to artistically organize our photographs and memories of each year at Bal Swan in a beautiful scrapbooking format. Our lovely white light, Ms. Marlene, poured her heart and soul into the process of scrapbooking the years at Bal Swan and we are hoping to find someone else to help carry on that tradition.


Substitute Teachers: We may occasionally need Substitute Teachers. These are paid positions ($10/hour), and we look for “teacher types” or for those with an interest and a passion for working with children. No formal education is necessary. Must be available to work a full day (7:45 am to 3:45 pm) and with short notice.


Teacher/Staff Appreciation: Teacher/Staff appreciation week is held in the spring each year. Volunteers help plan this week and do things like provide breakfast and lunch, contact local businesses for donations, decorate the school, and send invitations to teachers and staff. Also,

please let us know if you would like to help plan this event by being our Volunteer Coordinator or Co-Coordinator. 16.

Thank You Notes: Volunteers help make handmade thank you notes using Bal Swan students’ beautiful artwork. They also help write thank you notes on behalf of Bal Swan to people who have helped our school in some way. This can be done at your home.


World Children’s Day: To celebrate the many cultures represented by our families at Bal Swan, we host a multicultural party in April in association with World Children’s Day. Volunteers are needed to assist in the planning of the event, set up, and clean up. In addition, we are looking for individuals to “host” a table at the event representing a specific country or culture. Items that might be displayed at the table include toys, art, flags, children’s books, and food.

“I Can Help!” (Volunteer Opportunities) Please indicate your interest in volunteering some of your time in the following areas. You do not need to make a time commitment now. As the need arises related to something that you have indicated an interest, you will be contacted with further details and an opportunity to let us know your specific availability. Thank you! (Please see attached for a brief description of the various volunteer opportunities.)

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Bal Swan Ball/Pint Size Ball Bal Swan Family Newsletter Comfort Meals Company Involvement Data Entry Go Green! (Bal Swan recycling efforts) Golf Committee Graphics Design

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Library Office Help Outdoor Beautification Scrapbooking Substitute Teacher Teacher/Staff Appreciation Thank You Notes World Children’s Day

Handy Person

Do you have other interests/hobbies, skills, or an occupation that would lend itself to a classroom activity, family support, or school support? Examples of this might be: help teach sports skills to students, provide classroom education (e.g. nutrition), help paint wall murals, help with arts and crafts projects, bring musical instruments to class, provide classroom presentation (e.g. occupation, cultural customs). If you have something you can share with us, please indicate this. If you know of other family members or friends who might be interested in volunteering, please indicate their interest and contact information below. Also, if you have business or other contacts in the community that might be interested in supporting Bal Swan in some way, please indicate here:

Parent(s) Names: Phone Number:


(Please complete and return to the office by Friday, September 28)

Parent Volunteer Survey 2012  

Parent Volunteer Survey 2012