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Miss Mandy

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2/6/2012 3:13:31 PM

Dear Friends:

In 1963, we were founded as an innovative school serving children who had disabilities. Today, Bal Swan has responded to the changing environment by initiating programs and partnerships with other institutions to enhance the quality of education in our community. Bal Swan continues to excel and push the boundaries of Early Childhood Education as we strive for excellence. Bal Swan school programs provide the highest quality inclusive early childhood education programs for children 22 months through 12 years old. Bal Swan has the most effective educational materials and small class size to meet individual needs. Each classroom has a team of therapists, both occupational and speech, to observe, consult and share strategies with teaching staff and parents. Our leadership and excellence in the early childhood education field has been recognized by Pyramid Plus in the State of Colorado. We are honored to be one of four demonstration sites in the state. Over the past year we have had education leaders from all over the world visit Bal Swan, including a delegation from South Africa, to see how the Pyramid Model is revolutionizing early childhood education. After a recent visit, Shannon Rudisill, the National Director of the Office of Child Care stated, “The pacing at Bal Swan felt very calm because teachers are confident and prepared. They have amazing teaching strategies and that’s why you see a higher level of capability.”

Mr. Brian Executive Director

Bal Swan therapy programs provide high quality, cost-effective, early childhood intervention services for children birth through 12 years old. We provide therapy to children from our community who do not attend Bal Swan’s classroom programs and for current students. Therapists help children overcome delays through warm water, physical, occupational, and speech therapies. This year our Education Outreach goal is to improve the quality of preschools by offering our expertise, trainings and tools to our community. Bal Swan is currently partnering with several organizations to help further the early childhood education field.


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Thanks to the generous support from the community, foundations, individuals and businesses, we have many reasons to celebrate. Thank you for your continued support!

2/6/2012 3:13:38 PM

For 48 years, Bal Swan has been an integral part of the Broomfield community. Thanks to the generosity of our community Bal Swan has been and will continue to be able to provide vital education and therapy services. We are a private, non-profit organization offering early childhood care and education to children from birth to 12 years of age. Forty percent of the children we serve have a variety of disabilities and sixty percent are typical preschoolers. Our students come from the North Metro Area. Miss Cynthia Shane

Our vision remains clearly focused on providing research driven approaches delivered by a well educated, nurturing staff. Our innovative programming blends children with challenges with typical peers in a fully inclusive environment. Bal Swan’s on-site staff is comprised of early childhood education teachers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, a psychologist, speech-language therapists and a registered nurse. In addition, we also provide public and private warm-water therapy, swimming lessons, parenting skills training, as well as family counseling and support services. Bal Swan’s therapy services are available to enrolled students as well as children from our community. The Bal Swan Ball and Golf 4 Kidz are the largest fundraisers conducted by the school with support from local area businesses, Bal Swan staff, parents and volunteers. Money raised from these events provide critical education and therapy assistance to the nearly 500 children Bal Swan Children’s Center served this year. Thank you to our wonderful and supportive volunteers, staff, sponsors, donors and attendees. Our events are successful because of each and every participant. Our philosophy of inclusion and equality extends beyond the classroom. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer in our selection of employees, volunteers and consultants.

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Our Commitment: Bal Swan is committed to the following Core Values: • • • •

To provide a caring, nurturing environment To strive for unequivocal excellence To embrace children of all abilities To pioneer services which meet the needs of our community

