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After two years of hints, cajoling and results of Mueller’s investigation roll cattery, Special Counsel Robert Muelout in real time for more than a year. ler dropped his report on the Trump Trump’s former campaign chair, Paul organization in a late Friday news dump, Manafort, got 7.5 years in federal prison almost like he was embarrassed to file it. for tax fraud, money laundering and This may be the most perfect obstruction of justice. Trump’s former government report in history, if only lawyer Michael Cohen pled guilty to because no one has seen it yet, and as making false statements to Congress such can be the perfect blank screen for about his meetings with Russian busiall of the projections we’ve built up as ness interests during the campaign. Forindividuals, as political parties and as a mer National Security Adviser Michael nation. Flynn is awaiting sentencing for lying Trump’s folks can say to the FBI about his that it vindicates Trump meetings with Russian against everything from officials. Those who say the government collusion with Russian George Papadopoulos, efforts to influence our Rick Gates and Alex Mueller Report is election, to obstruction van der Zwann all pled insignificant are of justice, to sprayguilty to activities they tanning. Folks on the engaged in while workjust as wrong as left are already crafting ing for the man who those saying it will would become presithe sorts of corrupt and conspiratorial scenarios dent. Roger Stone, who bring down the the likes of which we pled not guilty of lying president. haven’t seen since to Congress and witness Obama’s birth certifitampering, awaits trial. cate. Oh, and 25 Russian Or, you know, Benghazi. agents and companies were indicted for Blame it on the media for outsizinfluencing the American presidential ing the import of the Mueller Report. election of 2016, and also wire fraud. Blame it on Trump for being exactly So those who say the Mueller Report the sort of guy that most Americans is a big ball of nothing are just as wouldn’t mind seeing taken down a few mistaken as those who claim it will bring more notches. Blame it on the Trumpers down the president when it inevitably who were determined to shout down gets leaked to some ambitious Washany findings before they were even ington DC reporter. registered. If we’re smart, the electorate will But the Mueller report has become move on to the next big thing, which that rare document that satisfies everyis finding a candidate that can actually one and no one at the same time. beat Trump, and not dwell on an invesAnd that’s precisely because no one tigation that will never bear the sort of has seen it. fruit for which they clamor. But truly, we have been watching the You know, like Benghazi.

by Clay Jones

March 28-April 3, 2019




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TCB March 28, 2019 — Furniture is art  

Furniture returns to High Point. Abigail Dowd looks inward. Forsyth sheriff changes his tune. And more.

TCB March 28, 2019 — Furniture is art  

Furniture returns to High Point. Abigail Dowd looks inward. Forsyth sheriff changes his tune. And more.