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Our Bal Swan Therapy Programs Speech, Occupational, & Physical Private Therapies:

Bal Swan has wonderful therapists who are able to help your child overcome his/her developmental delays. Therapy sessions can occur during the child’s preschool program or can occur in private 1-hour sessions outside of school time. The therapist will consult with families regarding appropriate session structure and timing. See front-office for enrollment and fees.

Sensory-Motor Group:

This is a one-hour group-therapy class that helps children with development delays and sensory processing issues by applying occupational therapy techniques in a group setting. This class incorporates movement and sensory activities and meets twice a week. It provides the children a fun group setting to continue to work on sensory, motor, and social activities. See front-office for enrollment and fees. See front-office for enrollment and fees.

Language-Motor Group:

An occupational therapist and speech-language pathologist will work together with a small group of children. When combining motor activities, speech, and language based activities, therapists often see an improvement in both skills sets. Performance of motor tasks can help children access functional speech and language production, and inclusion of language tasks can assist children in organizing motor activities more effectively. See front-office for enrollment and fees.

Evaluations - Speech, Occupational & Physical:

Bal Swan’s Therapists are able to evaluate your child’s speech/language, fine/gross motor, and sensory skills and development. These evaluations are tailored to your child’s needs and include an initial meeting with the therapist, testing, and a summary meeting to go over all the findings. Evaluation can be from 2 to 6 hours. See front-office for enrollment and fees.

Parent-Toddler Group:

This small group consists of toddlers and their parents. It is facilitated by therapists and addresses peer-interaction, following routines and increasing attention. Tuesday Group meets from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm. The Wednesday Group meets from 8:30 am - 9:30 am. See front-office for enrollment and fees.

Warm-Water Therapies:

We have a wonderful occupational therapist that provides therapy sessions in our warm-water pool. It is a very effective and unique way to provide occupational therapy. We have had great success with our water-therapy students. See frontoffice for enrollment and fees.


Therapy Program 2011  

Therapy Program 2011

Therapy Program 2011  

Therapy Program 2011