Miss Katie


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2010-2011 Achievements • Our leadership and excellence in the Early Care and Education (ECE) field has been recognized by leaders from all over the country. Rosemarie Allen, Director of the Division of Child Care for the Colorado Department of Human Services, said this about Bal Swan: “Visiting the Bal Swan Pyramid Plus Certification Site exceeded my expectation tenfold. They are doing so many amazing things with children, and nothing pulls it together like the Pyramid Model.” • This year we moved forward with our partnership with the Merage Foundation and Early Learning Ventures. Our goal is to create an alliance of Early Care and Education providers so we can utilize economies of scale by sharing back office services such as sharing vendors, group payroll, group insurance, accounting services and Human Resources. • Class size remains small, and the teacher-to-student ratio in all our rooms exceeds state requirements. • All of the students attending Bal Swan Children’s Center were able to use our warm-water therapy pool during class time. • Bal Swan offered year-round programming ensuring that families continued to receive programs during the summer months. • Children with special needs received private therapy services even if they were not attending preschool at Bal Swan. • Our school provided free appointments with our resident psychologist for parents and staff, helping to ensure that emotional needs are identified and addressed. • Since November 2010 we have been a demonstration site for Pyramid Plus in the State of Colorado. Others in the ECE field are now touring our center to learn from our best practices. In the coming year we will be training education providers in the community on this evidence-based, best-practice curriculum. • Our Board of Directors set the groundwork for a strategic plan to ensure our continued excellence and carry Bal Swan into the future. • Bal Swan served 497 children; of those, 195 were challenged. • Our scholarship program made it possible for 23 children to attend Bal Swan with more than $29,035 in scholarship monies granted. • We are proud to report that our dedicated staff has worked at Bal Swan for an average of seven years each.

2/6/2012 3:13:48 PM

Typical Needs Family Story

listening ears, and calm bodies. Who wouldn’t listen to a three year old giving those instructions? Now our oldest is in Kindergarten, and her teacher noticed right away that she could function at a very high level in her classroom socially, emotionally, and academically. We have heard that the Bal Swan students in her elementary school really do stand out early on because of their social skills. Our youngest is currently at Bal Swan, and one of the goals we and her teacher have set for her is to use successful strategies for entering peer groups. We are already seeing her do this outside of school, and her teacher has shared pictures and examples of her entering groups successfully at school. We are confident that she will be ready for success when she enters elementary school in less than two years.

I heard about Bal Swan from friends in our area and visited for a tour with Miss Marlene. I was surprised at how calm the teachers and children were in the classrooms, happily working and playing. I was especially impressed when Marlene said that former Bal Swan students are often recognized in elementary schools because of their attitude of acceptance of children with differing abilities. It was very important to my husband and I that our daughter have exposure to peers with diverse backgrounds and abilities and to learn that differences can be accepted and even celebrated. After registering our oldest daughter at Bal Swan, my husband and I went to a welcome meeting with Mr. Brian and Miss Patti. As they explained the philosophy of the school, their belief that social and emotional skills are important aspects to nurture during preschool, I had an aha! moment. I had seen the focus on academics in our country at younger and younger ages, and I didn’t know if I agreed with it. When Miss Patti shared the concept that preschoolers should prepare for elementary school by practicing social skills, learning to express their emotions in acceptable ways, and learning how to thrive within the structure of a school setting, it made a lot of sense to me. If children are not prepared emotionally and socially for elementary school, how can we hope that they will perform well academically?

We feel very fortunate to have found this amazing school in our community. Cari Schnepp Mom of Bella and Cassidy

Cassidy Bella

While attending Bal Swan, our children have learned to identify and express their emotions in acceptable ways. They have learned that it’s okay to feel angry or sad, and that there are acceptable ways to express those feelings. Our youngest is very good at saying, “I’m angry!” in a very convincing voice, which is much more acceptable than hitting her sister. My husband and I took the parenting class offered at Bal Swan to understand the school’s strategies for encouraging positive behavior, and to learn how to use those techniques at home. We found that this class helped us reduce conflict at home while using the same language and tools being used at school. Our three-year-old loves to play “school” at home and it’s adorable to see her leading a class of stuffed animals and telling them what social skill they will be learning that day. When she is trying to tell us something and wants our complete attention, she has been known to tell us to use quiet voices,

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2/6/2012 3:13:50 PM

Special Needs Family Story We hadn’t put a lot of thought into preschool until our youngest child Conor was born with Down Syndrome. It was at this point that we started researching schools for both of our children to help our entire family adapt, learn and grow. One of the first things we noticed at Bal Swan was that we were not joining a school; we were joining a family, abundant with love, a passion for education and dedication to children of all abilities. This is Conor’s second year at Bal Swan and we couldn’t be more pleased with his advancement. His first year at Bal Swan was a challenge at first, but his teachers, Miss Brooke and Miss Jen, helped Conor deal with separation anxiety. They made him feel at home and even held him during class to comfort him. Miss Brooke created a picture book to use at home to help with the transition. Their strategies worked perfectly and after a couple of weeks, Conor adapted to his new environment and enjoyed coming to school. Thanks to Bal Swan, Conor has taken giant steps with regards to his social and communication skills. Conor lacks some of the verbal communication skills necessary to interact with other children, and has struggled with how to express his feelings. Conor’s teachers, Miss K and Miss Julie, have taught him several non-verbal ways of communicating while also working with him to develop and build upon his verbal skill set. By using sign language and clip Ciara art pictures, a whole new level of communication has opened up for him. We love when Conor taps us three times to get our attention or if he needs something, a skill he learned at Bal Swan. He even reminds our six-year-old daughter, Ciara, how to share toys!

