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A Conversation: Examples of Ideas to Think About

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Questions and Ideas – What do you want us to know about

? Is there anything you’ve been told about your child that you’d like to share? Is there a match between what you’ve been told and what you know about your child’s development? Are there questions you would like to have addressed?

Who is

? Think about everything you want us to know about your child. Think

about such things as personality, personality the role your child plays in the family (sister (sister, brother/peacemaker/comedian…), describe characteristics or qualities that come to mind.

Place your child’s picture

F il SSupports/Resources Family t /R . Who Wh are the th supportive ti people l in i your life, lif such h as: family f il members, b


friends, organizations, child care, therapists, teachers, doctors…?

Wh our family What f il lik likes to do. d Describe D ib things hi your ffamily il d does ffor ffun. Th These might i h include i l d places l you go or activities you like to do.


does well. Think of all the things your child does well: move, play

independently and/or with others, solve problems, persevere, dance, sing… Let’s talk about these qualities.


likes/dislikes. Describe activities, food, people, sounds, touch, and other

things that your child likes or dislikes.

What works? What doesn’t work? When are the times/situations when things go smoothly? Share examples of what helps the day go well in terms of behavior, communicating, eating, etc. Some examples of what works might include “showering her with praise,” “clearly backing off,” “talking him through a situation,” “cuddling,” “resting or sleep.” What doesn’t work may include things like “forcing the issue,” “quick transitions or changes,” “not knowing what to expect.” Are there examples from other people who interact with your child that you would like to mention?

What is hard or frustrating? Share how

reacts to foods, change, communicating, being with other children, certain times of the day, or separation. Are there consistant issues that are difficult for you or your child or family?

Just a few short years ago your family started on a life-journey with . As a team, we would like to join you on that journey through our shared interest and growing knowledge of . Pathways provides us with an interactive process to share information that will be helpful to all of us involved in living and working with your child. We trust that as the key decision maker in your family, you know your child better than anyone else. Therefore we look to you to provide the most valuable information. Therefore, information Pathways: A Child’s Journey was developed to: id families, f ili teachers, t h supportt staff t ff tteam, and d anyone else l th the ffamily il chooses h tto iinvite, it with ith a way •guide of sharing valuable information. individualize the planning process for each child child’ss journey in the context of their family, culture, and •individualize community. •explore ways to use a child’s and family’s strengths to promote growth and development.

’s style of learning. Does your child like to watch and observe before becoming involved? Does he/she seem to learn a lot by listening, doing, jumping right in? How would you describe how he/she learns new things. Is there a preference or method that seems to support new learning?

Growth and Changes. Changes Provide examples of recent growth and changes you have observed observed. How does

•utilize practical, everyday activities and routines to enhance each child’s development at home, in school, and within the community. •create an ongoing process for recording the growth and development of the child. Before we get together, use the following pages to jot down some notes about your child and family that you would like to share. share There are some suggestions of ideas to think about on the back page page.

this help us know where to go next? Child Learning Center – SLHS, University of Colorado at Boulder. Permission is given to reproduce this document with acknowledgement of the Child Learning Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder



does well…

Questions And Ideas For Your Teacher:

ib your ffamily’s il ’ routines… i Describe •Morning: g

•Meal times:

Likes and dislikes… F il Goals Family G l For F Y Your Child Child:

•Bedtime: What is hard/frustrating… How does your child respond to changes in the routine… Who Is ______________?? What strategies work to help your child through frustrations… frustrations G Growth h & change h iin the h past year…

Does your child have any fears…

What our family likes to do…

Siblings, extended family, favorite people & pet names… F il supports/resources… Family t/

Pathways Parent Questionnaire  

Pathways Parent Questionnaire