During summer school, Miss Katie was so helpful to me (from a mother’s point of view) and could understand my needs and concerns. She, too, has a child with Down syndrome, and we could relate on many levels. Her support, care and love were evident and this made for another positive experience. Conor recently started receiving Occupational and Speech Therapy at Bal Swan. Both therapies have been helpful and he is making progress. The therapists, Miss Diane and Miss Heather, have offered suggestions for us to incorporate at home. We are so grateful for the scholarship we receive from Bal Swan to help fund these services! Our daughter, Ciara, is in first grade now and she is doing very well. Before attending Bal Swan, she was shy and had difficulty adapting to new environments. Thanks to the nurturing staff at Bal Swan, Ciara is equipped with the skills necessary to help her achieve success academically and in social settings. She received a solid foundation at Bal Swan, and we could not be more pleased with the way our daughter has progressed. We are truly thankful for all the wonderful teachers, therapists, and amazing administrative staff at Bal Swan for their love, support and dedication to all children! We are very blessed to have such a wonderful, supportive staff that assists us with our children’s development.

Tim and Lois Parents of Ciara and Conor


Lois Tim Conor

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2/6/2012 3:13:58 PM

End of an Era...

Miss Marlene Photo taken in 2006

This spring we lost our founding mother, teacher, friend, mentor, and our greatest Bal Swan advocate - Marlene Politzer. Marlene came to Bal Swan in 1966 as a volunteer. Later she became a teacher, the Executive Director, and our beloved Director Emeritus. Marlene’s vision and foresight lead us to become the inclusive preschool we are today. Marlene was our best tour guide, story teller, and historian. Her love of life and adoration of children was palatable. She dedicated 45 years of her life and impacted the lives of countless children as well as enriching our community through the work of Bal Swan. Marlene’s daily presence (including the squeezing of children’s cheeks) and positive life force is greatly missed. She passed the torch to us years ago and we are all committed to continuing her life’s work. To honor her legacy, let us carry forward her light and love.

A few creeds Marlene lived by: If you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. Life is not about how to survive the storm but how to dance in the rain. I allow the joy within me to flow out into my conversations with others and into whatever project I am working on. I am a child of God! I am joyful, serene, positive and loving! Mackenzie

Discover joy in the ordinary. Eat dessert first!

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2/6/2012 3:14:00 PM

2010-2011 Donors Bal Swan received support during the period of July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011 from the following: Bal F. Swan Visionary Society $10,000 or more Anonymous Broomfield Community Foundation Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation City and County of Broomfield George and Mary Kay Cavanaugh The Denver Foundation Donelson, Ciancio & Goodwin, P.C. Foothills United Way Bill and Dottie Gillespie JJ Huddart Charitable Trust Levy Family Rev. Trust Mile High United Way Stephen and Paula Reynolds Rose Foundation Sill-Terhar Motors, Inc. Ronald and Nanette Talarico

Gifts of $5,000 or more Virginia W. Hill Charitable Foundation Amir and Shireen Hoda Hunter Douglas King Soopers Hurley and Claire Mitchell Paul and Cindy Orzech Jared Polis Foundation Fund The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County ScheduleSource, Inc. Matt Weadley and Cheryl McMath

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Gifts of $1,000 or more Amgen Anonymous Bank of America Home Loans Russell E. Barber Family Trust Sam S. Bloom Foundation C. Dean and Mary Boyd Patrick and Jenny Boyle Randy and Brooke Brogle Brian and Karen Burke Lucinda Connelly Kim Cooper Tim and Zodie Daviau Mike and Kelly Day Todd and Kirsten DeBell Early Learning Ventures, Inc. EnCana Cares (USA) Foundation PT and Jennelle Ertl Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center First National Bank Keith and Jane Garmyn Dick and Donna Gillespie Global Technology Resources, Inc. Peter and Eveline Grady Thomas Halloran and Sara Rivenburgh Hollingsworth & Vose Company Virginia Hoyle IBM Employee Services Center Bruce and Maura Johnson Dennis and Janice Jones Michael and Nancy Kastner Jeff and Julie Kerrane Rick and Melissa Kumar Tom and Daria Ladtkow

Legacy Stone Products, Inc. Lord Corporation Thomas and Heather Mann Don and Diane Manuell Mardon Trust Kevin and Lynn McDonald Ed and Mary Oskay Pallone & Associates Papa Franks David and Pamela Piper Bill and Sandy Ray Nick and Shanda Reifschneider

Chris and Sheri Ribordy Hank Shaw II and Joanne Speirs Chris and Susan Sieber Gene and Jennifer Spellman Stonehocker Family Foundation Jeff and Cayle Townsend Townsend Retirement Specialists Hans and Amber von der Hofen Webroot Software, Inc. Wells Fargo Educational Matching Program


2/6/2012 3:14:04 PM

Financial Highlights Statement of Support, Revenue & Expenditures For Fiscal Year-End June 30, 2011

“As a parent there is nothing like dropping your happy children off at school and knowing that whatever their strengths or challenges are they are in the best place for them to succeed.” Tonya and Don Coogan Current Bal Swan Parents

Board of Directors


Contracts and therapy for children with special needs 11% Tuition and fees 57% Fundraising 32%


Contributions Grants United Way Service Contracts – Counties Tuition and fees Net revenue from special events Investment income Therapy income Miscellaneous income Loss on uncollectable revenue

$120,735 $135,253* $35,162 $51,318 $978,731 $275,402 $6,764 $159,391 $60,884 ($13,342)

Total support and revenue


$1,810,298 Fundraising 7%

Program Services 85%

Management and General 8%


Program Service Fundraising Management and general

$1,588,952 $134,858 $141,428

Total expenses


Changes in net assets Net assets beginning of year Net assets, End of Year

($54,940) $2,926,433 $2,871,493

President: Lisa Gouran, Great Western Bank Vice President: TY Fouchey, General Motors Corporation, Retired Treasurer:

Amir Hoda, GeoTree Technologies Inc.

Secretary: Tina Eichner National Renewable Energy Laboratory Members at Large: Ken Chaiken, Loudmouth Media, LLC, Retired Deborah Davidson, First National Bank Bill Kenyon, Security Trust Company, Retired Nick Kliebenstein, Rex Oil Company David Kochevar, Kochevar Medical Massage Center Cyndy Ciancio, Donelson, Ciancio & Goodwin, P.C. Paul, Orzech, Clifton Gunderson Executive Staff: Brian Conly, Executive Director Bev Ferguson, Finance Director Sunny Justice, Development Director Patti Willardson, Director of Education

Bal Swan Children’s Center 1145 East 13th Avenue, Broomfield, CO 80020 303.466.6308 Special Thanks to: Sunny Justice David L. Cornwell Photography Falcon Reid Design, Graphic Design Aspen Graphics, Printing

*If compared with fiscal year ending 2010 there is a significant change due to a onetime $150,000 grant that was not repeated in fiscal year 2011.

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2/6/2012 3:14:08 PM

Cost of Service Projected Daily Cost of Providing Services to Children at Bal Swan During the 2010-2011 School Year:


Bal Swan Children’s Center provides students with disabilities full services in speech, occupational, physical and warm-water therapy. It is part of our mission to offer services to families at an affordable price. Therefore there is a disparity between the income we receive and our cost to provide services. Through the support of our generous donors we are able to cover the difference between what we charge families for the services we provide and the actual cost of these services. Average Daily Shortfall per Child with Challenges: [$53.00] Average Yearly Shortfall per Child with Challenges: [$3,574] Average Daily Shortfall per Child with Typical Needs: [$.87 cents] Average Yearly Shortfall per Child with Typical Needs: [$58.58]

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2/6/2012 3:14:21 PM

Bal Swan Annual Report 2011  

The annual report for 2011

Bal Swan Annual Report 2011  

The annual report for 2011